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Restaurant teaze

Saturday night,
Rochelle and Adam went out to a favourite japanese restaurant in the valley. They had taken His newest maserati. It was fast, sexy. They both had high paying jobs s support their wealthy lifestyl., Rochelle was a designer for a successful womans clothing line and Adam was a banker.

They did alright for themselves.

Driving to the restaurant Adam raced down the freeway. Hot latin music blaired threw the speakers. Rochelle sat in the leather passenger seat looking magnificent. Done up so well. She had spent a lot of time getting ready dressing, Styling her long brown hair and fixing her make up until it was just right. For him. She smelled amazing in her elegant perfume. With a smooth, short blue silk dress and sexy white heels, she was a sight to behold.
She also wore a lovely silver necklace with blue moon stones encrested that the hung down just above her bust.

Adam had on a new black pinstripe suit, a black shirt, and a blue tie withs silver stripes. Wearing new Italian leather shoes an 4 silver onyx rings. He looked the part to be out with his gorgeous lady.

Rochelle was excited sitting next to her man, with the powerful engine reving beneath her. Vibrating her legs. While Adam shifted gears, she started shifting his gears.

Reaching over and placing her polished hand on his bulge.

"Hows he doing tonight honey?" She said, kissing his cheek.

Adam grinned back at her and said, "Better now."

She gave his cock a squeeze and felt it grow a little.

After just a few mintues they arrived at they're spot. Adam stepped out of their car and walked over to open Rochelles door. She took his hand and stepped out. Handing the valet the keys, they walked into the restaurant. They were greet at the door and led to they're reserved table. It was fairly busy she noticed as the moved across the dining room floor. They was seated at a boothe at the side of the restaurant.

Immediately they was joined by a waitor; "Good evening, May I start you of with some drinks?"

"Hello, and yes." Rochelle said.

"A bottle of white whine please."

"Absolutley, coming right up." He replied, walking away.

It's busy tonight, Adam commented.

"Yeah it is."

Music played lightly in the background. The lights were on dimly.

"It's finally the weekend! I couldn't wait to get out." Rochelle said.
"Absolutely is," he smiled at her.

"Hungry?" she asked him,

'I am." Adam smiled. "Yourself?"


The waitor appeared with a vintage bottle of wine and two glasses.
"Here you go!"

"What would you two like to eat?" He spoke as he poured wine into both glasses.

"Just two plates of sushi please." Adam said to him.

"Great," he said with a smile.

After he had walked away Adam spoke to Rochelle. "You look fantastic tonight baby."

Smiling that dazzling smile at him she said, "Thanks. You two." she gave him a seductive look.

"I wanted to straddle you just while you were driving us here." "Your cock looked good in those pants," Rochelle licked here lips.

Adam took a sip of wine and grinned. " believe me Rochelle, It crossed my mind too, looking at the sweet little body and your sweeter tits in your dress. Mmmm."

"It was a good choice not to wear a bra."

Haha! "You like that do you you?" Rochelle grinned. "Come eer you."

He leaned over and gave her a big french kiss. He made sure to sweep across her upper teeh with his tongue. They chuckled lightly.

"The wine is great tonight, take a sip," Adam said eagerly. Raising her glass Rochelle took a long swig. accentuated with a loud gulp.
"Not bad, not bad."

She began to feel the effects of the smooth wine. He took another drink too and began to buzz a bit.

"Are you cold Roshie?"

"No, why?"

"Oh, I was just wondering." "And, your nipples are hard."

Rochelle blushed a little. She looked so deliciously cute when she blushed. Adam just wanted to eat her up.

"Ah!, she giggled back" "Sorry about that," she replied embarrassed.

"No, please don't apologize, I love it."

"And.... I have an idea."

"What might that be?"

Adam eased his way around the circular boothe until he sat beside his sexy girfriend.

"Let me start by saying.." Adam learned over and nibbled her earlobe making Rochelle giggle.

"SOo?" She asked.

"So.. you know how sexy you are, and that you need to give me a big kiss." Leaning to his mouth Rochelle gave him a deep, passionate kiss.

"mmmmm, well thats a good start but how about another?" Adam grinned. Bringing her luscious lips back to his she pecked him gently twice then stuck her tongue in his mouth. Twirling it around his.
Breaking away from that hot kiss, Adam whispered to Rochelle,

"Okay now just relax." With a swift move he raised his hand and pulled her dress down exposing her right breast.


Trying to bat his hand away and pull her dress up. Adam kissed and sucked her neck by her ear.
"Stop It!"

Still fighting to cover herself but unable to move his grip from her clothing.

"Rochelle, relax. everybody loves how you look. Every man here would love to fuck you." "Nobody cares," "No ones even looking over here right now anyway."

Hot and flushed, she still struggled to get his hand away from her dress.

"Stop fighting Babe," "Let me show you off."

"It's okay"

Rochelle sighed strongly and made a "HHMMP." Pissed at him. With her lovely tit still hanging out waves of embarrassment washed over her and all she wanted to do was hide.

Grabbing Rochelles neck and pulling her closer to him. "PLEASE," she gasped.

"I can't, not yet," adam said in between kisses to her neck.

She wanted to kill him! This was so humiliating, but she couldnt help that her pussy was getting wettt. betraying her! "the damp bitch!", she thought. Adam reached up, let go of her dress and tweaked her nipple. Hard. She gasped in the tense pain. How her pussy throbbed now.
Just as she yelped the waitor walked up with the two dishes of sushi.

Rochelle turned tomato red and turned to against Adams chest. The waitor put the plates down faster the anything he'd ever seen and raced away. "He likes you too," He breathed agasint her. Kissing rochelles head he pulled up her dress. Finally.

"Do you know how much you turn me on?" "How hard this makes my cock?" She looked over and saw just what he meant. almost to mad to form thoughts.

"Let me feed you, Beautiful," Adam picked up a piece of sushi and brought it her lips.
In the mad pouty way she took a bite. Nippy at his finger tips. Bringing up her glass of wine he held it to her lips, waiting for her response, she took a sip.

"I DIDNT want you to do that you fucking jerk!" "You embarrassed me!"

"Please dont be embarrassed, You're gorgeous and I just wanted to turn on. Push you a little to get you off."

"Feed me another sushi Dammit!"

Adam laughed hard. He brought another piece to her lips. This time she licked the tip of his index finger quickly while opening her mouth.

"I Need you to do something for Me now sexy," Adam said in a low tone.

"Ha!, What the heck could that be???"

"Take off your panties and hand them to me, Now." She wasn't used to him bossing her around like this but she kinda liked it actually. "Um,"

Sitting up and lifting her ass off the seat slitghtly, she lifted the sides of her dress to reach her panties. Hooking he thumbs around her thong, she pulled them down and off as fast as possible. Her pussy now wettt AND bare. She hand the to Adam and he grinned like a complete deviant.

Putting the damp light blue thong in his jacket pocket. He filled up her wine glass and held it to her. She drank up. This time with big gulps. Now she was starting to catch a nice buzz.

"Some more food?"

"Yes Sir," "Put it In, My, Mouth. " Rochelle purred like such a dirty girl.

"Oooo, gladly" Hand feeding her some more sushi. His rod was like lead now.

She nibbled on the food like she did on the tip of his cock when she was in her teasing mood. Then took it all in her mouth in one bite.

"I am hungry". "I can see that," adam smiled.

"I am famished myself." "But I feel like eating something else." Adam grabbed his glass and finished it off in a gulp. As fast a light he was then under thier table. and He was all over Bald cunt. Within three second Adam had pushed his tongue as far as it would go in her juicy vagina.

She tasted heavenly. Her juice sweeter than honey.

It made her jolt in the seat and she grabbed on to thier table. Adam was furiously tongue fucking her. pushing in and out as fast as humanly possible. Rubbing her swollen gummybear rapidly.

The sensations almost becoming too much. Rochelle moaned sweetly. Gasping for air. Ah, Ah! AHH! AH! Her pitch getting higher and higher.

Reaching up adam yanked the top of her dress down fully exposing both pert breasts. Her nipples could drill holes in a 2x4 they were so hard and swollen. She was shocked further and moaned loudly. OHhhhh!

OH My Ggo........

Heads were beginning to turn now and Rochelle turned more red than bl**d. Other women began to laugh and scnickered. Men were leaning over to get a better view. Their women were smacking their arms.

This was becoming to much.

WAY too much.

At that exact moment Adam Stuck his middle finger inside her and started to jack hammer it. latching his lips and tongue onto her pulsating clit.

Rochelle came harder than she ever had in her life. Her oargasm fucking ripped through her. Her hot cunt spasming like a bomb was going off.

"OHHHH My FUCKKINNG GODDDD!!!"" She Wailed completely out of control.

Adam sucked in her pearl and gulped in down. A much as possible.

Rochelle, Unable to contain herself even though she was in a crowded restaurant. It was too much and she lost it entirely.

All heads were turned and this point and people started to whistle. They clapped and cheered every Looking. Gawking.
Rochelle went through mutiples. Moaning so loudly. Sweetly. Adam finger fucked her until she stopped moving.

People roared cheering.

Adam hopped out from under the table, Threw down a huge stack of 100's into the booth and table. Grabbed His beautiful spent woman, picked her up like a feather and sprinted out wth her. Time to JET

-The End

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