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The Office Slut part two August 2010


You may remember my last encounter with the office slut and what fun we had together.
Well it was a hot summers day and the birds were singing,it was great to be working outside.

It was a large garden and the clients were out so I had the place to myself; and I was working in a was secluded park of the garden.
I was daydreaming a bit and pondering if I could have a crafty wank or not when........

My mobile rang:
Are there you are Mr Kingdom,are you working at 110 Hartford Avenue?
It was the Mrs Woods, the top woman from the Estate agency;it was unlike her to contact me directly and now I was getting a bit nervous ...was I in trouble?

Yes..I'm at the property now.I replied hestitantly
Where exactly please this is important,I'm here now.
I told her ,and barely a second had gone by and then she appeared.
She had long brown hair, and a smart,dark business suit,the skirt was above the knee, her top was slightly open and she was wearing a lacy bra that pushed her small tits up.She wore narrow frame expensive glasses, her make up was perfect,not to heavy just right.

She has walking towards me now , her black knee length boots defining the length of her stride.

I've been hearing all sort of talk about you and Holly,is it you want to continue working for us?Well, what do you have to say?
I stood there for a while ,taken aback with the abruptness of her challenge .

She had moved close to me now and my back was against the timber side of the shed,I could smell her expensive perume, notice her expensive jewellary and long dark nails.
She placed a hand on my chest and pushed me up agianst the timber,her eyes looking into mine.
This can't go on distacting the staff like this..

Her right hand defltly pulled at my belt,she undid my flies and in an instant my semi hard cock flopped out.
Her breath hissed in my ears;then she slipped her hand through my open shirt and pinched a nipple.
Her right hand began to caress my balls and my cock,so that now more of itself rose to meet her elegant hand.
So that's what's all the fuss is about...I heard you knob was rather large and your shaft that true,Mr Kingdom?
Well I guess so ....
Well come on then,get stiff for me..She ordered.

Mrs Woods pulled my work shorts down and started wanking the tender skin of my shaft,she kept a steady rthymn and occassionally slipped her cupped hand over the sensitive knob.
I could feel her getting excited in her breathing.
So you like to rub your cock in front of my staff do you?Hmmm.thats getting big now,Ohhh and hot too..well do like to show your cock?
Yes,I gulped my breath coming quicker now as she increased the speed of her hand; my swollen cock had now had grown a lot biggerin her shapely hand,and when she tweeked the knob,pre cum rose to the top.
I'm going to make you come,would you like that?Like you came for Holly,your going to come for me now?
I nodded.
She speeded up the hand action and her left hand cupped my balls,as I closed my eyes and got ready to shoot my load.
Just then I heard the sound of footsteps on the rough ground.
I gasped with alarm, as a second woman, came around the side of the shed.
Is this the cock, Holly?
Yes that's the cock Mrs Woods..
It was Holly she had come to see me brought off by her boss.
I thought so Holly, lets see what his spunks like,shall we?said Mrs Woods.

Are you going to come in front of Holly again?I''ll make you cum.
Come and look Hollly,look at this lovely cock.So smooth and hard.
Holly came closer now,and put her hands on my shoulders to keep me from moving away.

Both woman watched my cock now as the stood either side of me, my cock throbbing as it was expertly wanked off,not to fast or too firm ,just right.
But I was helpless as the two woman toyed with my cock.
Does he need some lube,Mrs Woods.
Oh, I don't think so,why don't you spit on it,that will help.
Holly dribbled a large dollop of salva on my straining cock.
Ohhh..that's good Holly,lets see if the cock likes this now.
Mrs woods cupped her hand around the knob to improve the friction, and move with the saliva.
Oh,cocky liked that,look at that pre cum Holly.

Ohhh..I think he's going to come Mrs Woods,yes come for my boss.
Make him squirt ,make the spunk shoot out...

With a groan I felt my cock buck and my legs tremble, then the heavy spunk load left my balls and coated the hands of Mrs Woods.
Her pale hands and nails coated now in my thick paste,as she continued her steady rhythmn.
Both women gasped at the volume of my spunk as continued to exit my throbbing knob.

Let me finish him..said Holly breathlessly.
Holly joined Mrs Woods hand ,and now they both wanked me off slowly and firmly as jet, after jet, of thick cream splattered onto their hands ,through their fingers, and onto the bare ground below.
Oh yes,that's it make him spinkle on the ground,groaned Mrs Woods.

I lost count how much I came,I felt completely used as entertainment for these women,although I had really enjoyed it.

Holly then knelt down and proceded to suck the last of the come of my knob.
Her pretty red lips leaving lipstick marks on my shrinking member.

After my ejeculation both woman turned and walked away and left me slummped with my limp cock hanging out.
Mrs Woods wispered to Holly and she giggled as both women turned to look at me and laughed.
All that remained of the incident was the ground soaked with my cum, amd my shame and pleasure of what had just happened.

Written by Jonny Kingdom.

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