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Cruising and Swinging 2 - Cabin Serviced

It was the second night of our Mediterranean Cruise and we were sitting in the restaurant with our cabin neighbour Roger, three hours after we’d all had sex in the ship’s sauna room.
Having broken the ice earlier, we were all comfortable with each other when Roger asked my wife Melissa and myself, Jack, about our sexual fantasies.
“Well, I’d like a hard cock in each hole... and another in my mouth if there’s enough to go around.” answered Mel, “Jack would like his arse fucked, but I’ve got to guide it in him for the first time and he must be sitting up.”
“You’ve given it plenty of thought then Jack!” laughed Roger.
I was a bit shocked; although I knew where the conversation was going, the speed it was travelling took by breathe away.
“It’s a fantasy that has evolved over time.” I began, “Mel was there when I first sucked a cock, in fact it was her idea of a dare back in our swinging days. She was also there when I fucked you earlier and it has always been a fantasy of mine that she is there when and if, I lose my anal virginity.
It turns me on to think of her guiding a cock into my arse, like she’s giving approval.”
“Cool!” said Roger, “Terry has always been with me when I’ve played away, until today that is.”
Terry, or Theresa is Roger’s wife who was unable to join him on the cruise.
“Will you tell her what we did?” asked Mel.
“Sure.. she’ll be cool with it. Pissed off she wasn’t there, but she told me to have fun, which is what I’m doing. Besides, I hinted as much when I spoke to her earlier.”
“How’s she doing?” – Mel,
“Okay, she’s going to try to join us tomorrow, or failing that, the day after.”
“Excellent” I said, “I’m looking forward to meeting her.”
“Wait in line” said Roger.
“Go to the back of the queue.” laughed Mel, “We’ve changed the subject Roger and you haven’t given us the answer to your own question.”
“Well, in all the years Terry and I have been swinging, I’ve never had a woman and her partner.”
“What about earlier?”
“No, not like that, I’ve never fucked both a man and the women in a partnership. It’s not that often that you meet a couple who are both Bi. Or who are both into me.”
“Is that important?” I asked.
“Yes, because that’s my fantasy” he replied and we all laughed.
“What’s your cabin like?” asked Mel moving things along. While we had an internal cabin, Roger had booked a cabin with a balcony.
“It’s a great cabin” he said, “but I’m rattling around in it on my own, it seems a bit of a waste”
“Well why don’t we go and use it now?” I suggested, “It’s a beautiful night and we could sit on the balcony. We’ve got some booze in our cabin, we’ll bring it along.”
Roger agreed and we finished our drinks and headed back to our cabins. “You go on” I said to Mel and Roger as we got to our cabin, “I’ll grab some Brandy and follow you in.”
“Great!” said Roger “I’ll leave the door open for you”.
I entered our cabin, used the toilet then found the Brandy and picked up a couple of glasses before I closed our cabin door and headed for Roger’s.
“I’m here” I said as I entered and closed the door. The cabin was empty, but I noticed that the balcony door was open behind the drawn curtains.
I poked my head through the curtains and almost dropped everything. Mel was crouched down with her dress pulled up above her knees, her knickers were nowhere to be seen and she had Roger’s long hairless cock in her mouth.
I smiled at him and watched Mel suck his beautiful long cock deep into her mouth while fondling his balls and stroking her pussy.
“She over-powered me” he laughed; Mel winked as she sucked Roger’s knob to the back of her throat.
“Where are her knickers?”
“Overboard – she ripped them off when we got out here. Join us.”
I did as I was told and took off my trousers and pants so that Mel could suck on me too. But she did better than that, taking both our knobs in her mouth to lubricate them and then rubbing them together sending spasms of carnal pleasure through both of our bodies.
Roger’s hand slapped my arse and gave it an affectionate squeeze, he then turned his head and kissed my neck as a hand crept down and fondled my balls.
I unbuttoned his shirt and pinched and teased his nipples. As Mel continued to wank and suck us both, we began to kiss. Mel moaned with pleasure as she watched us and moved Roger’s hand back to my arse. He took the hint and began finger-fucking me for the second time that day.
“You said you owed us both a fuck, earlier”, Mel interrupted a few minutes later.
“So I did” said Roger recalling our conversation when we’d left the sauna.
“Well no time like the present. Shall we go in?”
We moved inside, “Where d’ya want me and Jack?” Roger asked Mel.
“Strip off completely and lay on your back on the bed” she replied, “I’ll get the both of you ready.”
Roger laid down on the bed at Mel’s direction and I kneeled astride him, my arse in the air. I was shaking with excitement as Mel rubbed lotion on and around my virgin hole and began working a finger inside.
She resumed blowing Roger who gently stroked my hard nipples, causing my cock to go poker hard. He massaged my shoulders and tickled the length of my cock as he assured me that he’d be gentle and that he was looking forward to watching my face and feeling my cock as he took my cherry.
Mel continued applying lotion and finger-fucking me as my arsehole began to relax.
Mel managed to work another finger in, alternatively finger fucking my arsehole and sucking on Roger’s smooth member. Roger opened his mouth inviting me to kiss him, I bent down and he sucked my tongue between his lips. This aroused me enough for another finger to gain entrance to my hole. I was really turned on and ready for another first… losing my anal virginity.
A hard smack on my arse startled me and was followed by a second.
“Come on gay-boys, time to party. I want to see a cum fest.”
Three fingers were gently withdrawn and Mel’s hand was wrapped around Roger’s hard shaft, covering it with more lotion. I raised myself up and she positioned his knob against my welcoming entrance – just as we’d fantasised.
I brought myself down until the knob was touching the centre of my waiting hole. I tried to go further but offered some resistance and Roger’s knob slid up my cheeks.
I raised myself a little, Mel squeezed Roger’s shaft a little harder and gave my arse another hard slap.
“Try again babe, almost there.”
I lowered myself down again, gasping as the thick slippery knob pushed into me. My eyes were watering, but I wasn’t going to give up, I sat still while Roger caressed my chest and tweaked my nipples. Mel kissed one of my buttocks while pulling them both apart to allow Roger to slip a little further in.
“Good boy, I love you so much” she whispered in my ear. Roger caressed my now soft cock.
After a minute or so, I’d become accustomed to the throbbing pole penetrating my arse. My nerves had left me and I was now relaxed, I sat right down slowly and gradually took its full length inside me. I sat straight up to allow Roger to maximise the length and leant backwars with my hands on Roger’s knees, his hard ball-sack now touching my arse.
My cock began to harden again and Mel sucked at it as I adjusted to the pain and the pleasure of that hard beautiful cock inside me.
I then began to move up and down in a steady rhythm, first slowly but gradually increasing speed as I enjoyed the sensation of being fucked for the first time. A real hard and long cock, deep in my arse. Just as we’ve always fantasised. Now I was fantasising about another thick hairy cock in my mouth. But that would just have to wait.
“Let’s switch” said Roger after a while. We allowed the more experienced man to take control. I slowly lifted myself off of his cock and winced as his knob popped out.
“Mel, you’re going to get a front row seat, lay on you back and Jack... get into the 69 position.”
Mel lay down, spread her legs and I crawled above her placing my mouth over her cunt and thrusting my tongue into her soaking wet pussy. In all the excitement of my first anal experience, I’d forgotten how much Mel had been looking forward to it.
Mel sucked my cock into her mouth and as he knelt behind me, guided Roger’s shaft to my back entrance for the second time.
He pushed and his cock slid in more easily but this time and Roger gave me no mercy, the earlier gentle approach was abandoned and he was pumping me good and hard, rocking my body each time he thrust home.
Mel was obviously enjoying the view as her body went rigid as she climaxed and pushed my head away from her now ever-so-sensitive pussy.
I kissed her legs and belly between Roger’s thrusts, Mel was sucking my cock and fondling Roger’s balls and arse as he fucked me relentlessly. My inexperienced arse was aching and was getting sore, but the pain was mixed with great pleasure as each thrust of Roger’s cock massaged my prostrate.
I resumed sucking on Mel’s juicy cunt, she was so wet I was lapping up her juices like a cat drinking milk, my tongue deep in her cunt, I had her juices all over my face and my nose was tickling her arse.
Roger’s breathing was becoming harder, Mel began slapping my buttocks with one hand while fondling Roger’s balls with the other, he grabbed my buttocks as he stiffened, he pushed me forward and pulled out of me spurting cum all over my back, balls and cock and smothering Mel’s gorgeous face. That was as much as I could take, I came into Mel’s mouth, pulled out and sprayed more cum over her face and tits.
Roger had backed away panting and had sat on the bed. I set to work, licking and sucking the semen from her breasts and face; as our lips met, she spat my first load from her mouth into mine.
“God, that’s so sexy” Roger whispered as he first licked his own cum off my body and then spitting it into my open mouth when he’d finished. I swilled the semen mixture around my mouth and swallowed.
We congratulated each other as we recovered, enjoying the sensations we were left with.
“I think we could all use a shower” said Roger heading for the bathroom.
Although slightly cramped, we were able to fit in two at a time and wash ourselves and each other. We were past any embarrassment and thought nothing of rubbing soap in each other’s intimate areas.
Although a little sore, my arse tingled brightly.
We dried ourselves off and lay on the bed naked, letting the warm Mediterranean night air wash over us as we enjoyed a well earned brandy.
We talked as we drank, stroking one another with no embarrassment; we were still buzzing from earlier on, still horny, we all felt it but said nothing. Eventually, Mel probably noticed the bl**d flowing back into our cocks, giving us both partial hard-ons.
Mel finished her drink and walked outside – naked.
Roger and I followed. It was completely dark now and the temperature was still warm.
“Before this holiday is over, one of you is going to fuck me stupid, while I’m bent over this rail,” she predicted.
“Why not now?” asked Roger as little Roger perked up with excitement.
“Because Jack has had his fantasy fulfilled tonight and now it’s our turn... right?”
“You’re absolutely right” he replied and kissed Mel deeply.
We hugged each other and walked back indoors Mel in the middle, ready to be double-fucked by Roger and I.
We fell on the large bed and began touching each other sexually, cocks were rubbed and sucked, pussy licked and lapped, arses fondled and penetrated.
I found some aftersun cream and rubbed my cock hard with it before rubbing it between Mel’s buttocks and working it up to her arse. Roger’s cock was in her hands and she was oblivious to my actions until Roger motioned for us to begin.
I lay on my back on the bed and Mel kneeled, facing away from me, lowering herself onto my waiting, rock-hard cock. I slid in to her rear easily. We waited until she was comfortable and then she adjusted herself until she was able to lie back onto my chest. I brought my arms forward and grasped her large breasts, playing with her erect nipples.
I began to slowly pump my cock in her arse.
Roger knelt on the bed and positioned himself so that his big bald cock was resting on Mel’s pussy.
I paused as Roger entered Mel, finally fulfilling both their fantasies.
I experienced an amazing sensation as Roger’s cock entered Mel, his knob rubbing along mine, but separated by only a thin layer of skin. Mel was so turned-on, she climaxed before Roger was half-way in and I wondered how long she could take being fucked in this position.
I let Roger dictate the pace and he thrust in and out with a steady rhythm; the sensation of his cock rubbing along my length was causing me to begin to lose control. Mel climaxed again and was shaking her head,
“No more, I can’t take any more of that, it’s too fucking amazing”
“Flip over” suggested Roger “I’ll lay on the bed, Mel you face me and Jack can take you from behind.”
Mel had to rest for a few minutes but once she got her breathe back, she agreed and mounted Roger’s cock and began French kissing him. I stood above her as directed, my knob pressed against her now lubricated hole and gently slid in.
This time I dictated the pace and we both thrust in and out of Mel a little slower than before.
“Ohhhh, fuck!” she screamed as another orgasm gripped her, causing her arse to clamp down on my cock and almost f***e me out. “Please just come inside me, I can’t take much more, my cunt and arse are on fire”
Roger and I pumped into Mel, slowing as she came and getting faster as she recovered.
Eventually, our excitement grew and we all began to breathe harder.
“Pleeeease!” begged Mel as her body spasmed once more.
I came just as her arsehole clamped my cock, I pulled out as she relaxed, spunking over her buttocks and legs.
She sat up and started bouncing up and down on Roger’s shaft, digging her fingernails into his chest while he fondled her big bouncing tits.
“Come on, spurt your spunk inside me for fuck sake, Oooh”
Another climax hit her, she slid onto the bed, Roger pushed her onto her back, entered her and began fucking her like a madman, she orgasmed again.
“Please, you bastard” she moaned, Roger stiffened and tried to withdraw, but Mel grabbed a buttock and drove her nails into it.
“Inside, I said. Are you fucking deaf?” but Roger had already cum before she finished asking. He continued pumping and deposited another three loads before finally rolling off.
Nothing was said as Mel scooped the cum dripping from her arse and cunt with her fingers and motioned Roger and I to lick it off.
She then stood on the bed and ordered us both to lick her clean. Being well behaved men, we did as we were told.
They stayed on the bed silently while I topped up our glasses.
We each went to the bathroom in turn to clean up, Mel first then Roger finally me. When I returned, Roger was asl**p in bed with Mel on her side in the middle with her arm across him. I joined them and spooned Mel just before I dozed off.
I awoke at dawn to the sound of lovemaking and enjoyed the sight of Mel, silhouetted against the rising sun as she rode Roger slowly and he caressed her willing body.
I don’t know whether they knew I was awake or not, but it was very erotic and serene in comparison to the previous night’s action.
When they finished, they cuddled and fell back to sl**p.
I was unable to drop back off and let myself out for an early morning swim.
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