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In a fare off land there was a docter named jessie who was working on plantes and how they mate his black female partner named christal said the plant ready.
jessie said put it on the gama radition then flip the switch the room glowed green then christal said it diudnt work jessie replyed dam so close.
christal was sad and worryed that it might never work and jessie will be discharged from his work so she stayed up late trying to figrt out wat went wrong.
when all of a sudden the plant started to grow and grow then she looked up and it was huge it didnt seem to do any thing els but sit there she was amazed.
cuse this ment they didnt completly fale thenn as she was scaning it with the computer it gruw tintacles anbd when under her desk and coat her by saprise.
aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh christina screemed then it opend up and it stabed her in her head pumping her with some blue slime her eyes started to glow blue .
then she reached down and unziped her pants and bent over then something big shot out andinto christinas pussy geting her wet then somrhing shot in her ass hole and started filloing her stomic.
then shje styarted growing a big long black thick cock were her clit was and as her stumic got back to normal she turned green and grown vins and tenticales
then she changed pack to normal after the plant cam in her pussy she got up with a head ack and got dressed she whent home and for some reson felt like puting on neon red pantie hoes and thongs
a red corset and then dresd in her work cloths and whent to work jessie was there erly examing the creture christal locked the door snuck up on hime and snuck is pants down
then started licking his ass hole wat are you doing hhe said then she grabs harder and her tounge gose all the way in side is ass hole
she startes swollowing his shit like it fertalizer then she rubes her pussy real hard says eat me jessie looks down then christal drops her pants off and he sees her
pussy all wet he stsarts licking it then sucking her clit then it grows real massive in his mouth he backs up wtf he says then she f***es it in his mouth suck it no he says
then vines come out offher and pin him agenst the plant creture upside down the creater grabs him by his arms and legs and waste then rips his cloths of christal f***es her cock in his mouth
and start sucking his dick real hard then she bends him over and starts fucking hime in the ass hole hunnn mmm oo shit mmm jessioe moans noooo stoppp please she then fuck hard and her tintecales
going his ass hole with her cock then he screems mmmm yess feels good she then cums green slim in is ass with make hime saduced and then he start fucking her black wet pussy
she screams and says yess baby mm then the plant monster drags them both in sid it and swolows then as it start swolowing them jessie fucks her deeper
then it stabes them both wthe a needle asorbing there sexal energie to make spors witch becom pods that go out and **** wemon to turn rhem into =wat christal is
then jessie cumms over and over and then they pass out and wake up to find wat they have done is inslaved man kind to the evil plant monster

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