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Play Ground Sex..

I was crossing an elementary schools play ground, three guys were there tossing a Frisbee. They all were in their early 20's, nicely built, nearly all were 5'10" around 175lbs to 190lbs.

The disc landed near and I tossed it back, one called out 'come play with us, we can have two on each team. Fine, I was going to meet some knew friends and have a nice even. We tossed the disc around for about an hour, some said 'break time, let's go get some thing to drink.

I started to go in another direction when I heard 'hey, where you going, we headed over to the crib, come on you're welcome.' I turned and trotted over to them, we laughed and talked as we rested under a clutch of trees.

I'm not sure how it started but I was soon engulfed in a passionate embraced between two of the young guys. The third was down the hall on the phone, as soon as he appeared he wasted no time in joining in.

I was passed from one set of strange lips to another, being kissed and licked till I was aware that my clothes were being removed. Caught up in the lustful passion of debauchery, I surrender to their desires.

The three stood and removed their clothing, I found myself staring at three of the loveliest looking black penises. Two was nicely cut and the third was uncut, all was nearly eight inches long. I raised to my knees and begin to suck greedily at the three tubes of throbbing man meat.

My mouth was alive with their mixture of pre-cum, so much so that it oozed from my lips and around the tubes of penises. I was maneuvered around till I was on my knees with my butt stuck up in the air.

On by one the three of them took turns entering my bung hole till it was sufficiently opened and well lube. Once that was accomplished, the three entered my bung hole and rammed away in utter abandonment.

I was gasping and struggling to receive the penises in rapid fashion. Before I could relax, as one would exit my bung, another would enter. The three of my sex partners, rode me like a old mare, that was to stupid to move away from the three stallions advances.

I finally was pushed down to my stomach and the three of them assaulted my prostrated body. I was roughly entered and rode till I was flooded with semen and than some other would do the same. This session went on for close to three hours, before the newness of my body subsided and the three of them tussled for a spot to rest their bodies against mine.

Buckets of cum seeped out of my neither region and puddled under our bodies.

Play Ground Sex..

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