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Wife's cousin

My wife comes from a big big f****y and as much as she tried explaining her f****y tree there seems to be a few she would always say oh yeah there is also this person and that person.

This story starts off when my wife reminded me that her cousin was coming by our house from Cali. She just graduated high school and was going to be in town to visit colleges. For the most part Id rather do other things but my wife usually guilt me into hanging out with her. We tidied up a little bit and cooked a little lunch for her cousin. She arrived an hour late and boy when I opened the door for her I almost got an instant boner. She wore this tight top which showed off her nice tight C cup and her sweatpants did not leave much to the imagination.

I walked her in and let her go infront of me while I grab her bad and check her tight but luscious ass. She walked with a little shake enough to hypnotize any man. As much as I am in awe of her body her face was just beautiful! She was half white and half Brazilian. Her father was white and the mother was Brazilian.

While her and my wife sat in the living room to chat, I went to the bathroom to "shower". I grabbed my phone and quickly checked her out on facebook to get some material to relieve myself. Sure enough she had a few beach pics from her trip to cancun. This girl from the picture was your typical party girl and was not afraid to flaunt her stuff. Well after scrolling through her album I found one where she was bent over i a fetal position wearing a boy short and if you look hard enough you can see a little bit of a camel toe.

When I was done I hopped in the shower and got dressed and made my way back down. My wife and her cousin was still talking and I went to the kitchen to check on the food. Sure enough my wife completely forgot the pasta was burnt as most of the water already dried off. My wife could not salvage it anymore so she decided to make something else.

While she was in the kitchen her cousin and I began to chat. We talked about her school choices and for some reason turned to relationship. She wanted to know where my wife and I met and out of the blue she said she'd like to meet someone as cute as me. I smiled and thought to myself well I wish I had met you first then things wouldve been different. I wouldve fucked her so much that we'd probably have 8 k**s in 5 years.

I was somewhat uncomfortable on what to say to her, so i changed the topic back to school. I asked her what are her top choices? She said 1 from here and 2 from back home. She liked the school here the most but she is not sure since she will miss her f****y. I told her that's nonsense. She is more than welcome to come anytime and if she wants to crash over we had 2 spare rooms.

She asked if it would be too forward to ask if she can stay over tonight since she did not want to go to the hotel on her own. I said I am fine with it and I am sure your cousin will be pleased. I yelled over to my wife and she rushed to the living room and said that is a great news.

That night we planned a little night out. We went to a local bar/club and as usual my wife had a beer and was completely buzzed. Her cousin on the other hand was taking shots after shots and still seemed fine. Finally gave her a shot of Vodka for her last drink and she was done for the night. I took both the girls home. I first e****ted my wife up to her room and helped her change into her night gown.

Then picked up her cousin and took her to the spare room. As soon as I lied her down to bed I noticed she started to mumble and throw up was the only words I could hear. Before I could get something for her she vomited all over her dress. I ran to the bathroom to get her a towel and when I got back her dress was on the floor and she was passed out on the floor. I picked her up and put her on the bed. She did not wear a bra so her nice tits was out in the open.

I went to the bathroom to get towel to wipe her down. I started with her face and slowly worked down to her boobs. I knew she was out cold and I decided to just give her nipples a quick lick. That lick turned into sucking. Out of the blue I felt her hand stroking my cock. I freaked and realized she was still out of it. I pulled out my cock and let her play with it.

Then I worked my way down and tried to pull her panty down. She gave me the quick hip action so that it slid a little easier. I proceeded to rub her pussy down and began with a little kiss then worked my way to her clit. I sucked that thing off until she started moaning harder and harder. Within seconds she gave a big scream and nearly choked me between her legs. So scared my wife heard I ran to the bedroom to see if my wife was awake. She was still lying in the same spot and have not moved. I ran back to the room where her cousin was to see what she was doing. She was still out of it but this time she was hugging the pillow in a fetal position. I climber behind her and began grinding my dick on her pussy. I was so turned on that I did not need to go in to cum. After a few strok I felt her moving. I frozed and what happened next caught me off guard. She had taken my dick and began rubbing it on her pussy until she stuffed my dick in. She started to grind slow then began to speed up. She stopped and again I was freaked out that she had woken up. She got up and climbed on top of me. She then whispered Bryan you feel so much bigger than last time. And also said I thought you didnt eat pussy.

I don't know who this Bryan person is but I am sure glad she thinks I am bigger. She then leaned over and began making out with me. Her tongue swirled all around mine while she fucked me slowly. Then she picked up the speed and put her titty in my mouth. I fucked her hard as I can while I was on the bottom until we both came simultaneously! As soon as we were done I put her clothes on and showered so that my wife does not smell any sex odor on me.

The next day my wife her cousin and I went to IHOP to get some breakfast. My wife was supposed to drop her off to the airport but her cousin said she forgot something at the house. My wife could not afford to go back home so she asked me to take her cousin to our house and take her to the airport. When we got to the car she looked at me and said I know what happened with us last night. I tried to deny but she said there was too many things that shows us having a little fun. One she woke up to pee and noticed cum sliding down her pussy. Second I was the only guy at the house. And third I left my boxer under the blanket. Fearing she might tell my wife I asked her what now? She said well since I didnt really remember much from last night I want to see your cock. I told her I cant I am driving. She took her coat put it over my pants and unzipped it. She pulled out my cock and began playing with it. When we got to the house. She looked me in the eye and said we have an hour before I have to be at the airport. How do you want to spend it?

I told her there are things I want to do to her but I was afraid she will tell someone. She told me that this will be our little secret. After hearing those words I felt like I just won the jackpot. As soon as we got inside we were all over each other. Her tongue was swirling inside my mouth then she proceeded to go down ad applied the same technique to my cock. I pulled her off since I did not want to cum yet.

Then I bent her over and fucked her by the fireplace. We fucked doggie style then she rode me and then she fucked me reverse cowgirl. Finally I could not hold it any longer so I just shot cum all inside her. We had fucked for hours and did not realize the time we knew it would be cutting it close so she began to get ready. I went online and found a later flight. She walked in to my office and asked if I was ready. I showed her that there is a later flight. She called the airline and made the switch. Without hesitation she was back on top of me. We were like teenagers in love. I told her I had an idea. I went to xhamster to watch some of my favorite videos. We began to copy some of the videos. We found some BRCC and we began re enacting some of the scenes. She asked me to pretend to interview her while she pretended to be like one of those girls. I asked her what is the wildest thing she has ever done? She said she fuck her cousin's cute husband. Then I asked her if she had a bf she said yes. I hen asked are you serious or acting? She smile and said she was serious. I asked her about threesomes and anal? She said threesome yes anal no. I asked why she said she heard it hurts. I pulled my drawer open and pulled out my lube. I told her we can try it and if she hates it we will stop. I leaned her over just like the girls on the video. Then put the lube in her ass.

I rubbed some on my dick and slowly inserted my cock. We fucked slowly until she began to enjoy it more and more. HEr ass was so tight and felt amazing. Within a couple of minutes I came instantly. I told her to give me a minute. I jerked myself off and was semi hard. She then layed me down and slowly took my dick up her ass again. She started to fuck me hard and started screaming oh fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me in the ass. We were fucking for over 4 hours and my dick was milked so much that I came with a few squirt.

When we finished I took her to the airport and before she walked away she told me she's made her decision. She's coming back to go to school here and she looks forward to seeing me again.

As I drove home, I could not believe that this girl fucked the shit out of me and I am going to miss her!!!!

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