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Wife swapping with friends - true

it started off as an average saturday afternoon down the pub but didn't end up the standard saturday night. My wife and I were back in town to see friends and f****y for a week as we had been living interstate for the last seven years. to make catching up with friends easy we normally all meet in a big group to have drinks with everyone, rather than rush around trying to catch up individually. so the saturday drinks at the pub dragged into the evening until it was just my wife and me and my good mate from high school and his wife, now i had been pretty much best mates with him for years before i moved interstate, i was best man at his wedding and had been a big part of his and his wifes life. my wife to them was relitively new as we met while i was interstate and they had only ever spent time with her on catch ups when we visited, so as it wasn't that late they asked us back to their place for a few drinks which sounded great.

It was only a short walk from the pub to their place and after a bit of chit chat we were soon back there, once inside we each got a drink and i was looking around the place at all the changes they had made over the years, it was looking good and they were telling me all about it, then mike pulled open the back sliding door and said "check this out"......we stepped outside and he flicked the light on and they had a big undercover spa set up, "whoa, look at that sucker ! " i said, " when did you get that ? " " a couple of months ago " he says. " nice set up mate , very nice " " should i fire it up ? " he asks ? " yeah why not ", i said. he pulls back half of the cover and hits the button and the spa whirls to life, i dip my hand in, its pretty warm and he says it'll be hot in an hour if you're keen, " yeah good one, will give us a bit of time for a few more drinks while it heats up " i say.

the girls have come outside when they heard the spa start up and are talking from the back door looking at us checking out the spa, " nice spa mike " says my wife, " are we getting in ? " asks his wife ? " its heating up a bit " says mike and the girls walk over to feel it, " ooh that will be nice with a drink in there " my wife says. " who's up for another drink ? " anna asks , we all are so we head back inside to get them.

While they get the drinks my wife asks me quietly, " are we having a spa ? " " yeah im keen" i say, " i dont have anything to wear " she says......" nude ? " i ask her then laugh, " yeah right, i didn't think of that " i say, " just go in your underwear " " its my good set " she says " i dont want it ruined from the chlorine, it was expensive " she says, i pull her top down to have a look just as mike walks in " hey whats going on here " he laughs as he hands over another drink that we probably don't need as we have all had plenty. i tell him we don't have anything to wear in the spa and he states the obvious " nude spa ! " and laughs again, " hey, what ? this sounds interesting " his wife anna says as she comes back with two more drinks for the girls. we all laugh and i say " i can wear my boxers in, but Elise has her expensive underwear on and frankly they dont cover up much anyway " her set was very lacy and pretty much entirely see through, " i probably dont have a set to fit that well " anna says, they are a similar height but anna had much bigger tits than my wife and a little more meat on her, she's not chubby but just a bigger size than my wife who is very fit. " look just wear them in, i'm sure they will be fine, we can rinse them out after " i say, mike jumps at the chance and says " yeah look its not that strong in there, they will be fine " sneaky bugger wants to check her out i know what he's like, but then the unexpected response from anna made my night, "look to make it all ok i'll wear mine in to " she says, " perfect lets do it " i add quickly as i watch mike looking a bit surprised. "underwear spa it is ! " i said. we all have a bit of a laugh. " well we should grab the drinks and lets do it " mike says, " i'll grab some towels " says anna and heads down the hallway. mike goes out the back to check the spa and i check with the wife " all good ? " she is pretty tippsy form the drinks and i know she gets very naughty after a few, but its always been with a stranger at random times, nothing with anyone we knew, but i figured if my mate sees her in her lingerie then big deal, its all good and besides i'm about to see his wife anyway. " yeah fine , but don't say i didn't warn you " she says as anna walks in with an arm full of towls wearing her underwear and a grin ! . she hands over the towls and says "here you go " and i have a good look at her large tits in her black bra and panties, its a pretty standard set, not that much different to a bikini anyway but it still seems sexy, " see you out there " she says and heads out the back. i put my drink and towls down and take off my top and pants, i've got white cotton boxers on and i look at my wife and say " not going to hide much once wet " she says " oh thats nothing and lifts her top up and off, her bra is just white lace and her big nipples are clear as day, it looks hot on her against her tanned skin, "oh" i say.... "wait there's more" she says and unbuttons her tight jeans and wriggles out of them, then stands there with her arms out smiling......" ummm i see " i say, the bottoms are the same, a white lace really fine cut up the hip and into a wide g string at the back, the front is really see through and her neatly trimmed landing stripe of pubic hair clearly visable. she looks really hot and i feel instantly horny at the sight of her and the thought of my mate seeing pretty much all she has to offer. " well stay in the water and you'll be fine " i offer her. she picks up the towl and wraps it around her coving herself up and grabs her drink, i grab my towl and drink and we walk out, i see anna look straight at my boxers when we get outside and i'm happy for her to see the outline of my cock as it has a bit of bl**d in it from the sight of my wife before. see looks back at me and smiles , i think she realises she got caught. mike has pulled off the covers and is standing on the seat in the spa, he's about knee deep and holding his drink, arms out " come on in " he says, he has white boxers also and i know my wife will be checking out his cock once they are wet and see through. looks like the only one safe is anna. she jumps in the spa and puts her drink on the side , as i climb in i watch from above at her ample tits pushed up in her black bra with the water from the bubbles flowing up and over them, mike is seated in and so am i and anna and just my wife left with her towl still around her, " come on babe " i say " its perfect in ! " she smiles and sips her drink, i think she feels a bit funny about being in front of my mate, " dont be shy " i tell her and she tilts her head at me with a smile, she knows i know she is not shy. " we wont look " mike says " its not that " she says," its just its my good set "

"look if you are that worried take the top off and jump in quick, the bubbles are on and you can't see and we are all friends " i say. " yep cool " says mike and his wife playfully slaps his shoulder " trust you " she says. so with that my wife reaches up under her towl and un clips the bra and whips it out and throws it on the chair, she places her drink on the edge and turns her back and takes off the towl and throws that on the chair also and sits on the edge of the spa, but now she has to get in, she covers some of her tits with her arm and hand and spins around and drops in the water, " very good baby " i tell her reasuring her its all good.

so there we are, all sitting in the spa having another drink and talking shit, the problem for my wife is the bubbles constantly push her tits up and jiggle them around, i've seen her nipples numerous time and i've seen mike having a good look also but its his wife anna that starts the ball rolling this night, while i'm talking she interupts and says " sorry, elise can you please stand up and show mike your tits so he can have a proper look and get over it " she says it with a laugh and no one takes offense, we all laugh, " jesus christ " mike says " what am i supposed to do, i'm male after all " they have a few little digs at each other but its all in fun and he gives her a kiss and says " i'm sorry everyone , i'm sorry " " its all good mate " i tell him i'd be looking at anna's to if they were out " we all laugh , the wife asks " would you now darling ? " well why not, sharing is caring " i say " well if thats the case " my wife says and stands up and grabs her drink and turns back, now she is standing waist deep with her perfect tits and big hard nipples on show for everyone, " hey ! " mike says excitingly, " now we're talking " my wife flashes him a grin and sips her drink still standing with her tits on show, i feel my heart skip a beat straight away and i get a nervous tingle at the sight of my mate checking out my wifes tits, " very very nice elise " mike says all happy " glad you approve " she smirks back and i feel straight away she's started something, " maybe it should be a topless spa " she says "maybe it should " i add and now all the focus is on anna, she looks a little nervous but surprisingly mike prompts her " well darling what do you think.... its only fair " he says " oh is it now " says anna, " what about you guys " she says, " what about us ? " mike asks, "well its all about you " anna says, "whats in it for us ? " mike looks at me, then at my wife who is leant against the side of the spa with her tits still out and dripping wet, fuck they look awesome, "i'll take my trunks off " he says, now i'd heard him talk himself up for years about his cock size and one of his ex's from high school i was friends with told me that yeah he did have a big cock. i was hoping it was only when he was hard, even though i think mine is a good size i was pretty sure he would out gun me if it was true. we all just went quiet for a second, " then you'll have to lose yours " my wife says...... i look over at anna who is looking at me and i'm thinking if i have to go nude to see her big tits then i'm sure it will be worth it....." yeah i'll lose mine " so it goes back to anna for the next move, she reaches over and gulps down the last of her drink and drops back in the water, she reaches around and unclips her bra and holds it above the water in the air then flicks it over on to the ground, she is below the water and i can't quite see them all but again the bubbles are bouncing them everywhere and when she lets go of them they are pretty much on display bouncing around the surface, my wife looks at me watching them and smiles, we are all pretty boozed now and there is a sexy tension in the air, " whoo hoo " adds mike and we all laugh, i've wanted to see her tits for years and years and they look as good as i imagined they would, she looks at me and i smile and she lifts up out the water and my cock tingles, they are big and amazing, better than i thought, she has biggish brown areolas with a good nipple size but nothing like my wifes bullets, she to is now standing with her tits out and she leans over and puts her arm around my wife, they both laugh and there tits are all lined up in a row, i hate to say it but my wife had been totally out done in that department, even though hers aren't small and her nipples are bullets, annas are just big and round and hang a bit , but are just beautiful.

" well i need another drink " anna says. mike jumps up on the seat and finishes his and in doing so has all but exposed his cock to the girls, his white boxers are totally see through and clung to the shape of his curved hanging cock, my wifes eyes go straight to it and so do mine..... it looks semi hard, it had to be, its big and hanging and curved and the ridge of his head clearly visable, " ummm getting a bit excited honey " his wife says. mike looks down and grabs it on the outside of his shorts and rubs it, " just happy to be here " he adds. " obviously " his wife says and laughs, " it must be elise having that effect on you because that doesn't happen with me anymore " she adds. " what " he says letting go of his cock and we can clearly see he's excited, " you might aswell get them off honey, its not leaving much to the imagination " his wife says. " that was the deal " adds my wife, i look over and she has her eyes glued to his cock, mike grabs the leg of his boxers and lifts it up quickly, showing the dangling head of his cock out the bottom, fuck im nervous, this is getting quite full on, the girls wooo at him and its like being at a strip show ! he gets off the seat, back into the water and takes off his boxers and again holds them in the air teasing the girls as he stays seated under the water, he flicks them out the spa and is now nude but hidden by the bubbles, " i need a drink ' he says, " well you'd better get out and grab one " his wife teases, knowing he'll have to get out nude and go back into the house to get one. he stays seated like he's gone shy all of a sudden and pleads " can you please get me one " to his wife. " i'll get it ' my wife says finishing hers and standing up on the seat, i'm not sure if she forgot or did it deliberately but whilst she stands there she is out the water and has totally exposed herself in her white lace panties, the thin see through material is clung to her landing stripe and her pussy lips, she might aswell not have them on, mike sees it straight away and just comes out with a " fucking hell " we all just look at her, i look over and anna is looking , mike is looking and its gone quiet, " what " she asks looking down " i've got pants on " she adds cheekily, " barely " i say and anna laughs, " well you had better get that drink now " mike says " " can't get out the water ? " my wife asks with a wicked smile, the whole time mike is still looking at her pussy, " ummm not now " he says. " i think you should both go and get them " anna says " come on mike show me where they are " my wife says holding out her hand towards him, he looks at me and i say " i'll have one mate " calm as like nothings happening, he raises his hand out and my wife grabs it and pulls him up onto the step and he's more than half hard, his big cock is no longer hanging, its not upright but definately getting there, it is big, he has a thick dark bunch of pubes that hang over the base, he doesn't trim and kind of looks like a good cock from the 70's, it has a curve and some nice veins filling up the shaft still, " well " my wife says " to him, as she looks down at his cock and steps out the spa, He steps out also as his cock is swinging around his wife says " be careful you'll take an eye out with that " we all laugh, he leads my wife by the hand inside and she turns back and pokes out her tounge at me and anna as they go inside, its surreal seeing her hot arse in the white g string and him nude walking inside holding hands. as they disappear i look back at anna and she at me, " well matey " she says "that still leaves you" with a grin...." yeah " i say catching my breath and looking back inside again, i can't see them. i wonder for a second whats going on, my wife is all but naked and my mate has a semi hard cock and they are out of sight and i know my wife would be more than willing to sort him out. " well lets surprise them and get you naked " anna says bringing my attention back, " umm yeah i've got a problem i say " my cock is actually rock hard , seeing annas great tits and my wife and then mikes big cock had gotten me super hard, " whats that honey " anna says, i look at the door, they are still not there so i raise myself out the water a bit and my shorts are pitched up by my hard cock. " oh wow " she says " thats not a problem, you're just a bit ahead of mike " she says with a giggle " lets get you out of those " and she moves closer, her big perfect tits are right in front of me and she reaches out and grab the tops of my boxers, she looks over towards the door and the others are still not there and she pulls them down, as she does i'm surprised she actually reaches in and grabs my cock so as not to get it caught on the elastic top, fuck her touch sends a shiver through me and feels unreal, its the first time another woman has touched my cock since i met my wife several years ago, she lowers them and i lift my feet and pull them off. " thats better " she says looking down at my erect cock, i sit down and so does she , we both look over at the door " what the fuck are they doing in there " she says " god knows " i add and look back at her tits, i can't stop looking at them and she knows it, she slides closer and says " would you like to touch them? " as she looks over her shoulder back to the door, " its ok but you better be quick " she says, i reach over and place my hand across her massive tit, then squeeze her nipple a bit and then cup the weight of it in my hand, " fuck what a set " i say, we both look over to the door, its still clear and i feel her hand in my lap, it searches around until it locates my cock and she gives it a good squeeze and says " my.... you are really hard " as she strokes the length of it. it feels amazing, the touch of another woman, the risk of the situation, the whole night is a buzz, i look back to anna who still strokes my cock slowly under the water, she smiles, " have you done anything like this before ? " i ask, " god no " she says, they have been married longer than my wife and i and i wasn't sure if this was something they had gotten into, i know when mike met anna she has only ever been with him so this ( jerking another blokes cock ) was entirely new to her. " all i'll tell you is that sometimes we have joked about having threesomes and i've told mike i'd pick you for the threesome " anna says " well this is a step in the right direction " i tell her and she squeezes my cock hard and smiles, just then my wife comes out the door holding two new drinks, anna lets go of my cock and slides away a little, mike comes out straight after her with two drinks also, " we're back ! " my wife says and turns back to look at mike, he holds his drinks in the air as his hard cock wobbles around as he walks, he walks straight past my wife who is watching his cock and over to the spa, i'm not sure they were up to anything but his cock is harder than before and he's not shy about it anymore, my wife looks at me with amazement, she looks stunning in her see through white lace panties, her landing stripe and pussy lips clearly visable, her nipples are now rock hard, probably from excitement and also the cool air outside the spa, mike passes me a drink and puts his on the side , he leans over and kisses anna and piles into the spa, my wife gives anna her drink and gets in also but sits on the side instead of getting in, she spots my boxers on the side and says " joined the party did you honey ? " " yeah why not " i said, " well lets see it then " she says, " yeah lets see it " anna adds, if only they knew she just had her hand on it, i'm not sure i should show them as i'm rock hard but my wife is sitting on the side of the spa and mike is straight opposite her getting the best eye level view of her cunt so i figure i'd give anna a show to even things up, i put my drink down and stand up, i'm waist deep but my cock pokes out above the water, " woooo " adds my wife and anna smiles, " more , more " my wife cheers, so i raise myself above the water so my balls and hard cock are visable " yeeeeah ! " calls out my wife, she is pretty tippsy now and her legs are wider open than before, mike is smiling along but is pretty focused on her pussy, anna is laughing at it all and sipping her drink, i'm feeling light headed and totally amazing at the same time, with annas perfect big tits on show, and my stunning wife virtually nude for my mate to see, my cocks not as big as mikes but at this point i don't care, i pull it down under the water and it springs back up and the girls laugh, with this mike jumps back up onto the edge of the spa, his big cock waving all over the place, he twirls his hips and his cock waves around like a helicopter , everyone is laughing and anna says " put it away mike " he stops and says " why ? " and its no surprise my wife adds " yeah why? your ok mike " with a smile, mike sits on the edge of the spa, his big curved cock pointed up and now my wife is looking straight at the underneath of his big knob, he is more than happy to not get back in the water and put it out of view, he knows my wife can't stop looking at it, he knows its a real good size cock, i sit back down and anna says " hey i didn't say for you to put yours away " with a grin, i'm surprised anna is as naughty as she is, " come up here with me honey " my wife says , indicating for me to sit on the edge of the spa, " anna seems to enjoy checking your package out " i look over and anna smiles so i sit up next to my wife with my cock hard and sticking up and my wife grabs it and pulls down on the shaft, pulling back my foreskin exposing my knob for all to see, " and a fine package it is " my wife says, " thanks honey " i say " but to be honest and put it out there its not that " i say nobbing towards mike and his big cut cock over the other side of the spa, he grabs the base of it and lifts it up, he sips his drink and his hand grasps his shaft and he rubs up over his helmet slowly , looking all smug with himself, he changes his grip and points it downwards and runs his hand the length and down over his knob letting go and his cock springs back upwards, " that is quite a weapon mike ' my wife says, still holding my cock, " its a double fister " anna says " a what ? " my wife says, " a double fister " anna says again, she moves over towards mike and grabs his cock at the base, her small fist wrapped around it, she then leans in and places her other hand around it and says " see.....a double fister " and pumps up and down his cock a few times with her fists, there is still more shaft and the knob still exposed and its my gorgeous wife who points this out " looks like a triple fister to me " we all laugh, mike is quick to say " lets see if it is " its all been fun up to now, joking around and checking each other out but this could push things further, " well i'm not touching it mate " i say as a joke, " you might like it honey " my wife adds, " there's room for one more " mike says, he wants my wife to feel his cock and thats all that needs to be said, she moves off the edge of the spa and lets go of my cock, crosses over the spa and stands next to anna " do you mind ? " she asks anna, " help yourself darling " she says and my wife reaches out and places her hand around mikes cock, he has three fists on it and the top of his head and cock eye just visable, " wow " my wife says " that is a big cock" anna lets go and its just my wife still holding his cock head in her hand, she points it towards herself and runs her hand the length of it and grabs it again checking the thickness in her hand and looks at me " check it out honey " she says with an amazed look on her face, " i didn't know they came in this size " she had been quite adventerous before we met when she was younger, unlike anna she had seen a few cocks before mine but she seemed quite taken with mikes cock, " biggest you've seen ? " i asked her " by a fair bit " she adds, and looks over to anna " you're a lucky girl, where do you fit it all ? " she asks, " she doesn't " mike quickly adds, and anna gives him a stare, all the time my wife is still holding mikes ample curved cock, gently rubbing it, " well you just want to ram it into me all the time " anna says " whats wrong with that " mike replies " we need some tenderness and preperation beforehand " anna says " yeah definately with a monster like this " my wife says looking down at it in her hand, " what like this ? " mike asks, reaching out and feeling my wifes tits, he gives them a gentle sqeeze and then holds her hard nipples between his thumb and finger, " sure help yourself mate " i say casually " didn't think you'd mind " he says back " i guess that means we can play " says anna moving towards me and sitting down " its a good old fashion wife swap " mike says gleefully and we all laugh, i can sense no one knows how far this will go, everyone seems comfortable and happy to this point and with anna now holding my cock again under the water and my wife with mikes big cock in her hand it all seems pretty fair, there is no doubt my wife is hotter than anna, and that mikes cock is bigger than mine so maybe they are the two better off, but i'm fitter than mike and annas tits are amazing, so its all good. mike has let go of my wifes tits and is leaning back slightly and my wife is next to him and places her second hand on his cock and pumps it with both fists like anna did earlier, " wow " says my wife again, " look how much is still left " " you'll give him a big head " anna says " that would be nice " mike adds being a smart arse and playing on the words " its been a while " he adds " really ? " asks my wife " mike ( my name is mike also ) gets them all the time " " you lucky bastard " mike says to me, " yeah deep throat aswell " i add tyring to rub it in and get one up on him, " good luck deep throating that " anna says and i see my wife look straight down at it, she lets go with one hand and holds the other at the base sizing it up, she leans in a bit, pretty close to it and then looks at me and anna and says " maybe " " i bet you anything you can't " mike says the cagey bastard, he's turned my bragging around on me and has now used it to his advantage, " really ? " asks my wife " no one else ever could " he says " one way to find out " she says and looks over at me and anna, " goodluck " anna says casually, " honey ? " she asks me, i know she loves sucking cock, she is an expert at it and i know she would love to tackle mikes, she looks fucking gorgeous over there, her tits dripping wet , holding my mates big curved prick at the base, with a couple of fingers across his balls in his thick wet pubes. mike is looking at me, my wife is looking at me, anna holds my cock under the water as i pause, its quiet with only the noise of the spa , everyone waits..... anna squeezes my cock... " yeah goodluck " i say and mike and my wife smile. " this will be quite the show " anna adds, i'm surprised she's okay with my wife about to suck his cock, " its not a blow job mike " i add, " its just a bet to see if she can do it " he looks kind of curious, " yeah " he adds, my wife lets go and mike grabs his drink and shuffles on the edge of the spa, she comes over to grab her drink and stands on the seat as she sips it, again her pussy is on show in the see through white lace panties and i say " baby you might aswell take them off if you're worried about ruining them " she looks at me and then looks down, " if it doesn't bother anyone " she says cheekily, "they are not hiding much anyway" i say and she puts her drink down, she is still standing on the seat above water level and she places her thumbs in side the strap either side of her hips and in a strip tease type way wiggles them slowly down, she lifts her feet up through them and throws them over the side and now she stands completely nude in front of us, her thinny trimmed pussy hair doesn't cover much and mike is leant back on one hand now and is slowly stroking his big curved cock with the other, fuck its a big cock, it never looks fully hard like mine, probably because of the size of it, mike is in awe of the sight in front of him and my wife drops into the water and crosses the spa......she gets up on the seat next to mike and pushes his hand from his cock and grabs it at the base and holds it upright, mike is looking down at her and she positions herself next to his cock, she rubs it up the length a couple of times and we all wait ...... her fist holds it at the base, his big balls hanging underneath, the rest of his cock pointed upright, she looks over at me and anna and moves in, my wife's tounge comes out and licks under the head of mikes cock, i see him flinch a little, she does it again and again and then does a full circle of his cock head with her tounge before leaning in and taking his purple head in her mouth, she pulls off it and then back on it, rolling her head around and working the shaft with her hand, she looks up at me and anna as she does and smiles as his cock head comes out her mouth, she loves it that we are watching her, his helmet is now covered in her saliva, she licks at his hairy hanging ball sack and takes one in her mouth, he tenses up and she pops it out looking up at him now, he is watching her as she licks up the length and under his helmet and takes it back in her mouth, she starts to work the shaft with her hand again while her head bobs up and down on his knob making delicious slurping noises as her lips go back and forth over the ridge of his knob and pushes the skin of his shaft around with her tight suction, " hey its not a blow job " i tell them, she pulls off his cock laughing, " honey " she says with a pause, " i can't just ram it in " i'm not sure if this is an excuse or not but its pretty obvious she is loving sucking his big cock and putting on a show for his wife who apparently doesn't give blow jobs anymore, its amazing to watch such a beautiful stunning woman put everything into sucking cock, she honestly is sucking his cock like she loves him, " she's ok " mike says nearly out of breath, " just ok ? " my wife quizes him " nah thats not what i meant " he says " keep going " he adds and she dives back down on his knob, anna has stopped wanking my cock, she still has hold of it but is engrossed in the sight of seeing another woman sucking her husbands cock,i have my arm around her with my hand holding her perfect massive tits and mike looks up briefly and smiles at us before leaning his head back in ecstacy as my wife continues blowing him, no wonder he doesn;t care i'm feeling her tits, he has my hot wife giving him a very loving blowjob.

she now slows down and starts working it deeper into her mouth, she slowly pushes down on it, her lips reaching new areas of his thick meaty shaft, she only holds it shortly each time before pulling back again, she does this several times and is now getting down to her fist holding the base of his cock, if it were mine she would have it completey gone but she still has a bit to go, she pulls back again and this time takes it out her mouth, her eyes look up and they are a bit watery and her saliva strings from his cock back to her mouth, fuck its hot, " all done ? " i ask as she gets her breath...." not yet " she adds , fuck she's a horny determined little slut, " mike nearly is " anna says and he looks at us and says " you're not wrong !"

he's so excited at having his cock sucked by my wife, it sounds like he could pump his load in her mouth at any moment, " do you need a break mike ? " my wife asks him being smug all as she wipes her saliva away from her mouth. " ahh yeah... sort of, don't really want one though " he manages to get out. " well lets get a drink top up and take a little break " anna says

my wife squeezes the shaft of mikes cock as if to say i'll be back and as she does we see a clear glob of pre cum dribble out the eye of his cock and run down the underneath of his helmet, my wife leans in and scoops it up with her tounge before it reaches her fist thats still wrapped around his thick veiny shaft, she does it without really thinking and takes us all by surprise " fuck me " mike says and my wife looks up savouring the taste of his pre cum " thats not another challenge dear " i tell her and we all laugh, anna gets out the spa, her massive round tits swinging as she leans forward to get out, and offers her hand to me much the same my wife did to mike earlier. " i guess we'll get the drinks " i say grabbing her hand and getting out. anna lets go of my hand and grabs my hard cock instead and says " follow me " and leeds me off by the cock, i look back and my wife is sitting on the edge of the spa next to mike as she waves to me, her other hand still holds his big curved cock........

to be continued.....

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