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"Man of the House" - Part 2

Introduction: As I mentioned in the intro to part 1, I know there are typos. It just happens. This is fiction, of course. Please allow the story to be a story about people and not just about sex. Relationships develop in different ways. The ones in this story involve a f****y that seems normal, except for the situations that set the stage for things to change. Enjoy the story for what it is. Thanks for the positive commnets. Some seem a bit odd but I suppose there are those who must make them.

Sean opened his eyes. A stream of light came through a slight opening in the curtains. He realize that his arm was still under Manda’s head. He also realized he could not feel his hand. It was numb. He slowly pulled his arm from under her, trying not to wake her. He flexed his fingers in an attempt the restore feeling. As he did he carefully crawled out of the sl**ping back. He stoked the wood in the stove and opened the vents to allow it to catch. Within seconds a flame was going strong. He made is way barefooted down the stairs to the basement. He noticed that the light which told him that electricity was back on the power lines was brightly burning. He opened the circuit breaker to the generator and closed the one to the main power box. Almost immediately he heard the furnace ignite.

Making his way back up stairs and as quietly as he could, Sean turned off all the lights that had been on when the power went out. He went to his bedroom, enjoying the draft of warm air coming from the heat vents. He used the toilet and looked into the mirror. Sean only shaved every several days. Today appeared to be one of them. He soaped his face and shaved. He applied deodorant and made his way to his closet. He dressed in jeans, a sweater, and his house shoes. He and Manda would need to wear less bulky clothes since the furnace was working.

As he reached the great room, he noticed that his s****r was still sl**ping. He walked into the kitchen just as the phone rang. He looked at the clock and realized the time was off because of the power failure. Answering the phone, he heard his mom’s voice.

“Good morning, son,” Chelsey said. “Did I wake you?”

“Actually no, mom. I just finished dressing.” He continued, “the electricity is back. We have lights and heat now.”

“That’s great. It has been restored here at the hospital, too. Did the two of you sl**p okay?”

“Yeah, just fine. The sl**ping bags came in handy.” As he spoke Manda walked into the kitchen. Her hair was a mess. She was barefooted. But what caught Sean’s eys was she was without panties. He could not help but notice her pussy with the light touch of blond hair. She walked up to him and put her arms around him. He held her with his free hand. He heard his mom speaking.

“I’m glad you are both okay. I wanted to let you know that I will be home later. One of the EMT’s I know promised to get me home. He said the main roads and streets are passable if you drive slowly. But he said he thought he could make it to our house in his truck.”

“That sounds great. I know you are tired.”

“I am tired. I’ll take off at noon. If all goes well, I’ll be home before one, maybe earlier if the streets cooperate.” She paused as if in thought. “Is your s****r okay?”

“Oh yeah, she’s just fine. Do you want to speak to her?”

“If she’s close.” Sean handed the phone to his s****r with the unspoken thought, “you don’t know how close.”

“Hi, mom,” Amanda said with a sl**py voice.

“Did I wake you?”

“Not really. I think I was just sorta’ dozing.”

“Well, I’m glad you both survived. I’m sure your b*****r took care of you.”

“Yes, mom, he took really good care of me.” She smiled at her b*****r as she spoke.

“I told him I should be home around lunch time. Maybe a little later depending on the roads.”

“That’s good. I can’t wait to see you.” Manda said her goodbye and handed the phone back to Sean. He placed it in the cradle as she wrapped her arms around him. “Mmmm,” she purred. “I sure did sl**p good.”

“I’m glad. I slept good, too.” He looked down at his s****r, still not believing what they experienced just hours before. He hugged her.

“Okay. I have a plan,” she said as she looked up at him. “I need a shower so I can wake up. And I would like for you to take one with me.” She walked away, holding his hand and pulling him with her. As they walked through the great room she stopped. “Oops,” she said. “I forgot my panties.” She crawled on her hands and knees into the sl**ping bag. Sean looked at her bare ass and could see the slit of her pussy lips. His cock began to twitch. “Found them,” she said, holding them up as she came out of the bag. Grabbing his hand, she let them through her bedroom and into the shower area. “I need to pee first,” she said. Without closing the door, Amanda sat on the toilet and peed. Sean was a bit embarrassed as he went into his room and undressed.

The shower felt good for both of them. They lathered and rinsed without much conversation. They finished and each began to towel off. Once they were dry, Amanda took Sean’s hand and led him into his bedroom. She stood a few feet away from him, holding her towel in her hand as she spoke to him. “My dear b*****r, last night was more than I can describe with words. I cannot believe that I felt what I did.” She paused, looking into his eyes. “But I also know that you did not get to feel anything. I don’t know much about guys, but I do know that you can feel good too when you cum. Last night, you did not get the chance to do that.” She turned toward the bed, laying her towel out on the bedspread. She moved back to her b*****r and took his hand, drawing him toward the bed.

Amanda climbed onto the bed and got on her knees beside her towel. “It’s your turn,” motioning for Sean to get on the bed. He did as he was told. “I love you and I want you to feel good, too.” Amanda guided him to lay down as she sat back on her feet which were tucked under her. Her pussy was slightly open and Sean has a clear view of her vaginal opening and her clit. He cocked was becoming more erect.

“I need you to help me know what you like,” Amanda said softly. She rubbed her right hand across his chest, caressing his muscular torso. She reached with her left and placed her fingers around his hardening cock. “Help me know how to give you as good a feeling as you gave me.”

Sean looked at his s****r’s slender body. Her breasts were just the right size for her body. Her legs were slender but with nice muscle tone from her sports activity. He looked into her eyes as she smiled at him. “Well, you are right. A guy can feel good.” He put his hand around her left hand as she gently grasped his cock. He began moving it up and down.

“I hear my friends talk about blowjobs and jerking off.” She looked at him with genuine desire to please him. “Do you like that being done?”

“Manda, I have never had anyone do either of those for me.”

“Really, as good looking as you are. I know girls must be dying to feel what I’m feeling now.” She smiled as she allowed him to move her hand up and down his shaft.

“I’m serious. I’ve never been with a girl.” He paused for a second. “Except you.”

“Then I get to be your first just like you were my first.” There was the sound of joy in her voice. “This makes it even more special.” He had removed his hand from hers, but she continued to gently stroke him. “So, please tell me what you want me to do.”

“What you’re doing is good, but maybe you could lay down closer to me.” He paused. “With your legs up toward me. I would like to see you and touch you.” Amanda did as her b*****r asked, laying so her legs were up toward the pillows and resting on her left arm as she stroked with her right hand. Sean began to softly caress her legs. She raised one knee so he could have access to her pussy. He could see a bit of moisture on her lips. He slowly rubbed her slit with his middle finger.

Amanda watched with rapt attention as she moved her hand up and down his shaft. As she stroked, Sean directed her. “The most sensitive part is right here,” he said as he pointed out the area underneath the head. “This area at the end is sensitive, but right here is the most sensitive.”

“Sort of like my clit,” she said as he positioned her thumb to rub the underside of his cock. She moved her hand up and down gently. “Tell me if I do it wrong,” she whispered.

“You’re doing it right,” Sean moaned as he pushed his finger into Manda’s wet pussy. He moved it up and down and in and out. Although she was not responding, this was making him even more excited. The previous night with his s****r made him extra ready. “I’m getting close, Manda.” Sean groaned softly. “I’m going to cum.” He watched her increase the speed of her strokes as he lifted and lowered his hips to her movement. After less than a minute, Sean could feel the sensation in his groin. He felt the pressure building. He knew he was close. “Okay, Manda,” he said as his body began to feel the eruption coming from within his groin. “Oh, oh...nnnooooowwww,” he called out. “Faster,” he was able to say.

Manda increased the speed of her strokes. She glanced at her b*****r and saw his face. His eyes were close, his mouth open, he breathed hard. “Aaaahhhhhh,” he cried out. Suddenly from the end of his cock came a stream of semen. “I’m cumming.”

Amanda almost squealed when the first shot of cum went almost a foot in the air, followed by another and another. The warm cum fell over her hand and across Sean’s abdomen. He felt as though his balls were exploding. After more than a half-dozen strong spasms, the feeling eased. As Manda stroked, her thumb slid over the cum as it covered the head of his cock. This made Sean jump because of the sensitivity.

“Sorry,” Manda said softly. “I didn’t mean to hurt.”

“You didn’t. It’s just that after I cum that area is really sensitive to touch.” Amanda eased her grip but continued to lightly stroke her b*****r.

“Wow. I can’t believe this is what happens.” Releasing Sean’s cock, she moved her hand across his cum covered stomach. “So this is what makes babies,” she said with a smile. “The nurse never explained that this is what happens.” She turned around and kneeled over her b*****r. “I love you, Sean.” She kissed him.

“I love you, too, Manda.” She looked into his eyes. “Are you all right? That seemed fast.”

“Yeah, I’m okay.” His breathing was back to normal. “It was fast. But last night had me primed for that. I was ready to explode as soon as you touched me.”

“So, maybe next time it will take longer and maybe feel even better?” She kissed him again. “And I really want there to be a next time.”

“We need to talk about that.” He paused. “Sometime when we’re alone. I don’t think this is a conversation mom needs to be a part of.” They both laughed.

“I think we could use another shower. First, I’ll get a cloth and clean you off.” Manda went to the bathroom and returned with a warm wash cloth. She wiped as much cum from Sean as she could, then they both headed for the shower. She lathered him up and washed his chest before moving to his now limp cock. As she soaped it and washed over it, it began to grow hard again. “My, my,” she said. “Look at this.”

“I don’t think I have anything left in me,” Sean said as he watched his s****r stroke him. “Let’s rinse and dry off.”

They finished showering, dried off, and got dressed. Sean put his jeans and sweater back on. Amanda put on flannel pants and a pull over flannel top. The two siblings made their way to the great room, rolled up the sl**ping bags and padding, and put these in a closet. Afterward, they returned to the great room where they sat on the sofa. Amanda positioned herself so that she was able to lean across Sean’s legs and look at him. He placed his right arm around her and used his left to pull her against him. Amanda was able to lay her head against his right shoulder. Sean held her for a long time. As he caressed her he noticed she was not wearing a bra. He placed his hand over her right breast and massaged it through her top, feeling the nipple harden.

“Not much there is it?” she asked.

“You are beautiful and your body is just right. I like the way you feel.”

“I like the way you feel, too.” She smiled at him.

“Thanks, s*s. That felt good.”

“I hope I get better at it. You’ll have to help me.”

“And I’ll need you to tell me what you need from me.”

They sat together for a long time, cuddling, kissing, smiling at each other. There seemed to be no need for words, although both realized that there were words that could be spoken. Words that pointed out that they were b*****r and s****r and could not love each other romantically. There were words that would tell them how wrong they were. But the only words they shared and wanted to hear were “I love you.”

Finally, Sean spoke. “I don’t know where this is going, but I do not want you to be hurt.”

“Sean, you are the man in my life. You have cared for me for almost f******n years. I know you would never hurt me. I love you and no matter what else happens, I know I always will.”

In the quietness of the moment they heard a voice. It was their mom. They jumped up from the sofa and ran toward the front door. Opening it, they saw Chelsey waving to the driver of a large pickup as she trudged through the snow toward the steps. She saw her k**s standing in the door.

“Hey there, you two,” she called out, waving. She made it up the steps, removing her shoes just inside the door. She turned and gave both a strong hug. “Oh, I have missed you so much.” She kissed both and removed her heavy coat. “It feels so good to be home.”

The three went into the great room where Chelsey hugged both of her c***dren again. “I’m so proud of you for managing without me.” Sean and Amanda looked at each other.

“Oh, it was okay, mom. You know we’re not really c***dren anymore.”

“I know you’re not. I’m just being a mom.” She looked from one to the other. “But it makes me feel good to know that you were able to be alone in this storm.” She looked around the room. “It is nice to be home. And, I will be home for two days.” She laughed. “My tour of duty earned me some free days.” She moved toward the kitchen. “Now, I’m starved. What do we have to eat?”

The Casey f****y prepared soup and grilled sandwiches. When they finished Chelsey said, “If you don’t mind cleaning up these few dishes, I sure do need a shower.”

“Go ahead, mom. We’ll take care of this,” Amanda said. Their mom made her way to her bedroom and shower. Amanda moved to Sean and kissed him. “It was nice knowing that you and I can manage to be alone.”

They cleaned up the kitchen and went to the great room, turning on the tv. “I wonder when school will open. We better find out.” Sean surfed the channels for a local station. Finding one, they listened for any word about schools reopening. Within a matter of minutes, a message moved across the bottom of the screen announcing the opening of schools in their district at noon the following day. “Well, back to the old routine,” Sean said.

“But it sure was a nice break, wasn’t it?” Amanda said as she cuddled next to her b*****r on the sofa.

The following days brought routine back to the Casey home. Chelsey enjoyed the break from work. She always enjoyed cooking and the time allowed her to prepare the f****y favorite meals. Sean returned to high school, dropping his s****r off at the middle school each morning. They often held hands when they were alone. But the routine also brought extra-curricula activities for both. Sean spend afternoons in the weight room preparing for Spring baseball practice. Amanda had volleyball practice. He would pick her up around five p.m. on his way home.

“I miss being with you,” Manda told Sean as they pulled into their drive.

“I miss being with you.” He gave a slight laugh. “But from the noise we made when we were together, I don’t think there is much we can do if mom is in the house.”

That night, Amanda went into Sean’s bedroom after their mom had gone to bed. They laid on his bed for a while, holding each other, kissing softly. For the next several weeks, moments such as this were the only times they were alone.

After some weeks of routines with school and work, Chelsey announced to her daughter that she had a date. One of the division directors at the hospital had asked her for a date and she decided to accept. Her decision was in part due to the fact that she realized during the snow storm that her k**s were more than capable of taking care of themselves. She convinced herself, along with the encouragement of more than a few co-workers, that she needed to give herself permission to have a life.

“That’s great, mom,” Amanda said, giving her mom a hug. “You need to do this.” After a pause, she asked. “And just who is this division director? You know you need our approval for who you will date.” She laughed out loud.

“What’s going on?” Sean said as he walked into the kitchen.

“Our mom has a date,” Amanda replied. “At least, she thinks she does. She must tell us something about this mystery man before she will be given permission.” Sean joined in the laughter.

“Okay, you two,” Chelsey said with mocking disappointment. “As I said, he is a division director. From what he told me, he went through a bad divorce five years ago and has not had a relationship other than casual dates.” She breathed. “And he is really good looking. I’m not sure, but I think he must a year or two older than me.” She shrugged her shoulders. “I am assuming I’ll find out more on Friday night. We’re going to dinner.”

“I’m happy for you mom. You need to do this,” Sean remarked, giving her a hug.

As the three of them busied themselves preparing for their evening meal, Amanda approached Sean and gave him a jab in the ribs with her elbow. When he looked at her, she smiled that smile that said, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Sean blushed.

The next several days were difficult for both Sean and Amanda. Both had their minds focused on what might happen on Friday. Amanda was distracted from classroom lectures with memories of what she felt when she was with Sean. Her volleyball coach pointed out the obvious mental lapses the girl showed during practice. Sean was better able to concentrate during class time. The baseball team was spending most of their time in the workout room. Sean seemed more intense on the weight machines. The coach even made a comment about how hard he was working.

Friday morning the entire Casey f****y appeared “hyper.” Chelsey hummed and sang while she prepared for the day. She was especially cheery at breakfast. Amanda seemed to be more talkative. Sean, on the other hand, was quieter. His “tension” was demonstrated by spilling his juice and almost dropping his plate of eggs and bacon on the floor.

“What’s wrong with us today?” Chelsey asked with a lilt in her voice.

“Mom, I think you’re nervous about tonight,” Amanda voiced as she ate cereal. She laughed. “I think you are excited, really.”

“I am.” She walked from the sink to her daughter. “You know. I think I almost feel like I did when I had my first date with your dad.” She sat at the able with Sean and Amanda. “I was fifteen. I had seen your dad in school but thought I was too young for him. I had mentioned that I thought he was a hottie to one of my girl friends. She told her b*****r who was a friend of your dad’s.” She sighed. “Then, one evening I got a call from him. I thought he didn’t even know I existed. He was a senior. I was a sophomore.” She paused, caught up in her memories. “He asked me to a dance,” she continued. The rest is history. “Little did I realize that in three short years, I would bring this handsome young man into the world.” She reached toward Sean and mussed his hair.

“Ah, mom,” he said. He brushed is fingers through his hair as he blushed.

“When did you know you loved dad?” Amanda asked.

“Sometimes I think it was when we had our first dance. It was a slow dance. He held me close. He was a good dancer. He told me he was glad I agreed to date him.” She laughed. “Then he told me that he had been noticing me for weeks. I couldn’t believe it.” She rose from the table with watery eyes. “Anyway, those few years we had were good.” Chelsey returned to the sink.

“Mom, I hope you can enjoy tonight,” Sean said as he rose from the table to bring his plate to the sink. He gave his mom a hug. She turned and embraced him.

“I’m glad I had you. You are a very special young man. You remind me so much of your dad.” She reached up and kissed her son on the cheek. “You’re the man of the house now. I am so proud of you.”

Amanda joined her mom and b*****r at the sink. She hugged her mom. “Do you think I’m old enough to be in love?”

Chelsey looked at her daughter with obvious surprise. “Do you have someone in mind?” she asked.

“Well, it is that I just wondered. You were only fifteen. I’ll be f******n soon.”

“Sweetheart, you aren’t even dating yet. Maybe you need to give that a chance. You’ll have a lot of boys to choose from I’m sure.” She looked at Sean. “We may have to run them away from our door, Sean. You’re the big b*****r. You’ll have to watch out from your little s****r.”

Amanda and Sean looked at each other. Amanda stepped toward her b*****r and put her arms around him. “Maybe I’ll just hang on to him,” she said. “All my friends think he’s the hottest guy in town.” Sean put his arm around his s****r.

“Well, that could be a bit of a problem. Girls don’t usually fall in love with their b*****rs.”

“But I do love Sean,” Amanda said. Her voice had become serious. This did not escape her mother’s notice. “I certainly don’t know any boys at school that come close to him.”

“Well, I’m sure there are plenty of nice boys. Once you begin dating, you’ll see.” She paused as she looked at her “c***dren.” She had an odd feeling though she could not explain why. “But I agree. It will be hard to find one that measures up to him.” She returned to the sink before saying. “Well, I need to get to work. I’m sure you can get yourselves to school.” She left the kitchen, returned to her bedroom to finish dressing. She had a strange thought as she told her k**s goodbye and drove to work. “I guess it’s not unusual for girls to think of their b*****rs in this way.”

Sean and Amanda watched their mom drive away. They turned to each other, embraced and kissed. “We need to get going,” Sean said.

“Yeah,” Manda replied. They brushed their teeth, put on jackets, and left for school.

Sean dropped his s****r at the middle school and made his way to the high school. His thoughts were on his mom and the obvious look she had when Manda said what she did about loving him. He had almost said, “I love her, too.” He was now glad he said nothing.

The day passed quickly for the Casey k**s. Sean left his workout session to pick up his s****r. Amanda was waiting inside the gym when she saw her b*****r turn into the parking area. She went through the door and ran toward the drive thru. Jumping into the truck, she leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

“Whoa, girl. I don’t think this is the place for a kiss.”

“I just wanted you to know I am glad to see you.” She looked around to see if anyone might have noticed. “Anyway, can’t a s****r kiss her b*****r?”

“I don’t think that was exactly a s****rly kiss.” He drove out of the parking area and headed for home. “Mom said she would be home a little early. She is really excited about tonight.”

“I know. I hope this works out. She seems to like this man.” Amanda put a cd in the player and sang along with one of her favorite songs as they headed for home.

Arriving home, Sean and Amanda noticed their mom’s car in the garage. Making their way into the house they heard music but did not see their mom. As they made their way to their bedrooms to heard their mom’s shower. They put away their backpacks and met in the hallway.

“Wow. She is getting ready for a date,” Sean said. He and Manda headed for the kitchen for a snack. They were sitting in the great room eating apples when their mom walked in. She was wearing her bathrobe.

“Hey, guys. I got home early.” Chesley was carrying a dress on a hanger. “Do you think this dress will be okay?” she asked. She was acting more like a school girl getting ready for her first date. Once Sean and Amanda assured her that she would be beautiful in that dress, she returned to her bedroom to dry her hair, put on makeup, and get dressed.

A bit before seven p.m. the doorbell sounded. Sean went to the door, opened in to find a man standing here with flowers in his hand.

“Hi,” he said. “I’m Alan Coster. I’m here to pick-up Chelsey.”

“Hey,” Sean replied. “I’m Sean, her son.” He turned so Alan could enter. “Come on in. I think mom’s ready. She’ll be here in a minute.” As he spoke his mom entered the room. Sean was taken by how beautiful she looked. Amanda rose from the sofa and joined the others near the door.

Alan handed the flowers to Chelsey who thanked him and said she needed to put them in water. Sean, Amanda, and Alan stood at the door. “I’m Amanda.” She held out her hand. They shook hands.

“Nice to meet you both.” There was an awkward moment before Chelsey returned.

“Thanks again for the flowers,” she said. “She turned to her k**s. “We’ll be back later,” she told them as she held her coat. Alan helped her put it on.

“We’ll have dinner. We might go dancing,” he added.

“Don’t wait up,” Chelsey said as they left. Her k**s watched as Alan opened the door for their mom. As they pulled out of the drive, Amanda spoke.

“I don’t like him,” she said as she leaned against her b*****r.

“I don’t know. We’ll see what mom thinks. I’m sure we’ll hear all about it tomorrow.” He turned to his s****r, who turned to face him. They leaned toward each other, kissed and embraced.

“I did not shower after practice,” Amanda said.

“Neither did I,” Sean stated.

“Then I think we know the first thing we need to do.” They turned, hand-in-hand, and walked down the hall toward the bedrooms. In their separate bedroom the siblings stripped out of their practice clothing. They met in the bath area. By this point they were comfortable with each other naked. Sean adjusted the water temperature and stepped aside for his s****r to enter.

“This feels nice,” Manda said as she allowed the water to cascade over her body. She placed her head under the shower and purred. Sean reached for the shampoo, squeezing enough into his hand to wash his s****r’s hair. He lathered it, rubbing vigorously and massaging her scalp. “Hey, you could do this for a living, b*****r,”she stated as she rested her head against his chest. “Of course, I’d be your only client if you only work in the shower.” After a few minutes, she rinsed her hair and allowed Sean to stand under the warm water.

Sean washed his hair. He was tall enough that Manda would have difficult reaching up to scrub his hair as he had done hers. The each lathered heir bodies. Sean was developing a noticeable erection as he watched Manda rubbing the lather over her skin.

“Looks like you enjoy this,” she said to him, reaching to grasp his semi-hard cock. “We’ll have to take care of that.”

The two stood close together, embracing as they allowed the water to rinse the soap from their bodies. They kissed, their tongues playing with each other. When they were rinsed, they dried off. Sean went to his bedroom. Amanda headed for hers.

“See you in a few minutes. I need to dry my hair,” Manda said. She blow dried her hair and went into her bedroom.

Sean combed his hair and entered his bedroom. He turned down the bedspread and other covering. He laid on the bed with thoughts about how he could please his s****r. He dismissed the thought that he shouldn’t be thinking these what he was, let alone actually touching her. His cock had relaxed a bit. After some minutes the door from the hallway opened. Manda walked in, closing the door behind her.

Sean could not believe his eyes. In the dim light he watched as Manda approached the bed. “She is beautiful,” he thought. Her hair was shimmering. She was wearing a short, shear nightie. The area covering her breasts was lacy and prevented him from actually seeing them. She had on a matching panty with the same lace covering the area between her legs. She moved slowly toward the bed. His cock began to respond again.

Manda sat on the edge of the bed. She placed her hand on Sean’s chest and slowly moved her fingers over his torso. “You know, you really are the best looking guy I know.” She smiled as she placed her hand on his face. “All my friends tell me that. They even ask me how I manage to be around you because you are so good looking.” She continued to caress his body. “One girl on my team asked how I kept my hands off of you. I didn’t tell her that I don’t. I just let them all envy me for having you as my b*****r.”

Sean reached out and placed his hand on Manda’s waist. “You are beautiful,” he said softly. “I also have friends who have seen you and make comments about you.” He began to caress he arms as he spoke. “They say things that make me mad, but all I say is that you’re my s****r and I don’t appreciate the comments.” She smiled at her. “I don’t tell them what I really feel and how glad I am to have you as my s****r.”

After several minutes, Sean indicated that Manda should lay down. She moved onto the bed, laying on his left side. They were facing each other, their hands touching, caressing. Sean placed his left hand under Manda’s head, lifting himself up on his forearm. He leaned down and kissed her softly. He cupped her face with his hand as their lips parted. Their tongues danced together.

Sean moved his hand down Manda’s arm and caressed it with his finger tips. He lowered his hand down her waist. His fingers were gliding back and forth over her abdomen area as they held their kiss. He moved his hand up, over the fabric of her nightie. He rested it on her right breast and massaged gently for a several minutes. Their passion grew as Sean lowered his hand and moved it under the nightie. Now his fingers moved over her warm, smooth skin as he slowly returned to her breast. He cupped his hand over her breast and massaged it. Manda moaned into his mouth.

Their lips parted. “That feels nice,” Manda whispered.

Moving his hand from her right breast to the left one, Sean said, “I believe your breasts have grown.”

“They have,” she replied with a smile. “All the more to please you with.”

Sean lifted himself up. He began pulling Manda’s nightie up. She raised up and allowed her b*****r to lift it up and over her head. As he laid it aside, she laid back down. They looked into each other’s eyes. Both were silently saying “I love you.” Sean lowered himself and kissed her lightly before moving down to her breasts. He began to massage her right breast as he covered her areola and nipple with his mouth. His tongue moved over the hardening nipple and he made circles around it. He sucked gently, massaging the smooth but firm breast into his mouth.

“Oooohhh, that really feels good,” Manda sighed. She laced her fingers into his hair, pulling him into her. “Harder,” she said softly. He sucked harder, causing her body to respond. Her hips began to move slightly as the sensation reached into the depth of her vaginal area. Sean continued to suck for several minutes before moving to her left breast.

He loved the feel of her nipple in his mouth. He used the flat of his tongue to rub over it and the tip to make circles around it. Massaging it, he pushed more into his mouth, sucking harder. He felt Manda’s body moving against his body. He sucked harder as she pulled him into her. She moaned, which turned him on even more. His cock was now rock hard, pressing against her lower thigh.

Sean removed his hand from Manda’s breast and slowly moved it down her torso, across her abdomen, and to the top of her panty. Manda placed her hand under her breast, massaging it, lifting it into Sean’s mouth. She was feeding it to him as she enjoyed his touch. His fingers pushed under the waist band of her panty, moving slowly down. Manda spread her legs, allowing him to place his hand between her thighs and cup her pussy.

Sean could feel the warmth of her labia. He did not move his hand. He simply rested it over her pussy as he continued to enjoy being fed Manda’s breasts. After some minutes, he lifted his head, moved up to kiss her. She responded by opening her mouth and thrusting her tongue into his. The passion was rising as her body moved against him. Breaking the kiss, Sean lifted himself up. He smiled at his s****r. “Did I tell you how beautiful you are?” he asked quietly.

“It’s always nice to hear,” she said. “Did I tell you how much I love you?”

“It’s always nice to hear,” he replied. Kissing her lightly and quickly, Sean moved downward. He sucked each breast before trailing his tongue down her body. He made circles on her skin as he made his way to her stomach. He continued down until he reached the top of her panty. Lifting up, he grasp the waist band on each side and began to slide them down. Manda lifted her hips, allowing him to move them down her legs and over her feet. He tossed them away as he rose up enough to look gaze at her body. “Your body is perfect,” he said. He moved between her open legs and rested on his elbows. He looked into her face as she looked into his.

He glanced down at her pussy. “I see you shaved.”

“Yeah. I thought it might feel better.”

Using his thumbs, Sean massaged either side of Manda’s labia. They appeared to be slightly puffy. There was obvious moisture glistening in the dim light. Sean lowered himself, moving his arms under her thighs, causing her hips to raise up slightly. He lowered his head and kissed and licked her inner thighs. Slowly he moved to that area of womanhood that he was anxious to touch and taste. With he tip of his tongue, he licked the slit between her labia. He could taste the wetness that had formed.

He slowly moved his tongue up and down the outer edge of her lips. He pushed in slightly, continuing his up and down strokes. He loved the taste. Manda apparently loved the feel as her hips began to move up and down. Reaching around her upper thighs with his hands. He parted her lips, allowing access to her inner area. He pushed in with his tongue, finding the opening to her vaginal canal. When he pushed his tongue in as far as he could, Manda moaned loudly.

“Oh, Sean,” was all she could say as she pushed her hips up to his attentive mouth. He moved his tongue in and out of her opening. She responded with more movement. Finally, he moved his tongue up until he made contact with Manda’s clit. When he touched it with the tip of his tongue, she reacted as though she was shocked with an electrical charge. She cried out.

Sean used his fingers to part her lips, pulling the hood away and fully exposing the pink, swollen pearl. He flicked his tongue over it, causing Manda to jump. “Sorry,” he managed to say as he made circles around it.

“Sean, I don’t know if I can take that,” she moaned as she moved her hips up and down. He gently licked over her clit, moving down to her opening and back up. He did this several times as Manda’s movement quickened. Holding her pussy lips open with the fingers of his left hand, Sean moved his right from under her. He pushed his index finger into Manda’s pussy opening, moving it around and in and out. He moved his tongue back to her clit and licked up and down and back and forth. Again she cried out.

Sean covered her clit area with his mouth and sucked, moving the flat of his tongue over her clit faster. His finger moving in and out of her pussy. She began to jerk up and down. Sean had trouble staying in contact with her clit because of the speed and randomness of her movements. Manda’s breathing quickened as she moaned louder. Waves of sensation swept over her and through her.

“Oh Sean, I can’t...I can’t...I can’t....” was all she managed to say before the spasms began to build and spread through the lower part of her body. She jerked violently, lifting and dropping her hips. She grabbed Sean’s heads, pulling him into her, crying out, “oh, oh, oh...aaaahhhhhh.” Wave after wave washed from inside her as she felt Sean’s finger moving in and out of her. His tongue made her clit feel like sparks were flying.

The sensation eased a bit, but Sean’s movements did not allow the easing to last long. Another series of spasms went through her. Crying out, moaning, calling Sean’s name, Manda could not believe what she was feeling. Finally, Sean eased up on his attention to her clit. The waves became less intense as they continued to sweep through her.

Sean felt the walls of Manda’s pussy press against him finger. She was tight and he could feel the pulsations. He also realized that his hand and chin were soaked as her juices overflowed from within her. He pulled his mouth away from her clit. It appeared swollen and bright red.

“I hope I didn’t hurt you,” he said, lifting up so he could see her face. He had to wait for several seconds before she could speak. Her head was pressed into the pillow, her mouth was open as she breathed slowly and deeply. Finally, she looked down at him.

“That was the most amazing feeling of pain I’ve ever had.” Her head collapsed back onto the pillow. Sean moved his left arm from her Manda’s leg and pulled himself to lay beside her. He kissed her quickly as she breathed, putting his arm under her head. He was facing her. She was on her back. She turned her face toward him.

“I thought the first time was more than I could take. This was unbelievable.”

“Are you okay?” he said with a bit of concern.

“Yeah. I’m more than okay.” She turned toward him and reached her hand to his face. “I just need to recover.” She smiled at him as he cradled her in his arms. “This is something else they don’t teach you in sex ed classes,” she said with a quiet laugh. “I can see why.” They held each other for a long time, feeling the warmth of their bodies touching.

After a while, Manda reached down and placed her hand around Sean’s flaccid cock. “It appears you have relaxed a bit, too,” she said as she lifted herself up. She began to gently stroke it. “I think it’s time for me to pay a bit of attention to you.” Role onto your back.

Sean did as he was told. While he had focused his attention on his s****r, he had been laying on his hard cock. At times he thought he might explode. As she rubbed slowly, he could feel his erection returning. Manda sat beside him, now with both hands stroking his cock and cupping his balls. “Help me, Sean. Tell me what to do.”

“Oh, Manda, I don’t know. As I told you before, I never had anyone touch me before.” He smiled at her as he reached toward her. He placed his hand on her leg. “Just do what you feel you want to do,” he said. “I know it will feel good.” He gave a slight laugh. “You saw what happened last time.”

“Yeah. I did,” she said as she began to stroke his now erect cock with more firmness. She positioned herself so she could rub the sensitive underside. After several minutes, she leaned over, opening her mouth, she lowered it onto his cock. Continuing to stroke with her hand, she raised and lowered her head. Her tongue was moving over the underside.

“Oh yeah,” Sean voiced. “I feel that.” His hips began to move up and down as Manda continued her strokes. She lifted her mouth off him and used her tongue to lick around the head and the more sensitive area under it. Sean jumped slightly. “Wow,” he said. Manda took this as a good sign, lowering her mouth again, sucking and licking as she stroked up and down.

“I don’t know how much longer I can last,” he told her as he moved his hips faster. “I’m getting close.”

Manda raised up and looked at her b*****r. “I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel.” She smiled. “I’ll do whatever it takes.” She placed her mouth over him again and continued her attention. After a couple of minutes, Sean felt that sensation building in his groin.

“Manda, I’m almost there,” he managed to whisper. She increased the speed of her movements, licking the underside of his cock with more firmness. His hips rose up to meet her as she lowered her mouth over his cock, taking as much into her mouth as she could manage. Her hand continued to stroke him.

The sensation grew and Sean moaned. “I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum.” Suddenly, he felt the pressure build deep within him. He cried out again and he pushed his hips up. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” And then, “aaaaahhhhhh.” The feeling rose from within him. He felt the movement of his semen up through his cock. He looked down and realized that Amanda had a firm grip on him, with her mouth covering his cock. The first stream shot out of him and he let out a loud moan. The second and then third. His head feel back onto the pillow. A fourth and a fifth spasm erupted from him.

Manda continued her strokes as she felt the semen rush through his cock. She felt the warm cum fill her mouth. She swallowed what she could before she realized Sean’s cum was being f***ed out of her mouth and down her hand. She finally opened her mouth, allowing what she could not swallow flow out of her mouth. She realized there was little taste to it, only a warm sensation of wetness. She kept stroking as long as Sean’s hips were moving up and down. When he collapsed, she raised her head to look at him. There was cum dripping down her chin. His eyes were closed, he was breathing hard. She also noticed that her leg was red where he had pressed his fingers into her thigh.

Wiping the cum from her chin, Manda moved up toward Sean. “Was that okay?” she asked. She was trying not to drip his cum on the bed sheets.
With his eyes closed and his breathing slower, Sean managed to say, “I’m not sure how to describe it, but the word ‘okay’ just doesn’t do it justice.”

“I’ll be right back,” Manda said. She quickly got off the bed and moved toward the bathroom. She returned with a warm washcloth which she used to wipe her chin and hands before wiping her b*****r’s now limp cock. He flinched when she wiped over it. “Sorry,” she voiced, trying to be more gentle about it.

Manda tossed the cloth toward the bathroom door before laying down next to Sean. He placed his arm under her as she lay her head on his shoulder. They laid that way without speaking for along time. As before, words were not necessary. Both realized that what they felt may not be natural for a b*****r and s****r; however, what they felt would be natural between a man and woman. Sean was s*******n. Amanda was thirteen. Both had birthdays within the next two months. They were a long way from being what society would call “adults.” But nonetheless, there was a strong feeling between them. What had been sibling affection for almost f******n years was different now.

“Sean, what are we gonna’ do?” Manda finally whispered.

“I don’t know, Manda. I don’t know.” He hugged her gently. “Obviously, we can’t tell anyone. We can’t really express what we feel openly. We’ll just have to wait and see.” They fell quiet again. Both dozed as their bodies recovered from the physical and sexual energy they had expended.

When Sean woke, his stirring caused Manda to rouse up. She raised herself up and looked down at her b*****r. Reaching to touch his face, she said, “I know I love you. I also know noone would accept what I feel as real. But it is real.”

“I love you, Manda. I agree. Noone would accept it. So for now, we have what we have. It is special and it is ours.” He sat up and Manda fell into his arms. They embraced, holding each other securely. They breathed as one.

Finally, Sean happened to look at the clock on his bedside table. It was almost nine p.m. “Manda, we need to get up. Mom could be home anytime.” They rose from the bed. Sean threw the bed covers back in place. Manda gathered her nightie and panty and made her way to her bedroom, taking the washcloth with her. She dressed quickly in flannel pajamas. Sean put on sweats and a t-shirt. They made their way downstairs just as their mom came in the door.

“Hey, you two,” Chelsey voiced with a smile. Sean and Amanda approached.

“Well, how was it?” Amanda asked her mom.

“We had a wonderful dinner and a great time.” Sean approached and hugged his mom. She kissed his cheek. When she did so she caught a whiff of a scent that seemed a bit odd. But she let it pass. She was excited about her date and about the fact that Alan had asked her to go out again. They agreed to find a time that suited their schedules.

As their mom took off her coat and made her way to her bedroom saying she was going to change cloths, Sean and Amanda looked at each other. Both realized how close they came to being caught.

“Maybe mom will have another date,” Amanda stated.

“Maybe,” Sean replied. They kissed quickly and headed toward the kitchen. Both realized that they had not eaten and were hungry.

To be continued...soonnnnnnnnnn

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