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A Couple's Visit

My friends Abby and Art and I decided to visit a couple of weeks ago after we met here on xhamster. They are in their 60's (about my age) and based on their profile, up for just about anything. Our first meeting was in neutral ground at a Clayton, Georgia motel, about halfway between our homes.

I greeted them both warmly and gently touched Abby's breast as I kissed her. Although she knew why we were meeting, she did react to the touch, as if it had been just a little too intimate for the moment. I asked if either of my new friends wanted a drink. After spending time getting acquainted I stood up, stretched, and walked over behind Abby, taking both her ample breasts in my hands, two fingers on each cloth shrouded nipple. This time she didn't react other than to reach up and grab my back as if to pull me closer.

I took this as a sign to continue my play and within a minute I had my hands touching her skin and working her nipples. She moaned.

"Do you know why your husband and you are here," I asked.

"Yes," replied Abby slowly, looking downward for the first time.

"I guess you should probably add a 'master' to the end of that, Abby, considering why you are here."

"Yes, Master," Abby replied, a little quicker than the first time.

I turned Abby around to face me and told her I wanted to get this party started.

"Take Art's dick out and suck on it," I told her.

She held the top of the pants and unzipped the zipper to reach his manhood, grabbing it with her hand and moving Art's dick to her lips. She had done this before and obviously enjoyed it. I could see she was moving her tongue on the base of his shaft and I encouraged her to keep working like that. I thought it would be good practice for when the time came for her to down my shaft.

"That's enough" I finally told her after a couple of minutes, "...sit on the bed."

Abby's bosoms were healthy and didn't sag much for a woman in her 60's. I went to my travel case of goodies and grabbed three things, clover clips, vampire gloves and a blindfold, which I put on her first. Now unable to see I could move around freely to her front and not give away what I was about to do to her. She winced as I applied the clover clips to the area of her areola just behind her nipples, then grabbed the nipples themselves and pulled. Both clamps closed causing Abby a jolt of pain. She made an audible sound.

"How often do you cum when you and your husband have sex?" I asked.

"Once or twice" came her short response.

"Twice? How many time has that happened?"

"Okay, once if hes's lucky" Abby said with a lilt in her voice in spite of the clamps on her breasts and her blindfold.

"I want you to take both our dicks in your mouth, Abby, and show us how much of a slut you are."

Art was quickly in front of Abby, and I wasn't far behind. I could tell that Abby reacted to the word slut, but I couldn't see her eyes so I didn't know if it was a positive or negative reaction. As she was sucking us I pulled the chain connecting the clover clamps to increase the pressure on her tits. She mumbled something around both our dicks.

As we pulled our dicks from her mouth I wanted to get Art into the scene and told him to lie down on the bed. Then I had Abby get up and squat over his face so he could lick her pussy. Abby enjoyed this but was somewhat taken aback when I told Art to begin licking her ass. I don't think he had ever done this. She seemed to be tickled at first, then as Art continued his tasked Abby became excited as her husband explored the folds of her asshole with his tongue. After a couple of minutes I told Art to make his tongue hard and stick it in Abby's hole. This obviously made her very excited. I told him to continue tongue-fucking Abby until I told him to stop.

I returned to my bag of goodies and got a penis whip. After removing Abby's blindfold and clover clamps, I gave the penis whip to her and told her to whip her husband's dick and balls if he wasn't getting his tongue deep enough into her asshole. As she struck a hard blow with her new toy, I returned to my duffle bag and grabbed the flogger. I turned back around to Abby and Art only to realize that she was in the early stages of an intense orgasm. When I asked her if she was going to cum she made a noise like "ug," which I intepreted as "yes."

I grabbed the vampire gloves, leather gloves with metal in the fingers that have short sharp points, and began to lightly rub Abby's titties. I thought the shock from my first touch was going to bring her out of the orgasm, but realized that it was simply intensifying the start of the orgasm. As I reached her left nipple she again vocalized, but by that time the train had left the station and it wasn't coming back.

"Your such a slut! We haven't even fucked you yet and your already cumming. I am going to make you pay for this," I whispered in her ear as I increased the pressure on the left nipple, but only slightly. Vampire gloves can be difficult for a novice. She began cumming with Art's tongue in her ass. I told him to stop because you can't ever tell what's going to happen when a woman cums like this, but to play with clit instead.

To call her release substantial would be an understatement. It came in 3 waves, each pounding on the shore before the next one swept through her body. I could tell she had released some fluid, but I wasn't sure what it was. After a few minutes she had regained her senses and I asked if she was ready for her next torment. She asked for a few minutes to recover, but I told her no.

With Abby standing, hands behind her head, I played with her tits, alternately pulling the nipple on one and slapping the other as she recovered from her orgasm. She didn't mind me pulling on her nipple, but I could tell she wasn't enjoying the slapping. I slapped her booby hard three times in a row and asked if she was enjoying it.

"No," Abby replied.

"No what," I asked.

"No, Master," she replied strongly.

"Get on all fours on the bed. I want you to give me a blowjob."

She was quickly sucking on my cock. After a couple of minutes I told her to take my six inches all the way in her mouth, which she did with no problem. This gave me the go-ahead for Abby's next torment, a good facefucking. With one hand I grabbed her hair and the other I put behind her head.

"Do you know why my hand is behind your head?" I asked her.

Her reply, "To make sure I swallow your cum, Master" was spot on.

I pushed the entire length of my cock into her mouth, then withdrew until only the head remained. The next time I thrust a little less but pulled on her hair and pushed the back of her neck to complete my cock's visit to her throat. After three or four easy glides in and out of her mouth I began a harder push, forcing my dick as deep as possible. Although it was not much deeper than the begining, Abby choked the first couple of times, then got use to the faster rhythm. I facefucked her for a good five minutes but did not cum.

As I pulled out I told her I wanted her to lick my ass. When she said she didn't want to do that I told her that she was here to please me, and I wanted my ass licked. She replied again that she would not do that. I told her by the time I was done with her she would be begging to lick that puckered brown star.

I walked around behind her and Abby asked what I was doing.

"I'm going to fuck you in the ass until you ask to lick my asshole."

I told her husband to give me some lube and I generously applied it to my dick and her asshole, then worked my fingers in deeply enough to make her moan. He knew he could stop me but said nothing. I stuck my dick into her asshole without warning. She screamed.

Her husband watched intently as I moved my dick in and out of his wife's asshole while she reacted verbally, saying among other things, "That hurts, muthafucker!" and "Please stop him". Art did nothing. After a few thrusts Abby's protests stopped, but after 3 or 4 minutes the ruff fuck began to bother her. She began pleading again.

"I told you what you had to say to stop me, bitch"

Abby paused. Crying, she said something that sound close enough to "I want to eat your ass" for me to stop pounding her. As I pulled out I grabbed a handful of hair and told Abby to come. As she crawled off the bed I saw liquid dripping from her pussy! A tough as I was, she was enjoying herself.

I sat on a chair with my ass hanging over the edge, legs up, and told her to eat my butt, leading her head down by the handful of hair. She was breathing deeply and I could tell she was thinking about the act she was about to commit. I could feel her breath on my ass and then that soft tongue darted quickly in and out of my asshole. It was heavenly.

After a couple of swipes she stopped. I moved her head back so I could see her face, then told her she would lick my ass until I told her to stop. Then I moved her face back towards my butt and once again felt her soft tongue.

"Now play with clit." I barked at my first-timer.

Seconds later I asked if she was playing with herself and her husband said she was. He watched his wife intently as she licked, perhaps thinking of her licking his brown hole. Not very long into her performance I became aware of a change in Abby. Her breathing slowed and deepened. I told Art to play with her pussy and she came. She really was a slut.

After a couple of minutes I told her to stop licking my ass and as she pulled away a smile broke over her face. I asked her if she would lick her husband's ass and she nodded yes. We moved to the bed. I had Abby sit on the bed and told Art to stand on the edge with his ass towards Abby's mouth. As she moved in I began eating Abby's drenched pussy and dammed if she did not reach another orgasm.

"Now your husband and I are going to spit-roast you." I told my slut. She didn't know what this was, so I explained that she would suck me off as her husband was fucking her ass. She reached back and touched her ass, as if testing to see if it still hurt from me fucking it earlier. "Now get on the bed on all fours, again."

I stuck my dick in her mouth and she began sucking as Art was lubing up his dick and her ass. I told her I would cum this time and I wanted her to swallow the whole thing. She swallowed like a champ and Art came in her ass.

Tomorrow morning I think I'll fuck her pussy.

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