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Mother in law

Don's mom was coming again for the week and Sal was really looking forward to the visit. She was controling and her son did just as she said even in his own home. She liked Sal and thought she needed disipline. This visit was not going to be a good one. She made it clear she was going to teach Sal to be obedient. She was cruel and sadistic.

She arrived early Saturday morning and they put her luggage in the spare bedroom. She looked at Sal and told her "You dress like a street whore. Look at your tits poking thru that shirt and you are not wearing a bra." She then grabbed a nipple and twisted it right thru Sal's shirt. She said to her "Do you like men to look at your tits?" She then told her son "Don, remove her shirt and stand her before me. We need to teach her disipline. She needs to be a lady and not a slut." Don pulled her top off and stood her before his mom. His mom grabbed both nipples and pulled on them and pinching them hard. Then she slapped each tit several times till they looked red. She went to her suitcase and pulled put a cane. She told Don "Hold her hands behind her back. Hold her tight as I punish your slut." Don held her hands in a death grip behind her back as the mother brought the cane down hard on a nipple. Sal then screamed in pain. The mom grabbed a gag ball and secured it in Sal's mouth and around her head. The mom said viciously "There. Now she can not yell. She needs to take her punishment like any cheap whore." The mom then started swatting her tits and nipples with the cane leaving deep marks all over them. The tits had welts and slashes covering them.

She then got a collar made of a chain and put it around Sal's neck. She cinched it tight and then attached a nipple clamp to the badly marked nipples. She hooked a chain to each nipple clamp and attached it to the neck chain. She tightened it pulling the nipples upward causing much pain. She then told Don "Put her hands up behind her head and cuff them with these tight cuffs. When that is done remove her pants. I want her naked and ashamed before me. All nasty sluts should be stripped naked and flogged." Don secured her hands behind her neck and stripped her naked. His mom then put a spacer bar between her ankles and secured it. The mom looked over the naked body as she asked her son "How many times did you fuck this dirty cunt last night?" He answered "I fuck her many times ever night. She is so sexy, I love sticking my cock in her." His mom then slapped Sal's pussy several times. "Do you spank her dirty cunt and ass?" He replied "Sometimes I do when I get so excited fucking her. She loves a good spanking."

His mom then handed him the flogger and told him "So I want you to spank her ass and pussy while I watch and I want you to flog this bitch hard. Show her who is in charge." She handed Don the leather flogger and he gave Sal a dozen whacks across her ass leaving thick marks. The mom yelled "More. Whip that ass and let the leather leave welts on her dirty ass." As he whipped her ass more it began to be red and raw with deep slashes in it. His mom grabbed him by the hair and told him "Don't forget that nasty pussy you fuck so often. Show her you control her ass and pussy. I have her legs spread wide so use the flogger on her so when you fuck her tonight she will feel the pain rip thru her nasty pussy." He then brought the flogger up under her pussy several times. His mom insprected her pussy to see if it was marked yet. "She needs more. Whip that slut hard. Be a man and whip her." Don then whipped her pussy hard making her clit and pussy lips sting. The pain was the worse she has ever felt. When her pussy was whipped and showed bruises the mom took the flogger from her son.

She went to the back of Sal and began to whip her back. She slashed back and forth across her back leaving criss cross marks. She whipped her from her neck down to the marks Don left across her ass. There was no piece of her flesh they did not whip. The mom then went to the front of her and grabbed the chains attached to the nipple clamps and pulled up on them. She looked her in the face and told her "Now you know you are our bitch that we control. Your cunt is dripping as you loved the pain didn't you? I am going to let Don fuck you and then I will be back with another surprise for you." She looked at Don and told him "Fuck that nasty cunt hard till I get back with my big surprise."

Don then went over and pushed Sal and bent her over the arm of the couch and stuck his cock into her hole and began to fuck her wet cunt deep and hard. He looked at her raw marked ass and back from the beatings she had received and wondered why she loved being whipped so much. Why she always came being beat. And the harder she was whipped the more she would cum. She was a freak and he loved spanking and whipping her and watching his mom punish her. His mom had taught him how to really whip her and slash her flesh. His father had beat his mom before sex every night and his mom remembered how good sex was afterwards. She loved how good his cock felt in her flogged pussy and how she loved him sucking her abused nipples. She missed him after he passed away and had then brought the game to her son and the bitch he married. The bitch loved the punishment as much as she did.

As Don fucked Sal he did not hold back and pounded her cunt with the welts on it. He told her "You like to be fucked after a good whipping don't you? You like that cunt whipped hard then fucked causing more pain. You can't get enough." He then fucked her till he filled her cunt with a load of cum.

Then his mom came back with a bag in her hand. "I have a big surprise for the slut." She then took six golf sized balls out of the bag. Then six more almost the size of tennis balls. Each one was brightly colored. Sal was still bent over the arm of the couch with her legs spread and she was bound so she could not move. The mom took the golf sized balls and began to push them in Sal's ass. One by one they stretched her asshole and disappeared inside. She did not stop till she had all six in her. Then she took the next six balls and pushed them inside her cunt. Her cunt opened wide for each ball. After she had all six balls in her ass and cunt the mom took two fingers and pushed the balls in deeper. This made Sal flinch and the mom slapped her sore ass. They then relased her legs from the spreader between her ankles and laid her on her back on the couch. She told Don to tweak her clit till she cums and watch her spit out the balls each time she has an orgasm. As Don played with her clit the mom got ready to watch her cum and as she was about to cum she pulled on the chains attched to her nipples and this pain made Sal cum harder and three balls shot out of her cunt and two out of her ass. Don kept fingering her clit and she then came again and the rest of the balls spit out of her cunt and two more out of her ass. The mom told Don "Fist her cunt and pop out the last two balls from her ass."

Don the put his fist in Sal's cunt and fucked her and as the mom pulled on the nipple clamps she came hard and the last two balls popped out of her ass. His mom laughed and said "I think we have punished the bitch enough for now. Let's all rest and get ready for later. Then we will see just how much she will be able to take what we do to her. I have many more "toys" in my bag for tonight. Then you can fuck her all you want. You have taken over your dad's place in the art of bondage and pain. She is a good fucking slut like I was."

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