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Back To School


Carl stood in front of the building he had left six years ago. High school was a torturous time for him. Being one of the few Black students in a predominantly White school was hard enough, but he was also considered a punk and often picked on relentlessly. He was the only c***d of a single mother who was always working. He had no friends and kept to himself. The one thing he was happy about was the fact that he was able to graduate at fifteen years old, and as valedictorian. Now he was back at twenty-two years old, as a science teacher. Walking through the front doors, he strolled past a crowd of students; some of whom were only a few years younger than he. He smiled and nodded as he passed them, checked his watch, and stepped up his pace. Within a few paces he was greeted by the principal, Tom Horton.
“Carl? Is that really you, Carl Elliott?”
“Mr. Horton. How are you,” he said extending his hand?
“It’s Tom, now. You’re not a student here any more,” he said pumping Carl’s hand vigorously. “Man, look at you. Where’s that scrawny little k** that left here a few years ago? You look great. Ready for your first day?”
“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Carl answered, slightly embarrassed. “I just worked out a little,” he added as an afterthought.
“Well, you know me, gotta round up these k**s and get them moving. Good luck to you, Carl. If you need anything at all, just let me know.”
“Thanks Mr. uh Tom,” he said, watching as the ex Marine began to snap out orders, causing the k**s to rush to their destinations. He made his way through the halls until he reached his class room. Opening the door to the science lab, he was pleased to see that it had been updated with new equipment.
“HOLY SHIT!” Carl was startled by the voice coming from the back of the room. Looking up, he could see it was the janitor, Mack Germaine. Mack had been his only friend and father figure throughout his high school years. He was still as intimidating looking as he had been six years ago, if not more so. At 6’3” and 300 pounds, Mack looked like one of the scariest biker types you would ever run across. Not one student had ever given him a hard time due to his gruff appearance. They had become friends the day that Carl was being beaten up by some jocks and Mack interceded, scaring the boys half to death.
“Mack, it’s been a long time,” Carl said, grabbing the man and giving him a big hug. “How come you stopped writing back to me? Why did you never answer my calls? What have you been doing?” The words were falling out of Carl’s mouth so fast, they seemed like one continuous sentence.
“Slow down there, little buddy. Well, not so little any more. What the hell happened to you,” he asked, backing up and taking a look at Carl.
“I took your advice and started working out some,” Carl said. In all actuality, he had been working out relentlessly. He was no longer the 5’9” scrawny k**. He had packed on so much muscle on his frame, that a few of the college coaches had tried to urge him into professional body building. That wasn’t for him though.
“You look great, k**. Why don’t you come over the house for dinner tonight and we can catch up. By the way, I’m not a janitor anymore. I’m now head of maintenance. So, I guess we both stepped up in this dump, didn’t we,” he said, laughing loudly. Carl agreed to show up for dinner at six o’clock just as the bell rang and k**s began to pour into the room.
“See ya later, Mr. Elliott, “ Mack said, patting him on the shoulder. “If you need anything, just let me know,” he added as he got to the door.
“Thank you, Mr. Germaine,” Carl said, smiling at his friend.
His first day had gone well. He had mostly advanced placement students, and there was very little distraction to contend with. It was after he was done for the day that his nervousness set in. He was excited and a bit fearful about having dinner with Mack. The whole time he had known the man, he had a strong attraction for him, but he was just a k**. He just assumed that Mack was straight and tried to dismiss any idea of anything more. During his college years he only had one sexual experience with another guy, that had left him totally unfulfilled. The guy had told him if he sucked him off, he would return the favor. After he did, the guy just left his dorm room, never even touching him. Instead of dealing with his sexuality, he focused more on education and weight training after that.
It was now five fifty and he was standing at Mack’s front door, afraid for some reason to even reach out and ring the bell. Finally, he got the nerve. He reached out a shaking hand, and even before he pushed the button, the door flung open and Mack was standing there smiling at him.
“Early as usual,” he said, grabbing Carl by the arm and tugging him in the door. “Get in here, old man.” In a matter of seconds, Carl was in the house and embraced in a bear hug by the big man. “I sure have missed ya, son,” he said, still holding on and squeezing him even tighter.
“Uh, Mack. I’ve missed you too, but you’re cutting off my air,” Carl said, jokingly.
“Make yourself ta home. Nuthin’s changed here at all,” he said, ushering him in. He was right, Carl noticed. Not one thing had changed in the six years he was gone. “Guess you’re a man now, and we can have a beer together. You want one?”
“Sure,” Carl answered. “Thanks.” He watched as Mack headed for the kitchen. At forty-one years old, Carl found him even more handsome than he ever had. Many nights he had lain in bed and masturbated, thinking of having sex with him. The only things that had changed on the man were the fact that his beard was bushier and his ponytail was longer. Other than that, I was as if there was no change at all.
“I’m still a Budweiser man,” Mack said, sitting down next to him on the couch and handing him and opened bottle. “Here’s to my little buddy being a grown man now, but not so grown I won’t still kick your ass if you get out of line,” he said, raising his can.
“Here’s to you, being the best friend I ever had,” Carl answered back. They raised their bottles and both took a short drink from them.
“So, tell me what’s been going on. You got a girlfriend? Ready to settle down and get married and have a bunch of rug rats?”
“Not even close, Mack. What about you? How come you stopped writing back to me or taking my calls?”
“It was that......” there was a long pause. “I just didn’t want to, you know, get in your way. I knew you had things to do, parties to go to, new friends to make, and I just wanted to give you room.”
“I never needed room from you, Mack.” For a few uncomfortable moments, they just sat, silently, not knowing what to say to each other. Mack broke the silence first.
“One thing is for sure. You been hittin’ the weights pretty hard there,” he said, reaching over and squeezing Carl’s upper arm.
“Yeah, a little bit,” he responded laughing.
They ate dinner, a couple of steaks done rare, just like they both liked them, with many other sides. Mack watched amused at the amount of food that Carl was able to ingest. He figured that he had to eat quite a bit to keep the kind of physique he had. Soon they were sitting on the couch again with more beers. This time, Mack had brought out a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and a couple of shot glasses. Since the first day of school was on a Friday, Carl didn’t see a problem with having a shot or two. He had no place to be tomorrow.
They sat and talked. Mack listened while Carl told him all about his college experiences and what made him come back. The alcohol had loosened his tongue and he admitted to Mack that he had missed him and his mother too much to think about staying away any longer. There was more uncomfortable silence as Mack was not one for pouring out his emotions.
“Stand up and show me what those coaches were talking about. Let me see what happened to that scrawny k**.” Carl stood up, a tad bit unstable from the Jack and beer, rolled his tee shirt sleeves up to his shoulders and flexed his muscles.
“Oh what, all of a sudden you’re gonna be shy around me? Take that shirt off and show me what ya got, boy.”
Reluctantly, Carl stood and removed his from fitting tee. He stood perfectly still while Mack admired his new body.
“C’mon son, flex those big muscles for me,” Mack said, standing up. Carl began to pose in some of the body builder stances for him. “Fuck me. You’re built like a damn brick house,” Mack said quietly. “I don’t think I’m gonna have to protect you any more,” he said stepping even closer. “I’m real proud of ya, boy. Not just for all the damn muscles, but for all ya done in such a short time. I mean, damn, you’re only twenty-two and you’re a high school teacher.” Suddenly, Mack pulled him into another bear hug. Carl rested his head against his friends broad chest and gave a deep sigh/moan. This is what he’d been dreaming about for years. He was sure it wasn’t going to go any further, but he was happy just feeling the man’s big body pressed into his.
“Tell ya what, boy,” he said leaning just his head back and looking into Carl’s eyes. “I wish this old man had a body like yours. I’d never keep my pants on.”
“You’re wrong there, Mack. You’re 100% perfect just the way you are.”
“Ya think so,” he whispered quietly, hugging him just a little tighter, and lowering his head so that their foreheads were touching.
“I know so,” he whispered back. A little tipsy from the drinks, his inhibitions were lowered greatly. Without even thinking about it, he raised his head a bit and touched his lips to Mack’s. Before he could pull away in fear that the big man would pound him to a pulp, Mack had gently begun to kiss him back. They stood, hugging and kissing, slowly introducing their tongues into each other’s mouths.
Carl had kissed a few girls, but as far as anything else, he was still basically a virgin. Unlocking his lips from the young man, Carl spoke, breathlessly.
“Are you sure this is what you want, boy?”
“I’m more sure of this than anything. I mean, I know I want to be with you, but I don’t know what to do.”
“You telling me that you’ve never had sex before,” he said, pulling completely away from the muscular body he was holding. “All this time in college and as handsome as you are, you’ve never?”
“No, Mack. Never,” he answered embarrassed.
“Why would you want an ugly old fuck like me?”
“I’ve always wanted you, Mack. I know I was just a k** and I didn’t know anything about you like that, but........” He was right. Mack had never made a move that even slightly resembled an advance. He was even always careful to never even hug him for too long, or not let his mother know exactly where they were and what they were doing.
“Geez, k**,” Mack said, walking across the room, scratching his head. “Not sure what I should say or do right now. This seems so wrong cuz you’ve always been like a son to me.”
“I’m not your son though,” Carl said, racing across the room and turning the big man towards him. “If you only knew how long I’ve waited for this and how scared I was that you wouldn’t...... I thought you were straight and would beat the crap out of me and never speak to me again.”
“I would never hit you, boy. I could never hurt you. You should know that.” Looking up, Carl saw something he had never seen before. There was a tear welling up in the corner of Mack’s eye. He knew it wasn’t sadness or anger. He also knew it was his cue to take the lead, even though he didn’t know where he was leading to.
Slowly, he took Mack’s hand and led him to the bedroom. Once in the room, Carl became nervous again. What was he supposed to do now, he wondered? Should he undress? Should he undress Mack? It was then that the big man took the reigns.
Mack lowered his head to Carl’s neck and began to gently kiss him and caress his body. Wanting to do the same, Carl was stopped.
“Let me do this,” Mack said quietly in his ear. It seemed like an eternity crowded into a few moments to Carl as the man he had admired, was now admiring him. His hot breath and scratchy beard were sending his body to heights he never imagined. Soon, Mack was seated on the bed in front of him, kissing his sculpted abdomen and slowly undoing his pants. When he had the zipper undone, he found out that Carl had worn no underwear.
“Good man,” he said, burying his face in the thick thatch of coarse, black, pubic hair and inhaling deeply. Carl could only moan as his body was quivered from being touched. Still moving slowly, Mack began to slide his pants down over his hips. One last tug and all eight inches of his rock hard, uncut, cock sprang out, hitting Mack across the face.
“My, my, my. You have become quite the man. Can’t believe you’ve been keeping this all to yourself,” he said, wrapping his fist around the cock and smiling at the young man standing before him. “And you’ve been saving this all for me,” he asked, rubbing the still covered thick cock head across his beard?
“Oh God yes,” Carl moaned, not knowing what else to say.
“Well, I guess I’ll just have to take real good care of it then.” Sticking his tongue out, he began to swipe back and forth across the copious amount of foreskin hanging off the end of the young man’s hard on. It was all he could do to remain standing as he felt the hot, wet, intruder, snaking around, wetting his cock head. He looked down in amazement as he watched his cock slowly disappear into Mack’s furry face.
“Oh shit,” he moaned as he felt the hot, wet, mouth, engulf him all the way down. Mack’s tongue was diligently working back and forth as he held the young man’s hips still from their automatic response to fuck. “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,” Carl kept moaning, holding on to Mack’s shoulders to keep from falling to the floor in pleasure. He’d never felt anything like this in his life. Slowly, Carl began to move his mouth up and down the straining shaft. It was more than Carl could handle and he knew he was going to shoot soon.
“You better stop or I’m going to cum,” he warned the big man. Mack paid no attention to the warning, being fully aware that at twenty-two, Carl could probably stay hard for hours. He kept right on plying his oral skills, saliva running down his beard each time he withdrew from deep throating him.
“FUCK! I’M GONNA CUM,” Carl yelled, his body quivering. Mack swallowed the pulsing, shooting cock all the way down his throat and held on to the young man’s shaking ass cheeks. “OH GOD! HERE IT COMES,” Carl yelled, releasing his load. Not moving, Mack stayed down on him until he could feel his body relax. Slowly pulling back, he withdrew himself from the still hard cock and easily let it plop out of his mouth.
“Damn, boy, that was a big fucking load ya shot there,” Mack said, standing up.
“Sorry, Mack. I didn’t mean to cum in your mouth.”
“I wouldn’t have had it any other way,” the man said, smiling at him. “Let’s get these clothes off and hop on the bed,” he offered, tugging at his own shirt.
“No,” Carl said, stopping the big man from undressing. “Let me. I’ve dreamed about this for such a long time.” Not saying a word, Mack stepped back and held his arms straight up in a “I give” pose. Not quite as adept as his friend, Carl struggled a bit taking the tee shirt off the man’s girth, but when he did, he was more surprised and happy than he imagined. All he could do was stare at the big chest, covered in thick dark hair. “Amazing,” he said, running his fingers through it briefly. He wanted to stay right where he was, but he also wanted to see the rest of the body he’d often thought about, naked. Making it a little easier for him, Mack kicked off the size 15 big black Durango, biker boots he always wore, sending them sailing across the room. Even with them off, he still loomed over Carl like a hulk.
Still fumbling, Carl managed to unbutton Mack’s jeans and unzip them. He wasn’t as slow and methodical as Mack had been on him because his excitement at finally seeing this man naked was getting the best of him. He slid the jeans down as he sank to his knees. Finally seeing his body, Carl was breathless.
“You’re beautiful,” he sputtered, looking up at his friend. “Absolutely amazing.”
“I don’t know about all that, boy. I’m just me. Git on up on this bed with me,” the big man said, flopping his bulk down on the mattress. “I think you got some explorin’ to do.”
Eagerly, Carl climbed on the bed and lay down next to Mack. The big man wrapped his smaller friend in his hairy arms and began to kiss him deeply. They kissed passionately, building up the intensity again, until Carl found himself lying on top of the hair covered mountain of a man. Instincts kicked in and he knew he wanted to kiss and lick his way down to the hard cock that was poking between his legs. He was allowed to spend as much time as he wanted with his face buried in fur, going from nipple to nipple, listening to the groans of pleasure coming from deep within Mack’s chest. He licked and sucked his way down until he was staring at Mack’s raging hard on.
He knew he couldn’t swallow all of Mack as the man had done him, but he was going to make love to this beautiful cock in front of him. As he had watched earlier, he imitated. He stuck his tongue out and delved into the foreskin. He was glad they were both uncut, as he had always had a thing about seeing uncut dicks. He was soon engulfing the man’s straining cock as much as he could and began to bob his head up and down.
“Hey there buddy. Slow down. I don’t wanna cum yet. In fact, why don’t you sit up and rub our dicks together. I wanna look at you some more.”
“Sure,” Carl said, straightening his body up and sitting on top of Mack’s hairy thighs. He held both of their cocks in his hand and looked down. “How about that,” he exclaimed. “We’re both exactly the same size, just different colors,” he said, laughing. Mack could only moan with pleasure as he eyed the oh so handsome, muscular, young man, stroking and admiring both of their cocks pressed together.
“You got me so fuckin’ hot boy. I’m ready to blow a load just looking at ya. There’s something else I want first though.”
“Anything you want,” Carl said, eagerly.
“Lay down here on your back,” he said, patting the bed next to him, as he slid out from underneath. As they shifted positions, Mack reached into his nightstand and grabbed the lube. Carl watched intently as Mack opened the top, squirted some on his hand and reached back and rubbed it into his furry ass crack. The next squirt in his hand was liberally applied to Carl’s cock, which was still pointing north. He massaged the greasy liquid up and down the thick dark shaft, causing his young friend to writhe in pleasure.
He could tell he was pushing him to another orgasm by the deep gasps and groans, so against what he wanted to keep doing, he released the hard cock in his hand.
“Why’d you stop,” Carl asked? “That felt so good.”
“I got something that’s gonna feel better,” he answered, shifting his big body and straddling the young man. Gazing into each others eyes, Carl was pretty sure what was going to happen next, he didn’t however have a clue as to the height of ecstasy he was about to be taken to.
“Relax and enjoy the ride, boy,” Mack said positioning himself so that the fat knob of the dark cock beneath him was nudging against his hole.
“Oh fuck,” Mack exclaimed as the bulbous cock head popped through his tight sphincter ring. He kept his body still to try to adjust to the intrusion, but Carl’s primal instincts took over. The young man grabbed a hold of Mack’s big thighs and he thrust the full eight inches of his engorged cock deep into his big friend.
“JESUS CHRIST, BOY! TAKE IT EASY WITH THAT BIG DICK,” Mack yelled. Carl however could not control himself. He was groaning loudly as his hips seem to have a mind of their own, thrusting up and down into the tight wet recesses of his friends ass.
“Ahhh,” Carl moaned at the top of his lungs. “It feels so good,” he seemed to whimper. Mack decided to slow things down and pushed his weight fully down on Carl’s bucking hips. Still trying to thrust his hips, Carl knew he had been bested when Mack leaned over, placing his hands on his muscular chest and whispered softly to him.
“Let me take it from here, boy.” With that, he leaned back and took Carls left hand and placed it on his own hard cock. “Just keep a grip on it while I ride on your fat cock.” Slowly and methodically, Mack began to rock his hips back and forth. Both men looked at each other smiling as they realized that years of friendship had just culminated into lovemaking. After a few minutes of rocking and moaning, Mack could sense his own orgasm looming, but he still wasn’t ready to shoot yet. Gingerly, he leaned forward, sliding his furry ass off of the fat cock he had been impaled on.
“You’re fucking wonderful,” he said to Carl, just before kissing him. It was only seconds before he had kissed and licked his way down to Carl’s tight ball sac, where he spent time enjoying himself. God, he loved balls, he thought to himself, and this young man had the perfect set of hangers. Other things in mind though, he worked his way underneath until his broad, flat tongue made contact with the writhing man’s virgin hole.
“Oh fuck,” Carl moaned. “What are you doing? It feels so damn good.” Mack knew it was his cue to lift and part the man’s legs so he could snake his tongue deep inside. Carl’s instincts kicked in again, and he wrapped his arms around his own knees and pulled his legs back as far as he could. His entire body was trembling with exquisite pleasure as Mack’s tongue lapped and pushed into his hole. He’d never had anything like this done, or even played with his own asshole during his jacking off sessions. Now he knew, like Mack, he needed to have something in him.
“Shit,” he groaned loudly. “I want you in me, Mack. I wanna feel your cock in my ass. Is it gonna hurt too much?”
“No,” Mack answered him. “We’ll go at your pace. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt ya, son.” Before the moment was lost, Mack quickly sat up and scooted on the bed so that Carl’s legs were d****d over his and his rock hard cock was nestling between the firm, brown, ass cheeks. Still stroking the young man’s cock, he reached for the lube and poured a generous amount on his shaft and in the groaning boy’s ass crack.
“Can you feel it there,” Mack asked him, rubbing his swollen cock head against the tight hole? When he got a nod, he spoke again. “You take all the time you want and just slowly slide down on it,” he said. With both hands free, he worked on teasing the squirming boy’s cock and balls, aiming mostly at his sensitive head.
“Oh fuck. It’s so damn big,” Carl moaned, as he gyrated his ass around, trying to engulf the fat cock head, pressuring it’s way into his virgin hole.
“Take your time, son,” he hissed. His lubed fist all the while slowly stroking the man’s fat brown cock, pulling the foreskin up and down. They both gasped for air as the fat white cock pushed in past the very tight sphincter ring. All movement stopped as Carl began to pant hard, getting used to the intrusion. “You got it, boy,” Mack whispered to him. “Take it at your own pace.”
Carl on the other hand, was in no mood to take things slow and easy. He had gotten a taste of cock in his ass and he wanted it all. He wanted to get fucked. Gritting his teeth, he slid his ass all the way down until he could feel pubic hair scratching his newly opened hole.
“OH GOD! OH GOD,” he yelled as his ass clenched onto the huge invading cock. “FUCK ME!” Mack was so rapt up in watching the young, virginal man squirming around on his cock, that he had forgotten all about stroking his cock. Quickly he began to run his fist up and down on the throbbing member as Carl rammed himself back and forth. The tightness and the wetness combined with the erotic vision he was seeing was too much of a sensory overload for the older man.
“Damn it boy, you’re gonna make me cum,” he shouted.
“Give it to me, Mack. Give me that cum.” Within seconds, Mack’s cock was shooting it’s load deep into the boy’s tight ass, and his body was bucking with each spurt from his dick.
“Oh fuck,” Mack hissed loudly. “Fuuuuck!” He held the young man down on his still throbbing but spent cock. “Come here,” he grunted, pulling the hard brown body down on top of him. They kissed deep and hard, until Mack’s softened cock slowly began to slide out of Carl’s ass. “You okay,” he asked, patting his firm ass cheeks?
“I guess so. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would, but I can tell I’m gonna be walking funny tomorrow,” he answered, laughing.
“Well, let’s see if you can make me walk funny too,” he said, tossing the boy off of him and rolling over onto his stomach. A few moments passed and Mack looked over his shoulder. “What ‘cha waitin’ for, boy? Slam that big fuckin’ dick in me and give it to me good.”
That was all the goading Carl needed. Quickly he climbed on top of the big man, aiming his hard on between the fuzzy, still wet, ass cheeks. He didn’t need to even jockey around for the right position. His cock just slid into the waiting, juicy, hole.
“GOD DAMN,” Mack yelled into the pillow.
“I’m sorry,” Carl, said, startled, pulling his dick all the way out. “Did I hurt you?”
“Hurt me, good. Do it again.” Carl took a dominant role this time, and leaned in and slammed his cock, balls deep in the hot ass. “FUCK YEAH,” Mack yelled again. “Do it boy. Fuck that ass.” The young man was all too willing. He began to pump hard and deep, using long strokes. Every once in a while he would pull all the way out and slam it back in as hard as he could. The harder he fucked, the more he liked it and he could tell from the way that Mack was moaning and groaning underneath him that he was enjoying it too. The feel of lying on top of this big furry man was a sensory overload for him. He was straining to hold back his orgasm but knew that he wasn’t going to be able to for too much longer.
“I’m gonna cum,” he whispered into Mack’s ear.
“Do it, boy,” Mack urged him. “Shoot that shit deep in my ass.”
“OH GOD! OH GOD!” Carl was moaning loudly into Mack’s neck as he pummeled the man’s ass for all he was worth. He grabbed onto him hard and with one final deep lunge, he began to empty his balls. Mack squeezed his ass as tight as he could around the boy’s exploding cock, causing even more sensation for him.
“Fuck,” Carl grunted, and completely slumped his body on top of Mack’s.
“You done good, boy,” Mack said, reaching a hand back and rubbing Carl’s head. They lay like that for a long time. Carl could feel himself starting to drift off with his soft cock still buried in Mack’s meaty, furry, ass. He didn’t want to fall asl**p on the man, but he didn’t want to move either. He stayed where he was for a while longer until Mack spoke.
“Whaddya say we hop in the shower?”
“Sounds good to me.” Slowly, he lifted himself up, exposing his sopping wet, limp dick to the outside air.
They both lay on their sides, caressing each other and softly kissing. Carl was amazed at how relaxed and comfortable he felt in the arms of another man. He knew for sure that this was where he was supposed to be. He nuzzled his face into Mack’s hairy chest and spoke.
“So, are you........ I mean, is there......”
“Spit it out boy. What are you trying to say,” Mack interrupted him, being almost positive what the young man was going to ask him?
“Are you dating anyone? If there’s someone in your life, I don’t want to interfere.”
“Yes, there is someone special,” he answered, lifting Carl’s face up to his. He could see the immediate look of disappointment cross his youthful face. Smiling, he spoke again. “I was thinking that someone special could be you, if you’ll have me, you dumb shit.”
“I wouldn’t have it any other way, ya big lug,” Carl said, grinning from ear to ear.

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