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Student spanked -5

Lisa loves my tough and tasty style. I teach her discipline and dedication.
In less than a day, three spankings so far for her and a lot of awesome orgasms.

She is a smart slim girl and learns fast. She knows my rules and tries to obey.
She eagerly swallows my next lesson that only by proper behaviour, serious study
she can earn the honour of mouthing my member, swallowing my load down her throat.

"Longing for my long dong down your tighter holes below, my student slave girl?
Lisa, just learn to earn that tasty private privilege! It will take some steps.
Let the tought never escape your mind that you are mine and always available.
Let the tease teach you how to study hard and to get what you long for from me!"

Lisa learns a lot our first full day together. Like to study while her bums burn.
Lisa likes the idea of being clean and anally available for me, taking an enema.
Lisa knows it will take patience, a lot of hard work before I allow her the treat.
Lisa loves to concentrate and earn her closeness and intimacy with me, sexually.

While I watch Lisa working hard at her desk, she offers me a sweet sight of her.
With her legs spread and bending over her books and papers, her sexy snatch shows.
Which warms the want in my longing limbs to hold her and enjoy both her hot holes.
With my tasty tantric standing snake ready for her I wait for her fruit to ripen.

She works hard and concentrated, despite being still aroused from all her orgasms.
She works so well that I allow her to sit on my lap for our lovely litttle lunch.
She works hard for another few hours despite knowing that my eyes eat her snatch.
She works well, knowing well that her hot juices start to drip down her love lips.

Lisa suddenly turns around and presents me the first draft of her first chapter.
Lisa sits at my laps again and reads her notes to me, which are very satisfying.
Lisa earns the right to kneel between my legs and swallow all of my mighty snake.
Lisa earns the right to satisfy me without speaking, but with her mouth in action.

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