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A Winter's Story 3- Into Another World

Their bodies were inseparable. Neither spoke actual words, but showed their love though acts of passion all weekend long. After they shared lunch together, their passion was renewed. Bella sat in bed while her lover climbed behind her. His hands gave her a back rub. She stretched her neck out inviting him to taste. As his lips converged around her shoulder blade, his hands reached around to the tips of her breasts. She could feel his body pressed against her back. His body was snug against her. His hands started rubbing her legs which brought her passion. Bella turned her head to meet her lovers. With eyes closed their lips search for the other. She placed her hand on top of his on her stomach. Her other hand placed on her head as to press his lips deeper with hers.

He moved from behind her allowing her to lie on her back. His naked body lay on top of hers. Their tongues met. Each partner taking deeper breathes. Their eyes remained open staring deep into their lover. Without breaking the stare, their bodies became one. Every part of them connected.

Bella was overtaken by the sensuality. She wished this moment would never end. If only there was a way to trap this moment in a bottle forever. Their bodies interlocked. A burst of pure passion exploded from their bodies. Time stood still as the lovers shared their romance. The world around them ceased to exist. Nothing but their love was there.

He returned to her neck sucking on it. Mind and spirit combined. Their bodies were frozen in complete love for one another. In complete unison, their bodies released together back to earth. He lay down beside her with his arm wrapped around her waist. A mark on her neck as a sign of their love.

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