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Getting 18YR Old Rachel's Panties

I had been waking up with a sore back for the last month or so, and finally decided to get a new bed. I had my old one for almost 10 years, and it had seen more then it's fair share of hookers and d***ken bbw's! Once the new one arrived, I decided I didn't want to be bothered trying to sell the old one, and thought giving it away free would be a lot easier. It was, and surprisingly I ended up with a nice little perk that I thought I'd share with you fellow xhamster members! (plus it's been so long since I've shared any of my experiences, I figured I was due!)

I posted the old bed on a local website and almost immediately recieved a dozen or so emails. Glancing through the emails I seen one with a girl's name in it, so naturally I opened that one first! It simply said she was interested and asked if I would please hold it for her as she was in desperate need of a bed, and didn't have that much money. She left her number, begging me to call. I grabbed my cell and punched in her number, and a few seconds later she answered. I told her who I was and she excitedly thanked me for calling and asked when she could pick it up, and if it was indeed free. I assured her I didn't want a penny, and she let out a high pitched squeal that made my little dicklette come to life! She told me she had to ask her grandpa when he could pick it up and said she'd call me right back. I hung up, wondering how old she was if her grandpa was driving her to pick up the bed! A few minutes later she called back and we set up a time.

I was surprised when I opened the door and seen her standing there. She was in her late teens, nice smile, shoulder length dirty blonde hair, chubby and dressed in jeans and sweatshirt. I brought her upstairs to where the bed was, her telling me all about herself on the way. She had just turned 18, and had just moved out on her own. Her apartment was unfurnished hence why she needed the bed. Not having a lot of money, getting a free bed was a huge bonus. Up until that point, I had just been listening to her story, and hadn't really checked her out. Then, as she reached down to grab the bottom of the mattress, something fell from her pocket, so she turned to grab it, still crouched down, thus giving me a perfect view of her exposed bum crack! I stared as she reached farther to get whatever it was she dropped, checking out her deep crack as it disappeared down her jeans. I longed to go over to her and stick my finger into the crack of her ass and see how juicy it was, but came back to reality just as she turned back towards me. I smiled as she giggled and tucked whatever it was she'd dropped back into her pocket before bending down again and grabbing the corner of the mattress. We carried it outside to where her grandpa was waiting with a cube van. I helped her up into the back of the van, letting my hands sink into the meaty flesh of her behind as I pushed her up. I then picked up the mattress and handed it to her, helping her slide it into the back before getting up into the back myself and helping her strap it to the wall.

I of course started hooking up the straps above the mattress, forcing her to bend down to attach them at the bottom and pull the straps tight. I again was treated to an awesome view of her deep ass crack, which was now starting to moisten with sweat as it dripped down her back. Once we had four straps on, I jumped down and helped her down, rewarded with her nice chubby bum right in my face! I couldn't help it, and as she bent over to find her footing, I pretended to slip and buried my face right in her ass! I inhaled deeply as she struggled to regain her footing, with no help from me, and marvelled in the scent of her dirty teen bum. I could smell her ass sweat clearly, which turned me on the most, followed by a hint of BO topped with cheap perfume. Her butt stink lingered in my nostrils as I again grabbed a handful of her meaty globes as she descended. She turned and hugged me, thanking me for the mattress and for helping her load it, and turned and jumped into the cab with her grandpa. As soon as I got into my house, I pulled my dick out and tugged on it, thinking about her fat bum and how it smelt. As I jizzed all over my vestibule floor, I knew I had to sniff her ass again, and began thinking of how I could accomplish that. A few days later, as I was driving to work, it hit me! I knew how I would try and sniff her sweaty ass! I put my plan into action when I got home later that day.

It was quite simple really, I just emailed her from a different email address, saying I was "so and so" from a local dating site and that we had chatted a few days prior and she'd given me her email address which I wrote down, but misplaced until just then. I then "refreashed" her memory about how I was the guy that she was chatting with that had the panty fetish. I then told her I was definatly interested in her offer to buy her dirty panties, and that I would pay $50 a pair. I thanked her and sent it. Within a few minutes I recieved a reply from her saying:

Hi ******, This is a little embarressing, but you have the wrong person! I've never been on POF, and have never chatted with you either. So sorry. -Rachel

Now I hadn't thought this far ahead, and didn't know how to reply, so I simply wrote back saying how sorry I was, and that I had found her email on a piece of paper and thought it was the other girl's. To which she asked where I had gotten her email in the first place, so I said it must've been from one of the many replies I got about a mattress I gave away. I held my breath as I opened her reply. Did she fall for it, or did she see right through my scheme? I smiled to myself as I read how she remembered me, and went on to say how funny of mix up it was and that I shouldn't be ashamed about my fetish, and how she was curious to know about it. What blew my mind was when she asked if I only liked panties from hot skinny chicks, or would I buy them from a fat ass like her (her words, NOT mine! I think she's HOT!) and if I did, that she would totally be into making some quick money, as long as it didn't involve sex. I told her I'd love to help her out, and that for sure the only thing I wanted was dirty panties. We went onto MSN and chatted for an hour or so, explaining my panty fetish, and how I got into it, what I did with them, did I wear them, etc. etc. We eventually agreed to buy/sell some of her panties and made arrangements for later that day to meet.

Now I am very specific when paying that much a pair, and told Rachel what I expected. She was a little shy about it, but the promise of $100 for two pairs of panties was too good to turn down, so she agreed. I had asked her to go through her dirty clothes and find two of the dirtiest pair of panties and put one of them on under a pair of sweat pants and a robe. I instructed her to put her hair dryer under the robe, turn it on High heat and point it at her crotch so it would get nice and sweaty. I said once she started sweating, to dig the material of the panties deep into her ass crack and soak up all her bum juice. After doing that a few times, she was to take the panties off and put them right into a baggy. Then put on the second dirty pair, and do the same.

By the time I got there, and Rachel answered the door in sweats and a robe, I knew she had done what I had asked her to do. She invited me in and as I sat on her futon, I could clearly smell her ass sweat and crotch stink. Rachel excused herself and went into the bathroom. I lowered my hand to my crotch and began playing with my little dick through the thin material of the track pants I had on. I was beyond turned on, and when I noticed all the doors in Rachel's apartment had the old style skeleton keyholes, decided to creep over to the bathroom door to see if I could peek in at her. I knelt down and peered through the keyhole, and once my eyes focused, was pleasently surprised to be able to see most of Rachel! She was just wearing panties, and her chubby belly was jiggling as she stood in front of the mirror scratching her ass. At least, that was my first thought, then it dawned on me that she was digging the panties into her ass crack like I had requested! I slid my hand into my pants and began tugging on my chode as I witnessed her sniff her fingers each time she pulled the panties from the deep valley of her bum crack. Her tits were a little on the small side, barley b-cups, and they sagged down her chest a little, and were capped off by huge puffy nipples that reminded me of a girl just going through puberety! I never noticed them before as Rachel had been wearing a baggy sweatshirt when I first met her. I had just got into a nice rythym of jerking off when she bent down, took the panties off, inspected them, and sniffed them, before placing them into a sandwich baggy. I didn't see what she did after that, as I quickly returned to the futon. Making no attempt to hide the little tent in my pants that was now forming a wet spot from my oozing precum.

Rachel didn't exit the bathroom for another couple minutes after I had sat down, but when she did, she wore only her robe and held two baggies in her hand. She handed them to me and I reached into my pocket and pulled out a roll of twenties. We both looked at the wet patch in the front of my pants, and I simply smiled at her as I counted off five twenties, handed it to her, and put the rest back in my pocket. I watched her eyeing the money, and darting her eyes t the wet patch of precum on my pants. I was sure I could get her to do more, but before I could say anything, she beat me to the punch, and asked if I had plans for the rest of that money. I told her no, and asked why, and she told me she could use more money, and asked if I wanted to masturbate in front of her, as she showed me her tits. (I had told her on MSN that I paid girls more the second time I bought panties from them, if they watched me jerk off on cam and strip for me after the first time) I smiled and said I'd give her another hundred bucks if she got naked with me and let me sniff her ass in real life. She thought about it for a few seconds, and giggled before nodding her head and agreeing to it! I quickly peeled off another five twenties, handed them to her, and began to strip.

Rachel stood there looking every which way but mine, until I pulled my pants down and stepped out of them. I was looking at her smiling, casually pulling on the foreskin on my chode, and asked what she thought. She took a quick glance and smiled, trying not to laugh, and said it was alright. I asked if she ever saw a cock as small as mine and she burst out laughing, shaking her head. She apologized and said I wasn't that small, and I told her I was and said I was fully erect and dropped my hand. My chode stuck out from my fat crotch only about 1/2", and when I pushed the fat around it in, the full 2" was exposed. All I heard her say was WOW!, and stiffle a giggle. I squeezed a huge drop of precum out of the end and scooped it up with my finger. I told her it was her turn to strip, and sat back down on the futon, popping my slimy finger into my mouth and sucking it clean. Rachel looked at me with a surprised look and giggled again as she turned around and undid her robe.

I could feel how juicy my fat ass crack was so I spread my cheeks wide so the material of Rachel's futon would soak up all my nasty ass sweat. The thought of her laying on it later to watch TV and being able to smell my funky butt stink, turned me on immensely. She had the heat blasting, and we were both sweating profusly. She turned the thermostat down and went ot open a window, but I told her just to leave it, wanting her ass to be nice and juicy when I buried my face in it! She shrugged and said ok, as she walked over and stood in front of me. For a second time, she untied her robe, this time she held it open like a flasher would, again, turning away and began to bite her lower lip nervously, before closing her eyes. I took the sight of her young, naked body in. Marvelling in the fact that she was mere weeks past her 18th birthday, and that she was no pro, but rather just a girl who answered an ad for a free bed! Her tits were a little larger then they'd first seemed through the keyhole, but they still drooped down her chest, and were capped by the most magnificant set of puffy nipples I've ever seen in real life! She jumped as I softly ran a finger down her meaty body, starting at the side of her tits, running the length of her ribs and hips. My finger was wet from her sweat, and I popped it my mouth and savored the salty flavor for several seconds before burying it in her hairy mound. Rachel let out a yelp as soon as my finger touched her pubes and continued to moan as I buried it in her deep pussy. Her actual pussy lips were a good 2" in her slit, and I wiggled my finger through it soaking it with her juices before taking it out and sniffing it. It was really ripe! It stank of unwashed pussy, mixed with urine, with an underlining scent of BO. I made sure she could hear me sniffing my finger, and when I popped it in my mouth, I loudly slurpped it clean. I told her it smelt amazing and tasted even better, and her face went seven differant shades of red! She cleared her throat, and asked if I was going to start masturbating soon. I told her I would after she let me see her bum. She sighed and turned around, letting her robe fall to the floor in front of me. She crossed her arms in front of her, and I couldn't see her face, but her ears were bright red as I moaned and said I loved her young bum. I reached out and groped it with both hands, spreading her cheeks apart as I did, allowing me to see her teen ass crack for the first time. The view only lasted for a second though, as her fat cheeks slapped together as I let go of them! I did this several times, roughly groping her big beefy butt cheeks so they pulled apart, then letting them go and hearing them slap back together. Rachel asked me if I was having fun, and said I was like a k** with a new toy! I laughed and agreed, relieved she wasn't uncomfortable with me groping and fondling her teen body. The air around us filled of the scent of her sweaty ass and juicy pussy. Rachel was obviously getting aroused as I could now smell her excitment.

I told her how sexy I thought her ass was and she blushed, saying it wasn't. I said I was serious, and pulled her towards me so her ass was mere inches from my face. I could really smell her ass stink, but held off burying my face in it, as I softly kneeded her meaty cheeks. As they spread apart, even more of her sweet ass aroma floated up and tickled my nostrils, beckoning me closer. I finally held them open, and throughly inspected her ass crack. It was much darker then the rest of her skin, sparsely covered with thin hair that had never been shaved or bleached, and her bumhole itself was nice and small, and puckered all up. I leaned in and sniffed it from an inch away, inhaling deeply. After my senses were filled with bum stink, I sat back and enjoyed the scent, lightly tickling my chode to full erection. I leaned in again and held her cheeks open as I placed my nose at the top of her crack and sniffed the whole way down, stopping at her chocolate starfish and nuzzling my nose against it, sniffing it like a rabid dog. I let go of her cheeks, allowing my nose to be fully encased in her bum crack, and with one hand, reached around the front of her and began rubbing her clitty, while I tugged at my tiny dicklette with the other. I knew I wouldn't last long, but didn't want this encounter to end, so I stopped touching my penis and concentrated on Rachel's pussy and getting her off.

I had her bend over and told her to spread her ass for me. As she held open her chubby bum cheeks, I buried my face in her crack, attacking her butthole with my tongue, savoring the taste and nastiness of licking this teen girls sweaty ass crack and anus. I used both hands to masturbate her sopping wet cunt, spreading her fat slit with one, and burying two fingers in her pussy with the other. Once I got a good rythym going, I let her slit go, and just fingered her cunt, moving my hand up and fondling her puffy nipples, and licked her asshole. Rachel went ballistic!! She started with soft mews that got increasingly louder the longer I pleasured her three body parts simultaneously, until they were no longer mews, but obvious moans of pleasure! My hand was soaked with her cunt juice, and it was running down my arm as I pumped three fingers in and out like a jack hammer. All of a sudden she began yelling "uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh " louder and louder until she just screamed "uhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and three things happened all at once. First, she had a squirting orgasm and gushed a gallon of pussy juice all over me, the futon and the floor! Second, her legs gave out and she fell to the floor! Third, as she started cumming, she let out a huge fart! Now I've sniffed a lot of asses over the years, but this was the first time a girl had farted as my tongue was on her anus! It was a weird sensation, a light vibrating, and a small gust of air entered my mouth, and for the first time in my life I actually tasted a fart! I can't say I didn't like it! With everything else happening, I didn't process it right away, but I did after a few minutes, and found it turned me on to have this chubby teen girl fart in my face!

Anyways, I helped Rachel up onto the futon, and she was laughing so hard, tears streamed down her face! I went to the bathroom and grabbed a towel to soak up all the girl juice, and when I got back, Rachel was leaning back, with her eyes closed. I threw the towel down on the puddle of cunny juice, and sat beside her. That's when I mulled over the fart, and when realised my little chode was rock hard and oozing precum. The thought of this chunky eighteen year old, farting in my mouth and on my nose, turned me on immensely, so when Rachel started saying how mortified she was that she had farted in my face, opened the floor for discussion. I told her exactly what I just told you fine readers, and when I finished, she giggled and asked if I was serious. I told her yes, and she said she had to let one go right then, so I got off the futon and climbed between her legs. She lifted them and held them open, completely exposing her asshole. I nuzzled my nose right against it and felt it flex slightly before it vibrated and a gust of air was expelled, filling my nostrils with a funky smell of methane and ass stink. She laughed hysterically, and in doing so, pushed out a few smaller toots! I kept my nose against her tight pucker and every time I felt it flex, inhaled deeply. Rachel was now giggling constantly as I sniffed her exposed bumhole and she farted. I was jerking off furiously as I smelt fart after fart, and the sheer humiliation of sniffing a teen girl's farts, had me nearing orgasm in no time. I heard her grunt hard before letting out a huge stinky fart right in my face, and as I was inhaling it's nasty aroma, Rachel told me she didn't have anymore in her, and sat up.

I was extremely aroused with my new deviation of my ass stink fetish, and when I felt my chode, found a steady flow of clear precum leaking from it, pooling under me on the floor. When Rachel told me she was done farting, she looked down and jokingly gave me crap for messing up her floors. I quickly apologized and bent down and licked up all my salty jizz from her hardwood floors. When I finished, I looked up to see an astonished look on her face, which quickly turned into a grin. She asked if I ate cum regularly and I admitted I did, so she suggested I cum on something so she could watch me lick it clean! I offered to do it on her ass, but she said she wouldn't be able to watch me lick up, so we settled on her puffy little teenie boobies! She slid onto the floor and leaned against the futon, giving me excellant access to her swollen nippled tits, and began talking really nasty to me. She told me how sick I was for sniffing her farts and what a perv I was being for masturbating in front of an innocent teen girl like herself, I was leeking precum at a steady pace, and she gathered some of it and reached up between my thighs and rubbed it into my ass crack. When she realised it was already slimy with sweat, she cooed and asked if I liked things up my bum. When I nodded, she easily sunk one finger right up my asshole. When I moaned, she smiled and pulled it out, adding a second and pushing that home. Taking those two out, she added a third, and rammed those in. She began pumping her three pudgy fingers into my fat ass, while I jerked my little dicklette with my thumb and finger, right in front of her!

Her fart stink, still hung in the air around us and in my nostrils as a constant reminder of the humiliation I just underwent. To further my humiliation, I looked down at my fat naked body, as my big belly and man boobs jiggled in time with my jerking arm, and asked Rachel if she thought I was a fat, disgusting loser. She caught on, and agreed with me, and went on a rant about how sick I was and how tiny my penis was and that I must be a faggot because I loved having things put up my fat bum! She laughed as she said she couldn't wait to tell all her friends about me and what a loser I was. Rachel explained that as soon as I left, she was going to invite her two friends over and order some beer and pot which would be paid for by my hard earned money, that I just handed over to her so I could sniff her panties and ass, and let her finger my stinky ass and jerk my little weiner off in front of her like a pervert. She told me she would call me when they were nice and d***k so I could go on webcam and put on a show for their amusment. She also told me to buy a bra, as my tits were so big I needed one. As I jerked off, I looked down and seen I was hunched over a little, making my man boobs sag and hang, and form into a decent C-cup. They were jiggling like mad and Rachel used her free hand to roughly grope them, and tease me about how they were bigger then most of her friend's!

She then told me to hurry up and cum so she could watch me lick it from her teen body and eat it. Between her fingering my ass and degrading me verbally, I was very close to cumming, and I started yelling "Ohhhhhhhh my little peepee is gonna cum for you Rachel!! I'm gonna make my little peepee squirt sperm all over your hot teen body and lick it off!! Come on little peepee, cum for this hot teen!! Cum little peepee cum!!" Rachel was in hysterics listening to me talk to my penis and this sent me over the edge! My little penis started dripping cum out of the end of it. It started as a drip, one right after the other, but then turned to a stream of watery jizz, making it look like I was peeing rather then cumming. Then all at once, it shot a load and I went into an orgasmic euphoria that I wished would never end! Once I started shooting, I shot another eight or nine heavy loads of cum before it again tapered off into a dribble.

I was shaking all over as I knelt down in front of Rachel to catch my breath and bask in the wonderful afterglow of an amazing orgasm. I finally looked at her, and Rachel had a look of utter amazement on her face! She just said "WOW!" and looked at all the cum that was splattered all over her chubby front. Most was running down her sides, and soaking into the futon, so I quickly leaned forward and licked up the largest stream. Rachel jumped and giggled as I licked her ribs, but sat there watching me lick my jizz off her chubby teen body! Once no more was dripping off, I used my finger to move the puddles of the thicker white cum over to her deep bellybutton and pushed as much as I could into it, making a nasty bodyshot of cum. The first one I did actually had a bunch of bellybutton lint mixed in with my salty cum, giving it a funky flavor that tasted like it smelt. Rachel giggled as I did four more cum bodyshots, finally licking the last of it clean. Once all my cum was cleaned off her, I sat beside her and rested.

As it always does after I jizz, my dick retreated into my crotch, becoming completely inverted. Rachel leaned forward, and moved in closer to look. I looked down and seen only my patch of pubic hair and little raisin nut sack, no sign of my penis. She asked where it was and I explained that it inverted whenever I wasn't aroused and she howled with laughter and asked if she could take a pic. I said sure, and she immediately grabbed her phone and snapped several pictures of my "man pussy", as she liked to call it. She told me she was going to show her friends and asked if I would go on cam later if they wanted to see. I agreed and she got up all excited and went to the bathroom. I heard her talking to someone on the phone as I got dressed and she laughed and giggled the whole time she talked. I was certain they were talking about me and I got butterflies in belly at the thought of exposing myself to a few teens at the same time! When she returned, I was dressed and ready to leave. She kissed my cheek and thanked me for a fun afternoon and told me she'd call me later. I left and returned home with her panties, and looked forward to hearing from Rachel later that day...............

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