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"The Man of the House" - Part 3

Chelsey returned to the kitchen wearing her bathrobe and house slippers. Sean and Amanda were eating bowls of cereal. “Did you guys not eat?” she said as she poured a glass of juice and joined them at the table.

“We sorta’ snacked,” Sean said. He looked at his s****r.

“Yeah, mom, we just snacked.” She and her b*****r exchanged smiles, both thinking of what it was they “snacked” on. “So, tell us about your date.”

“Well, we went to The Rockhouse Restaurant. You know the one near the lake.” She sighed. “The food was wonderful.”

“Actually, I meant the man you had the date with, Alan,” Amanda replied.

“Oh, right.” Chelsey smiled. “He is really nice. We talked a bit about our past. We talked about the hospital and work.”

“Did you go dancing?” Sean asked. “He mentioned you might do that.”

“No. After we left the restaurant, we decided to walk to the lake. It was a bit cool, but we didn’t seem to notice so much.” She smiled. “It was really nice.”

“When are you gonna’ see him again?” Amanda asked.

“I don’t know. We agreed to discuss it over the next week or so.”

Sean and Amanda finished their cereal, washed their bowls and their mom’s glass. The f****y went into the great room. Chelsey sat in her favorite chair. Sean sat on the sofa. His s****r sat next to him, leaning against his shoulder. They began watching one of the late night talk shows.

“I think I’ll head for bed,” Sean said. “I have some reading I need to do for school.” He rose from the sofa.

“I guess I will, too,” Amanda said with a yawn. “For some reason I’m tired.”

They both kissed their mom and headed to their bedrooms. Amanda grabbed Sean’s arm and pulled him into her room. Closing the door, she put her arms around her b*****r. Sean leaned down and kissed her. The kiss was more than a quick peck. Their tongues played together as they embraced.

“Thanks for tonight,” she said softly. “It felt wonderful.”

“Thank you,” Sean said. “You really made me feel good.” After another strong hug, they parted and Sean made his way to his room. The siblings brushed their teeth and headed to bed. Amanda went to sl**p quickly. Sean laid on his bed thinking about what had happened. He was filled with mixed emotions. “How can I be in love with my s****r? She’ll be f******n in a few weeks. How can a f******n year old be in love?” His mind dwelled on what they shared earlier. He could not believe that they made each other cum the way they did. He cut out his light and tried to sl**p. It was useless. He looked at his clock and realized an hour had passed. He got out of bed and decided to watch more tv. He assumed his mom had gone to bed.

Sean made his way down the hall. He quickly noticed the light was on in the great room. He walked slowly as he approached the room. The tv was on but the volume was low. He peaked around the corner as he had done years before. His mom was still in her favorite chair, her feet resting on the matching ottoman.

Her head was laid back and her eyes were closed. But what attracted his attention was her hand pushed into her bathrobe. Her legs were spread enough for her hand to be between then. He could not see what she was doing, but the movement made it obvious that she was pleasing herself. Her other hand was also pushed into her robe, moving over her breast. She was breathing deeply. Her body jerked several times. His mom sighed loudly. He knew she was cumming. Oddly, at that moment he thought about how Manda had cried out earlier. His mom was not as loud, but she obviously felt something good.

Sean realized that if his mom opened her eyes she would see him so he backed away. Returning to his room, closing the door behind him, his thoughts were about the needs of his mom. He remembered the conversation the day before as she related how she met his dad and the love they came to share. He concluded that she needed a man in her life to provide for those needs for companionship. As he lay in bed he thought about Manda and what they had shared. “We all need someone, even when we are younger.” He considered his future. He really did not know any girls at school that appealed to him. He knew there were girls that seemed to be attracted to him; but Sean saw them as immature. They were more interested in clothes, Facebook, and stupid shows on tv than anything else. Other guys talked about girlfriends and what they did sexually. “Maybe I am bit inexperienced in that area,” he admitted to himself. “Being the man of this house placed a responsibility on him that his teammates did not have.” sl**p came as Sean’s thoughts turned to his mom and his s****r. “I’m responsible for them,” he said to himself.

After her c***dren went to bed, Chelsey sat alone in the quietness of the great room. She had enjoyed the date, but she was aware of her mixed emotions. Deep within her consciousness was a sense of guilt. “Am I betraying my first love?” is the question she asked herself. It troubled her to think that she was somehow unfaithful to the man who had loved her and fathered her c***dren. Yet, she knew that he had dedicated himself to her happiness and well-being. “And I really enjoyed tonight,” she finally admitted.

As she sat in her chair, ignoring the tv, there stirred within her the memories of being with her husband. She could remember his gentle but passionate kisses; the touch of his hand on her body. It had been so long since she experienced the ecstasy of lovemaking. Being with Alan, even if it were nothing more than a walk by the lake on a cold night, brought back memories. As her thoughts focused on those memories, Chelsey felt a stirring in her body. She moved her legs and felt a slight sensation between them.

For all these years she had to pleasure herself. “It’s just not the same,” she said to herself. Her hand moved down to her stomach. She placed her hand under her bathrobe as she reached down between her legs. She was wearing panties so she slipped her hand under the silky fabric. As soon as she touched herself, she realized she was wet. Her finger slid between her labia. She was warm and moist. As she laid her head back, she moved her free hand under her robe and began to caress her breast. Her nipple was hard, her breast firm. She massaged it as her fingers began to probe her pussy.

Moving her hand up and down, Chelsey touched her clit. She gave a soft moan. She inserted her finger into her pussy, collecting the juices that were forming and returning to her clit. “Aaahhh,” she whispered. “That feels better.” She massaged her breast as her fingers caressed her clit. Within a few minutes she felt the orgasm growing. Her hand moved faster as she stimulated the now sensitive clit. As the orgasm began to sweep through her lower abdomen, she wanted to cry out. She controlled this urge as her body jerked again and again. “Oh, for the touch of a man,” she thought as the sensation waned. As her body relaxed and her breathing returned to normal, Chelsey became aware of the quietness of the room; and yet, she thought she heard something. “Was it a door shutting?” she thought. Opening her eyes, she saw that she was alone. She sighed as she got up from the chair, turned off the tv, and made her way to her bedroom, hoping that whatever sound she heard was not one of her c***dren. “If I’m going to please myself, I need to do it in my room,” she said softly as she entered her bedroom and went to bed.

The next morning, Sean was awakened by movement on his bed. As he managed to open his eyes, he looked into the eyes of his s****r as she leaned down to kiss him. “Wake up, sl**pyhead,” Manda said. “Time to get up. Mom has cooked breakfast.” She kissed him again and pulled the covers off of him. He was sl**ping in boxers and without a shirt. She placed her hand on his crotch and patted his limp cock. “Did you sl**p well?” she asked with a laugh.

Sean followed Manda into his bathroom. She made her way to her room. He emptied his bladder, washed his face, combed his hair, and dressed. As he approached the kitchen, he smelled bacon. Entering the kitchen he saw his mom at the stove. She was adding pancakes to the stack on a plate.

“Morning, sunshine,” Chelsey voiced.

“Morning, mom.” Sean approached and gave her a kiss on the cheek. He poured a glass of g**** juice. “Can I help?”

“I’m done here. But you can pour something for your s****r.” She looked around. “Where is she?”

“I don’t know. She woke me up and said to come to breakfast.” As he spoke, Amanda walked in, carrying her laundry.

“Oh, I forgot,” Sean stated. “Today is laundry day. I’ll get my stuff after breakfast.”

The three of them sat down to eat. As they divided up the pancakes, Chelsey asked, “Did you sl**p okay?” She looked at each of her c***dren, looking for any evidence that it might have been one of them she heard last night. Seeing so sign from either, she assumed she had heard the wind blowing or the house creaking.

“I slept good,” Amanda replied. “I think I sl**p better when I know I don’t have school the next day.”

“Yeah, I slept okay,” Sean added. He looked at his mom, deliberately trying to hide any indication of what he had observed. Attempting to empty his mind of the image of her masturbating, he asked. “So, other than laundry, what’s up for today?”

“For one thing,” his mom stated, “we’ve got to plan a birthday party.” She looked at her daughter. “Somebody in this household will turn f******n in two weeks.”

“Oh, mom,” Amanda said. “I don’t need a party.”

“Of course you do,” her mom declared. “You only turn f******n once. It is important.”

“It’s not that big a deal. It not like I’m turning six or sixteen.” She took a bite of food, chewed, and added. “Really, don’t make a big deal. I don’t really want a party.”

“Well, what do you want?” Chelsey asked. “Really, I want you to have a good day and we want to make is special for you.”

Amanda was in thought for a minute. “Well, if you want to know what I really want.” She paused. “Taylor Swift is doing a concert in Atlanta on the Saturday after my birthday. I’d really like to go to that.”

“Are tickets still available?” Sean asked.

“Yeah. Rachel told me she bought hers yesterday.”

Chelsey was thoughtful for a minute. “So, this would mean going overnight to Atlanta.” She considered this. “Who do you plan ongoing with?”

“The two of you, of course,” Amanda stated. “I want both of you to take me to the concert.”

After some discussion, Chelsey finally said, “Okay. Sean, you get online and check out tickets. I’ll look about a hotel.” She looked at her daughter. “If that’s what you want, that’s what we’ll do.”

Amanda jumped up from her seat and hugged her mom and then her b*****r. “Oh, this is great. Thank you so much.” She could not contain her excitement. “I need to call Rachel and tell her.” Amanda ran from the room, leaving her mom and b*****r looking at her with big smiles.

“Well, that’s that,” Chesley said. After a long moment of silence, she looked at Sean. “You know, you’ll be eighteen in just a matter of weeks. What about you? What do you want for your birthday?” She smiled at her son and reached for his hand. “You’re only eighteen once. Your mommy would be happy to have a birthday party for you.” She laughed and Sean blushed.

“Oh, mom.” He held her hand. “I can’t think of anything I want. At least, nothing really for me.”

“What does that mean?” his mom asked.

“I don’t know. It’s just that I saw you last night.” He paused in thought. Immediately, Chelsey thought that he was going to mention seeing her in the living room with her hand between her legs. She was blushing and fearful of what he was about to say. “Mom, you seemed so happy when you got home from your date. It was good to see you that way.” He held her hand, “I just want you to be happy. You deserve it.”

Relief swept over Chelsey as she heard his words. Tears came to her eyes as she rose from her seat, pulling Sean to his feet. She hugged him. “Oh, my dear c***d. You are one of a kind.” She held him tightly as he put his arms around her. “You may be just about to turn eighteen, but you are already a man. You are caring and loving. You think of others before you think of yourself.”

She held him at arms length as she looked into his face. “I am so proud of you. You are the man of this house and you have proved yourself over and over again. You have character and that means a lot in this world.” She kissed him quickly on the lips. “You are so much like your father. If I weren’t your mother, I’d be chasing you.” She laughed while tears ran down her face. “That’s all you need right. A cougar in your life.” She hugged him again, wiped tears from her face. “Look at me. I’m a mess.”

Before his mom could walk away, Sean reached for her and pulled him to her. “Mom, you are not a mess. You are beautiful. And you have taken care of us all these years. Some of those years where really hard. If I had a cougar in my life, I would want it to be you.” He kissed the top of her head before releasing her.

“Well, I think we need to make some plans for the concert. Let’s get the kitchen cleaned up first.” She and Sean busied themselves putting dishes in the dishwasher. “If you’ll get your sheets, I’ll start a load in the washer,” she stated. “Then we can see about concert tickets and a hotel room.”

Sean went to his room, brushed his teeth, and stripped his bed. He carried the sheets to the laundry room where his mom was preparing to wash them. “I’ll go get online,” he said. He booted up his laptop to check on tickets.

Chelsey began sorting the sheets, realizing it would take at least two loads for all that needed washing. As she sorted through the sheets to place them in the washer, she noticed a stain on Sean’s fitted sheet. The dark blue fabric had a circular stain the size of a small plate. “That’s odd,” she said to herself. She felt of the stain. There was some stiffness to it. She smelled it. There was no scent or odor. Her first thought was that her son had experienced a wet dream. She knew that was common with boys who were entering puberty, but Sean was past that stage. She shrugged, putting stain remover on the spot and placing the sheet in the washer. Another thought came to mind. She remembered such a stain being on sheets after she and Rob became sexually active. He would bring her to orgasms that caused her to produce enough vaginal secretions to stain the sheets. Stains left by Rob were normally several small spots.

“Mom, they have tickets available.” Sean’s announcement brought her out of her thoughts. “They have some pretty good seats still available, but they are pretty expensive.” Chelsey finished loading the washer and started the machine. She went to join her son.

“How expensive is expensive?” She asked as she looked over his shoulder at the computer screen.

“Well, here is what is available.” He pointed to seating diagram of the arena and the seats that were close to the stage. The price is right here for that section. He showed the price chart.

“What do you think?”

“Mom, Amanda’s worth it. I think we should go for these. This will be a good birthday for her.”
Chelsey agreed.

“I’ll get my credit care,” she said as she headed for her bedroom and purse. She returned with the card and Sean made the purchase.

“I’ll connect the printer and print out the confirmation.” He rose to go to the office. “We won’t tell her about the seats. At least there will be some surprise to this.”

Chelsey watched him as he walked toward the office. “Yes, he is a man. A young man but still a man,” she thought. “He really cares for his s****r and me.” For some reason she thought to ask her son a question. “Sean, do you have a girlfriend?”

At the office door Sean turned back toward her. He looked puzzled. “No, not really. I have friends who are girls but not one I would think of as a girlfriend.” He looked at his mom. “Why do you ask?”

“Oh, no reason. I was just thinking about how good looking you are and what a catch you would be. It’s not important. Just curious.” She turned to busy herself with other Saturday chores still thinking about the stains on the sheet. Concluding that like every young man his age, her son has masturbated and left the stain.

The days passed with each member of the Casey household following their normal routine. There were little time when Sean and Amanda were alone. They settled for the occasional kiss and embrace. There was nothing sexual between them. Amanda was excited about the upcoming concert. All she knew was that tickets had been purchased and hotel accommodations had been secured.

The concert was a Saturday night event in an Atlanta venue. Chelsey took Friday off so the three of them could travel that day. She had arranged for two nights at the Ritz-Carlton. She wanted this to be a special birthday for her daughter. She and Sean had gone shopping for Amanda. They purchased a new laptop with necessary programs and the latest version of the iphone. They added her to their existing f****y account. Chelsey also purchased several gift certificates at Amanda’s favorite clothing stores. She even bought one from Victoria’s Secret. Sean had arranged a surprise. He did not share it with his mom. He wanted it to be a surprise for both.

Chelsey prepared Amanda’s favorite meal for her birthday and made a cake. She and Sean sang “Happy Birthday” to her and gave her their presents and those sent by grandparents. She was thrilled with the laptop and the gift certificates, but it was the iphone that made her most excited. She spent the evening with Sean helping to enter her friends to her contact list. Following the dinner the three gathered in the great room to watch Amanda’s favorite movie. Her mother sat in her favorite chair. She often glanced toward the sofa where the new f******n year old cuddled up against her b*****r. She smiled at how close they were.

The concert weekend was great. The hotel accommodations included a two-bedroom suite. Chelsey had arranged for flowers to be given to Amanda at check-in. In the room was a bouquet basket with chocolate bars and other snacks. Friday night the Casey’s went to a movie, followed by a late night visit to IHOP where they enjoyed pancakes. The serving staff sang to Amanda.

Arriving at the hotel well near mid-night, all three of the Casey’s were tired. Entering the suite, Amanda turned to her mom and b*****r. “Oh, mom, Sean, I could not have been given a better birthday.” She hugged her mom. “Thank you, mom. You are the greatest. I love you.” She kissed her mom on the cheek.

“I love you, sweetie,” Chelsey replied, returning the hug.

Amanda embraced her b*****r. “I love you, Sean. You are the greatest b*****r a girl could have.” She kissed him, but not on the cheek. She stood on tiptoes and kissed Sean on the lips. It was a kiss that lingered longer than one would have expected between siblings. This did not go unnoticed by their mother.

“I love you, too, s*s,” Sean said. He hugged his s****r. As they parted, Amanda’s hand moved down his arm. They held hands for a moment, their fingertips touching as they separated. This also did not go unnoticed by their mom.

Sean headed to his bedroom. He chose one of the queen beds and prepared for night’s sl**p. Chelsey and Amanda went to their bedroom, each using a queen bed. As they undressed Chelsey made the comment, “You really love your b*****r, don’t you?”

Somewhat surprised by the question, Amanda replied, “Sure, mom. I guess all s****r’s love their b*****rs.” She brushed her teeth and crawled into bed.

Chelsey wanted to make a comment about how close Amanda seemed to be with Sean, but she said nothing. “I should be grateful they are not fighting all the time.” She thought of the conversations she had with co-workers who complained about the amount arguing that went on among their c***dren.

Saturday morning found the Casey’s in the hotel restaurant enjoying breakfast from the buffet. They talked about the movie they had seen and decided to drive around the city a bit. The day passed quickly. They dressed for the concert and headed for the arena. They went to the window where Sean presented their ticket confirmations. When the attendant handed him the tickets she commented, “Wow. You have good seats.”

They made their way through the crowd to the entrance that led to their section of seats. As they got closer and closer to the stage, Amanda’s excitement grew. “I can’t believe this,” she cried out over the noise of the crowd. They settled into their seats. Amanda was fidgety as she waited for the concert to begin. She was sitting between her mom and b*****r. She grabbed both their hands, looking from one to the other. “Thank you so much.” She gave them both a kiss on the cheek.

The announcer introduced the group that would do a warm up session before Taylor Swift came on stage. People clapped and sang along as they placed and sang familiar country music favorites. Finally, the moment came. Taylor Swift was introduced and the crowd went wild. She opened with a continuous medley of several of her more popular songs. After several more numbers and the introduction of her backup band, Taylor asked for the audience to be quiet for just a moment.

She began to say how special it was to be in the city of “Hot’lanta” and at the arena. That earned loud applause and cheering. She mentioned it as the city of the Falcons, Hawks, and Braves. Then she paused for a moment to allow the applause to die down. Then, she shared her appreciation for fans. Again, she had to wait for the applause to end before she continued. Then she added, “And tonight, I want to wish a Happy Birthday to one of my greatest fans.” She walked to the edge of the stage and said, “Amanda Casey. Will you stand up?”

Amanda squealed, placing her hands up to her face. Sean reached over and helped her stand. When she did so, the entire arena crowd applauded. Taylor walked to the edge of the stage closest to where Amanda was standing. “Happy Birthday, Amanda.” As the crowd became quiet again, she added. “Amanda, ,your b*****r wrote me and told me what a fan you are. He said that he wanted to give you a special birthday present. So, if you would, please join me up here.”

Amanda was unable to move. Sean stood and e****ted her to the steps. Taylor met her, taking her hand and leading her to center stage. “Is that your b*****r?” she asked. All Amanda could do is shake her head. “What’s his name?”

“Sean,” Amanda said with a shaky voice and tears flowing from her eyes.

“He’s good looking.” They she looked at the audience and asked, “Girls, don’t you wish you had a b*****r like that?” Again, the arena erupted with shouts and applause, especially from the females in the audience.

The sound died down and Taylor led the audience in singing “Happy Birthday” to Amanda. When the song ended, the entire arena will filled with a noise that would have overwhelmed any crowd at a sporting event. Taylor walked with Amanda back to the steps. Sean rose from his seat to help her down the steps and to her seat. Her legs were wobbly and tears continued to flow from her eyes. Before they sat down, Amanda turned toward Sean and gave him a big hug. This brought another round of applause as Taylor Swift began singing.

After Sean and Amanda were seated, a man approached with a tote bag. He handed it to Amanda. She looked through the bag. There was a copy of Swift’s latest CD and a DVD of a previous concert. There was an autographed picture as well as a picture of her on stage with the singer. It has been made and printed within a matter of minutes. Amanda continued to cry tears of joy. For the rest of the concert, whenever she wasn’t standing and clapping, she was holding Sean’s hand. Chelsey noticed this as well, but felt happy that Sean had arranged for such a surprise for his s****r.

Following the concert, they returned to the hotel. Amanda was as hyper as she had ever been. She could not stop talking and thanking her mom and b*****r for the birthday. She hugged Sean several times for his “surprise.” When she went to prepare for bed, Chelsey spoke to Sean.

“Son, you have outdone yourself. I would never have thought of even attempting to arrange for Taylor Swift to acknowledge Amanda’s birthday.” She approached him and place her hand to his face. “You are a very special son and b*****r.” She kissed his cheek. “I know your s****r and I am both grateful that you are the man around our house.”

Chelsey went to the bedroom to prepare for bed. Amanda had already put on a long t-shirt which we normally slept in. “Mom, I’m too excited to sl**p.”

Chelsey admitted that she had never seen her so happy. “Your b*****r did a very nice thing for you. He wanted to surprise you with something special.”

“He did. You both did. Thank you again.” She hugged her mom for a long time. “You are the best mom in the world. No, in the universe.” They both laughed. “Can I go see if Sean’s awake? I want to thank him again.”

“Sure. I’m going on to bed. I’m tired and this bed is so comfortable.” She crawled under the covers as she watched Amanda leave the room. She laid their thinking about her two c***dren and how they had grown. They both seemed more mature than their ages would indicate. She attributed this to being raised by a single mom. The thought of being single made her eye’s tear up. Her thoughts went to Alan with a hope of seeing him again soon. She went to sl**p with a feeling of emptiness, wanting to be held in a man’s arms.

Amanda opened Sean’s door and peaked in. He was on his bed watching tv. He looked up and her and smiled. “Happy birthday,” he said. She leaped on the bed, leaning toward him. They kissed.

“Thank you, Sean. I cannot believe you did that.” She cuddled up to him as they lay on top of the bed coverings. “I love you for it.” After a pause, she added. “Actually, I don’t just love you for what you did for my birthday. I love you because you are my b*****r and because you are the man in my life.”

They turned toward each other, their lips met and opened. Their tongues danced together for a long kiss. Sean touched her face as they lingered in the kiss. Amanda sighed softly as they parted. “I miss being with you,” she said.

“I miss being with you.” They hugged each other for a long while before they settled down on the bed. Sean put his arm under her head as she rested it on a pillow. They watched tv together and soon fell asl**p.

Chelsey woke to find the lights still on and Amanda’s bed empty. She looked at the clock on the side table. It was two o’clock in the morning. She got out of bed and entered the common room of the suite. Sean’s bedroom door was partially open and she could see the light was on. She quietly moved to the door. She saw Sean and Amanda were asl**p. They were on top of the covers, she was curled up with her head on his shoulder. He was laying on his back. He had on sweat pants and a shirt and Amanda was wearing her t-shirt. The tv was on. The thought that went through her mind was, “They look like two innocent c***dren who love each other and enjoy being together.” She smiled. As she closed the door another thought went through her mind. “I hope they are innocent like c***dren” as she remembered her daughters word’s, “we’re not c***dren any more.”

Chelsey returned to her bedroom and was finally able to go to sl**p. When she awoke in the morning, Amanda as in her own bed. She got up, took a shower, and dressed. As she was packing her bag, Amanda stirred and sat up. “What time is it?” she asked, yawning and stretching.

“Time to get up.” She looked at her daughter. “What time did you come to bed?”

“I don’t know. Sean was watching some dumb sports program and I went to sl**p. I woke up and came back in here.”

“Why don’t you shower and I’ll check on him.” Chelsey went to Sean’s door and knocked softly.

“Come in,” Sean called out. When his mother entered she saw him dressed with his bag packed.

“Well, I see you are ready to go.”

“Yep. All packed.” He picked up his bag and followed his mom into the common area. “Is Manda ready?”

“She’s showering. She’ll be ready whenever she gets ready.” She laughed. “This has been quite a weekend. I know your s****r has had the time of her life.”

“Yeah. I’m glad we did this.” He approached his mom and gave her a hug. “Maybe we need to do something like this more often.”

“Would be nice.” She looked around the room. “Would you get my bag? I’ll call the desk and ask them to have our bill ready.”

Sean went for his mom’s bag. As he entered the bedroom, Manda was just walking into the room from the bathroom. She was naked, using the towel to dry her hair. “Oh, sorry,” he said. His s****r stopped, lowered the towel and looked at him. She looked down at her body, then back to him.

“I’ll bet I’m the first f******n year old you’ve seen naked,” she whispered with a smile. She did a quick movement as if she were dancing before returning to the bathroom, moving her ass from side to side. “I’ve got to dry my hair.”

Sean picked up his mom’s bag and carried it to the common room. He was conscious of the fact that his cock had increased in size and was pressing against his jeans. He hoped his mother did not notice. She was just putting the handset onto its cradle.

“The bill will be ready for us to check out. I’ll go check about your s****r.”

As Sean watched his mom enter the bedroom he wanted to say, “I’ve already checked her out.” He kept the thought to himself.

Sean drove home. They unpacked and prepared for the coming week. All the way home Amanda talked about the concert and what she wanted to show her friends. She knew that several of them were there. She mentioned this to her mom and b*****r. “And I bet they’re all wishing they had a b*****r like mine.”

The next several weeks went by as usual. Again, time to be alone was scarce for Sean and Amanda. Every night one would go to the other’s bedroom for a goodnight kiss. This was the extent of their contact. Sean even resorted to jerking off in the shower. Amanda rubbed herself to an orgasm before going to sl**p. Chelsey had two more dates with Alan as his schedule allowed. Like her daughter, Chelsey rubbed herself to orgasm several times each week before sl**ping. These occasions took place in her bedroom.

Sean’s birthday approached. His mom and s****r thought of ways to make it special. They finally came up with a present that would rock the eighteen year old’s world. Chelsey took the advise of one of the EMT’s as she planned for that day when her son officially became a man.

The day came. His favorite meal was prepared. A cake was cooked. They decided to celebrate on the Saturday after the Thursday of his birthday. This allowed for the celebration to go on all day. They main meal would be at lunch time. Both sets of grandparents sent presents. When it came time for Sean to open his present from his mom and s****r, he was given a box. It was a fairly small box, making Sean think he was receiving a watch. He read the humorous card about getting older with the best wishes from them both. He tore away the wrapping paper and opened he box. When he saw what was inside, he looked at his mom, then his s****r, and then back to his mom. He appeared puzzled as to what it meant. He emptied the contents of the box into hand. It was a key attached to a ring which also was attached to a remote car door opener.

“Sorry, that’s all you get in here,” his mom said. “You’ll have to go outside for the rest of it.”

Trembling at the thought of what this might be, Sean made his way to the door. Amanda opened the door for him. She and Chelsey followed him onto the front porch. Sean froze in his steps. Parked in the driveway was a truck. A brand new Toyota Tundra 4X4 crew cab. It as pearl white. He looked at his mom, then at his s****r. He was speechless.

“Well, go look at it. It’s not gonna’ come to you,” Amanda said as she shoved him toward the steps. Sean ran toward the truck. Amanda and Chelsey followed.

“I can’t believe this,” he called out. He opened the driver side door and experienced the new car smell. He climbed in behind the wheel. He looked the interior over. It was fully loaded. He grasped the wheel. As his mom and s****r approached, he jumped out and hugged them both. “Mom, s*s, I can’t believe you did this.”

“I talked to your granddad. He said it was okay with him if we traded in the hand-me-down you have been driving. He agreed that a man ought to have a man’s truck.”

Sean hugged them both before walking around the truck, gently tracing the body with his fingers. “You know, I could have used a smaller one.”

“I know,” his mom said. “But we needed one that we all could ride in. And the big snow also made having such a vehicle might be a good idea.”

“Well,” Amanda said. “Don’t we get a ride?” I’ll close the door. She ran to the house and closed the front door. Chelsey explained that her EMT friend delivered it for her while they were eating the birthday meal. They climbed into the cab. Chelsey sat in front, Amanda in the rear seat. Sean started the engine, backed out slowly and carefully. They drove around the neighborhood for some minutes before returning to the house. Sean gave hugs again before they went into the house to clean up the meal dishes.

The rest of the weekend found Sean going into the garage to check out his new truck. He thanked his mom many times. She always replied that she loved him. “You’re the man of the house and you deserve a man’s truck.”

The weather began to warm and baseball season began for the high school. Amanda had volleyball tournaments. Chesley worked. She had a date with Alan with plans for another during the next week. The date was set for Tuesday night. She arrived home from work and showered. Sean came in from a ball game as she was getting dressed. Amanda’s volleyball team had a game and the team was having a sl**p over at the coach’s house. Even though it was a school night, they decided this was the best time to spend time planning strategy.

Sean waited for his mom to finish dressing before he showered. He wanted to see her off on her date. He still had on his uniform when Alan arrived. He opened the door and greeted the man that her mom seemed to be falling in love with. She spoke of him often and related what they did on their dates. He wondered if there was sex involved. His mom would not share this.

“Hey, did you win?” Alan asked as Sean invited him in.

“Sure did. We’re on top in our region,” he replied. Chelsey walked into the room. Not only was Alan impressed with her beauty, but Sean stopped himself before he said “wow” out loud. Chelsey kissed her son on the cheek before she took Alan’s offered hand and left. Sean watched as Alan opened the door to the car. As his mom got in, her short skirt rode up, exposing her thigh. Her legs parted slightly as she pulled her feet in. Sean had no doubt that Alan was given a clear view up his mom’s skirt. The form fitting top revealed the size and shape of her breasts. He watched as they backed out of the drive. His mom waved to him as they pulled away.

Alan reached for Chelsey’s hand as they drove. “You look absolutely amazing,” he said to her. She thanked him as he placed his hand on her leg, just below her skirt. A feeling went through Chelsey at his touch. As they approached the main boulevard that would take them to the restaurant they talked about, Alan spoke.

“How hungry are you?” he asked.

“Hungry? Hmm. I don’t think I’ll faint anytime soon.” She looked at him. “Why do you ask?” She already imagined the answer to that question.

“Well, let’s just say that when I look at you, my appetite grows by the second.” He paused as his fingers caressed her leg, moving it up as he pushed the hem of her skirt higher on her thigh. “But my yearning is not for food.”

“Well, I think I understand that. I think my appetite is also growing.” They smiled at each other. He made a turn and headed in a different direction. Within minutes they approached an upscale motel.

“This may not be a five star, but I’m sure it’s nice. At least, the chain advertises that it is.” Alan pulled into the office drive thru. He got out and obtained a room. He drove around to the side entrance to the building, parked and got out. He opened Chelsey’s door, and she again exposed her inner thighs as she climbed out of the sports car. They make their way to the room. Alan opened the door, allowing Chelsey to enter. He closed the door and turned the lock.

Chelsey walked into the room, turning toward Alan. He approached her, took her in his arm and kissed her. They held the kiss, their tongues meeting. He caressed her back. Chelsey helped him remove his coat. He backed away and began unbuttoning her blouse, allowing the back of his hand to brush over her breasts.

“I did not have a chance to shower after work. Would you mind if I take a quick one? I think I would feel better.”

“Sure,” Chelsey said. “It’ll give a moment to prepare.”

Alan removed his shoes, tie, and shirt and slipped out of his slacks. He removed his socks. He headed for the bathroom in his boxers and t-shirt. As she heard him turn on the water, she finished unbuttoning her blouse and slipped off her shoes. She was not wearing hose. As she began to unbutton her skirt, she heard a jingle. She looked around, trying to find the source of the sound. She realized it was coming from Alan’s sports jacket. Thinking it might be a call from the hospital, she found the cell phone in an inside pocket.

Chelsey looked at the phone and noticed it was a text message from another employee at the hospital. She was sure Alan would not mind her reading it in case it were an emergency. She pressed the button on the phone and the text appeared. Her heart skipped a beat and her eyes opened wide in shock when she read the text. “Hey, buddy. How’s it going with the hot nurse. Remember, you only have two more dates to get laid or you own me $1000 bucks. BTW, what excuse did you give your wife and k**s this time for not being at home? Good luck..good fuck.”

Chelsey’s hand began to shake. She thought she was going to pass out. She caught her breath and looked around the room. She quickly buttoned her blouse and skirt, sliding her feet into her shoes as she did so. She needed to get out of the room. She needed to run. She grabbed her purse and noticed Alan’s car keys on the desk. She grabbed them up and headed for the door. She could hear the water running and Alan singing. Opening the door, she made her way down the hall to the lobby area.

“Where can I get a taxi?” she asked the desk clerk.

“Oh, just down the street there. There are a lot of restaurants and taxis are always available.”

Chelsey ran out the door without responding. She could see several cabs parked along the curb. Realizing she had Alan’s car keys in her hand, she tossed them in a trash dumpster as she hurried toward the cabs. A cab driver noticed her. He opened the door for her since it was obvious she was wanting a cab. Once she and the driver were seated, Chelsey managed to give him her address.

“That’s a ways, ma’am,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter,” she answered. “I’ve got the money to pay whatever it costs.” The driver pulled out into traffic and headed toward the address he was given. The ride took almost twenty minutes because of traffic. Chelsey reached into her purse and found her “reserve” funds. She handed the man fifty dollars, which was more than the cost of the trip.

“Keep the change,” she said as she opened the door. She had taken off her shoes and was running toward the house, tears were flowing down her face. Her mascara was a mess. She managed to get her keys and unlock the door. She pushed it open, went through, and fell back against it, almost collapsing to the floor.

Sean was in the kitchen when he heard the door open and slam shut. He ran into the entrance area to find his mom leaning against the door. Her purse was on the floor along with her shoes. Her hands were covering her face and she was crying.

“Mom,” she said as he rushed to her. “What’s wrong?” Chelsey fell into his arms. He guided her toward the sofa, sitting down beside her, cradling her. “Mom, please tell me what’s wrong?”

“Oh, Sean. Oh, Sean,” was all she managed to say. After several minutes of crying, she attempted to speak through her sobs. “I’m such a fool,” was what he was able to hear her say.

Sean did not say anything. He realized that what had happened was bad enough for his mom to be this distraught. He held her close, allowing her to cry. He tried to move so she would be more comfortable laying against him. He noticed that her blouse was not buttoned right. That created concern in him.

After a long while, Chelsey’s sobbing eased. Sean continued to hold her until she finally spoke. She looked at him, wiping her face with her hands. “Son, can you get me a cloth and some water to drink.”

“Sure, mom.” Sean rose from the sofa and headed toward his mom’s bathroom. He returned with a warm, wet washcloth. Handing this to her, he went into the kitchen and returned with a glass of cool water. He sat down and held the glass as she wiped her face. She attempted to wipe away the mascara streaks. She was somewhat successful in doing that.

Taking the water, she spoke. “Thank you.” She took a long, slow drink. She handed he glass back to Sean. He sat it on the side table and turned to his mom.

“Can you tell me what happened?” He was genuinely concerned. He assumed whatever caused his mother to be this upset must be connected to Alan.

“Oh, Sean. I am so stupid,” she said.

“Mom, you are anything but stupid.” He wanted to comfort her and reassure her. He realized he was in uncharted territory at the moment.

“We were supposed go to dinner,” she began. “After we left here, that man suggested that we go to a motel.” She added the emphasis of contempt to “that man.” She looked at her son. “I’m not sure I need to be telling you this.”

“It’s okay, mom. You can share anything with me.”

“He wanted to go to a motel. The fact of the matter is, so did I.” She could not look Sean in the face as she said this. “We got to a nice one. He got a room and we went to it.” She asked for more water. He gave her the glass. She drank and continued to hold it as she spoke. “We got to the room where we kissed.” She paused as if trying to think of what share and the words to use. “I helped him take off his jacket. He began unbuttoning my blouse.” She stopped again. “I really don’t think I need to tell you all this.”

“Please mom. I’m here for you.” He kissed her forehead. “You can tell me whatever you need to tell me.”

“Well, he told me he needed to take a shower so he partially undressed and headed for the bathroom. His cell phone sounded and I got it just in case there was a hospital emergency.” She started crying again. It was several minutes before she could continue. “It was text message. It was a horrible text message.” Once again the sobs grew into crying. Sean pulled her to him and held her as her body shook.

“Oh my. Oh my,” Chelsey said as she sobbed. Finally, she eased again. Sean handed her the water glass he had taken from her as she began to cry harder. His mom drank and caught her breath. “Sean, the text message was about me.”

“What do you mean about you? What did it say?” He watched as his mom wiped her face again with the cloth. “Do you want me to warm that for you?” She shook her head and breathed deeply.

“The text was from another employee at the hospital. He has some job in billing, I think. Anyway, it was from him.” She looked at her son. “Sean, I am so stupid. I am so ashamed.” He did not respond this time. She wiped tears as she spoke. “He wrote something asking about how it was going with the hot nurse.” She sobbed. “Then, he said that Alan had only two more dates to get laid or he would owe this guy a thousand dollars.” Tears streamed down her face. She wiped it again. “Sean, that’s not the worst of it. He asked Alan what excuse he gave his wife and k**s for why he wasn’t at home tonight.” She laid her head against Sean’s chest as she began to cry again. He held her close, allowing her to cry, trying to show her that she was safe in his arms.

Chelsey cried for several more minutes. As the sobs eased, she continued to rest her body against her son’s. She spoke in a voice he could just hear. “He ended the message with “good luck and good fuck.” She cried out, “Oh, how could I be so stupid? How could I not realize this guy is a total bastard?” She balled her fists against Sean’s chest. She wanted to lash out. She wanted to scream. Sean continued to hold her. Chelsey exhausted her tears. She finally began to breath normally. Sean felt her body relax into his. For a long while, they sat on the sofa. There were no more words. Sean only had thoughts.
“If I ever see that bastard again, I’m going to...” He stopped his thoughts. He wanted to add the word “kill,” but he knew that he would do that. He may want to, but he couldn’t allow himself to do that.

Chelsey felt her body relax. The feeling of panic has subsided. She was home. She was safe. He was in the shelter of her son’s arms. The thoughts went through her mind, “she would never date again. She would never give herself to another man. No man was worth the risk of having to experience what she had experienced this night.”

She finally pushed herself up from Sean’s arms. She looked into his face. Her eyes were swollen and felt completely drained. “I’m sorry, son. You’re mom made a fool of herself.”

Sean gently took hold of her shoulders. “Mom, you are not a fool. You were fooled, but it was not you. It was that creep of a man who preyed upon you. He’s at fault, not you.” He placed his palm against her face. “Mom, you are one special woman. You are smart. You are not a fool.” He smiled at her.

“Why couldn’t I find some man like you?” She took his hand from her face and kissed it.

“Mom, you have me.” He looked into her face. “I’m here. You can count on me.”

“I know I can. Me and your s****r. We can count on you.” Chelsey breathed deeply. He touched her face. “I know I look like a monster. I think I’ll shower.”

“I have a better idea. Why don’t you let me run you a hot bath. When I was little, I remember watching you in a tub full of bubbles.” He held her hand. “Don’t you think that would feel good?”

“That would feel wonderful,” she replied. As she rose she said, “But I can do you. I don’t want you have to bother with it.”

Sean turned his mom toward him. “Mom, you could never be a bother. You get ready. I’m gonna’ fix you a nice bubbly bath. Just tell me where the bubbles are.” His mom told him he would find the bubble stuff under her vanity sink. They walked hand-in-hand toward her bedroom. Sean went into her bathroom to locate the bubble bath buds. He found them, turned on the water, adjusting the temperature. He poured in some buds and watched as the bubbles form. Her tub was a garden tub with a water jet feature. When the water level was high enough, he turned on the jets. Suddenly the bubbles expanded. He felt of the water. It was nice and hot.

“This will do it,” he called to his mom. She entered the bathroom dressed in her robe. She handed him the clothes she had been wearing.

“Toss these in the trash,” she said

“Mom, you looked great in this outfit.”

“I know. That was the idea. Please don’t think less of me. I bought these hoping that man would suggest exactly what he did. Son, I wanted it as much as he did.” Her eyes began to tear up.

“Mom, please listen to me. Please hear what I am saying.” He held her shoulders. “I never think less of you. I know you have needs. I know you deserve a relationship like you had with dad.” He kissed her forehead. “You need a man in your life. You need someone to love and to love you. There is no need to say what you just said.” He held up the skirt and blouse, noticing that her panties where also with them. “That man is not the only one who thought you looked hot. You are beautiful. That man did not deserve you.” He also emphasized “that man.” He kissed her again. “Now, into the tub you go.”

Sean left closing the door. He listened as his mom stepped into the water. “It’s just right,” she called out. He left her bedroom, deciding whether he was going to follow his mother’s instruction to toss the clothing. He laid them in the laundry room. His mom could throw them away if she wanted. “But, she may just decide to keep them”

Sean went to the kitchen and prepared himself a sandwich. He ate it while watching tv. When the program ended, he realized his mom had been in the tub for almost an hour. He made his way to her room. The door to the bath was still closed. He knocked on it softly. “Mom, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, son. I was just about to get out.” He heard what sounded like the shower. He assumed his mom was rinsing off. When the shower stopped, he spoke.

“Do you want something to eat?” he asked through the door.

“I don’t think so. I’ll be out in a minute.”

Sean returned to the great room after he placed his plate and glass in the dishwasher. He sat on the sofa with his feet propped on the sofa table. Within a few minutes his mom walked in. Her hair was wrapped in a towel and she was wearing her bathrobe. “Can I get you something?” he asked.

“No, not really. I don’t think my tummy could take anything right now.” She started toward her usual chair, then turned. “Do you mind if I sit next to you?”

“Of course not.” Sean shifted a bit, leaning more into the corner of the arm rest and the back of the sofa. Chelsey sat next to him. She also propped her bare feet on the sofa table. She leaned into her son’s left side. Sean put his arm around her and she rested her towel covered head on his shoulder.

Chelsey moved around a moment, cuddling more into her son’s body. She turned slightly toward him. “Thanks, son.” She reached her left arm across her body and his chest. She hugged him. They sat that way for awhile before she spoke again. “You know, I can understand why your s****r likes to sit next to you. You’re comfortable.” She laughed.

Sean thought to himself, “It’s good that she can laugh after what happened tonight.” He lowered his arm around his mom’s shoulder. She cuddled even more into him.

“Mmm,” she sighed. She turned more toward him and placed one of her legs across his as they rested on the table. “You really do feel good.”

“So do you,” Sean said. He kissed the towel on her head.

Realizing what her son tried to do, Chelsey reached up and removed the towel. She placed her feet on the floor and began rubbing her hair vigorously with the towel. After a moment she stood. I’ll be back in a minute. Don’t go away.” She hurried to her bedroom. Sean heard the hair drying. After several minutes, his mom returned. She again sat next to her son, leaning into him. He once again placed his arm around her. The way she was sitting allowed his hand to drop down from her shoulder. She reached up with her left hand and intertwined her fingers with him.

“I love you, mom,” Sean said.

“I love you, too.” She cuddled into him and turned her back toward him. She leaned down and kissed the top of her head. Her hair was still a bit damp but it smelled good.

“Your hair smells good.” She squeezed his hand. She rested her right hand on his outstretched led. He was wearing shorts and her hand was on his bare skin of his lower thigh. Every once in a while she would flex her fingers, moving her nails over his skin.

Chelsey shifted her position just a little. He was aware that Sean flinched when she put her hand on his leg. She felt good laying next to him. As she shifted, Sean’s hand which she was almost laying across her breast. She realized that if she released it, he would probably be touching her through the robe. She felt a sense of shame for her thoughts, but she decided to see what would happen. She removed her fingers from his and his hand lowered. His fingers were resting on her breast although the robe would have prevented him from actually knowing that.

When the program ended, Sean cut the tv off. His mom looked up at him. “What’s wrong? No more tv?”

“Oh, it seems nice to enjoy the quiet.” He shifted his position, causing his mom to raise up. She turned toward him and smiled.

“I agree. It’s nice just to be with you.” She paused. “I love your s****r, but I never get to have any time alone with you.”

“Well, I’m all yours tonight.” He did not mean that to sound like it did. “You know what I mean.”

Chelsey smiled. “I know what you mean.” Then she added. “Either way, it’s nice to hear.”

Sean looked into his mom’s eyes. They stared at each other for a moment. Then Sean leaned forward. He kissed her on the forehead; then on the cheek; then on the lips. It was not a passionate kiss. His lips simply touched her lips. But the act of their lips touching set into motion other movements.

Chelsey brought her hand to his face. As their lips parted, she said softly, “Why can’t you be your dad?”

“I wish I was my dad right now? I’m sorry I’m not.” He stared into her eyes. “But I am the man of the house right now. I’m here for you.”

“Oh Sean. That is so sweet. I know you are here for me. I know it with all my heart. But it can’t be that way.” Her eyes looked into his as she spoke.

“Mom, I want to be what you need. I want to be the man of the house. I want to be a man for you.”

“Sean, it sounds so right, but it is so wrong,” she sighed.

“I know the love of a mother and a son is different. I accept that. I understand it.” He smiled. “But I know that I love you. I don’t want you to be hurt. I want you to feel the love you deserve.” With that, he leaned forward again. Chelsey did not stop him. They kissed. As their lips met, they parted. He pushed his tongue to touch hers. She stiffened for just a second before she allowed her tongue to move against his. The gates of passion opened and there was no shutting them.

Sean pulled his mom to him. She wrapped her arms around him. They kiss continued. Their tongues danced, their hands moved. She was moving hers up and down his back. Sean’s hands were moving up and down his mom’s sides. Their breathing quickened. Their passion grew. After several minutes, Sean moved his hands down to his mom’s waist. He pulled on the tie that held her robe together. She moved her hand to his to stop him, but she released his hand, allowing him to until the belt. Her robe partially fell open.

Their lips parted. Chelsey looked down. Her robe was open. Through her breasts were still covered, there was a clear view of her inner thighs. She shook her head as if to say “No, this can’t happen.” But she smiled as Sean smiled. Chelsey stood, allowing her son to see her nakedness. She pulled his hand, directing him to stand. She held his hand as she led him toward the hall and to her bedroom. They entered. She closed the door. As the walked toward the bed, her robe dropped to the floor. She climbed onto her bed, holding out a hand for Sean to join her.

Sean dropped his shorts to the floor, followed by his boxers. He peeled his shirt off and tossed it aside. His cock was semi-erect as he moved onto the bed. His mom laid down. He laid beside her. They kissed. They touched. They both began to explore each other’s bodies.

As they kissed, Sean cupped his mom’s right breast. It was full and firm, much larger than Manda’s, but that was to be expected. He realized his mom’s did not necessarily feel better, only different. He massaged the breast, gently tracing his fingers around it. He passed over her areola and nipple which was extended and hard. He broke the kiss and looked down at her breasts. He moved his hand to her left breast and massaged it, lifting it, weighing in his hand. He used his finger tip to make circles around the areola.

“Oooh,” Chesley purred. He looked into her eyes. She smiled. “That’s nice.” Sean kissed her again for a moment. Then he moved his head down, massaging the left breast, covering the nipple with his mouth. He began sucking it, feeling it the areola swell against his tongue as he massage it into her mouth. He made circles around it with his tongue. This again brought a response. “Yes, I like that,” Cheslsey whispered.

Sean sucked harder, massaging, feeding her breast into his mouth as his tongue danced over the nipple. “Suck it, my c***d,” Chelsey said softly as she place her hand behind his head and pulled him into her. “Suck it, my man,” she said. After some time, Sean went back to the right breast, doing the same thing. Sucking harder, massaging firmer, lifting her breast, sucking the areola and nipple as his tongue caressed and teased. Sean continued this for almost ten minutes. His mom’s hips began to move against his erect cock. She managed to get her left arm between their bodies, reaching her hand to grasp him hardness.

Sean stopped the attention he was giving to his mom’s breast, lifted his head and kissed her, long and passionately. When their lips separated, Chelsey rose up a bit. She used her right hand to direct Sean to lay down. He did. His mom rested herself on her left forearm as she looked into Sean’s face. She cupped his face, kissed his lips, and then his neck. She slowly made her way down his chest, kissing lightly as she moved. She stopped as hit left nipple and covered it with her mouth. Her tongue darted over it as she sucked. Sean could not believe the feeling. He knew women liked to have their breasts sucked. He mom expressed that. But he never imagined that having his sucked would bring about such a feeling.

After sucking both nipples and playing with them with her tongue, Chelsey moved down across his stomach. She lowered herself, sliding along his body, caressing him with her fingertips as well as her lips. She reached his lower abdomen and reached down to part his legs. She quickly lifted herself up and moved between them. She pulled her knees up and raised up on them. As the scanned her son’s body, she grasp his cock and began sliding her hand up and down. She looked into Sean’s face to see his reaction. There was one. He sighed, he flinched, he breathed out a long breath.

“You are so handsome,” she said quietly. “I’m sure glad you are mine.” With that, she leaned down, continuing to stroke Sean’s rock hard cock. Instead of putting it into her mouth, she used her tongue to lick the underside. She moved her tongue up and down, causing Sean to moan loudly.

“Oh, mom,” he said through his breathing. She moved down to his balls and began licking them. She cupped them with her free hand, lifting, weighing them, licking them. With the index finger of this hand, she began to rub the spot between his balls and his anus. This caused Sean to jump. She continued the attention as he began to lift his hips to match her strokes. Licking up the underside of his cock, Chelsey used the tip of her tongue to make circles around the glans. “Aahhhh,” Sean moaned. Her tongue danced over the tip, causing a string of precum to stick to it. She licked around the head for several minutes, moving up and down the shaft with her hand.

Finally, Chelsey placed her open mouth over Sean’s cock and moved down. The entire shaft disappeared. She closed her lips and began moving up and down, using her tongue to stimulate the sensitive areas. Sean was now almost thrusting his hips up to match her movements. After several minutes, Sean placed his hand on his mom’s head. “Mom, I gonna’ cum if you keep doing that.”

She lifted her mouth off his cock, stopped stroking it, and moved up to lay beside Sean again. “Well, we’re not quite ready for that yet,” she said as she kissed him. Her tongue went deep into his mouth. When they lips parted, she smiled. “I hope that felt good.”

“Good is not the right word.” He paused. “I’m not sure there is a word for that feeling.”

“Will you lick me?” Chelsey asked. “I would really like that.”

Sean lifted himself up enough to move down a bit. He was not about to tell his mother that he had done this to her daughter. He sucked her breasts. Chelsey helped him as she massaged her breasts into his mouth. “I like feeding you,” she said softly. After several minutes, Sean began to kiss and lick his way down her body. His mom’s fingers were entwined in his hair as she directed him toward the area she needed him to focus on.

Chelsey spread her legs, allowing Sean to move between them. Just as she did, he kneeled on his knees, looking down at his mom’s body. “You are beautiful. I’m glad you are mine.” They both smiled. He lowered himself between her legs as she bent her knees. He spent several minutes kissing and licking her inner thighs. He could clearly see the moisture that glistened on her labia. He also could see a drip of her juices flowing out from between them. Sean lowered his face and used his tongue to capture the drop of creamy, viscous liquid. This caused his mom to jump and moan.

He slowly began licking around her pussy. First, he licked on the outside of her labia, moving up and down. Her hips began to move as he did this. He licked over the lips, tasting the wetness. Chelsey’s movements increased. He pushed the tip of his tongue between her lips and moved up and down. She moaned louder. Sean lay flatter between her legs, wrapping his arms under and around her thighs. He brought his hands across, using his fingers to part her lips. He took a moment to gaze into his mom’s womanhood. He had the strange thought that he had actually come out of that opening eighteen years ago.

Not only was his mom wet, he could see puddles of her juices in the recesses of her canal. She guided his head forward, anxious to feel the sensation that was like no other. Sean complied. He pushed his tongue into his mom’s waiting tunnel. He licked in and out, then up and down. “Ooohhhh,” Chelsey cried out. Her hands squeezed his head, her finger massaging his scalp, pulling him into her. “Yes, my darling, lick me,” she moaned. Sean continued his movements, making love to his mother with his tongue, lapping up the increasing fluids. He loved the taste and the feel. He increased the speed of his movement. His mom reacted.

After some minutes of this attention, Sean pulled away far enough to look at his mom’s face. She lifted her head. He smiled. She smiled. “You’re good,” she said. Sean looked down at her pussy. He moved his fingers up just enough to separate her lips and expose her hooded clit. He pulled up slightly, causing the hood to recede. Her pink clit was poking out of its hiding place. Sean lowered his mouth, using his tongue to slightly touch it. Even this touch brought another moan from his mom.

He began to lick over the button. He made circles around it, used the flat of his tongue to sweep over it. Chelsey’s hips began to move at an increased pace. Sean continued this attention for some seconds before he covered her clit area with his mouth and sucked in. While sucking, his tongue danced over the clit that was now stretched into his mouth. When his tongue moved across it, Sean flicked it with the tip. Suddenly Chelsey cried out.

“Oh, Sean, Oh Sean...yes...yes,” she called to him. He saw this as an indication she was ready for the ultimate sensation. As removed one hand and brought it around between her legs. He was able to use two fingers which he inserted into his mom’s canal. He move them up and down, actually turning them over so he could massage the upper area of her canal. His fingers moved in and out, up and down, turning over and back. All the while, his tongue was focusing its attention on her now swollen clit. Sean sucked, licked, flicked, circled his tongue over his mom’s sensitive clitoris.

Chelsey could not contain herself any longer. She began to buck her hips up and down. They acted on their own. Her hands pressed her son’s face into her vaginal area. She cried out, almost screamed as the waves of orgasm began to build and move over her abdomen. A tsunami of spasms washed over her. Sean struggled to keep his mouth and tongue on her clit as she would stiffen and then move, stiffen and then move. “Aaaahhhhh,” she called out. “Oh, oh, oh...” she cried again and again.

Sean did not know how long he could continue. He was using all his will power to remain focused while his mother’s body convulsed against him. For what seemed like an hour, the sensations that actually lasted for less than a minute caused his mom’s body to shake and move. She called his name. She cried out as the indescribable pleasure swept over her and through her.

Finally, the spasms eased. The walls of her pussy pulsated as her breathing slowed. It had been almost f******n years since she had felt anything like that. For a moment she even doubted if she had ever felt like that. Sean continue to move his fingers inside her. He licked her clit, causing her to jump a bit. She pulled his head away and pulled him up to her.

He laid across her body, supporting his weight with his legs and arms. He kissed his mom. His tongue went deep into her mouth. She could smell and taste herself. When the kiss broke, he lifted himself up as if he were doing a pushup. Chelsey opened her eyes and looked into his face. She wiped her hand over his chin, removing her juices. “Lay down,” she whispered. Sean moved to her right side. His right hand moved across his mom’s body, touching her breasts, moving down her stomach, cupping her pussy, sliding his middle finger through her pussy lips, then moving up her body. His fingertips danced over her skin.

“I need to recover from that,” she said as she smiled at him. She cupped her hand to his face. “I love you, my darling man.”

Sean ran his finger over his mom’s lips and cupped her face. “I love you, my lady.” He leaned to her and kissed her softly on the lips. He then laid beside his mom, put his left arm under her head as she rolled her body to his. Their legs intertwined, their arms reach across each other’s body. There was something of a hug as Chelsey rested her body against Sean’s. He held her gently. She closed her eyes. Within minutes she was asl**p. Her last thought was of seeing her daughter cuddled up against her b*****r in the hotel room. Before she drifted into sl**p, she said in a whisper. “Now I know why she feels as she does.”

To be continued...

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