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"The Man of the House" - Part 5

Chelsey woke herself when she turned over. She opened her eyes and found herself looking into the face of her sl**ping son. “He looks so sweet when he’s asl**p,” she thought. She wanted to touch him, but did not do so. “I’ll let him sl**p.”

Sean began to wake up. He breathed deeply as he became aware of being awake. He opened his eyes to find his mother looking him in the face. “Mom,” he said softly.

“Shhh. Let your s****r sl**p.” They stared at each other for a moment. “Did you sl**p well?”

“I must have. When did you get into bed?”

“You don’t remember?” She smiled. “You spoke to me.”

“Yeah. Maybe I do.” He turned onto his back. When he did so, Amanda turned toward him. She placed her left leg over his and her arm across his chest. She made a sound but did not wake up. Chelsey snuggled up to him as well. She placed her right leg over his and her arm across his chest, touching Amanda’s arm, causing her to stir from her deep sl**p.

Sean moved both his arms up. Without opening her eyes, Amanda lifted her head and allowed Sean to place his arm under her. Chelsey did the same with his right arm. There he laid, Amanda’s head on one shoulder, his mom’s head on the other. After several minutes, Amanda snuggled a bit closer. She opened her eyes enough to see another arm across her b*****r’s chest. She lifted up.

“Mom,” she said in her sl**py stupor.

“Morning, sweetheart,” Chelsey replied.

“What are you doing here?” Amanda managed to say.

“It appears the same thing you are. I’m in bed with your b*****r with my head on his shoulder.”

“Oh.” Amanda closed her eyes, pulling herself closer to Sean’s. Chelsey did the same. They lay in this position for several minutes.

“Amanda,” Sean said. He turned his head so he could look at his s****r.

“Uh-hu,” she moaned. Chelsey was listening to him as he spoke.

“I just had a serious thought,” he said in a troubled tone.

“What?” she asked, rousing more from her sl**piness.

“What if our grandparents were to walk in right now. What would they do?” After a long moment, the silence was broken as all three Casey’s burst out laughing. Both of the Casey females snuggled even closer to Sean. He was able to pull them into his body. Legs were intertwined. Amanda and Chelsey had their arms across his chest as their hands rested on the upper arms of the other. The three remained in this position without speaking for several minutes until the clock on the side table alarmed. Chelsey had to raise up to push the reset button.

“Well, another day has dawned,” she said as she stretched. “I have never thought it would come up finding me where I am right now.” She leaned over and kissed her son on the cheek. He patted her daughter on the head. “I’m going to shower. I need to wash my hair. I’ll see you two in a bit.”

As her mom got out of bed, Amanda raised up. She also leaned over and gave her b*****r a kiss. She kissed him on the lips. “I slept good. When did mom get in the bed.”

“I don’t know. I vaguely remember it.” He watched Manda rolled off the bed and head toward his bathroom door. She looked back at him. “Last one to the shower is a rotten egg.” She laughed as she headed to her room.

After remaking the bed she did not sl**p in, Chelsey pulled off her t-shirt and headed to the bathroom. Taking care of bladder needs, she began to prepare for the day. Before she showered she laid out her clothes for the day. “Well, I can’t say this is just another usual day,” she thought. The past forty-eight hours have changed my life.”

Amanda was naked by the time she got to her room. She returned to the shower and got the water ready. She was finished by the time Sean arrived. She got out of the shower and he got in. “Sorry I didn’t wait.”

“It’s okay. Probably best we didn’t do it together.” Both knew what would most likely have occurred had they shared the shower.

Amanda dried off and went to her room. She had on her panties and bra when she noticed the package of birth control pills. She was not sure when we was supposed to take a pill. She walked to her mom’s bedroom and entered. The door to the bath was open so she headed toward it, arriving just as her mom dropped out of her robe. Chelsey was stepping into the shower when Amanda entered.

“Mom. When do I take these pills?”

“There should be instructions on the packaging. It should say to take one a day beginning a certain time after your period. When did you finish your last one?”

“Two days ago.” She was relieved it was before she had to see the doctor. “That would really have been embarrassing,” she thought. She looked at the package. “I guess I can take one today.” She wanted to add, “So my b*****r and I can really have sex,” but she knew her mom would not appreciate the comment. She did ask a question as she looked at her mom’s body. “Will I ever look like you?”

Chelsey turned toward her daughter, scanning her in her bra and panties. She then looked down at herself. “Yes you will. Believe me, sweetheart. I looked exactly like you when I was your age.” She looked at the f******n year old again. “Actually, I think your boobs are bigger than mine were. Don’t worry, your body will be changing soon.”

Amanda shrugged, turned, and left without another word. Before getting into the shower, Chelsey moved to the mirror over her vanity. She turned as a model might move to show off a fashion dress. She touched her hips and looked at her profile. “I could lose a couple of pounds,” she said as she moved to the shower. She made the decision to renew her membership in the Total Life Care and Wellness Center at the hospital.

Within thirty minutes, the Casey f****y had gathered in the kitchen and were eating breakfast. As they sat at the table Amanda spoke up. “My match is at five-thirty today. Can you come?”

“Sure,” Sean said. “I can make it.”

“I’d love to,” Chelsey replied. “Sean, why don’t I come home and we can go together.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Getting up from the table and going to her backpack, Amanda returned with a sheet of paper. “If we win today, we qualify for the tournament in Atlanta next weekend.” She handed her mom the sheet. “Here’s the schedule and information. I would have given it to you yesterday, but I was busy doing other things after school.” She looked at her mom, who did not respond.

Chelsey glanced over the sheet. “You play Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.”

“On Saturday only if we win Friday night,” Amanda stated. “Saturday is for the quarter finals and up.” Her mom continued looking at the schedule.

“Well, I’ll try to leave a little early on Friday. Sean, we could drive to Atlanta then.” Looking at Amanda, she added. “We’ll get there as soon as we can. Is that okay?”

“That would be great.” She continued eating. “The team leaves at one o’clock on a bus.”

“It says all the teams are staying at either the Marriott or the Wyndham. You can’t stay with us?”

“No. Coach D’marco said we need to stay together. She’s afraid if we stay somewhere else, we will not obey our curfew time.” She paused. “She’s probably right.”

“Okay, we’ll make arrangements to stay somewhere close. That okay with you, son?”

“Yeah, mom. That’s great.”

The three finished eating and made ready for work and school. They kissed and hugged as they went their separate ways. Sean dropped Manda off at her school before he headed for his. Once he was alone in his truck, his thoughts turned to the past two days. He thought about being with his mom, still not believing that he had oral sex with her. At the same time, he felt happy and proud that he could do for her what she needed at that moment. He also thought about Manda. He and his little s****r had shared some serious sexual action. He wondered how long it would be before they went further–“all the way.” His thoughts were broken as he reached his school. He got out of the truck and made his way toward the building. He was completely oblivious to the looks and comments of several girls who were watching him.

The school day passed quickly. Because Manda had the volleyball match later, he went directly home. Pulling into the drive he saw the garage door open and his mom’s SUV in her space. He pulled in beside her vehicle and went into the house. As usual he headed to the kitchen for a snack. He grabbed an apple and headed toward his room with his backpack, passing his mom’s room in doing so. Her bedroom door was opened.

“Hey, mom. I’m home,” he called out. His mom appeared from the bathroom dressed in panties and a bra.

“Hi, son. How was your day?” She appeared completely comfortable as she went into her walk-in closet, coming out with jeans and a t-shirt.

“It was okay. How was your’s?” He watched his mom as she slid into her stretch jeans. He always knew she was beautiful, but after what had taken place, he seemed to be more aware of her movements. She pulled the jeans up. Before buttoning them, she pull the t-shirt over her head and tucked it in. Her shirt was in Manda’s school color and had the school logo on the front.

“It was good.” She laughed. “By the way, I saw Alan Coster today. I didn’t speak to him. He apparently saw me coming down a hall and he turned and went the other way.” She zipped her jeans as she looked in the mirror. She made sure all was looking as she wanted before donning a cap of the same color as the shirt. She pulled her hair into a pony-tail and used the cap adjustment strap to hold it in place. “How do I look?”

“You are beautiful, mom,” Sean said. “I’ll put my bag up.” Before could step away, his mom approached. She stood before him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

“I think you are a little bit prejudice,” she said with a grin. “But I like it.” Sean blushed and went to his room. He dropped his pack at his desk and decided to put on his spirit shirt as well. When that was done, he made his way to the kitchen, eating his apple. His mom was making the house ready for them to leave, checking the front and back doors to insure they were locked. “Okay, I’m ready.” She tossed Sean the keys to her vehicle. “You drive. You’re the man around here.”

They parked in the gym lot and made their way to the court area. In the bleachers on the home team side were a number of team parents. Sean noticed that several of Manda’s teammates’ dads watched his mom as she made her way to a place where they could sit and see all the action on the court. One’s wife elbowed her husband when she noticed how he was staring at Chelsey.

After some minutes of chatting among parents, the attention turned toward Manda’s team as they came from the locker room area and ran onto the court. They were in high spirits as they gathered at the team area next to the bleachers. Coach D’marco talked to the girls for a few minutes. The team members grasped hands in the middle of their huddle and yelled as they broke up. Manda searched through the gathering of parents, waving as her mom and b*****r when she saw them.

“Go, girl,” Chelsey yelled back as she waved at her daughter. Other parents joined in the cheering as the teams took to the court. Play began with Manda’s team as the home team.

Each team scored points. Manda’s team won the first of the best of three game match. The opposing team won the second. The third game remained tied as both teams played well. Manda and another team member were the tallest girls on the floor. When the home team had the service, the player placed the ball toward the back of the opposing team’s court. The ball was set up for one of the net players. She jumped up to return the ball over the net. Manda blocked the shot, returning in with such f***e there was no return. The home team was up by one point.

On the next service return, Manda took the shot. She had to fly through the air to field it before it hit the floor. The ball went into the air, enabling another player to set up a shot. The other tall player spiked the ball which was unreturnable. The home team won. Parents and fans cheered as they made their way toward the court to congratulate the players.

Chelsey gave her daughter a hug. As Sean approached his s****r, she saw him and jumped into his arms. He picked her up and swung her around. As he set her down, she reached up and kissed him on the lips. When she realized what she had done, she said, “Oops.”

Sean looked around to see if anyone noticed. Satisfied that no one appeared to be paying attention, he gave her a hug. “It’s okay,” he said quietly. Just need to be careful.” Several of Manda’s friends were observing their teammate’s display of affection. Each felt a bit of envy. Chelsey and Sean joined Amanda and her teammates and their families at a local pizza restaurant for a celebration. The other girls could not take their eyes off her Sean, watching as he and Amanda talked and laughed. Those with older b*****rs had thoughts about their relationships.

“Too bad he’s her b*****r,” one of them commented.

“I wish he were my b*****r,” another said.

“I don’t,” another added. “I wish her were my cousin. That way we could be kissing cousins.” They all laughed.

One of the girls replied. “From what I saw earlier, you don’t have to be cousins to kiss.” Again they laughed. When Sean looked toward them, he smiled and they blushed.

The Casey’s returned home and prepared for bed. Amanda took a shower while her mom and Sean discussed the need to make arrangements for the next weekend. Sean did a search online for a nice hotel near the university where the tournament was being held. He called to his mom who was in the kitchen. “Mom, how much do you want to pay for a place to stay?”

She entered the office, drying her hands with a towel. “Well, it’s a special weekend. We might as well make it a nice one.” She looked over her son’s shoulder as he scrolled through the selections.

“This one is the closest that is a really nice.”

“Looks good to me. Do I need to get my card?”

“No. I’ll use mine.” Chelsey had added Sean to her personal card account for his birthday. She watched as he filled in the online reservation form. When he came to the space to indicate the type of room, she pointed to one of the selections. He looked up at her.

“I like that one,” she said. He clicked on the selection and completed the form, adding payment and contact info, submitted and confirmed the reservation, printing out the receipt.

Chelsey returned to the kitchen, Sean went to his bedroom to change into sweats. He had taken off his shirt and was hanging up his jeans when Manda walked into his room from is bath. She had a towel wrapped around here. She approached him and gave him a hug. As she did so, the towel fell to the floor.

“Thanks for coming to the match,” she said. He looked at her b*****r. “You know that all the girls on my team think you’re hot, don’t you?”

“I really don’t think about it,” he replied. “You’re the only one I care about what you think.” They kissed.

“It’s been a long time since we’re been alone.” She thought a moment. “At least it seems like a long time.” She laid her wet hair against his bare chest. “I love you, Sean.”

“I love you, Manda.” He embraced her, feeling her warm body against his. They stood together for several minutes. “I think we need to get dressed and see what mom is up to.” He added, “Oh, we made reservations for next weekend.”

“Good. I’m glad you both are going to be there.” Amanda reached down and picked up her towel. As she turned to leave, Sean noticed that her breasts looked a bit larger. They still were not large, but larger than they were. He wanted to touch them but restrained himself.

The Casey’s watched tv for while. Sean sat on the sofa. Amanda laid down with her head in his lap. Chelsey sat in her usual chair and read. When the series program they were watching ended, Sean turned off the tv and roused his s****r who was dozing. “Time for bed,” he said. He helped her up. They three stood in the hallway and exchanged hugs and good-night kisses. Each went to their room and prepared for sl**p. On this night, each remained in their own bed.

For the Casey’s, Friday came and went as far as school and work were concerned. Sean picked up his s****r at her school. She was still excited about the win and was in a good mood. They arrived at the house and put away their packs, meeting in the kitchen for their usual snack. Sean was eating a banana when the phone rang. It was his mom.

“Hey, mom. What’s happening?”

“Everything’s fine. I was calling to see if there is anything you guys would like for dinner.”

Sean asked Manda what her thoughts were. She had no preferences. “Manda doesn’t care. I don’t have any particular thoughts.” After a few minutes of discussion, Sean and his mom decided on tacos. She agreed to stop by the market for the “fixin’s” on her way home.

“I’ll see you two later.” Sean placed the handset in the cradle, finished his banana and drank some juice.

“Tacos it is,” he said as his s****r poured herself some juice.

They went into the great room where Sean sat on the sofa. He was about to turn on the tv when Manda approached and stood in front of him. She took his juice from his hand and placed his glass and hers on the side table. She spread her legs, placing one on either side of Sean’s and sat down on his lap, facing him. She was wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Sean had on his sweats and a shirt. Manda looked at him with a smile. She leaned forward and kissed her b*****r. Sean wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close.

This was the only time they had been alone in the house for days. As they kissed, their lips parted and their tongues touched. They held the kiss for a long time, enjoying the closeness. Manda wrapped her arms around Sean’s neck. He began to move his hands up and down her back. He immediately noticed there was no bra strap across her back. As the continued to kiss, he moved his hands around to her front, slid them under her t-shirt and reached up for her breasts.

Sean cupped each breast and began massaging them. He lightly pinched her nipples, making them harden. Caressing her areola and her nipples, he felt her moan into his mouth as her tongue became more active. When their lips parted, Sean continued his attention to her breasts. “I think they are larger,” he said.

“I think so, too.” She reached down and pulled her shirt over her head. Tossing it aside, she looked down and watched as Sean caressed her and teased her nipples. “Mmmm,” she purred. “I’ve missed that.” She reached down and pulled Sean’s shirt up. She began rubbing her hands over his chest, using her fingers to caress his nipples.

Sean moved his hand to Manda hips. He pulled her toward him and leaned forward. He placed his mouth over her right breast and began to suck. He used his tongue to stimulate the nipple, making circles around it. With the flat of his tongue he pushed her areola against the roof of his mouth and sucked with more firmness.

“Aaahh,” Manda moaned. She put both hands behind his head and pulled him into her. “That really feels good.” Sean moved from one breast to the other, sucking and teasing each. “My dear b*****r, do you know what you’re doing to me?”

Sean lifted his face toward her, releasing her breast from his mouth. “I know what I’m doing to me,” he said. He returned to her breast as Manda lowered one hand. She moved it between her legs and Sean’s. She placed in over his cock and began to rub him through his sweats. He was already erect. This caused him to moan. Things were beginning to get serious just as they heard the garage door open. They stopped their activity. Amanda quickly rose from Sean’s lap and grabbed her t-shirt, running toward her room. Sean pulled his shirt down and turned on the tv. He stretched his legs out and placed them on the sofa table. Within a minute, he heard their mom enter the kitchen.

“I’m home,” she called out. Sean entered and helped put the groceries away. “How you guys feeling?” Chelsey asked as she put the ground meat in the fridge as her daughter entered.

“I’m feeling good,” Amanda answered. Without his mom being able to see him, Sean mouthed “you sure are,” to his s****r. She pointed a finger at him as if to say, “behave.”

“I’ve got all we need to prepare tacos. Maybe we can find a good movie to watch and have a movie night with our meal.”

“Sounds good to me,” Sean replied.

“Me, too,” said Amanda. She and Sean looked at each other and smiled.

Chelsey said she was going to change and headed for her room. Sean and Amanda continued to put away groceries before going to the great room. They were sitting on the sofa when their mom returned. They made a point not to sit next to each other. Sean was at one end, Amanda the other. Chelsey shared about her day and the delivery of a baby in the ER. The woman was in hard labor when the EMT’s brought her in. She delivered before they could get her up to the proper floor.

“What about that man?” Amanda asked.

“I told your b*****r that I saw him this morning in the hall. But he saw me, too, and headed in the other direction.”

“I still want to confront that...” Sean wanted to say “bastard,” but held back. “Creep,” he finally voiced.

After watching the news and weather, Chelsey suggested that they prepare their meal. Each took an assignment. Chelsey browned the meat, Sean got the shells ready and warmed refried beans, and Amanda prepared onions. When all was ready, they each filled their plate with food and headed for the great room. After Sean had surfed the channels for a movie and they agreed there was nothing worth watching, he went to the pay-for-view channels. They agreed on a movie and watched it. Once they had all eaten, the quickly took their plates and glasses to the kitchen and returned to the sofa where they sat together with Sean in the middle. Within a few minutes, Amanda and Chelsey had their heads on his shoulders, holding his hands. At one point, both the females were crying. Sean sat and wondered what it was about movies that made women cry.

Following the movie, they cleaned up the kitchen. “You guys ready for bed?” Chelsey asked. Sean and Amanda both responded that they were. Their mom looked at them. “So, what will it be. What will the arrangements be tonight?”

Sean and Amanda looked at her, surprised that she brought the subject up. “Well, I don’t mind us all being in my bed,” Sean said. “It gets a little crowded but it will be okay.”

“I’m okay with that,” Amanda replied.

“I do have a king size,” Chelsey added. “We can camp out in there.” They agreed that the larger bed would be better. “Okay, we’ll meet there in a bit.” After locking doors and turning out the lights, the three headed for separate bedrooms to prepare for sharing the night in Chelsey’s bed. As before, Sean slept in the middle.

During the night all three tossed and turned. The following morning, Chelsey was up first, allowing Sean and Amanda to continue sl**ping. She showered and began preparing for breakfast before they two woke up. After showers and dressing, the siblings joined their mom in the kitchen. They had just finished breakfast when Chelsey’s cell phone chimed.

She saw it was the hospital before she answered. “Hello, this is Chelsey,” she answered. She listened for a minute before she responded. “How many?” she sounded serious. “Okay. I’ll be there as quickly as I can.” She ended the call and turned to her k**s. “There has been a bus accident. A group of senior citizens. The bus ran off the road and turned over. There are a lot of injuries.” She paused. “I need to go to the ER. Can you take care of the dishes and do the laundry?”

“Sure, mom,” Amanda said as she went to her mom. “Don’t worry about that.” She hugged her mom. “I’m sorry for the accident and I’m sorry you have to go to work on Saturday.”

“I’ll give you a call when I can.” Chelsey rushed to her room and put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. She knew she would most likely be wearing scrubs once she got to the ER. She left the house after giving Sean and Amanda a kiss each. They stood in the garage door as she pulled out.

“Wow. That could be really bad,” Sean said as they busied themselves cleaning up from breakfast.

“Yeah.” Amanda put items into the fridge as Sean put plates in the dishwasher. They headed for their bathroom to brush their teeth. Amanda entered his room after she finished. “So, what you want to do?” She thought about the laundry was did not mention it.

“I don’t know. How about you?” They looked at each other, both knowing what the other was thinking. “We are alone in the house.” They moved toward each other slowly. Sean put his arms around his s****r. She leaned into him, her arms wrapping around him. For several minutes they held each other, swaying a bit, almost dancing. Manda looked up at her b*****r. He leaned down and kissed her. Their tongues touched and moved against each other. After another minute, they separated. Sean led Manda toward the bed. He had not made it up, so he pulled the covers to the end of the bed and helped her climb onto it. He followed her.

They laid down facing each other. He placed his arm under her head, supporting himself with his forearm. They looked into each other’s eyes. “I love you, Manda.”

His s****r smiled at him. “I love you, too. So very much.” She touched his face with her left hand as she put her right arm under him and rested her hand on his back, moving it up and down slightly. “I really can’t imagine loving anyone else.” As he leaned down, she pulled him toward her. Their lips met again. They kissed deeply and for a long time.

When they parted, Sean began lifting Manda’s t-shirt. She leaned up, helping him get it over head and hair. While she was leaned up, she reached behind her and unhooked the bra. After tossing it to the floor, she laid back and began pulling Sean’s shirt up. He sat up and removed it. He looked down at Manda and reached for the button on her jeans. He unbuttoned them. She lifted her hips and he slid them down her legs. He tossed them aside, rose onto his knees and began removing his jeans. He tossed them next to hers on the floor. He remained on his knees, looking down at Manda.

“You really are beautiful,” he said softly. “I mean that you are not just cute or pretty. You are beautiful.”

Manda smiled. “I’m glad you think so. You’re the only one that matters.” As she spoke, she lifted her hips, hooked her thumbs in her panties, and slipped them down and off her legs.

Sean removed his boxers. His cock was semi-erect. As he kneeled beside Manda, she reached up with her right hand and grasped his cock. She slowly began to move her hand up and down. Immediately, he began to hardened and grow in length. He laid down beside her. They kissed. They touched each other.

Sean lowered his mouth to her breasts. He massaged for a moment, sucking each nipple, and said, “They feel fuller.” He continued his attention to them. He made circles around the areolae with his tongue. He pulled on her nipples with his lips. He sucked them into his mouth, using his tongue to dance over them.

While he was caressing and sucking her breasts, Manda was continuing to stroke Sean’s very hard cock. He moved his hand down across her abdomen. She spread her legs. He cupped her now very moist pussy. She flinched when he slid his finger between her lips, grazing her clit. Inserting his finger into her canal, he moved it in and out slowly. Her hips began to lift to meet him hand. Pushing in as far as his finger could go, Sean used the flat of his palm to press against her clitoral area.

“Oh, that feels nice,” she said softly.

Sean looked up from her breasts. “I want to taste you,” he said. He began kissing down her body. He rolled between her legs as he lowered his face to her waiting wetness. He licked her. She moaned. He pressed his tongue into her, she cried out. Putting his arms under her thighs, he lifted her up to him, pressing his tongue into her canal. She moaned, squeezing her between her thighs.

“Sean, I can’t take much of that. I’m going to cum,” Manda said between breaths. He moved his attention to her clit. He pulled the hood away, exposing the moist, pink, swollen nub. He placed his mouth completely over the area and sucked as he pressed the flat of his tongue on it. He moved it up and down, gently caressing her.

“Aaahh,” Manda moaned. “Please, Sean. I want to wait.” He raised up and lifted himself to her. Holding his body above her, he leaned down and kissed her deeply. When the kiss broke, she said to him. “I want to please you.” She directed Sean to lay down. He did and she rolled toward him. Lightly kissing his lips, she moved down to his nipples. She sucked each one, teasing him with her tongue. She continued down, stroking him as she moved. Finally, she reached his cock. She lowered her mouth over him, taking in as much as she could.

Amanda pressed her tongue against the underside of his shaft as she moved up and down. With her hand she stroked him as her lips moved up and down over his hardness. She moved up, keeping his head in her mouth. With her tongue she began to make circles around the glans. Sean’s entire body reacted. “Oh, Manda. What are you doing?”

She responded by continuing her motions. Up and down for several strokes, them using her tongue to circle the sensitive end. He was moving up and down, almost thrusting himself into her mouth. The sensation was overwhelming. “I’m going to cum,” he said. He reached down and lifter her up to him. She lay on top of him. They kissed. Sean reached down and directed his s****r to sit up. She pulled her knees up and sat up on his abdomen.

Sean raised up and helped Manda move her legs so they were now almost wrapped around him. He pulled her to him. She was sitting on his thighs. They kissed. He massaged her breasts, occasionally sucking on each one. After some minutes of kissing, looking into each other’s eyes, and kissing some more, Sean held onto Manda as he turned and laid her down. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he now laid between them. Supporting his weight with his arms, he looked at his s****r.

“Can I make love to you?” he asked quietly. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Manda smiled. “I want to make love to you.” She reached up to touch his face. “You would never hurt me.” Moving her hand down between her legs, she grasped his cock, pulling him toward her. “Just move slowly.”

Sean pushed himself forward. Manda guided his cock toward her pussy. “Let me guide you, okay?” He nodded. She rubbed the tip of his cock between her lips. She flinched when she touched her clit with it. She smiled. “Wow.” Moving the tip up and down, she positioned it at the opening of her canal. “Just a little bit,” she whispered. Sean follower her directions. He pushed forward. He felt himself move into her.

“A little more,” Manda said. Sean complied. He could tell she was tight.

“Manda, don’t do this if it’s gonna’ hurt.”

She shook her head. “It’s okay so far. A little more.” She could tell her tightness was offering some resistance. “You need to push some more.” Sean did as he was told. “More,” she said. As Sean put more pressure on her canal, Manda lifted herself up, forcing the head to spread the opening and entering her. She gasped. “Oh. I feel that,” she voiced through her breath. “It is tight.” She closed her eyes. “Can we just lay still for a minute. I like the feeling. It is like we are one person.”

“Yeah,” he said softly. Sean did not move for a long minute. He held himself above his s****r as they looked into each other’s eyes. They smiled. He leaned down and kissed her. Sean began moving in and out, pushing into his s****r a bit more each time. “Oh, my,” he moaned. “That feels good to me.” He continued moving his hips and up and down. At the same time, Manda pushed herself up. After several moments of this movement, Sean’s cock was a deeply into Manda as it could go. “I think I all the way into you. I feel like I’m hitting something.”

“You are. I feel like if am full down there.” I don’t think you can go in any farther.” Just move a bit. Sean began to move up and down. He did not pull all the way out and when he pushed forward, all of his cock was not inserted. Manda’s tightness was creating an unbelievable sensation. “It feels good. I can tell you are moving inside me.”

After several minutes, Sean was beginning to feel the effect of his movements in his groin. “Manda, I feel like I’m gonna’ cum soon.”

“It’s okay. Go ahead. But I don’t think I can cum yet. I don’t feel you touching my clit.” She looked into his eyes. “I need that feeling first.”

Sean stopped his movements. “I think I know what to do.” He slowly pulled himself out of Manda. He noticed that her once narrow vaginal opening was now a hole. She had been stretched by his cock. He laid beside his s****r. “Sit on me,” he told her. She rose up and straddled him. “Now, lower yourself onto me.” He held her cock as she lowered herself down. She felt the head enter her again. She was still tight as she lowered herself.

“That’s as far as I can go,” she told him. She felt him press against her cervix. “It feels good, but I’m sorry you can’t go in all the way for your cock.”

“It’s okay,” Sean said. “Move up and down.” As Manda did, she moaned.

“It feels good but I still don’t think I can cum this way.” Sean reached down with his hand and began gently rubber her exposed clit with his finger. “Oh,” she moaned. “I can feel that.” As she continued lifting and lowering herself on her b*****r’s cock, he was stimulating her clit.

Sean made circles around the hard button. He moved back and forth over it. As Manda rose and fell over his cock with her tight pussy, he was sending shock waves through her by his attention to her clit. After several minutes of caressing her clit and feeling her movement over him, Sean began to feel the sensation in his groin.

Manda moaned. “Sean, I think I’m gonna’ cum if you keep doing that.” Her breathing had quickened as well as her movement up and down. “I feel it,” she sighed. “Oh.” She almost cried out as she began to feel the spasms of orgasm building deep within her. “Oh, oh,” she began to moan louder.

Sean lifted his hips. Thrusting himself upward, he cried out, “I’m gonna’ cum, too.” He could feel the eruption rising from his groin.

Manda could no longer move. The first wave of orgasm rose from within her. “Aaaahhhh,” she cried. She leaned forward as she felt Sean thrusting into her. “Oh, oh, oh....” she cried out. Her legs began to squeeze against Sean’s waist and hips. Her body began to shiver. She fell forward.

Sean felt the first spasm rush through his cock. “Aaaahhhh,” he cried out. It felt like the head of his cock was exploding. There was a warm sensation as his semen began to flow from within him. The tightness of Manda’s pussy and the warmth of his cum added to the intensity of what he felt. With each spurt he moaned. After four intense spasms, he lost count. Wave after wave pushed from within him.

Manda’s body was completely enraptured with the sensation of pleasure. Her lower abdomen was completely swept over with wave after wave of spasms. She fell forward, feeling a warm sensation within her. Finally, relief came as the spasms lessened in intensity. Her head was on Sean’s chest as her breathing eased from short gasps. She felt her body jerk as she began to relax.

Sean wrapped his arms around Manda as she fell to his chest. No longer thrusting, he enjoyed the sensations of warm and tightness. He moved slightly as his cock began to soften. He caressed her back, feeling her body quiver several times. He could not believe the feeling he had just experienced. He had jerked himself off for years. Within the past months, he and Manda had brought each other to a point of pleasure. But what they just shared was beyond anything he could have imagined it would feel like. In that moment, his only thought was that he was happy that this had been with her.

“I love you, Manda,” he whispered as he wrapped his arms around her.

Manda’s breathing was quiet and gentle. There was a lingering sense of pleasure upon her. Sean’s arms were around her. She felt warm and cared for. She felt loved and safe. She heard his soft voice.

“I love you, Sean.” She was completely relaxed. The only movement was her chest rising and falling in time with her b*****r’s.

Sean and Manda laid together with her resting on top of him for a long time. Finally, she lifted herself up and looked into his face. They smiled at each other. She leaned toward him and they kissed gently. He caressed her back. She touched his face. As they parted, they could only look at each other. Neither could think of anything to say.

After several minutes passed, Manda began to lift herself off of Sean’s cock. He fell out of her easily since it was now soft. She looked down between her legs. “I want to see,” she said to him. Sean lifted his head enough to look down. Both watched as his cock lay limp to the side and his cum began slowly seeping from her. Drop and drop fell. A string reach him before it broke off from her.

“Wow,” Manda said. She looked at her b*****r. “I think I felt it when you came inside me.”

“I know I did,” he said with a laugh. They hugged and kissed.

“I better get a cloth,” Manda said. She lifted herself up, placing her hand between her legs to catch any cum that might flow out. She walked quickly to the bath and returned with two warm, wet cloths. She tossed one to her b*****r, holding the other between her legs. Sean wiped up the pool of semen that puddled on his abdomen. Manda wiped between her legs, pressing the cloth between her lips.

“Let’s shower,” she said.

“Sounds good to me.” Before he could get off the bed, Manda leaned to him.

“My dear Sean. I’m so glad you were my first.” She was thoughtful for a moment. “Actually, as far as I am concerned, you will be my only.”

“You were my first, too. I’m glad that you were the one.” He kissed her. “I love you.”

They made their way to the shower. They bathed each other. Sean used the hose in the shower to rinse Manda’s pussy. She lathered his cock and cleaned it. They bathed and rinsed. When they were dried off, they returned to Sean’s bedroom.

“Well, I think we need to do the laundry,” he said. They busied themselves taking sheets off their beds and gathering their clothes that needed washing. They did not bother to dress until they had one load of clothes going.

“I guess we need to put clothes on. Not much telling when mom might get home,” Amanda stated. They dress and met again in the laundry room. They embraced and kissed, holding each other. At that moment there was not another person in the world. It was just them, until they heard the garage door open.

“Mom’s home,” they said to each other.

To be continued...

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