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The Milf...

My little s****rs best friend came to me one day in the summer. The weather was hot and so was she in her own way but I knew for now she was off the market. She wanted me to help her mum as their pc had broken down. Her mother was a single parent and must have been a young mum in her day as she was still only about 36. Being the man that I am I accepted nad went round to help her mother with the pc, not expecting anything out of the ordinary to take place.

I knocked on the door and there was no answer. On the second knock I saw the outline of a body come to the door and as she opened she only had a towel around her. She told me she had been in the shower but showed me to the computer, still with the towel. As she tried to explain, I did notice as her towel opened slightly her shaven pussy. I tried not to look but Im a guy, I had to. She told me she was away to get dry and some clothes on and I got to work.

I quickly fixed the problem with the computer as she came back into the room with a little pair of denim shorts and a vest top. I could see that she had no bra on as her hard nipples showed through the top. She offered me a drink which I accepted and we got talking about relationships. I was single and she asked me the odd question of "when was teh last time you had any action". I was a little embarressed about the question but admitted that it had been about a year, basically since my previous girlfriend and I broke up. She then shocked me. She explained that she had not had any sexual contact with a guy for nearly 8yrs. I was a little shocked to hear that as she was an attractive woman. She went on to explain that she went through a phase where she wasnt interested in one nights and wanted something meaningful and it put off most of the men she spoke to and revealed to me that she had given up that philosophy and just failed to find anyone recently. The topic then switched back to me and I told her about my ex and my reasons for not being with anyone since then. She let slip that she found me pretty good looking nad that any woman would want me. Its then I made a move that even I wasnt expecting. I joked with her and said "Would that include you?"

There was an awkward moment as I stared into her greeny blue eyes. She then answered and told me she would but she was a fair bit older than I was. I assured her that age was only a number and your as young as you feel. I told her how pretty she was and that she could have any man that she wanted. No sooner than I had said the question, she moved forward quickly and quickly locked lips with me. After the moment of shock, I began to enjoy it, moving my hands over her body and gripping her butt with both hands. She moved off for a second and simply said "bedroom" before leading me into her bedroom. She took off her top and revealed her breasts. I moved in and we locked lips once more before I moved to her neck and worked my way down her body to her breasts and sucked her hard nipples. She pulled me back up to her lips before she took off my top and began to work her way down my body and undo my jeans, pulling both my jeans and boxers down in the same move. My cock was alreayd pretty hard and as she pulled them off my cock bounced up and hit her cheek. She didnt waste a moment and put it into her mouth.

She began to suck on my cock with her mouth pretty firmly around the head of my cock working down and up. It was one of the best I had ever had and she really knew what she was doing. She moved me back onto the bed and took off her denim shorts. She hadnt even bothered to put underwear and was standing completly naked infront of me. I pulled her down to teh bed and began kissing her body before moving down to her pissy and giving it a lick. After a few little licks I drove my tongue into her. Her hands grasped the bedsheets fairly quickly after starting. After a few moments I moved back up her body to kiss her once again. She went into a bedside drawer and took out a condom. She quickly took it out the wrapper and put it on, almost like she couldnt do it quick enough so that she could slide my cock inside her. She moved her body slowly down onto my cock and it slowly slide inside of her. Once it was all in she sat and said "Ive missed that feeling". She began to rock back and forth on my cock before eventually moving to more of a bouncing movement, still going fairly slow.

I then took control of the situaiton and rolled her onto her back. I took both of her legs and began to really pick up the pace and drive my cock into her wet pussy. We got to the point her ankles were resting onmy shoulders as I drove it deeper and deeper inside her. Really pounding away at her. I could tell by her breathing and the moans that she was loving every second of it. I pulled out for a moment and she moved onto all fours, inviting me to do doggy, not that I needed an invite. I quickly slid my hard cock back into her and slowly began to up the pace from slow to more vigourously. She ended up on her stomach, still with me inside of her and I kept going. She was getting really loud at this point and I myself was getting close to cumming. I kept going and going until I eventually began to cum. I drove it deep into her as I came before slowing up and eventually pulling out.

As I pulled out I lay down on the bed beside her and she took the condom off and I could tell she was tempted to taste but she didnt. He lay next to me with her head on my chest, her leg over mine. She asked me not to tell anyone but I didnt mind keeping it secret if she wished. She then however told me that in turn for keeping it secret she would be willing to do it again. Eventually she asked me straight to be her fuckbuddy. I accepted her offer, who would turn down a sexy milf? She looked at the time and quickly got up explaining that her daughter was due in soon so we quickly got changed and said our goodbyes and exchanged the important phone numbers. I couldnt wait to see her again and experience alot more than just a quick fuck.

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