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Submissive to bbc

it started out simple enough, i was working as a construction foreman and redoing a school gym. The company re-finishing the floors was an all black crew. It was about 7 or 8 at night when they finish coating the gym floor. They wanted to party after work and suggested that i go with them. I don't know if it was the fumes or the pot or the beer but i did end up riding around with them in their van, one white guy with 4 black studs, i was feeling strange and it was making me real nervious. I had long hair at the time and they kept making committs about how soft my hair was and how fem i looked with long hair. Then one of the guys suggested going to see a woman they knew, Carol, i was surprised because i knew her. We were all in our late 20's and Carol was almost 40, divorced with 4 k**s. When we got there all her k**s were leaving, so Carol, me and 4 black studs all went down to her basement. There was a king size bed right in the middle of her basement with a few couches and a wide screen t.v.,. After more drinking and smoking some how i end up on the couch making out with Carol while the guys put some interacial porn on the t.v.,. Carol was really horny and didn't seem to care that there were guys watching us so i just kept going. The next then i knew Carol and i were nude on the bed, she was watching the porn on the screen and i had my head between her legs eating her out for all that i was worth. The guys started started making committs about how small my dick was, how fem i looked with no clothes on, how hot Carol was and how she needed a big black cock to satisfy her. Before i knew what happened all the guys had stripped and i was total amazed by the size of their cocks, all of them had to be 8" or larger. Suddenly we shifted and Carol was on top of me with a big black cock in her mouth, me still licking her and another black cock getting ready to enter her. I was licking her clit while the guy was fucking her and would also lick his balls and cock while he was pistoning in and out, suddenly he started ging faster and his balls tighten up, i knew he was shooting a load of cum into this sexy white woman. When he pulled out his cum started running straight into my mouth, all i could do is swallow it and continue to lick her. Carol wanted to lay on her back for the next guy so i moved up to start kissing her, she had just sucked one black guy off and there was still cum on her lips and in her mouth when we started kissing.As the second guy mounted her the last guy brought his 10" cock to her mouth even while we were kissing, I continued to kiss and lick her lips even as she sucked this huge black cock. Before long we were both sucking him, when all the guys saw this they started making committs about me being so fem, me having a tiny pecker and me being a cocksucker. Before the night was over they had me wearing Carol's panties and had decided that i would be the fluffer and cleaned. After each guy fucked Carol i would lick the sperm out of her and then i would clean his cock with my mouth. Then ,my duties would be to suck the next guy hard before he fucked her. Before the night was over each of the black guys had used all of her holes and a few had even shot-off in my mouth. I ended up getting to fuck Carol also, but my little thing was lost in her big wet sloppy hole plus i only lasted about 5 strokes before i climaxed. I rode back to the gym in the back of the van with only Carol's panties on and mt y clothes in my hand. Before we got back to my truck i had sucked 3 of the guys off and had to suck the forth one off in the parking lot.
Funny thing, Carol got pregant that night and had a beautiful black baby girl, i also started dating Carol while she was pregant and was only allowed intercourse with her after she had been fucked by black cocks. She never sucked my tiny dicklet, but i did get to wear her panties alot, i did get to eat her large sweet pussy daily and i did get to watch and help her with BBC for awhile. She ended up with one of the guys that had fucked her that night and would sometimes let me come by and orally please her after he went to work.

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