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Big Black Cock and Balls Part 2

The Captains jaw went slack and hung open, staring wide-eyed at the blonde slut that he was once proud to have called his wife.

Leasa bobbed and sucked, and bobbed and sucked. Sambo’s precum and her own spittle covered her cock shucking hand as she choked away on the fat, juicy, slab of black meat.

Finally, the inevitable happened.

“Augghhhh...!!!” Sambo grunted loudly as he sprayed a thick volley of jism down Leasa’s slender throat. She gagged and choked, then maintained her control and swallowed deeply.

Immediately, another volley of thick African seed was spewing from the rotund Black’s pee slit that nuzzled up against the warm, wet, swirling tongue of Leasa Edwards. She was ready for this new load and swallowed it more easily. Then there was another and another...Leasa could feel the ex-slave holding each side of her head, keeping her in place to receive and swallow all of his viscous, African seed.

After several long minutes of discharging himself into the kneeling blonde’s mouth, the huge black man was spent.

As Sambo let go of Leasa Edwards’ head, the blonde fell back onto the floor. Her mouth was thickly glossed with white, milky jizz. It oozed from her lips, and then slimed into a long, stringy cord of cum hanging off her chin.

Both men stared at the blonde beauty whose face was now smeared with the dominant black man’s cum. Leasa’s chest was heaving up and down as she labored for breath. Then her tongue snaked out and licked the black man’s baby making juice from her lips. She swallowed deeply, then closed her eyes savoring it.

Leasa Edwards Beauragard would never be the same.

Sambo arose from the large stuffed chair which now bore the cum stains of his and Leasa’s oral sexing. He strode over to the Confederate flag that Captain Beauragard had worshipfully nailed to their living room wall. With one quick swipe of his hand, Sambo ripped the flag off the wall, and then used it to wipe the cum and spittle off his sticky black dick.

When he was done cleaning himself, Sambo flung the flag of the Confederacy right into the Captain’s face.

The Captain sat still on the floor, his country’s honored flag covering his face. He breathed in the thick aroma of black sex. His anger rose—and then subsided...he was now a broken man.

“Captain, spread old ‘Stars ‘n’ Bars’ on the bed,” Sambo directed.

The Captain, with less reluctance than with the previous commands, slowly dragged himself up off the floor. He waddled over to the bed, his pants still shackling his ankles. Then, as ordered, the Confederate officer spread the rebel flag over the bed.

Sambo sat his naked and sweaty, fat, black ass back down in the easy chair.

“Leasa, stand up, girl.”

Leasa Edwards did as ordered by her new master.

“Leasa, undress for me,” Sambo instructed, casually.

The once proud Mrs. Beauragard was now broken too. With much less hesitation than earlier, she began to unbutton her gown. Soon she slipped the shoulder straps off and it fell to the floor. Leasa then began undoing her corset. It opened baring a pair of beautiful, full breasts. Her nipples stuck out, pointing toward the smiling, old, black man. Sambo could see how excited his ex-master’s daughter really was for him and his huge, black dick.

Leasa then removed her bloomers. As she pulled them down her long legs, both Sambo and the Captain could clearly see the wet splotch in the crotch. Both men were now obviously aware of how aroused the young white woman was for the sex of the old, fat, black slave whom she had just sucked off.

Leasa stood naked for the smiling, victorious, black conqueror sitting naked in front of her.

“Go lie down and spread yo’ self fo’ Sambo, c***d,” the partially toothless black man calmly instructed the blonde.

Leasa walked over to the bed she passed her husband she swayed her hips in an exaggerated fashion, as if beckoning the old, black man to come fuck her.

Leasa climbed onto the bed and lay herself down on the Confederate flag. Then the South’s finest spread her thighs in wait of her ebony lover. Sambo knew that the Captain could see from his vantage point exactly what Sambo saw—the glistening wet and swollen pussy lips of the highly aroused Mrs. Leasa Beauragard.

Sambo unbuttoned his shirt and cuffs, taking his time to both show his command over the young couple, and to further torture the young Captain Beauragard with what was to come.

When he was completely naked, Sambo strode to the bedside and looked down on the spread, white beauty before him. Leasa looked up to see the hideous, toothless smirk of her black lover. His body was covered with rolls and layers of fat that masked the muscle underneath. His flesh was scarred deeply from her father’s whip. But most important, standing straight up before him, stretching up well past even his navel, was the thick black weapon that would soon impale and impregnate Mrs. Leasa Edwards Beauragard.

Leasa lifted her head to stare at it, hypnotized by its size, power, and hideous beauty. It seemed to stare back at her, drooling its potent seed from the unsheathed head.

Leasa’s thighs spread wider and began to lift from the bed, inviting the penetration of the African organ.

Sambo climbed onto the bed and began mounting the blonde goddess of the Confederate South. Captain Beauragard flopped down in a chair beside the bed and gazed in awe as the black giant began to rub the bulbous cock-head along the already lubricated channel of Leasa’s sex.

The fat, old black and the pale, young beauty began to work their loins together in order to achieve the penetration they both so much desired. After wrestling together for what seemed a long couple of minutes, Leasa grunted as the bloated cock-head popped into her, stretching the lips of her vagina to abnormally wide proportions.

Sambo began to pump his weapon into her, at first slowly, then with ever increasing power. Leasa responded to each of Sambo’s thrusts with a loud grunt. The black b**st’s piercing thrusts were bringing the blonde pain; but it was a pain she invited, a pain she yearned for—a pain her pure, white body needed.

Leasa was soon thrusting her hips back up into Sambo’s. The blonde’s body was now encouraging the enormous Black to pound himself into her with even more power, even more fury. And the Black responded. The room reverberated with the sound of the loud slapping loins of the two lovers as their sex making drew on and grew louder.

The bed was creaking and slamming against the wall as if it might give out under the weight of the couple’s wild and abandoned fucking.

Captain Beauragard sat slumped in his chair. He ducked his head to peer down where the black man was mating his wife. He watched, dry mouthed and erect, as the pistoning, black dick slid in and out of his wife’s pussy channel, growing whiter and stickier as his wife’s secretions facilitated the Black’s organ in the seeding of her womb.

The Captain started frigging away at his stiff standing, four-inch penis.

Leasa Edwards was now being ridden as nature intended—with black Sambo in the saddle.

Leasa’s long, white legs stretched higher and higher, as they strained to open wide enough to provide all the access her aged, black lover required for his seeding of her. As the fucking bore on, Leasa’s legs wrapped themselves around Sambo’s upper ass, pulling him into her. Her arms wrapped themselves about his neck, burying her face into his shoulder.

“Yes, oh yes...” she whimpered as the pleasure Sambo pounded into her brought her closer and closer to climax.

“Augghhh...!!!” Sambo bellowed suddenly as he came volcanically into her womb.

Leasa’s legs locked around his flexing ass, hugging his loins to her as he came again and again, hosing her womb thoroughly with his African seed.

Sambo could feel the young, blonde wife’s pussy clutching down, spasming on his big dick. He smiled to himself. He had dreamed of this moment all his life, never believing it would really happen. Now he lay atop Leasa Edwards, in her marital bed, seeding her with their future black c***d.

After they were both spent, Sambo laid on top of Leasa Beauragard, sweating all over her, for many long, silent minutes. She was becoming accustomed to handling his girth and weight now...and she would remain accustomed to handling his girth and weight—in just this way—for the rest of her natural life.

Leasa knew at this moment that Sambo had just impregnated her, and that she would now be his lover for life, as well as the mother of his c***dren. As Sambo attempted to dismount her, Leasa held on to him tightly. He was hers; she didn’t want to let him go—even for a moment. This massive, ugly black man had just given her more pleasure than she had ever experienced in her life. She knew she would want him—even, need him—again and again.

Sambo finally broke free the lust stricken blonde’s grasp and rose from the bed. He smirked down at the Captain slouched in the chair beside the bed. The ex-slave then pulled the Confederate flag out from under the Captain’s wife, observed the huge wet stains from both his and Leasa’s sexual secretions, and, again, threw the flag into the Captain’s face.

Captain Beauragard breathed deep the musk of his wife’s and the Black’s sexing. This time, rather than disgusting him, he found it deeply erotic. The Captain was ashamed to find his tiny pecker coming to life again. He tried to hide it with the flag...

Sambo saw the Captain’s response to his wife’s being bred right in front of his eyes. Jonathan Beauragard’s hands and lap were sticky with his own discharge...and his little pecker was standing stiff again at the scent of his wife’s conquest and seeding by the stronger, superior black man.

“Johnny boy, why don’t you button up and run along downstairs. What’s happening in this room is fo’ adults only,” Sambo advised.

At this admonishment, Captain Beauragard quickly pulled up his pants, fumbling with the buttons of his fly, and stumbled to the door. As he left, Leasa could see the disheveled, shell-shocked Confederate fleeing out the door...his fly mis-buttoned, with the buttons all out of sequence in his haste.

Captain Beauragard was never to be seen again.

Leasa Edwards realized now that it wasn’t Sambo who was the clown. It was the man she married, and all he represented: his ridiculous ‘Honor’ and obsolete ‘Cause’.

The southern beauty lay on the bed, her thighs still spread wide, inviting her black lover to take more of her—if he wanted.

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