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"The Man of the House" - Part 4

Sean was stirred from his sl**p by movement. He opened his eyes to see his mom sitting up next to him on the bed. He rubbed his hands over his face to make himself wake up. At first he was not sure where he was. Then he quickly remembered what had occurred the night before.

“Good morning,” Chelsey said as she placed her hand on her son’s chest, feeling of his muscled pecs. “Seems as though you slept well.”

“Yeah, I guess I did. Did you?”

Chelsey laughed softly. “I don’t think I’ve slept like that in years.” She leaned down and gave Sean a quick kiss on the lips. “And I owe that to you.” As she sat up, continuing to glide her hand over his body, she said, “I’m sorry about last night.”

“What do you mean? What do you have to be sorry about?”

She was thoughtful for a moment before replying. “Well, actually, I can think of several things I should be sorry about; but, I meant that I’m sorry I fell asl**p. I didn’t want to do that.” She sighed. “I think I was so emotionally exhausted, and I suppose physically exhausted.”

“Oh, mom. It’s okay. You had a hard night last night.”

“I know.” She moved her had down his chest, across his abdomen, and to his crotch. She began to rub her fingers over his limp cock. “But,” she paused for a second, lifted his cock and wrapped her fingers around it. “You did not have a hard enough night.” She shifted her position on the bed, pushed the covers off her son’s body, and began stroking him. “I think I’ll take care of that right now.”

Chelsey lowered her mouth onto her son’s cock, which was now beginning to respond. She began sucking and licking it, stroking up and down with her fingers lightly grasping it as it stiffened. Sean arranged the pillows so he could look down at his mother’s body and watch as she stroked and licked him. Her breasts were firm, but their weight caused them to hang down, not sagging, but yielding to the weight. He reached down, cupping her right breast, lifting it and moving is fingers over the nipple. This caused his cock to increase in hardness and size.

As Chelsey continued to stroke him, she looked up, watching him watch her. “Feel good?”

“Oh, yeah,” he said. “Real good.” He continued to massage her breast as he watched her once again take his entire cock into his mouth. “Mom, I don’t think I will last long. I really feel like I’m gonna’ cum.”

She lifted up, looking at her son. “That’s okay, Sean. You cum when you need to. That’s what I want you to do.” She lowered her mouth and continued to stroke, lick, and suck. With her free hand she began to massage his balls. Sean began to move his hips. Chelsey increased he pressure of her fingers around his cock, moving her mouth up and down a bit faster. His hips began a thrusting motion, matching her strokes. As she sense he was ready to cum, she lifted up. “Do you mind if I watch you cum? I always thought that was fascinating.”

“Mom, you do whatever. This feels so good. I am going to cum.”

Chelsey licked the head of his cock as she increased the speed of her strokes. Sean was thrusting harder, moaning louder. “Oh, oh, oh..” he groaned. He pushed his hips down into the bed and then thrust them up. As he did so, the eruption from his groin began. Chesley could feel the cum rise in his cock and spurt upward. The first stream had a great deal of f***e, going at least six inches into the air before falling back to her hand as another spurt shot upward. Sean cried out as she pumped him, massaging his balls and underneath them, forcing his cum upward and outward.

Sean was moving around, groaning, moaning, squeezing his mom’s breast. “Aaahhh,” he called out loudly. “Oh, oh...” he moaned as the waves of spasms began to ease. He was breathing deeply. He lifted his head as he watched his mom take his cum covered cock into her mouth. She moved up and down, licking the head and underside. When she flicked her tongue over the end, his body felt a jolt and jerked.

“Sorry about that,” she whispered, continuing to move her lips up and down the shaft. As Sean calmed down, she raised her head and looked at him. He was looking at her. She had cum on her chin and fingers. She sucked her fingers and then wiped the drippings from her lips and chin. She sucked them clean and moved up to her son. She laid her body across his. She kissed him deeply.

Sean could taste himself. He began to caress his mom’s back, running his fingers up and down. He reached down and placed his hands on her hips, massaging them. Chelsey ground her pubic area into Sean’s, kissing him again. After several minutes, she lifted herself up, allowing her breasts to hang down. She moved around so the nipples were caressing his chest. Sean reached up and grasped both of them, massaging, squeezing. “You have amazing breasts.”

“Thank you,” she replied as she pulled herself up more. Her breasts were now at her son’s mouth. Still massaging them, Sean began sucking her left breast. He sucked and licked the nipple, pushing it into his mouth. After a minute or so, he moved to the right breast, doing the same. He continued moving back and forth between her breasts as his mom moved her lower body over his abdomen. Chesley pulled her breasts away from Sean’s mouth and moved upward.

Spreading her legs so her knees were on either side of Sean’s shoulders, Chelsey positioned her pussy above his mouth. Placing her hands on the headboard of the bed to support herself, she looked down between her breasts as she lowered her now soaked pussy to her son’s mouth. Sean opened his mouth and began to lick the swollen, moist lips. His mom lowered herself so he could place his mouth over her. His tongue pushed into her canal. He licked and lapped, sucking her juices into his mouth. He was able to move his tongue up to her clit and began dancing over it.

“Oh, goodness, what are you doing down there?” she moaned out. Sean did not pause. He continued to lick the swollen nub, sucking it, flicking his tongue over it as creamy fluids flowed from inside his mother into his mouth and down his chin. Chelsey moaned as her hips began to move back and forth, almost grinding herself against him. Sean had to grab her hips to stay in contact with her pussy. He pushed his tongue into his mother, moving it around, as she jerked. He returned to her clit as he grasped her hips and f***ed her to move less. He sucked it, he licked it as she cried out.

Chelsey felt the orgasm building. Her breathing became rapid and shallow as her son was assaulting the most sensitive part of her body with his tongue. Suddenly, the spasms began. The first one caused her to scream. The second caused her to scream louder. Her body wanted to move, to thrust, but Sean’s hands held her to his mouth. The spasms grew in intensity causing her to jerk. “Oh, can’t take it,” she cried. She felt she was about to pass out but the spasms weakened. Her arms were shaking from the strain. The knuckles on her hand were white from grasping the headboard.

Even before the spasms ceased, Chelsey collapsed onto the bed. She did not lay down, she fell down beside her son. She lay motionless, except for the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed deeply. Her eyes were closed, her body was in a state of animation. There were slight tremors in her abdomen. She could feel the walls of her pussy pulsating with her heart beat.

Sean rose up on his elbow and looked at his mom. He did not touch her as he watched her breast rise and fall. For a few seconds her lower abdomen twitched. He realized his face was wet. He wiped his hand over his mouth and chin. The juices were creamy and thick. He licked his fingers. He liked the way his mom tasted.

Finally, Chelsey opened her eyes. She turned to look at her son. He was lifted up and licking his fingers. She could see the amount of fluids on them. “Did all that come out of me?” she managed to say.

“Yeah, sure did.” Sean sucked on his fingers before wiping what had run off his chin and down his neck. “You get really wet.” He smiled. “I don’t know much about what happens with women, but I assume this means it felt good.”

“In the words of a young man I know, good does not do what I felt justice.” She reached out, placing her hand behind Sean’s head, pulling him to her. They kissed, their tongues meeting and playing. Sean shifted himself as he lay next to his mom. His hand caressed her breasts before moving down her body. He placed it over her pussy, inserting his middle finger into the opening of his mom’s spread legs. She was very wet still. He started to move his finger up and down but his mom placed her hand over his. “Son, I don’t think I can take any more. I need to recover from that.”

She pulled his hand up and kissed it, licking her own juices from his fingers. “I know I have never cum that much.” They kissed softly. When their lips parted, Chelsey said, “I think we need to shower.” She began to rise from the bed. “You better help me,” she laughed. “I’m not sure I can walk.”

Sean and his mom entered the shower after he adjusted the water temperature. As the water cascaded over their bodies, Chelsey turned toward his son, laying her head on his chest. He held her tightly. “What have I done?” she asked. “What have I done?” She looked up into her face. “You know this is all wrong, don’t you?”

“I know that I love you. I know that you needed someone last night.”

Before he could continue, Chelsey said, “No, Sean. I did not need someone last night. I needed you.” She leaned her head against him. “I know it’s not what people would approve of, but I needed you.”

“Mom, what we have as a f****y is not about what people approve of. It’s about us.” She moved his hands up and down her back as the warm water flowed over them. “Whatever has happened is because we love each other and we look out for each other.” He paused in thought. “I know it is not what you mean when you call me the man of the house, but for me, that means I have a responsibility to you and Manda.”

As her son spoke about his s****r, Chelsey wanted to share her thoughts, but she realized being in the shower with her son was not the appropriate time for such a conversations. He looked up at kissed him. “Let’s get washed.”

They lathered and rinsed. Chelsey handed Sean a towel as she dried off. Once they were dry, Sean went to his room to dress for school. Chelsey dressed for work. She had considered taking the day off, fearing she might see Alan Coster if she went. But the night with Sean and his words that the man did not deserve her emboldened her. She was not afraid of seeing the man. She wanted to see him. Somehow, she would confront him and let him feel the shame that she had taken on herself.

She and Sean met in the kitchen. They prepared a quick breakfast and were just finishing when the phone rang. “Hey, b*****r,” Manda said. “What happening?”

“We are just finished with breakfast. How about you?”

“We’re just now leaving for school. You gonna’ pick me up after school?”

“Yeah. I’ll be there.” Sean saw his mom gesture that she wanted to speak to her daughter. Sean handed her the phone.

“Hey, sweetheart. How did it go?”

“Hey, mom. Well, we didn’t get much sl**p, but we did plan how we will play this week. We have a match tomorrow.”

“Listen, dear. I assume Sean said he would pick you up from school. I’m going to ask him to bring you by the office.”


“I’ll explain that then. I have to run. I’ll see you later. Have a good day.” Chelsey handed the receiver to her son, kissed him quickly on the lips. “I gotta’ go after I brush my teeth.” She kissd him again. “See you later. Oh, bring your s****r to the hospital after school.” She left the room.

Sean watched his mom leave the kitchen. “It’s me,” he said.

“What is that all about?” Manda asked. “Why does mom want me to come to her office?”

“I don’t know. This is the first I’ve heard about this.” He paused. “Well, I need to get ready for school. I’ll see you this afternoon.”

“Can I text you today? I have thought about you all night.”

“Sure. Just don’t write anything you don’t want anyone to see. Love you.”

“Love you, too.”

Sean brushed his teeth, put on a shirt and headed for school. He doubted if he would be able to concentrate during his classes. As he pulled out of the drive, all he could think about were the two women in his household. He loved them both. He was only eighteen but he was the man that each counted on. As he predicted, he was distracted by thoughts of what he and his mom had experienced. He read and replied to several texts from his s****r during class changes. At the end of one class, Sean’s teacher made the comment that he appeared not to be paying much attention. He apologized.

The school day ended. Sean headed for the middle school where Manda was waiting on him. She jumped into the truck, closed the door, and gave him kiss. “I missed you,” she said.

“I missed you, too.” As Manda fastened her seatbelt, Sean pull out of the parking area and headed toward the hospital.

“You don’t know why mom wants us to come by her office.?” She pulled the Taylor Swift CD out of her backpack and inserted it into the player.

“I have no idea.”

“You okay?” Manda asked. “You seem a bit lost in thought.” She reached across the center console and touched his arm.

“Yeah, I’m okay. Just tired I guess.” He knew he could not share what had happened with their mom.

They parked at the hospital and entered the emergency room area. They spoke to a couple of the nurses they knew as they made heir way to their mom’s office. They entered and were greeted by her secretary. “Hello,” she voiced cheerfully. “Your mom is expecting you.” She turned back to her work as the siblings entered the office.

Chelsey rose up from her desk and moved toward her c***dren. She hugged each and kissed their cheeks. “Sit down. I’ll be just a minute.” She sat in her chair and picked up her phone. She punched several numbers. “Dr. Richards, this is Chelsey Casey. Is it convenient for me to come up with my daughter?” After listening for a second, she continued. “We’re on our way.”

Rising from he desk, Chelsey motioned for Amanda to follow. “Come on, sweetie. Sean, you can wait here. We won’t be long.” The two left the office with Sean watching them leave. He was more than a little bit confused. He stood and walked around the office, looking at various diplomas, certificates, and awards on the walls. He found a magazine that looked less than interesting, but he picked it up, sat down, and began flipping through the pages.

As Amanda and her mom go on the elevator, she asked, “Mom, what is this? I’m not sick.”

Chelsey replied, “I know you’re not sick. But this is something I think we need to do.” They were silent for the trip of two floors. The doors opened and the two stepped out into a hallway. Amanda followed her mom until they came to a door with a sign that read “Dr. Malcolm Richards.” Beneath the name was written, “Obstetrician/Gynecology.”

“Mooommm,” Amanda voiced as her mom held her arm and guided her into the waiting room.

“Hi there, Chelsey,” said the nurse at the check-in counter. “Dr. Richards said for you to come on back. Room 3.” Chelsey led her daughter down another hallway to a door with a sign read “Examination Room 3.” Amanda was beginning to get nervous.

Within a minute the doctor entered in a white lab coat with his name embroidered on the chest pocket. “Dr. Richards, this is my daughter, Amanda.” He extended his hand. Amanda took it nervously. Amanda looked around. There was an examining table with stirrups. She was really getting nervous now.

“Why don’t you both sit down?” Amanda and her mom took the only two chairs in the room. The doctor sat on stool with rollers. “So, Amanda, your mom tells me you are f******n.”

“Yes sir,” she replied. Her voice quivered.

“Well, your mom and I have talked. She tells me that she thinks it would be wise for you to begin a birth control regimen.”

Amanda’s eyes opened wide as she looked at her mother. “Mom,” was all she was able to say.

“I know we haven’t spoken about this, but I just feel that this might be a good thing.”

“Why do I need to take birth control?” Her face flushed. “I’m not having sex.”

“Well, be that as it may, I think this will be protective. You are getting out more and you’re going to be around boys more.” Chelsey paused, touching her daughter’s arm. “Please, honey, do this for me.” Amanda could only let out a long breath.

Dr. Richards continued. “Amanda, I know this is not absolutely necessary, but I make this a practice to do a pelvic exam when a woman, or girl, begins birth control. And besides, at your age it is a good idea just to have this done to make sure all is okay.” He stood. “I’ll step outside.” He looked at Chelsey. “Mom, you can help her get ready and up on the table.” He turned and walked out the door.

“Mom, I don’t want to do this.” Amanda had tears in her eyes.

“Sweetheart, I know this is embarrassing at the first time. Believe me, you’ll get used to it by the time you’re my age and have had k**s.” She stood, taking Amanda’s hand. “Now, all you’ll need to do is take your dress off along with your bra and panties and put on this gown.”

“All I need to do,” Amanda replied with a raised voice. “I’ll be naked in front of that man.”

“He’s a doctor. He want see anything he hasn’t seen before.”

“Maybe so, but he hasn’t seen mine.” Tears began to flow as Chelsey began to help her undress. When the robe was in place, Amanda climbed onto the table.

“Put your feet here,” Chelsey said as she directed Amanda’s feet into the stirrups.

“I feel weird.” She wiped the tears from her face. There was a light knock on the door and Dr. Richards entered.

“This want take but a few minutes, my dear.” He pulled the rolling stool to the end of the table and sat down with a clear view between her open legs. Amanda reached out for her mother’s hand.

Amanda jumped when she felt something touch her pussy. She felt pressure and some movement. It did not hurt but was uncomfortable. She heard the doctor say, “Everything looks fine. Are your periods regular and do you have any pain?”

Chelsey motioned for her daughter to answer. “I guess so. Sometimes I have cramps, but mom gives me something for that.”

“Okay, fine. You can sit up,” the doctor said. He stood as Amanda sat up and swung her legs to the side of the table. Her face was flushed from embarrassment. The doctor approached her, untied the bow that held up the robe. He reached in and began to mash on her left breast. After a moment, he did the same to her right. He listened to her heart beat and to her breathing, asking her to breath deeply. “I don’t notice anything irregular. You appear to be a fine healthy f******n year old.” He moved the stool and walked to the door. “You can get dressed. I’ll be back in a minute.” He left.

“Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Chelsey asked.

“Yeah. I didn’t see him tell you to get naked and lay up here while he...” she paused. “While he did whatever he did down there.”

Chelsey laughed. “Believe me, he’s seen me plenty of times in that same position.” She helped her daughter dress and within a few minutes the doctor returned. He sat down on the stool and began writing on a prescription pad.

“Okay. Let’s try these. If there are no side effects like cramping or excess bleeding, these will do what you want.” He said his good-bye and e****ted Amanda and her mom to the outer office. As they headed for the door, the receptionist told them “good-bye.”

Amanda was sullen as she and her mom entered the elevator. Chelsey looked at her, thinking it was time for a talk. “This is best. I know you may not understand, but it is. Please believe me.”

“Mom, I was so embarrassed. And you’re right. I don’t understand.”

“I know. I felt the same my first time with a doctor. But, as I said, you’ll get used to it.” They did not talk until they returned to her office. Sean stood as they entered. He could see the distress on his s****r’s face.

“Are you okay? Is there a problem?” While Amanda and Chelsey were with the doctor, he began to imagine that he had done something that hurt or injured his s****r.

“We’re fine,” Chelsey said. “I’ll get this filled on my way home. I’ll leave now as you do.” The three of them headed toward the parking area. Sean and Amanda left in his truck. Chelsey followed until she made a turn to the pharmacy they used.

“What was that about?” Sean asked as soon as they were in the truck.

“Mom had the doctor prescribe birth control pills for me.” She looked at Sean. “I don’t know why. We haven’t had sex. Not real sex anyway. And I sure haven’t been with anyone but you.” She almost cried again. Sean took her hand. They rode home with little conversation.

Amanda went to her room and Sean to his. They dropped their backpacks and changed clothes. Before he could finish dressing, Manda walked into his room from his bathroom. She almost ran into Sean’s arms. “I missed you so much.” They hugged. He kissed her head before she looked up at him. He kissed her lips before laying her head against his chest. They were that way until they heard their mom enter the house. They walked down the hall to the great room. Chelsey was waiting for them.

“I think we need to talk,” she said, sitting in her chair but leaning forward. Sean and Amanda sat on the sofa. Chelsey breathed deeply, holding the pharmacy bag in her hand. She spoke with a serious tone. “I really don’t know where to start.” She was thoughtful for a moment. “I have noticed that the two of you are very close. And, I’m happy about that. I certainly don’t want you fighting all the time. But, you are not just close. You are very close.” She paused again. “Sean, you are one of the best looking young men in know. I have no doubts that there are dozens of girls at school that would love to date you.”

Sean blushed. “Mom, what are you trying to say?”

“Let me continue. Amanda, you are a beautiful young girl. Though you are too young to date, I never hear you talk about boys the way girls usually do. I am not so old that I don’t remember when.” She thought again. “So, unless you are both gay, and I seriously doubt that, I have to assume that your interest in the opposite genders is directed toward each other.”

Sean and Amanda looked at each other. They both blushed. Chelsey continued. “Let me share with you what I have observed. When we are in here as a f****y, you sit together. Not just sit together, you cuddle. I know other siblings may do this, but I can only see you two. You are very comfortable with each other.” She stood and walked around a moment before she continued.

“Several weeks ago, I’m not sure how many, I was preparing to do the laundry. Sean, you had forgotten your sheets and you went to get them. Remember? It was right before Amanda’s birthday.” She did not wait for an answer. “I was putting your sheets into the washer when I noticed a rather large stain on them. I thought several things could have caused this, but these did not really explain what I saw.”

She looked at Amanda. “Then, when we went to Atlanta for the concert, I saw you in Sean’s room asl**p. For a moment you looked like cute siblings. But I realized how comfortable you looked. It was as if you were accustomed to sharing a bed. It did not appear that you had done anything inappropriate that night. But you simply looked too comfortable together. It appeared that this was not a first for you.” She sat back down. “I notice the way you touch. I notice that sometimes when you give each other a kiss, you touch lips.

Chesley looked at Sean and Amanda. She loved them so. She loved her son. The images of the night before and the morning sexual ecstacy with Sean flashed through her mind. “What I’m trying to say is this. I think the two of you are sharing your love for each other in ways that are considered very inappropriate.” She looked at her son. “Sean, I have been telling you for a long time that you are the man of the house. You reminded me this morning what that means to you when it comes to feeling responsible to your s****r and me. You do really take care of us, and I mean that in the appropriate sense.” She swallowed and breathed deeply to prepare for what she was about to say.

“Amanda, I know that your b*****r is special to you just as you are to him. I know that a young man like him is so easy to fall in love with. I fell in love with your father and your b*****r is just like him.” She paused. “Believe me, I know how easy it is to come to depend on your b*****r and let him take care of you.” Tears came to her eyes. “I know because I let him take care of me last night.”

Amanda looked at Sean. “What happened last night?”

“I’ll explain in minute,” her mother replied. “I just needed to say this. For siblings to have the kind of relationship you seem to have is morally wrong in our society. It’s called i****t.” She looked into their faces. “Somehow, I am thinking you may have already had this discussion with each other. Am I right?”

She watched as both Sean and Amanda nodded their heads without speaking. “I suppose I could tell you that it must stop. I could demand it and put some sort of safeguard in place to prevent whatever you have been doing with each other.” She looked at her daughter. “Amanda told me this afternoon in the doctor’s office that you have not had sex. But, I think I can imagine that there has been other kinds of activity other than intercourse. Am I right?”

Again she watched them nod their heads. “Okay. So we have a situation here that I really don’t know how to deal with. In a minute, I’ll tell you why that is. For now, I am going to assume that you love each other. That seems obvious. And I am going to assume that whatever you are doing you will continue to do no matter what I say. Am I right again?”

Sean and Amanda looked at each other. They took each other’s hand. “Mom,” Amanda spoke. “I don’t know what to do. But I see other boys my age and even older. They are nothing like my b*****r.” She looked at him. “I know it’s wrong. But when every girl I know tell me that he’s the greatest thing to ever walk on the earth, the most handsome, the hottest guy around, I just can’t help but agree. The best part of it is, I get to live with him.” She looked at him again. “And I believe with all my heart, I love him. I may be just f******n. But I know what I feel is real.”

“Sean, you have anything you want to say?”

“Mom, I don’t know what to say. I know what I feel. For Manda and for you. I love you both. I am responsible for you both. Maybe I didn’t consider that I was responsible in a sexual way, but it seems to have come to that.” He looked as his s****r. “I have loved Manda since the day you put her in my arms and let me feed her a bottle. She smiled at me and she has had my heart ever since.” He smiled at her. “Then, I guess it just happened. I felt something when I was around her. I guess it started some months ago. We have always been close, but it just happened. We got really close.” He blushed. He did not want to explain in detail.

He looked at his mom. “And I feel responsible to you. I want to protect you and make you feel safe and loved.” Both he and his mom thought of what that led to.

“I know, son. And that is why I don’t know how to deal with this. I feel the same way about you that your s****r does.” Tears flowed down her cheeks. “You are so much like your father. When I’m with you, it is like I am with him.” She swallowed hard, looking from Sean to Amanda and back. “Last night seemed to make that obvious.” She wiped her face with her hands.

“What happened last night?” Amanda asked. “I thought you had a date with Alan.” She looked at her b*****r. “What happened, Sean?” Before he could speak, her mother did.

“Well, let’s just say that if you use your imagination and, mostly likely, personal experience with your b*****r, you can figure that out.”

Manda looked at her b*****r. “Sean.” He put his arm around her and pulled her to him.

“It’s okay, Manda. It’s okay.” He kissed her. “We need to let mom explain about what happened.” He continued to hold his s****r as their mother began to relate what happened on the date. She began to cry again.

Sean rose from his seat, went to his mom. He took her hands and led her to the sofa. He sat her between Manda and himself. They both put their arms around her. She was able to continue and share with her daughter what had happened at the motel and how she got home. She then looked at Amanda and told her how Sean had been there for her and what that led to.

As she finished the account with less that explicit detail, she said to Amanda. “You see. Just as you allow Sean to be the man in your life, I let him be the man in mine.” She leaned back and took a hand of each one. “And for the life of me, I don’t know where this is going to lead.” She rose from the sofa and walked to her chair. She picked up the pharmacy package and handed it to Amanda. “So, this why I wanted you to start these. Because we don’t know what may well happen. And if it does, we’ll be prepared.”

“What do you mean “we?” Amanda asked.

“I’ve been taking birth control since I started dating that man.” She sat down again between her c***dren. She pulled them both to her. “I love you both so much.” She kissed each. “I don’t know what to do.”

“Mom, are you saying that Sean and I can have real sex?”

“No. I’m saying that if you continue in your current behavior, eventually you will put yourselves in a situation that could result in your being pregnant.”

“So, you’re saying that this could happen to you as well?”

“I don’t know. I just know what happened last night and this morning.” She was thoughtful. “I’ll be honest with you. When I see the two of you together when you cuddle here and when I saw you laying with him at the hotel in Atlanta, I felt so lonely, maybe a bit envious. I wanted so much to be held.” She sighed. “I think that is what made me want to be with Alan so much. Why I was so vulnerable? I trusted him because I needed someone to trust.” She looked as Sean. “All the time, I had someone to trust.”

The three sat on the sofa together without speaking. Finally Sean spoke. “So, what I am hearing is that the two female members of this household who say I’m the man of the house, see me as more than a son and a b*****r.” He looked from his s****r to his mother.

“Actually, that is not what we’re saying. At least, that is now what I think we’re saying.” Chelsey stood and turned to Sean and Amanda. “I think what we’re saying is that because you are a son and a b*****r, but more so, the man of the house, you have taken a responsibility to take care of us. Right?” She didn’t wait for a reply. “We’re sort of defining what that means to us. Because you love us and we love you, because we both have expressed a need for being cared for, in that particular way, that we are not sure what will happen, but whatever it is, we’ll be prepared.”

Chelsey look at her daughter. “Does that explain it, Amanda?” She nodded, but Sean stood up.

“Well, it doesn’t explain it to me.” He paced around the area of the room. “I guess I just want to know what is expected, or even better, what is permitted.” She looked at his mom, then at his s****r. “Okay, let’s just say that Manda and I are in what you called a situation. Let’s say that we feel the time is right to do what we have yet to do. I think we know what that is. Is it okay to do it?” Chelsey looked at Amanda. She looked at her mom. They both looked at Sean.

“I think that about sums it up,” Chelsey said.

“Sounds good to me.” Amanda stood and went to her b*****r. She hugged him, then kissed him on the lips.

“Okay,” Chelsey said. “I think we do need some rules.” She paced some more. “Rules like not doing anything when all three of us are in the house.” She thought about the amount of noise she and Sean had made. She also thought that she was not ready to listen to her c***dren having sex. “Another rule like this is not a license to act like rabbits. We allow what we feel be controlled reasonably and safely.” Sean and Amanda were nodding.

Sean spoke. “I feel like I am a toy being shared. I’m not sure I like that idea. I believe we have acted out of real feelings, not a convenience or just for the hell of it.” He paused. “I guess what I mean is that we love each other, all of us. So, love is what is important here. Excuse my language, but Amanda and I, and you and I, mom, did what we did because we were sharing our love, not because we were horny and wanted a good fuck.” He looked at his mom. “I don’t want to do this like Alan did. He just wanted to get laid. That is not what I want.”

“I couldn’t agree more, Chelsey said. So, let’s agree, what happens will happen because we are expressing true love, not lust.” They agreed. “Sean is not our stud-muffin.” They all laughed.

“So what now?” Amanda voiced.

“I think we need to prepare dinner and eat.” Chelsey hugged her c***dren and headed to change clothes. Sean and Amanda did the same. “We’ll meet in the kitchen in a few minutes.”

Sean and Amanda went into her bedroom. Amanda held her b*****r’s arm and turned him toward her. “Sean,” she said with sadness. “You did with mom what you did with me?” He nodded. “I’ll bet she was better than me, wasn’t she?” Her eyes began to tear. She felt jealous of her mother. “She’s a woman and I’m just a girl.”

Sean pulled her to him. “Manda, I’ll say this because it is true. Mom made me feel good. But not any better than you made me feel.” He kissed her. “I want us to remember something that is very important. You were my first and I was yours, at least, for what we did. I’m thinking that there is another first in our future.” He touched the package she was holding in her hand. She smiled. They kissed deeply. “Let’s get ready for dinner.” He made his way to his room.

In several minutes the Casey’s were preparing a meal. There was a strange, but relaxed atmosphere with them. They ate their meal, cleaned up the dishes, and headed to the great room to watch tv. Amanda flopped on the sofa. Sean was about to join her when he looked at his mom. “Wanna’ join us, he said.” She came to the sofa, sitting on one side of Sean. Amanda was on the other. They all propped their feet on the sofa table and watched tv.

When bedtime came, Chelsey commented that she was ready for a night’s sl**p. “Not that I did not sl**p well last night,” she said as she rose from the sofa with Sean and Amanda. They shared hugs and all headed toward their bedrooms. Chelsey waited at her door. When Sean passed, she reached out to him. She hugged him firmly. “Thank you,” she whispered softly. “You have really helped me.”

“I’m glad, mom,” she said as he returned her hug. “I’m still a bit uncertain about all of this.”

“Me too. I think it’ll will all work out now that we know what has happened. We’ll figure it out as we go.” She turned toward her door, then paused and looked back at him. “You are so much like your father. I hope you don’t mind we saying that so much.”

“No, mom, I don’t. I’m glad you had him to love. I wish I were him, but I’m still me.”

“Being you is all I want you to be. I love you, son.”

“I love you, too.”

He turned toward his room and saw Manda waiting beside her door. “She okay?”

“Yeah. She’s okay. I think she really needed to be with our dad and I was the closest thing she had. That Alan guy really caused her to hurt. I’m going to get even with him some how.” He started to move to his room but his s****r pulled him into her room.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure. Anything.”

“Do you really think a b*****r and s****r can love each other as if we aren’t b*****r and s****r?”

“I don’t know. I never loved anyone else but you and mom. Our grandparents, but they’re different. What I mean is, the only people I really, truly care about are you and mom. So the only kind of love I have is for you. But, I think I love you differently than I think others guys love their s****rs.”

“I think so, too.” She hugged Sean. “Can I ask you something else?” As he nodded she said. “Can we sl**p together tonight?” She saw the look on his face. “I don’t mean that way. I just realized when I was at the sl**p over how much I missed being with you. I’d like to feel you close tonight.”

“Okay. I need to brush my teeth and use the bathroom. You gonna’ come to my room or do you want me to come to yours.”

“Your bed is bigger.” Sean walked through her bath to get to his room. They each brushed their teeth, watching each other through the open doorways between their rooms. Sean was in his bed when Manda came into his room. She crawled into bed and snuggled up to him. They held each other in the darkness, eventually going to sl**p.

Chelsey prepared for bed. Her thoughts were on the conversation she had just had with Sean and Amanda. “What was I thinking?” she asked herself. “If my co-workers knew about what has happened in my home, I would be ostracized and considered a pervert and social outcast.” Even with this thought in her mind, she realized that she did the right thing. “Okay, I guess I could have told my c***dren that there was be no more sexual activity.” Then she had another thought. “But, then, I would have to be talking to myself. I had oral sex with my son.” Then she admitted to herself, “And I enjoyed it.”

Her mind in a whirl, Chelsey decided that she needed to take a shower. That usually settled her down so she could sl**p. After adjusting the water which steamed up the shower area, she stepped in. Immediately the hot water caused the tension to ease. With a towel wrapped over her hair, she leaned back to allow the water to fall over her shoulders. After several minutes, she turned to enjoy the warmth on the rest of her body. She raised her hands to cup her breasts. She lifted them and massaged them. The spray caused her nipples to harden. She caressed them, pinched them. “Mmmm,” she sighed. “That feels nice.”

Chelsey’s thoughts began to focus on what she and Sean had shared. “He was so loving and caring.” Her hand moved down her body and came to rest between her legs. As the water from the shower soothed her tension, cascading over her, her fingers began to move up and down the slit between her labia. She inserted a finger between them, moving slowly as she pushed it into her warm, waiting canal. “Oh,” she said aloud. After a minute, she moved her finger to her clit. She began caressing it as the water embraced her. She used her fingertip to make circles around the spot, spreading her legs slightly for better access. Placing her finger on top of her now swollen love button, she began to massage it. She moved a bit faster until that unique sensation began to form deep within her. She continued this motion until she felt the swell of pleasure grow. Moving her hand faster, she rubbed back and forth, her fingertip pressing harder.

“Oh, oh...Rob” she moaned. “I need you so.” Her legs stiffened and began to shake. Removing her hand from her breast, she leaned against the wall to steady herself. The orgasm began to move from deep within her outward. The spasms grew more intense. She had to f***e herself not to cry out by breathing deeply and rapidly. Her hand was now moving faster as her finger pressed against her clit. She wanted to sit down but she did not want to take her hand from between her legs.

“Oh, Sean” she groaned as the spasms began to weaken. Her body was shivering, her lower abdomen was jerking, her legs were weak. After a long minute, she opened her eyes and breathed in and out long and hard.

She realized that she had called Sean’s name. “Oh, my darling Rob, he is so much like you,” she said to herself as tears gathered. “He is like you in every way, except one. He is not my husband; he is my son.” She brought her hands to her face as she began to weep. “I do love you so. Please forgive me, Rob. I do love him so.” She allowed water to flow over her face. “If I can’t have you, my sweet, dear Rob, I have him.”

Chelsey finished her shower, dried off, and returned to her bedroom. She pulled a long, cotton t-shirt she often slept in over head. She pulled down the bed covers. As she did so, a thought went through her mind. She turned and walked to her door. She opened it and walked slowly and quietly down the hall toward Sean’s room. As easily and quietly as he could, she turned the knob and pushed it open just enough to see into his room.

In the dimness of the light coming from the bathroom nightlight, she could see Sean’s bed. She was not surprised at what she saw. Sean and Amanda were in the bed. Oddly enough, they were both turned on their sides with their backs to each other. In the quietness she could hear them breathing. They were asl**p. She also realized that there was a good bit of room on the queen-size bed next to Sean as he lay close to his s****r. She entered, closed the door, and moved slowly toward the bed. She gently pulled back the covers and slid under them. As she began to settle down, resting her head on the same pillow Sean was using, he roused.

Feeling movement, Sean roused from his sl**p. Opening his eyes, he saw his mom laying down next to him. “Mom,” he said quietly.

“Shhhh,” Chesley whispered. “Go back to sl**p.” She rolled to her side, turning her back to her son. As she relaxed close to him, she felt is arm reach across her body. She took hold of his arm and pulled it up against her with his hand resting between her breasts. Cuddling against him she drifted off to sl**p.

To be continued...

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