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Team Spanking...

After a practice, if one messes up, he is tied across the exercise horse. The team would line up and pass behind striking the faulty one one his buttocks, barehanded, till all thirty members had went by.

We had a immigrant student from Zimbabwe, his name was Jubilee, he had participated in one team spanking right after he arrived. I don't know if any of my fellow team mates noticed, but after he took his turn he stood to the side with the rest of us, and was sexually turned on by what happened.

We all had seen Jubilee naked in the shower and was amazed as to how he would clean his penis. Jubilee was well hung, at least 10" long and 3" around, I watched as Jubilee looked on as Hayes was struck, Jubilee was given the luxury of going first.

After he struck Hayes buttock he stepped away and watched with the rest of us. I noticed that his towel was starting to rise as he watched the team issue their punishment. He soon left and went to the showers, when we entered he was at the far end, his back turned to the door.

This month I was at fault and was tied across the 'work horse'. The team Captain issued the edict and told Jubilee to have his way. Jubilee asked 'do I have to hit or can I do something else?'

The Captain answered 'what ever you do the rest of us has to follow suit.' Jubilee stood behind me, he placed both his hands on my buttocks and spread them apart. Jubilee spit right into my bung hole and gripping his penile shaft rammed his rubbery steel hard penile glans into my anal opening.

I screamed out in pain as Jubilee sunk four of his 10" into my anal cavity, Jubilee did it so quick that it caught everyone by surprise. Jubilee slowly pulled 2" out and pressed 4" back into my butt.

I was howling in pain as Jubilee slowly worked his massive member back and forth, each time he would push more up into my bung hole than he took out. Finally I could feel his wiry pubic hair as it sc****d against my buttocks, I cried out 'somebody get him off, damn he's too damn big, get him off,' no one moved.

Jubilee acted in no urgency, as he worked his huge tool he spoke steadily to no one in particular. 'You see, this is how we punish foul ups back home. We all take time and breed him till he knows not to foul up again. This be very good lesson for the rest of the team. Do right or get fucked.' The room burst out in laughter, Jubilee paid them no mind, he just kept a steady pace.

It was 20 minutes later and Jubilee was still working his enormous sex tool in and out of my bung hole. He would pull back till only his penile glans was still lodged in my bung and than push the entire length of his member back into my anal orifice.

I was whimpering and crying as Jubilee slid his enormous Zimbabwean penis in and out of my butt. 'Some body help me please tell him to stop, I can't stand it much longer, please stop him.' My team mates were crowded around my butt watching Jubilee as if he was some visiting potentate giving a lecture and demonstration.

Jubilee picked up the pace and started to grunt, after nearly 90 minutes he was about to bust his nut, than with a powerful lunge he buried the length of his man hood deep into my bowels and unleashed his tremendous torrent of baby seed deep into my rectum.

We both trembled as he emptied his testicles of his male seed. Once he was finished, Jubilee, slowly pulled his penis from my anal orifice and said 'now the rest of you do like wise, no one else will mess up in the future.'

Jubilee stepped away as his substance slowly leaked from my ruptured anus, my fellow team mates took turns sticking their penile shafts up my butt or making me suck them off if I didn't want them to enter my butt, some of them did anyway.

Team Spanking...

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