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Velvet Ropes

Shivers ran up and down her spine as a cold piece of fruit was pushed into her hotness. Her moans echoed around the walls of her little wooden cabin as she lay on the bare polished hardwood floor. Her fingers were sticky and wet from the rockmelon in her hand as she worked the pseudo-dildo gently in and out of her tightness, its juice dripped between her ass cheeks to the wood. Her free hand reached for another random piece of fruit in the large bowl next to her hips, this time her hand found an apple that has been julienne-cut to a two inch thickness. With determination, she pressed the tip of it into her ass and her body shivered again from the coldness of the fruit as it passed between her puckered brown-star. She sucked air between her parted lips in ecstasy.

Sallie paused temporarily, her ears pricked up at some noise from outside of the cabin, or so she thought. Sallie mentally shrugged her shoulders and resumed her hands’ movements when no further sound could be heard. Her hands busied with the pieces of fruits currently sticking out of her two orifices, which by now had warmed up and squashed to a mashed mess. She pushed and pulled the pieces with her delicate hands, her knees bent with her feet firmly on the floor, the slippery sound as the juicy fruits worked her holes made her climax explode from her pussy.

She panted as her orgasm lit up and Sallie saw bright colours popped in front of her eyes. Her body convulsed and shuddered, her legs straightened up and her toes curled. Sallie moaned loudly with pure bliss, her hands worked the two bona-fine dildos in and out faster, increasing the speed. Her pussy squeezed the rockmelon into an unidentifiable mess, but the apple remained intact. Sallie pulled the fruits out from her vagina and anus, discarded it in an empty bowl with a satisfied sigh and closed her eyes as her orgasm slowly rolled away.

The hum of central air system could barely be heard in the two-bedroom, self-contained cabin that Sallie had rented for the summer. The cabin itself was not large but enough to accommodate a f****y of four. The central living area, where Sallie was currently lying on was a spacious living-dining room combined, with the kitchen set at the back of the cabin. A wrap-around porch would have darkened the interior of the cabin except for the three sc4ttered sky-lights in the ceiling that let in natural light during the day. The bedrooms were situated on one side of the cabin with a bathroom located at the back. The master bedroom had a wrought iron king-size bed, a large tallboy with wooden venetian blind which covered the large window. The smaller bedroom furnished with two king-single beds, a four-tier chest of drawers with Holland blinds over the window.

The sole occupant of the cabin was reposed in the living area of the cabin, furnished with a plush three-seater black leather lounge and two matching armchairs, with two small square side tables. A large plasma screen mounted on the wall in front of the three-seater lounge. Soft fragrance of lavender filled the cabin from the diffusers setup on the two side tables. An oak wood round table with four chairs in the dining area, some potted indoor plants distributed randomly inside the cottage finished off the basic furnishing.

With one sky-light positioned directly over the living area, the hot sun lit on the naked body gently dozing on the floor. Shoulder length black hair spread around her head, the pale skin luminescent under the bright filtered sunlight. Her face oval-shape, large blue eyes and luscious pink lips, it invited most men to take a second look if she happened to walk by in the other direction. Her bust of a respectable C-cup with brown areolas, tipped with darker brown nipples which were then soft and pliant in the aftermath of her play.

Out of her hazy nap, Sallie could hear keys turning in the door to the left of the plasma television, before jerking suddenly out of her slumber with a snap. She was not expecting company, since her vacation to this little cabin was to get away from every living soul possible. She did not think it would be housekeeping, since they would have knocked first instead of opening the door without permission.

Sallie quickly got up from the warm floor, grabbed her discarded white silk robe from the floor, and in doing so accidentally kicked the bowl filled with fruits and the content spilled on to the wooden floor.

‘Damn!’ Sallie swore softly as she hastily pulled the robe on to cover her nakedness, and loosely tied the sash around her waist. Sallie walked to the door just as it was slightly opening up, and pressed the door back with her hands.

‘Can I help you?’ she asked whoever was on the other side.

‘Oh!’ A deep voice answered, ‘pardon me, I have only just checked into the room…’ his brown eyes met her dark blue ones between the gap of the open doorway.

The stranger stopped dead in his progress, his eyes drawn to the gap left open by her loosely-closed robe, her cleavage all the way down to her navel and belly button. He swallowed saliva with difficulty as he felt his cock stirred inside his jeans. A ravishing beauty stood before him, her deep blue eyes contrasted incredibly with her black hair, her succulent pink lips moved as she spoke as if in slow motion.

‘Ah, well, you will need to go back to the reception,’ Sallie informed him, ‘they probably gave you the wrong cabin number.’

As the door was being pushed closed in his face, his male instinct told him that this was a woman he wanted to fuck till kingdom come. He wedged his booted foot before the door closed entirely on this opportunity.

‘Do you mind,’ she said with annoyance colouring her tone, and looked up into the stranger’s eyes.

‘Yes, I do,’ he replied. ‘My name is Robert, how do you do?’ and insinuated his hand in the gap.

Sallie almost laughed at the nerve of the stranger. He was around 185 cm tall with dark brown hair trimmed short and brushed to the side. He had brown eyes, strong chin and smiling lips, there was a hint of day-old growth on his face. He wore a black zipped up bike jacket, which was perfectly fitted on his body, a hint of deep-red shirt could be seen peeking up from the collar of his leather jacket, dark blue denim, and black boots. Her eyes narrowed with scepticism but she was disarmed by his charming smile and laughing brown eyes that crinkled at the corners.

A hint of a smile turned the corner of her mouth up, Sallie sighed inwardly. He was not a bad looking man, if at all, he looked like the sort of man mothers warned their daughters to stay away from. He had that predatory quality about him, almost – wolf-like, in a sense. But Sallie figured she’s old enough to look after herself, and live with the consequences, not some innocent virginal little girl that needed protection. He was darkly dangerous, if that term could be applied to his looks. Her pussy was still wet from the rockmelon the residue was sticky between her thighs, a reminder her of what she did a few minutes ago.

‘I’m Sallie, with i-e at the end,’ she introduced herself and took his hand in a firm grip, and opened the door a bit wider.

‘Hello Sallie, with i-e at the end’ Robert’s grin widened as he took her soft hand in his warm one, ‘I was hoping that as I might be your temporary next door neighbour, would you be inclined to join me for dinner tonight?’ he nodded his head to the right where another cabin stood.

‘To apologise for bursting in on you,’ he finished, his eyes hopeful and confident.

‘Can I have my hand back?’ she asked with a smile, as she noticed his hand lingeringly held hers.

‘Oh, sorry!’ her hand was let go with reluctance.

‘As to dinner, I guess I could be persuaded.’

‘It’s nothing fancy, something simple.’

‘It would be nice to join you for dinner. I can bring a nice bottle of wine.’

He suggested a time for Sallie to come to dinner, and headed back to the reception building to get the key for the right cabin. He left his large backpack and helmet on her porch, telling her he’ll come back to grab his things. She told him it was not a problem, and told him she’ll see him at dinner. Sallie closed the door and cleaned up the mess she had made on the floor with the fruit bowls.

As dinner time approached, Sallie had expected to walk next door herself but there was a knock on the door to her cabin as she was putting on her black ballet flats to go with her short-sleeve dark blue cotton knee-length dress. She was greeted by the sight of Robert still in his deep-red collared-shirt with the sleeves rolled up and dark denim, a smile ready to esc0rt her to his own cabin. She grabbed the wine from the fridge and they walked the few steps to his cottage. The smell of the food was making Sallie’s mouth water, and as soon as he served it they both tucked into the meal with gusto, and chatted, getting to know one another over dinner.

As the evening wore on, the table cleared away, Robert made coffee and they moved to the lounge in front of the plasma screen. The cabin had the same layout as Sallie’s cottage, and similarly furnished. They talk late into the night, and just before midnight, Sallie said she needed to get to sl33p. The wine was affecting her ability to keep her eyes open since Sallie was not much of a drinker, the bottle was intended to last her three nights. Robert walked Sallie to her cabin, said good night and left after he made sure her door was locked.

She tottered to her bathroom, took off her clothes and jumped in the shower. After the shower, she felt refreshed but still sl33py and headed to bed. Sallie turned off the light in the master bedroom, tossed the light summer blanket off the bed and crashed in all her nude glory on the king-size bed with her hair still wet.

From the shadowed area of his own wrap-around porch, Robert watched the movement and the lights in Sallie’s cabin as he finished the last of the wine Sallie had brought. Once her bedroom light was turned off, he headed inside his own cabin, cleaned up the dishes, took a leisurely shower, put on a black t-shirt and black fitted boxers, and sat on the lounge. He contemplated what he was about to do, looking at the key in his hand, tossing it between his left and right. If what he was about to do did not pan out the way he imagined, he would be in serious trouble. But from the moment that door opened, he was smitten, and he guessed it was probably one-sided, since all through dinner he had tried to send out subtle signals, but Sallie had not responded as he had hoped. Either that or he had lost his touch.

He nodded to himself, his decision made he walked to the master bedroom, rummaged in his large backpack to grab something. He headed out to Sallie’s quiet and dark cabin used the key in his hand to open her locked door, the key that he had earlier used was never given back to the reception. He outright lied when the front office staff asked for the key back and told her that the occupant had taken it. He would have been found out had the staff taken that little time to call to check, but luck was on his side when she did not, and took Robert at his word.

As quietly as he could once he gained entry to her cabin, he headed straight to the master bedroom without having to turn on any light since his eyes had adjusted to the gloom. The door was left wide open and he stood framed in the doorway, looked at the naked beauty of Sallie on the bed. She was on her back with her head turned away from the door. Her soft full breasts sloped in her sl33p, invited him to come closer. Her legs were slightly parted, but in the dark bedroom, he could not see the treasure that lay between her thighs.

Robert checked some drawers in the tallboy in the room, and found what he expected: scented candles and matches. He places seven candles on the windowsill and lit them. The soft glow from the flickering light dimly lit the room and soon the fragrance of apple and cinnamon filled the air. He quietly closed the door to the bedroom.

Moving closer to the bed, he stealthily reached for one of her wrists, tied it in the soft specially-made red velvet rope and tied it to the post of the iron bed frame, and repeated the same with her other wrist and feet. Not once did Sallie stirred, the wine having affected her more than she had bargained for.

Robert’s breath steadily quickened with barely-held-in-check lust. His cock had stiffened to full hardness inside his fitted boxers, and strained against the confinement. He slowly took off his t-shirt and boxers, the anticipation high and bl00d pumped in his body, going to where it was most required. He leaned down and kissed Sallie on her lips, wormed his tongue between her lips and met no resistance; she tasted minty. He ran his tongue inside her warm lips then gently sucked her bottom lip into his mouth.

He moved away from her lips, his tongue trailed down her jawline, to her tits before he homed in on her dark nipples with his tongue, swirled her areolas until both stiffened into peaks. He sucked her nipple into his mouth, loving the feel of her stiff bud on his tongue as he lapped and played. He moved down her torso; kissed and licked her supple skin, reached the hairless mound and took a deep satisfying breath at her soft musky aroma.

Since Sallie was sl33ping, he did not expect her pussy to be wet, but he would soon change that. He moved to the foot of the bed and climbed on to the mattress between her spread-eagled thighs. Robert moved in closer on his haunches until his mouth and tongue was within reach of her pussy. Up to now, Robert had resisted rushing his own needs, but being so close to this sweet-smelling fresh pussy was more than he could bear: Robert dove right into her with his mouth.

Her vulva disappeared as he suckled her clit and pussy, his tongue teased and played with her little nubbin, much like a man dying of thirst would drink water at the source. The slurping sound was pure harmony as he ate Sallie’s pussy. His tongue licked her from clit to vagina, but could not get down to her tight anus. Robert could tell that slowly, even in sl33p her body was responding to his administration, her juice began to slowly flow. And for some reason, he could taste fruit in her juice, rockmelon in fact.

‘Wonder what she’s been up to tonight,’ Robert silently thought to himself as he continued his gentle sucking of her pussy.

Sallie’s body meanwhile was having a strong reaction to Robert’s mouth. u*********sly her hips bucked, her body was so hot that sweat broke out on her forehead. Sallie felt something wet and slimy between her labia and tried to push it with her hands but her hands would not obey her to brush it away. Gradually Sallie became aware that her limbs were tethered to something that prevented her from moving. She woke up with a start when she found that her wrists and ankles were tied up to the bed.

‘No,’ Sallie thickly said, still sluggish from sl33p and alcohol, and tried to twist her body away from whatever or whoever was between her legs. Her body was telling a different story, it wanted more of whatever or whoever it was between her thighs.

Robert did not cease his assault but deliberately slowed his pace right down into lazy circles with this tongue on her clit, which throbbed with engorged bl00d.

‘No, please,’ she begged, ‘stop,’ and tried to dislodge whoever was between her legs away, but alas, being trussed up the way she was, she did not have a hope in hell. Sallie still could not see who exactly it was, but was now trying her best to not let her body betray her desire and need.

Robert pause his moving tongue. He would hardly want to f0rce Sallie into something she did not want to do, but he wanted her. No, his body needed to feel hers writhing with her orgasm as he fucked her.

‘Sallie,’ he huskily spoke, ‘it’s me,’ as he pushed up and away from her wonton pussy, the flickering candle light fell on his face, the bottom half glistened with her juice.

‘Robert? But how did you get into my room?’

‘I used the key from this afternoon.’

‘I thought you would’ve returned that to the reception!’

‘I told them at the front desk that you took the key.’

‘Why, Robert? And,’ her head turned to look at her tied up wrists apprehensively, ‘why am I tied up like this?’

‘I want you. I want to fuck you until I have nothing left,’ he replied, ‘and I tied you up because I liked the thought of you being immobile and at my mercy.’

‘Robert, I hardly know you!’

‘I know, but that won’t stop my wanting you ever since I saw you at the door to your cabin.’

‘Please,’ Sallie strained the velvet ropes at her wrists unsure of what she was pleading for, for him to stop or to be untied.

Robert did not listen, instead moved up from the apex of her thighs, his hands supported his weight as his lips kissed his way from her vulva, up her navel, kissed her breasts, licked and sucked her nipples until they both stiffened once more on his tongue. His hands pushed her sloped tits tightly together and sucked her nipples harder. He moved his mouth and sucked hard on her pale skin, leaving trails of wet patches and bruises in his wake.

Robert suckled at her tits as his hands caressed her body from the side of her breasts to her hips, and went under her buttocks to squeeze her ass cheeks. His cock was begging to go into Sallie’s pussy, but Robert waited for Sallie. He waited to hear her ask for him to fuck her. Robert’s hardened cock rested on her stomach as he kissed the column of her neck, licked her ear, and moved to her lips by way of her soft cheeks. Her lips parted hungrily for his, an indication that her body at last had won the erotic war against the sensible logic of her mind.

Her tongue meshed and danced into his mouth, tasted him. Her eyes were clouded with desire as she opened them to meet his hot gaze, her breath erratic and laboured. Robert reached up to untie the velvet ropes at her wrists. Immediately, her arms wrapped themselves around his neck to grip him tighter and pulled him to deepen their kiss, her nipples crushed and stimulated by his coarse chest hair.

‘Say it, Sallie, say you want me. Say that you want me to fuck you,’ Robert said gutturally against her succulent lips, his tongue plundered her sweet mouth.

‘What if I don’t want to say it?’

Robert stopped kissing Sallie, and looked down at the woman he was about to ravish. It was not the response he had expected, being in the heat of passion. Her eyes laughed up at him, her lips swollen from his kisses, and her breath hotly fanned his face.

Robert groaned, kissed her lips hard then raised himself up to a kneeling position, and settled his groin between Sallie’s splayed legs, which still had not been untethered. His cock nestled at her pussy, which ached and throbbed as it felt the moisture at her pussy seeped out to coat his shaft. With one hand supporting his weight, one hand reached down to take a hold of his throbbing member and rubbed Sallie’s hot slit and clit back and forth, liberally coated himself in her rockmelon-smelling juice.

Sallie panted, her adrenaline pumped through her body as he fucked her, her legs rested on his shoulders. His cock snaked its way into her welcoming wet heat, her molten core wrapped itself around his throbbing shaft as it glided with finesse until he was buried to the hilt. Robert lean back slightly, and expertly at each ankle undid the red velvet ropes one-handed. He then grabbed her ankle one at a time, and placed each on his shoulders as he rocked his hips back and forth on his knees. He could feel her cunt muscles contract as he massaged her womanly centre with his 8 inch cock.

Her body filled with Robert to bursting point, Sallie’s nails dug into his ass to urge his movement faster. Her pussy tightened up as the onslaught of his cock as he pummelled her vagina, she could feel him nudged her cervix each time he ploughed down into her softness. She welcomed the sensation since fruit pieces are hardly comparable to real throbbing hardness of a man’s penis. He felt so very good inside her pussy, her juice squelch with every thrust of his cock, and leaked down between her raised ass cheeks.

He rocked his hips, and felt her pussy squeeze his rod. Robert closed his eyes at that, and sucked air as her pussy quivered all around him. His balls swung with his momentum as he pummelled Sallie’s pussy. Her soft moans spurred him, her pussy incited him, her shuddering body goaded him, and her nails dug into the cheeks of his ass to impel him to fuck her harder. Robert obeyed her instinctual needs, and roughly fucked her moist woman centre without mercy.

‘Coming, Robert,’ Sallie mewled, ‘make me cum, baby.’

‘Oh FUCK!’ he shouted.

‘Oh God, coming, coming,’ she breathed her pussy contracted and trembled around his still-hard penis.

Robert grunted and with one long strong shove, he made Sallie cum with his cock. The bulbous head of his penis massaged her G-spot and his white hot baby-making juice splashed into Sallie’s womb. Sallie jerked uncontrollably from her climax as she felt her cunt filled with his seeds, her toes curled in the air as her body was hit with the power of her orgasm.

When their orgasms ebbed away, Robert removed her ankles from his shoulders and collapsed on top of Sallie’s heaving sweaty body, their laboured breath mingled. He rolled off her but took Sallie into his arms in a tight embrace, and kissed her forehead as they rested on the bed. Sallie wrapped one arm around his torso in return and looked up into his face. She leaned up and kissed him hard, her chest still heaving.

‘I can’t believe we just did that,’ she sighed with satisfaction her hand stroked his through his hairy chest.

‘Had fun?’ he asked as his hand held hers stroking his chest.

‘It was amazing,’ she replied, ‘and where did you get the ropes from?’

‘Oh, I just happened to have them in my bag,’ Robert told her audaciously.

Sallie laughed and pinched one of his nipples hard. Robert jumped and yelped at the pain, and pushed her back on to the mattress and began tickling her ribcage. Sallie turned to try to crawl away from his hands as she giggled, but he pulled her back by her hips and continued his assault as he sat astride her buttocks. She struggled to breath through her laughter and kicked ineffectively in the air. Her squeals and laughter filled the room as she tried to buck Robert off her ass, her head shook from side to side as she laughed and begged Robert to stop all to no avail.

In their struggle and tangled limbs, Robert’s softened cock hardened imperceptibly between her ass cheeks. His hands slowly stopped tickling her ribs and began stoking her body, from the side down to her hips. He then reached for her left wrist, scooted up her body, reached up and retied her with the velvet rope and did the same to her right.

When she felt Robert’s hands tenderly caressed her body, Sallie closed her eyes and her laughter ceased. She did not resist as Robert retied her wrists to the bed posts, and instead she also grabbed the rope with her hands. Her heartbeat increased with anticipation since thus tied, she could not see what Robert was up to when she felt Robert lifted away from her ass. His hands stroked her soft derriere and he squeezed the twin cheeks with his hands and spread them in and out, almost playing at peek-a-boo with her tight sphincter.

Sallie swallowed saliva as she tossed up in her mind whether to tell Robert that she has never had anal sex or not (fruits would hardly constitute as anal sex), but waited to see what he was going to do. Her heart thumped in her chest unsteadily, her bl00d pumped throughout her body, she was almost lightheaded with anticipation. Her eyes opened wide as she felt Robert sniffed her ass, his nose buried between her cheeks, his hands pushed her cheeks closed together and he took a big whiff of her aroma. Her hands pulled the ropes tight when she felt the tip of his tongue whirled around her tight brown pucker. No man has ever done that to her anus before, and she never realised how sensitive it was.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head from sheer ecstasy, and she pushed her bum against his tongue. She wanted more, more of whatever it was that he was doing with his tongue on her ass. His tongue teased and toyed with her sensitive crease; he sucked at her hole and circled her anus with relish. Sallie tried to reach down to play with her clit, but her secured wrists reminded her that she was securely tired up with the velvet ropes. She was at the tender mercy of Robert’s tongue.

Robert enjoyed the tangy taste of her on his tongue, the way her body reacted to each flicked of his tongue, and the way he sucked her hole with his mouth. He leaned away from her ass and pushed Sallie onto her knees, he pressed her torso down on the mattress to raise her ass on her haunches then he dove back into her ass. This time, her pussy also received some loving attention from his lips, tongue and fingers. He sucked her clit from an awkward angle, tasted her sweet juice as he sucked her vagina, he shoved his tongue into her pussy and felt her muscle contract.

But his main objective was to lubricate her tight pucker for his cock, so his attention returned to her ass. Robert got to his knees behind her and inserted two fingers into her sphincter, his cock found its own way into her moisture-rich pussy still seeping his jizz. His hips cocked back and forth to lube up his stiff pole with her natural juice, he massage her pussy with the mushroom head of his penis. His two fingers worked her ass hole as he dribbled saliva on her crease.

‘Mmmmm, ahhhhhh, so good,’ Sallie moaned when she felt his fingers worked at her ass, his cock filled her nicely.

Sweat began to bead on Robert’s forehead as he pumped at her pussy. He sucked air through gritted teeth as her muscle milked him. He pulled away from her hugging tunnel and removed his fingers from her rectum, and licked her essence off his fingers before grabbing her hips. Into his right hand he took a hold of his cock in a firm grip and firmly pushed his cock into her tight ass all the way in one long smooth thrust.

‘Please stop!’ Sallie screamed in pain, her eyes squeezed shut as her hands gripped the velvet ropes.

Her anus burned as if seared by a hot poker not a pulsating cock. Robert did not pause in his forward movement, and only realised too late that Sallie was an anal virgin. He knew that if he pulled out, it would hurt her even more than she already was. So he bent his body forward to rest his chest on her back, therefore decreased the angle of his penetration.

‘I’m sorry, Sallie,’ he softly said in her ear, ‘I promise it won’t hurt for too long.’

‘No, please, I’ve never done this before. It hurts too much.’

‘Shhhh, I promise it won’t hurt for long,’ he repeated.

His lips kissed and sucked her shoulders, he licked her skin as his hands reached down to mould her tits and play with her nipples. His right hand reached further down to Sallie’s pussy and play with her engorged clit, thereby diverting her thoughts to her clit and not her ass. With gentle rocking motion, his groin moved as if on a boat resting at a pier disturbed by a wake: side to side, back and forth. His fingers busied with her clit, rubbed and twiddled the nubbin expertly. Her honeyed nectar flowed freely to his fingers.

The burning sensation subsided gradually from her sphincter as her body relaxed and adjusted from the invasion, and Sallie was able to finally open her eyes. She could feel Robert’s fingers playing with her clit, which was extremely pleasurable and she was close to coming if he continued there, together with his left hand pinching and massaging one of her breasts. She turned her head to the side and kissed Robert clumsily from the weird angle, and swayed her buttocks into his groin.

The feeling of having a cock inside her rectum was so very distinctive: full yet not full, hot and cold mixed in equal measure inside her ass. Her tight ring stretched around his girth, the scr4ping of her rosette along his thick shaft as he subtly pulled out of her made Sallie arched her back, her eyes closed no longer from pain but from pleasure. Sallie pushed lightly against him, an indication that she was ready for some movement from him and his manhood.

Robert enjoyed being inside Sallie, even more so now that he realised he was her first anal fuck. With unusual finesse, Robert pulled out of Sallie and gently glided back in before his cock left her entirely. His engorged shaft was tightly wrapped by Sallie’s puckered hole; the ring milked his rod as he pulled out and pushed in. He grunted to hold his lust in check, but soon he knew he would no longer control his instinct and fucked her ass without mercy. For the first few minutes, he went very slowly and gently on Sallie. He worked his cock in and out of her tightness, sawed his shaft in and out, and dribbled more saliva on to their joined body parts.

He reached down to wrap Sallie’s neck gently with his right hand and raised her torso up slightly, his left supported his weight. He whispered sweet nothing in her ear, his body bent over her back once again, as he fucked her ass, his groin no longer tender or merciful, he piston into her rectum harder and faster, his climax neared. He was about to shoot his load into her, but he wanted Sallie to orgasm from her enf0rced anal sex first before him. He ground his groin into her ass cheeks his pubic hair rubbed her sensitive rose as he pumped his penis in and out. He could feel her rectum finally began to quiver with her impending orgasm. Robert smiled with satisfaction as he let go of her neck.

Sallie’s soft moans filled the room. The smell of sex, apple and cinnamon mixed together and heightened the couple fucking on the bed as both breathed heavily. Her body lurched as at last her ass exploded from her first anal sex.

‘OH, mmmmm,’ Sallie panted. ‘Oh God, coming, Robert, oh fuck me. Fuck me.’

‘Yes, baby,’ Robert groaned, and pumped his cock harder, faster and pushed into her sphincter as deep as his cock allowed, his scrotum slapped her clit as it swung back and forth.

‘Aaahhh, mmmm,’ she whimpered and squeezed her ass on his cock and felt Robert twitched inside her ass involuntarily.

‘FUCK!’ Robert shouted when he felt her ass squeezed his throbbing manhood.

Coloured lights popped in front of Sallie’s eyes as her orgasm exploded from her ass. Her pussy shuddered emptily as her rectum was filled with the treasure. Her wrists strained against the red velvet ropes as her climax radiated from her ass to the tips of her being, her hands fisted and her toes curled yet again from her orgasm. Sallie pushed her ass hard against his cock and she was rewarded with a stream of his jizz coating inside her dank hole.

His cock rammed into her with rapid-fire thrust of his hips, his hands grasped her hips as he released his white hot cum into Sallie. Four full spurts of his cum inside her and he felt his body began to subside with gratification, but his cock remain alert and barely softened within her anus. Once again, he reached up and untied Sallie’s wrists one-handed and felt on top of her. He rested thus for a few seconds before he moved off her back, his cock popped out of her backdoor with a squelch, and Robert dragged her limp body into his embrace, his hand stroked her sweaty back as their breath mingled from their laboured panting.

Robert caressed Sallie’s exposed tit that rested against his chest, and lovingly rolled her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, making it stiffened. He lifted her face from below his chin, brushed her matted hair from her face, and kissed her deeply, their tongues met and dance between their lips and their love making began as the candles flickered and burned on the windowsill, the red velvet ropes dangled from the posts of the iron bed.

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