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Hubby flew me to Denver to play with an old friend

This is what he wrote to Jim:

In Denver I found a different pussy to pound, as mine back at home has been out of commission for a few weeks now.

After lying on top of Lauren on the hotel bed and grinding my hard cock against her I started with a couple sessions of oral on her. Her lips were nice and clean shaven as instructed, allowing me to lick all her folds and smear her juices across my face. I didn’t fuck her that night, well, only with my mouth and fingers.

The next day I finally got to enter her. I’d tried my best to fuck her brain first, keeping her guessing as to what I would do next… never really being predictable. I wanted her borderline frustrated before I would finally plunge my throbbing cock inside her pussy. Missionary was first but I kept moving for different angles, trying to stir my stick inside her… reaching every corner of her hole. I felt the head of my cock rubbing her inside walls. At one point I was sitting on my heels while f***efully grabbing her hips and driving my shaft into her. She surprised me with her hip movements, much more flexible than I’m used to. I had to stop and tease her a few times or else I would’ve blown my wad too early! One time she asked if I liked doggie… I hesitated for a minute simply because I hadn’t let her have control yet and didn’t want her to start thinking she could call the shots. After all, she gets plenty of dick while I’ve been relegated to virtually one pussy for the past six years! I wanted to use her body and pussy in every way I desired and needed first. I’m usually a giver but for a short weekend romp like this I wasn’t about to go home wishing I woulda done more.

So we switched to doggie where she got a severe pounding! I haven’t had thin hips like hers in well over 7 years so I took full advantage. I alternated between jamming my full manhood inside her f***efully to slow, long strokes… watching my head barely escape her lips before slowly sliding back in to full hilt. My cock glistened with her juices too! Eventually it was too much for me to take, when I knew I’d crossed my threshold of no return I latched onto her hips and fucked her without regard to the bruises I might leave on her ass, or my own pubic bone. I erupted inside her, gushing an absolute torrent of white cum. I felt my climax start deep inside me which just added to the f***e of my wad blasting inside her. We collapsed onto the bed, both of us gasping to catch our breath. With the occasional picture and video we were shooting, I thought of how you might like to be sitting bedside watching me treat your wife like this; fucking her borderline violently… making her say my name repeatedly. I wondered if you might then suck my cum from her swelled cunt, giving me a chance to grab a refreshing drink of water and get ready for round two.

That night was spent with me nuzzled against your wife, mostly to keep my semi-hard cock against her soft skin. When the sun woke us up we knew it was time for another round, this time with toys and better lighting for the camera!

Lauren instructed me how to get her off on her purple toy “Jason”. I submitted to this and it was nice to watch her squirm. Eventually I’d had enough though and needed to get my cock back inside her now-stretched pussy. Time for me to take control again. I pinned her arms above her head and punished her again. This time I took more pics and video, hoping to give you some much-needed pleasure. I shifted her between multiple positions, doing with her as I pleased. She seemed to like anything I did as long as she was getting fucked by her long time friend. Though I had more stamina this time around it all had to come to and end as I filled her once again with Jason juice. My thighs were burning from the exercise and I felt like a new man as I sprang from the bed knowing I’d given her my best.

I never got my cock inside her ass or mouth but this was probably for the better. Why? Because I would not have lasted very long and might have left her disappointed. Instead she got a few good, solid fucking sessions and maybe even a little soreness the next day.

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