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OHGIRL: What Happens In Vegas 1.....

I had been contacted by Jerry through an ad that I ran in various adult magazines and journals. Jerry was a 62 year old business man from Dallas, Texas and he was looking for an woman to provide him with companionship and to act as his date at various business outings for 3 days in Vegas. I had gathered all of the information I needed, to make my decision to take the job, and I sent Jerry my bill for the cost of his requirements over a three day weekend in Las Vegas. I was really excited, since this was my first real work opportunity that allowed me to travel. I had met men in hotels and had a few that wanted me to drive and meet them out of town, to avoid their wive’s attention, but this was the first time I was flown in, with all expenses paid, to stay for 2 weeks in Las Vegas. I would be staying with Jerry at Caesar’s Palace over the weekend and he had paid for the room through the week, then I was going next door to the Mirage for the following week. Hopefully the trip would be fun and I could make a few more business connections while I was in town. The thought of more jobs like this truly excited me. A two week vacation with full pay, all expenses and lots of sex. How could I not love my job.

A limo picked me up at the Airport and drove me to Caesar’s Palace. I was taken to a really nice suite and told that Jerry would join me at the pool at 1 pm for drinks. His luggage was already unpacked and in the room, so I unpacked also, got freshened up and put on a sexy bathing suit to wear to the pool. I had a classy cover up also, just in case Jerry wanted me to appear more conservative in front of his friends. I’m sure they would wonder why a 19 year old girl was spending all of her time with a 62 year old man, but this was Vegas and I doubt that anyone truly cared. I had seen photos of Jerry, so I knew what he looked like. He owned a computer technology company in Texas and he paid me quite a bit of money for this trip. He told me that we would be meeting with many of his various business associates for drinks, dinner, shows and just relaxation. When I saw him at the poolside bar, I walked over and said hello. He was a really nice and friendly guy. He was tall (about 6’) and was a portly, steak and potato type man, who wore his cowboy hat everywhere he went. He was having drinks with 3 Japanese men at the bar and he introduced me as Brandy, his sexy little girlfriend, as he laughed and joked with the other men. He gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek and then told me to take off my cover up and get comfortable with a drink by the pool.

I was sitting in my bikini and having a pina colada when Jerry and his associates joined me. The 3 Japanese men were all in their mid 40’s to late 50’s and after a few drinks they had their cameras out taking photos of me sitting with them and Jerry, rubbing sunblock on my body and lighting their cigars that they decided to smoke. Jerry told me that we would be having dinner later in the evening with another group of men from South Korea and that we were going to see a show afterwards at Caesars. He told me that it would be a lot of fun, but until then he wanted to take the party up to our suite. We all left the pool and went back to the suite that I was staying in with Jerry. They all must have been drinking way before I met them and their conservative behavior was much more relaxed once we got to the room. Jerry ordered room service with champagne and food and then the Japanese men got me to smoke a cigar with them in a few photos. I hated the smell of cigars, but I reluctantly agreed and put on my happy face as I smoked a big stogie with all of the men in a series of photos. They just thought it was so fun to see such a young and sweet looking girl smoking and they all cheered when Jerry told me to take off my top and dance around for the gentlemen. They were all pouring glasses of champagne and handed one to me as I stood there topless for more group photos. Jerry put his arm around me and then kissed me on the lips and squeezed my boobs as all the men cheered. Jerry then wished them all great success in this weeks business venture and meetings and told them that they should all get a kiss and rub my breasts to share in good fortune. I felt like a Buddha statue as they all joined around me to kiss and touch me. They continued to take photos of every thing they did and Jerry surprised them all by sliding my bikini bottoms off during one of the photos.

Everyone laughed and Jerry knelt down to kiss my stomach and then my pussy. His associates did the same, but now everyone was touching and squeezing and kissing. Jerry grabbed me by the hand and told everyone that we should take this to the other room, where it would be much more comfortable. Jerry led me into the master suite and now I knew why he had gotten the suite with the 15 foot round bed and a mirror on the ceiling above. Jerry pulled me to the bed with him and all 3 of his Japanese business men followed. They had all stripped off their swim trunks on the way into the room and they were all sporting erections as I laid back on the bed and they surrounded me with groping hands, lips and tongues. A hairy cock made its way into my mouth and my legs were quickly spread as fingers and mouths darted in and out for a feel or taste. I saw Jerry get up off the bed and he wished his friends luck and happiness as he grabbed one of their cameras and took photos of the asian business men enjoying themselves. I still had one cock in my mouth and my legs were pulled apart by the other two men. It was much longer before a stiff cock slid into me. The man in my mouth pulled out and made way for his friend, who quickly placed his penis between my lips. The Japanese man who was fucking me was pumping his cock quickly into me and then his spasmed and came.

Jerry came back to the bed and set me up like a prop on all fours and then moved back to take more photos as one of the men stuffed his cock into me from behind and the other returned his hard penis to my mouth. They switched places and both eventually came in my mouth and pussy. They seemed to enjoy posing with me and wanted more photos of me with their limp cocks in my mouth or as they squeezed my breasts or placed their fingers in my cum filled pussy. Once they were done and all of them were satisfied, the Japanese business men got back into their pool attire and Jerry e****ted them out of the suite and said his goodbyes. Jerry then returned to the room where I was still laying and told me that everything went very well and that he hoped that my entertainment would help to finalize a deal he had been working on. He told me to get into the shower and that he would call up room service to change the cum covered sheets and bedspread. I was in the shower when he came into the bathroom with a towel around his waist. Jerry seemed overjoyed with how all had gone so far and his cock was pointing straight at the ceiling as he entered the shower with me. He pushed me down to the floor and I naturally began to suck his cock as he held it out to me. He continued to discuss his plans with his South Korean associates while I bobbed my head back and forth. He told me that I would be very busy that week helping to firm up some of his business deals and that sex with hookers was always a good way to sway some of the more conservative businessmen. He told me that most of the men I would meet this weekend would be older, married men, but that they were less strict in their professional manners when they were in private and sex was involved. Jerry said that it gave them all a bond with which they could connect and meet mutual goals through the deals that they both wanted to enact with each other. Even though I was listening to his words, I was still concentrating on sucking his throbbing pole as he gripped my hair and pulled my head back and forth. Jerry let out a long sigh as he pumped my mouth full of his thick, sticky goo. He kept stroking his cock and I kept sucking him until he was limp. Afterwards, we both lathered up and finished washing and then got dressed for the evening.

I was actually famished by the time we met with his South Korean group. Their were 5 of them and we had a huge table at the restaurant. Three of the men were with their wives and two were alone as we all made small talk and ate dinner. Later we enjoyed a really great show and then we went back to our suite once again for drinks. After a couple of cocktails, the married men left and went back to their rooms. Jerry and I were left with two of his guests to entertain. They were both much older than the men from this afternoon and probably older than Jerry. I would have guessed both men to be in their late 60’s to mid 70’s and from what Jerry had whispered to me earlier in the evening, both were widowers. Surprisingly Jerry spoke Korean and he stood there talking to them as I finished my drink. They both looked at me and smiled and then Jerry came over to me and said that they would like to each go into the room separately with you. I walked to one of the older gentlemen and took him by the hand. I led him into the room and he slowly undressed as I dropped my dress. There wasn’t a lot of foreplay and I spent a good deal of time sucking his small penis to make it hard. Then I straddled him as he laid on his back and I rode his cock until he came. He seemed genuinely pleased and thanked me as he left, leaving one of his business cards on the bedside table. After I had cleaned up, I returned to the suite and brought the other man into the bedroom with me. He didn’t want to get totally naked and he helped me to slide out of my dress and asked me to bend over the side of the bed. He slid up behind me, pulled his zipper down on the front of his pants and pushed his wrinkled cock into my cunt. He wasn’t really hard, but he was still able to stuff his soft cock into my well used opening. He kept moving back and forth and I eventually felt him harden over time. His thrusts got faster and he was breathing pretty heavy before he also came in me. He quickly put his penis back into his pants and gave me a short, curt bow as he made his way out of the room. I cleaned up again and when I returned to the room, Jerry was waiting for me.

He was smiling from ear to ear and seemed happy with my performance. “You are a seriously awesome investment lil’ girl.” he said matter of factly. Then he poured me some champagne and told me it was time to go out and have some fun. We spent that night gambling until the early morning as Jerry introduced me to the game of Craps. I stayed on his arm all night and must have been a good luck charm, as he was very lucky indeed, and we returned to our suite with a huge roll of winnings in his pocket. He d***kenly slid a handful of hundreds into my dress top and they fell out upon the floor as he pulled off my dress. He threw the rest of the cash on the bed and then he proceeded to fuck me on his newfound winnings. We awoke the next morning to a huge mess, but he told me to keep everything after I had picked it up and danced around nude for him. That afternoon started another day of business for Jerry and I both, as we met with two Chinese investors and later that night with a large group of Taiwanese businessmen. I was very tired going into my third and last day, but we met early with a single Vietnamese gentleman and then ended the week with an actually wild group of Thai businessmen. They were much less conservative than most of the men I had been with that week and seemed to be more experienced with handling a single woman and sharing her in a large group.

The Thai men spent quite a bit of time trying to please me and it was a huge turn on to fuck all 5 of them, especially when they each went out of their way to get me off. They had no inhibitions about licking or kissing me, even if one of their friends had just had his cock in me or one of them had cum on or in me. I was worn out and my pussy was sore once the final day was done. I came at least three times that last night and wished that all of my multiple encounters could have ended up being like that. I was soaking in the tub when Jerry told me that everyone had left and he asked if I wanted to try our luck at the casino again. I said yes, but I beckoned Jerry to join me in the tub first. He had been a very generous man all weekend and very nice on top of that. I had him sit on the edge of the tub after some time soaking with me and I sucked his cock until he was as hard as a rock. I covered his white and thick veined cock with some personal lubricant and then guided him into my ass. My pussy was really tender from all of the sex that I had engaged in the last three days and I wanted him to enjoy himself without me being uncomfortable. Jerry slowly slid in and out of my well lubed ass for a little while before I felt him blast my tight asshole with more of his viscous jizz. We were lucky again that evening and Jerry left me with another huge bonus before he flew out of town that next morning. He promised to call me in the future for more work and to pass along some referrals to his business friends and associates. I now had a couple of days to relax in the suite, which was paid for through the week, and to prepare for my next week in Vegas.

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