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"The Man of the House" Part 1

Introduction: This is a fictional story about what might well be described as a ?normal f****y.? The process of living and the circumstances that can develop lead to situations and conduct that might well be described as ?abnormal.? We never know what can happen in life until we experience it day-to-day. Your comments are welcomed; however, I already know before I begin writing that there will be typos even after reviewing and editing. Anyone who has published any work realizes that such mistakes occur so I advise those who consider themselves literary critics to save your time and mine by refraining from pointing out these typos. Otherwise, I hope you will enjoy the story unless you find accounts about i****t and sexual behavior by adolescents objectionable. In that case, please find another story to read. And please allow me time to develop the story.

The Casey f****y was a typical f****y: two parents with two c***dren, a boy and a girl. Rob Casey, the husband and father, was a city manager of a mid-size city in the South. He had to relate to the city government bureaucrats and politicians and he spent many hours fulfilling his job requirements. He saw two major pluses to his chosen profession: he made a good income and he actually enjoyed his contact with local citizens and did his best to make life the best it could be for them.

Chelsey Casey, the wife and mother, was a registered nurse who had achieved the position of overseeing the emergency room services of a major hospital. She had always been a people person and found a great deal of fulfillment in helping people in need. The emergency room had provided plenty of opportunity to offer care to the rich and famous and the down and out. She had actually delivered several babies in a grocery store parking lot, on an elevator, and at a high school football game. She preferred the setting of the ER; however, she dedicated herself to be of help wherever she was and whenever there was a need. Even as the nursing director of the ER, she often spent time helping others as she had before she was promoted to being a “paper pusher.” She, too, enjoyed her work and made a good income.

After being married while still in college, Rob and Chelsey had their first c***d. Sean Alan Casey was born when Rob was 21 and Chelsey was 18. Having a c***d put extra strains on the couple as they attempted to balance a marital relationship, parenting responsibilities, school demands, and work schedules; but, they did succeed. Each graduated with their degrees and a small c***d who was loved and cared for.

Soon after graduation, when Sean was a bit less that four years old, another c***d was brought into the world. Amanda Grace Casey, a beautiful baby girl, was immediately a joy to her parents and to her older b*****r. Life was ideal and the young f****y felt blessed beyond measure. Rob and Chelsey were in love and dedicated to each other and their c***dren–Sean was now four and Amanda was six months old.

Then the tragedy came. Rob was on his way to a City Manager conference in Atlanta with several other city employees when a semi driver lost control of his truck with a fully loaded trailer traveling north of Atlanta on I-75. The truck crossed over the median and crashed into the SUV being driven by Rob Casey. Rob and two other passengers were killed instantly. The driver of the semi escaped injury but was charged with being overloaded and driving under the influence of a controlled substance. He eventually was found guilty and sentenced a number of years in prison for vehicular homicide among other violations.

Chelsey was obviously crushed. Every hope and dream for her f****y disappeared. Both her f****y and Rob’s responded as best they could, offering encouragement and providing help with the c***dren. Friends rallied around her to offer comfort and support. For several months she dealt with discouragement and deep depression. As the weeks passed, she continued to grieve, but she also realized that her role as a single mom had to be fulfilled. She pushed her emotions deep inside herself and focused her attention on the six month old daughter and her four year old son.

Sean Casey did not understand what happened. Although he was told that his dad was in heaven, he could not grasp what it all meant. All he knew was that his mom cried a lot and strangers came and went. In his confusion, he turned his attention toward his little s****r. This little bundle that cried a lot, ate a lot, and often smelled bad had captured his heart. He called her “Manda” when she was brought home from the hospital. He watched his mom nurse her. As he watched, his mom explained that this is how babies are fed after they are born and told Sean that she had done the same for him. This seemed to fascinate him, but as the months passed, he lost interest and spent time playing with his toys. He had a s****r and he was her “big b*****r.”

Chelsey continued to grieve, but gave herself to her job and her c***dren. There was little time for anything else. Manda began to develop her personality, making noises and doing what infants do. Sean enjoyed the attention from his grandparents and his mother. Life continued for the little boy as he grew, attended preschool, and played with friends. Then, something happened that changed his life. His grandmother picked him up from preschool and took him home. Running into the house, he found his mom busy in the kitchen and his baby s****r sitting in a baby carrier on the kitchen table. Mom kissed him and asked how school went. He said “okay” as always. He really liked it.

“Sean, will you do mom a big favor?” his mom asked.

“Yes, mom,” Sean replied as he drank the juice she had poured for him, watching Manda as she made noises. He let her grab his finger and he talked to her.

“I’m busy with supper. Can you feed her for me?” Before he could reply, his mother showed him a bottle of milk. “I really would appreciate it.”

“Okay, if you think I can.”

“Of course you can,” his mom stated. “You’re the man of the house.”

Chelsey picked her daughter up and headed toward the den. “Sit here. I think this will work.” Sean took a seat on a stuffed chair. His mom placed a small cushion under his left arm. She then placed his s****r in his arms and showed him how to hold the bottle. She placed a cloth under her daughter’s chin. Sean touched the nipple of the bottle to his s****r’s lips. She immediately covered it with her mouth and began to suck eagerly. Chelsey watched for a moment before saying, “See. You’re a natural and a good big b*****r.” As she turned away she said, “I’m just here in the kitchen. Call me if you need me.”

Sean watched as his s****r sucked the milk from the bottle. At one point she stopped sucking and allowed the nipple to slip from her mouth. She turned her head and looked up at her b*****r. As Sean attempted to put the nipple back in her mouth, she smiled at him and cooed. That smile did something that changed Sean. Suddenly he saw his s****r in a different way. He told himself that somehow he was responsible for her. He was the man of the house and he was supposed to help his mom take care of his s****r. Even as a four year old, Sean Casey began to assume the role of what he believed a “big b*****r” was supposed be. He never lost that sense of responsibility as the years passed.

And the years did pass. As Sean grew, so did Amanda. From a toddler to a walker to a little girl running around the house and wanting to be with her big b*****r wherever he was. He didn’t mind so much most of the time. He saw his job as taking care of her.

Chelsey missed her husband, but she made it beyond her grief and found joy in her c***dren and her work. Rob had a sizeable life insurance policy that helped provide needs for the year following his death. But losing his income made it difficult for Chelsey. She refused to turn to her parents for financial help, allowing them to take care of the k**s as a way of support. She sold the house and moved into a two-bedroom apartment which required no yard work or other maintenance. She had allowed Amanda to sl**p in a baby bed in her room until the little girl outgrew it. Amanda began to sl**p in the second single bed in Sean’s room.

Life went for the next couple of years. Sean began school and Amanda was registered at a preschool. Chelsey paid a neighbor to keep Sean after school and to pick up Amanda from preschool after Sean was dropped off the bus after school. This worked well for Sean who still saw himself as being responsible for his s****r who was almost four years younger. The b*****r and s****r were very close and obviously loved each other in spite of the occasional sibling spat. Chelsey seldom dated. She was a beautiful woman and was asked out often by doctors and other male hospital employees. Her female coworkers attempted to “fix her up” with men, but Chelsey graciously declined most offers.

During those years when Sean shared a bedroom with his s****r, Manda often woke up in the night and climbed into bed with her b*****r. She would lay against him, kick him, and wake him up, but he accepted that as part of his role as “man of the house,” which is how his mom often referred to him, even to friends. She often complimented him on how well he took care of his s****r and helped her out with household chores.

The day came when Sean heard his mother in conversation on the phone. Before she ended the call, he heard her say, “So it is finally over.” When she replaced the handset into its cradle, she turned toward her son with tears in her eyes. She held out her arms and he quickly went to her embrace. “Oh, Sean,” she said as she cried. He remained silent as she wept for several minutes. Finally, she moved them to the sofa where they sat down. Amanda stood next to her mom. She faced him and said, “Sean, since your dad died, there have been efforts to collect money from the trucking company for being at fault for his death. That call was from a lawyer who told me the case has been settled. The families of the three people killed will get money from the company. “Oh, sweetheart, we are going to get a lot of money.”

Sean heard his mother’s words but did not completely understand what she meant by them. “How much money?” he finally asked.

“Enough so that we no longer have to worry about anything.” She hugged her son. “We can find another house and have a yard again.” She held him at arms length. “Everything will be okay.”

It was not until some years later that Sean realized that his mother had worked extra shifts in order to provide for her f****y. But, even without understanding it all, he was happy because his mom was happy. He was the man of the house and took that role seriously.

Over the following months the Casey’s bought a house and moved. There was new furniture in the house with a big yard. Chelsey contracted with a lawn care company to manage the lawn upkeep. Sean and Amanda had separate bedrooms. Each room had its own toilet and vanity cabinet. Between these was a separate area with a shower-tub and linen closet. They could pass from one bedroom to the other through the toilet and bath areas. There was a large kitchen and great room, an office area, and a finished basement with plenty of room for storage and toys. Once again, life seemed to be positive and the Casey’s were happy. Chelsey missed Rob, but the passage of time had dulled Sean’s awareness of the absence of a father. He was the man of the house. Amanda never knew her father. As far as she was concerned, her b*****r was the significant male in her life. They loved each other and spent much time together.

Sean had an experience that caused him to develop thoughts he had never had before. One night Manda had climbed into bed with him. She was restless, kicking at him, rolling into him, waking him, and preventing him from going back to sl**p. He realized he was thirsty and decided to go to the kitchen for some water. He looked at the clock and noticed that it was not even 10:30 p.m. As he quietly made his way out of his room and into the hall, he noticed the light was still on in the great room. As he approached, he heard the tv. He also heard something else. It sounded like crying and immediately thought his mom must be in the living room. He slowly reached the area, looking around the corner toward where the tv was located. What he saw shocked him. His mom was watching tv. On the screen was a naked man and a woman engaged in sex. The woman was moaning as the man was sucking her breasts.

But what shocked him most was his mother. She was lying on the sofa with her head at the end closest to the where Sean was standing. She was unaware of his presence. She was wearing a bathrobe which was completely opened, exposing her naked body. His mom was caressing her breast with one hand while the other moved between her legs. She was lifting her hips as she pushed her hand down, moaning as she did so. Sean stood motionless, glancing back and forth between the scene on the tv and the activity of his mom.

Sean looked again at the LCD screen, seeing the man with his face between the woman’s legs, licking her as she screamed. After what seemed like longer than the minute it was, Chelsey moaned louder along with the woman on the tv. Her body began to shake as she plunged her hand between her legs, moving it up and down rapidly. She clasped her breast, squeezing it hard and moaning. Her body lifted up, she closed her legs, and almost cried out. Then she collapsed. She breathed hard, slowly moving her hand from between her legs. She brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked them.

Afraid his mom would realize he was looking at her, Sean slowly and quietly backed away, returning to his room. He went to his toilet area, realizing that his penis was stiff and almost poking out of his pajama shorts. He dropped the shorts, grabbed his penis and began stroking it. He had heard about “jerking off,” but never attempted it. But at that moment, he realized he needed to do something. After less than a minute, he felt a new sensation in his balls and groin area. Suddenly a feeling hit him. Fortunately, he was facing the sink as his ejaculate shot from his penis and into the basin. He had to make the effort to keep his legs from folding. The feeling was amazing. He had a new thought. “I wonder if what mom felt was as good as this.” He continued to stroke himself until his penis began to soften. He rinsed the sink, pulled up his pajamas, and went to bed. Manda stirred as he crawled under the covers. It took some time but he finally went to sl**p, only to wake the next morning with his first thought being what he had witnessed and experienced just hours before.

The next several years passed and the Casey f****y developed their routine. Although she did not have to work for an income, Chelsey enjoyed her job helping people. It gave her contact with adults. She seldom dated, preferring to spend time with her c***dren, who were growing older. She did not want to miss a moment of life with them.

A defining moment for Sean happened as he approached his thirteenth year. Puberty had set in. His voiced cracked often as it changed. His body shape changed as he became involved in sports. For him, the most dramatic change came when he realized that he had no control over his penis. He remembered several occasions when he was showering and his penis became erect as he lathered his body. There were also times when his little s****r invaded the shower with him. She had no modesty in her innocence, assuming it was okay for her to shower with her big b*****r. They had bathed together as small c***dren and she saw no problem with continuing that in their common shower area.

Chelsey had a nine year old body and seemed totally unashamed of being naked in front of her b*****r. She stepped into the shower much to his surprise. “Hey, b*****r. I’m going to share your water.” She laughed and began to spread the lather over her body. Sean attempted to cover up his penis, which was doing its usual thing of getting erect as the warm water cascaded over it. After several minutes of bathing, Manda, as Sean still called her, noticed her b*****r’s “thing.” Without thinking she reached out and grabbed it. “Wow,” Sean, look at it. It’s bigger.”

Sean reacted with shock and embarrassment. “Stop that. You’re not supposed to do that.”

“Does it hurt?” She continued to touch it, realizing that it had actually grown stiffer with her touch.

“No, it doesn’t hurt.”

“What happened?”

“This happens to boys as they get older.”

“Wow,” she said again. She looked down at herself, spread her legs so she could see her vaginal area. “I don’t have one,” she laughed.

“I know,” he said, turning his back on his s****r.

“Wash my back, okay,” Amanda announced. Sean turned around and lathered her back, hoping his erection would soften. It didn’t. It throbbed as he touched his s****r’s skin. When she suddenly turned around, he found himself actually rubbing his soapy hands across her budding breasts.

“Oh, that feels good,” she said. He immediately removed his hands, rinsed off and stepped out of the shower without another word. He dried off and left the shower room as quickly as he could. Amanda was left with a surprised look on her face without realizing the import of what just happened.

Sean enjoyed school, having an A average in his courses. He was involved with football, but his love was for baseball. At sixteen he was six feet tall, muscular, and good looking. All through his middle school years, girls were after him. The attention was not something he seemed to be aware of. He focused what time and energy left over from school and sports to helping his mom with the house and looking after his “baby s****r” who no longer looked like a baby.

Amanda Casey entered her adolescent years like a flower blooms in the Spring. She was transformed from a skinny, awkward c***d into a tall, beautiful young girl. Her body began to develop. Her legs became toned and shapely as she participated in track and volleyball. Although her breasts remained small, she obviously had them. Her hair was long and blond like her moms. She remained innocent in sexual matters and seemed somewhat surprised and hurt that her b*****r seemed to avoid showering with her and cuddling with her as they had in the past. But she loved him and knew he loved her.

Life continued in a routine for the Casey’s. Then came the winter of Sean Casey’s s*******nth year. Manda was thirteen and continuing to develop in body and mind. She was very smart like her b*****r, enjoying school and making friends. She spent a lot of time with her friends from her sport teams. Often Amanda’s friends would come over. Like most girls that age, they noticed boys. In the case of Amanda’s friends, they noticed Sean. He was good looking and they often giggled as they talked about him after he walked through the room where they were gathered. Amanda was learning from the other girls who had older s****rs. They would share what their s****rs told them about boys, dating and sex.

Sean’s sexual education also developed from the “locker room” chatter. Boys talked about s****rs and seeing them naked. He learned even more than in middle school about pussies and tits, about a girl’s clit and cumming. Conversation often turned to the secrets of masturbating or “jerking off.” As Sean’s body developed, so did his interest in sexual exploration. He masturbated often, almost being caught by his s****r who entered his room by way of the bath area as he was releasing his “cock” from his shorts. There were nights when she still came into his room and crawled into bed with him. On occasion, Sean would wake up to find his s****r’s ass pressed against his groin and he erect penis pressed against her.

The month of January was forecast to have brutal weather. It finally hit the city. A winter storm swept across the South leaving almost a foot of snow in places that rarely saw snow. There was a major pile up on one of the major highways resulting in many injuries. The hospital where Chelsey worked was one of the emergency centers where the injured were brought. She was required in the ER. Calling her c***dren, she told them that she would be working for hours, asking if they would be okay for the night. Sean and Amanda assured her they would be fine and for her not to worry. The storm worsened with more inches of snow. Roads were closed and eventually power was lost in large areas, including the neighborhood where the Casey’s lived.

Although phone and power lines were down, cell phone service continued. Chelsey called her k**s to find out how they were. When she found out that the power was off, she said she would attempt to get home. Sean assured her they would be okay. They had purchased a generator when they bought the house. It was powerful enough to provide electricity for the refrigerator and freezer and the circulation fan on the wood stove in the fireplace along with a few lights. They could also use the microwave and the autopilot on the hot water heater would function. Knowing that the road conditions would prevent her from getting home, Chelsey accepted the fact that Sean could take care of things at home and she would be available to care for the injured from the pile up. She told him, “You’re the man of the house. I know you will take care of yoru s****r.” Little did she know that the snow would keep falling and prevent her from getting home for the next thirty-six hours.

Sean started the generator and turned on the circuit that allowed power to the house. They were warm in the living room, had microwave food, and could take showers. They prepared a soft pallet on the living room floor with blankets and sl**ping bags which were zipped together to form one large bag. They were ready for the night, which eventually came.

By the time Sean finished his shower, Manda was snug in the sl**ping bag. He quickly cut off the generator since it would not have enough fuel to run all night. The b*****r and s****r would be warm in their bags until morning when the generator would be started again. Sean stripped out of his heavy sweat pants and shirt and crawled into the sl**ping bag wearing light flannel pajamas. As soon as he was settled, Manda snuggled up to him, pushing her back side against him. He placed his left arm under her head as he turned toward her back. Her butt was tucked against his lower abdomen. Not sure what to do with his left arm, he laid his hand across Manda’s waist. Immediately she reached down, grabbed his hand, pulled it up against her chest as if it were a stuffed a****l. She snuggled it into her chest as she settled against him.

After several minutes, Sean attempted to remove his arm since it was in an uncomfortable position with Manda holding it against her body. He moved it slightly to release the tension of her grip. With it a bit more relaxed, he lay still and planned on going to sl**p. Occasionally, he moved his fingers to keep the circulation going in his hand. With Manda laying still and with only his fingers moving, Sean realized something. His hand had settled across Manda’s left breast. As he moved his fingers, he became aware that his fingers were caressing her adolescent breast through her light pajama top. His s****r’s breast was firm yet soft. He could actually feel her nipple that had hardened to his touch. Embarrassed, he attempted to move his hand, sliding it from under his s****r’s grip. As he pulled it from under her hands, she grasped it and placed it back where it was.

“That feels good,” she said quietly.

“I’m sorry, Manda. I didn’t realize my hand was there.”

“It’s okay. I liked it there. It feels nice.”

“Maybe so, but I shouldn’t be touching you there,” Sean whispered.

“You mean like I’m not supposed to be touching your...uh...penis?” she asked.

“Yeah. We’re b*****r and s****r. We’re not supposed to be touching each other.”

“Even if it feels good?” She paused. “Sean, I don’t mind if you touch my breasts.” Amanda turned slightly onto her back, still pressing against Sean’s body. As she did so, she pulled his hand up to her breast and held it in place.

Without realizing his actions, Sean slowly moved his fingers and began massaging Manda’s breast. She cooed softly. He wondered if she could feel his erection pressing against her leg.

“I like that, Sean,” she said with a moan. As he continued to softly massage her breast, she could feel her body responding. She guided his hand to her right breast.

Sean enjoyed the feeling of Manda’s breast even though he knew he should not be touching her. He responded to the feeling by pressing his hard cock against her thigh, hoping she did not feel his stiffness.

Amanda shifter her position, laying completely on her back, giving Sean free access to both her breasts. He felt her body moving around against his as she moaned about how good it felt. Against his better judgment, Sean allowed his hormones to take control. After several minutes of caressing his s****r’s breast, he moved his hand down her chest and to her stomach area. The vision that came to mind was watching his mother as she rubbed herself between her legs. Sean continued to move his hand down until it rested over Manda’s pussy. He cupped his hand and pressed it down between her legs. Manda responded by opening her legs far enough for Sean to place his hands between her inner thighs.

Sean began to rub his s****r through her pajamas. She moaned even louder as she raised her hips in time with his movements. After a couple of minutes, Amanda increased her movement as her breathing quickened and became heavier. It was obvious she was responding to what he was doing although he could feel nothing but the fabric of her pajamas. Suddenly, Manda’s legs stiffened. She gasped and let out a louder moan, moving her hips up and down, pushing herself against Sean’s palm and fingers. After less than a minute, she sighed and relaxed.

“I love you,” she said softly to her b*****r, turning toward him in the darkness of the room.

“I love you, too.” After a pause, he spoke again, removing his hand from between her legs. “I shouldn’t have done that. It was wrong.”

“I don’t care, Sean. You are my b*****r and I love you. I am glad you did that. It really felt good. Better than anything I ever felt.”

The two lay quietly for a while. Amanda finally turned her back to Sean and drifted off to sl**p. Sean lay awake for a long time, aware that his erection was slowly going down, feeling a bit guilty that he allowed himself to do this to her. Yet, he also was glad he realized how he could make her feel good. He eventually went to sl**p.

The morning gave evidence of more snow. Sean had awakened and made his way to the basement to start the generator. After stoking the wood in the stove and turning on the circulation fan, he returned to the sl**ping bag until the room heated up a bit. Amanda continued to sl**p in the warmth of the bags. When she did awake, she turned toward her b*****r and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. She crawled from under the heavy cover of the bag and rushed to the bathroom. After she had relieved herself, she put her sweat pants on over her pajamas as Sean also crawled out from the warmth of the sl**ping bags and donned his warmer clothing.

The two of them rolled up the sl**ping gear and stowed it out of the way. The wood stove was warming the living room and kitchen as they prepared a breakfast of microwave oatmeal. Little was said between them. Sean did not want to look at his s****r’s face. He was embarrassed that he had touched her as he did. Finally, she spoke.

“Sean, are you alright?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” He continued after a pause. “I don’t think I should have touched you that way.”

“I know what you are thinking, but it’s okay. It felt good and I let it happen, too, you know.” She thought for a second before stating, “Besides, it’s just the two of us here. No one will ever know but us.” She approached him. “Anyway, if this is how my first time feeling like that was to happen, I am glad it was you. I sure wouldn’t let anybody else touch me like that.” She grinned at him. “I don’t think I’ll ever love anyone as much as I love you even if you are my b*****r.”

“I love you, too, Manda. I just don’t want you to think bad of me. I’m supposed to take care of you, not take advantage of you.”

“You didn’t take advantage of me. Besides, I’m the one who got to feel good. You didn’t get much out of it. And I do not think bad of you. I told you it felt good. You didn’t hurt me. You made me feel very special.”

“Just don’t tell anyone, okay. I mean, any of your friends.”

“What happened is between us and always will be. I don’t tell my friends anything. They talk too much. And besides, they would be jealous because they all would want you to make them feel like that, too. They think you are so hot.” She gave him a hug. “And I plan to keep you all to myself.”

Sean and Manda hugged for a long minute. He kissed her on the forehead. Then she stood on tiptoes and kissed him on the lips. “If you weren’t my b*****r, I would want you for a boyfriend, but you would be too old. So, since you are my b*****r, I don’t need a boyfriend.”

With that, they cleaned the bowls from breakfast and went to the bedroom to get clothes for the day. After each picked out the warmest clothes they could find, they returned to the living room to get dressed, which they did quickly. As they finished dressing, Sean’s cell phone rang. It was their mom.

“How are you two surviving?” she said with obvious worry in her voice.

“Mom, we’re fine. We slept in sl**ping bags in the living room. He intentionally did not mention that they were zipped together to make one bag. The wood stove makes is warm enough and we already had a nice hot breakfast.”

“I spoke to the emergency crews who are bringing people to the hospital. They say it is a struggle for crews to keep the main roads passable. The residential areas are not. Because we have power from our large generators, the hospital is also an emergency shelter.”

“Don’t worry about us, mom. I promise we’re doing okay.” He wanted to sound more confident that he felt. “There is fuel for the generator and it works fine for keeping the fridge and freezer working. We use the microwave and we have hot water.”

“Okay, son,” Chelsey continued. “I trust you to be the man of the house. You are good at that.” She paused. “If you need anything, call me on my cell. I mean that. I want you to call.”

“I’ll check with you later, mom. Don’t worry about us.” He looked at his s****r. “Do you want to speak to Manda?”

“Yes.” Amanda got on the phone with her mom and echoed what her b*****r had said about the generator.

“Mom, don’t worry. Sean is taking good care of me.” She emphasized the word “good” as she said this. She gave a wicked grin to her b*****r whose face turned red with embarrassment. “I can assure you I feel safe with him.”

“I know, sweetie. But I am your mother and I am a bit anxious for you.”

“No need, mom. Just get home when you can.” She paused. “Sean and I love you.”

“I love you, too. We’ll talk later.”

Following the call, Amanda punched her b*****r on the arm as the gave him the cell phone. “You did take care of me last night.” She leaned toward him and gave him another kiss. “Now what do we do today?”

They busied themselves cleaning up around the house. It was too cold and the snow too deep to really go outside and enjoy it. They read and watched tv. The generator allowed the tv to be on as long as other electrical appliances were off except for the fridge and freezer. The time passed quickly with several conversations with their mom. They had sandwiches for lunch and prepared canned soup for their supper. Sean brought in more fire wood and the living room remained comfortable for them.

As night approached, Sean called their mom to assure her all was okay for the night. She told them that one of the emergency crews promised to get her home the following morning. Following this conversation, Sean and Amanda prepared for sl**p. They arranged the pallet and sl**ping bags as they had been the night before. Amanda took her shower, returning to the den area dressed in sweat pants and shirt. Sean showered and returned in similar clothing. His s****r was already in the sl**ping bag. He made his way to the basement to shut down the generator. Again using a flashlight to find his way up the stairs, he took off his sweats and climbed into the bag wearing his flannel pajamas.

It was dark as the b*****r and s****r settled under the warm covering. Sean turned onto his left side as Amanda turned onto her right to face him. She lifted her head off her pillow, indicating that she wanted Sean to place his arm under her head. He did so and she moved toward him. As he placed his hand and arm across her waist, he realized that he could feel her skin. He felt her body in the darkness and discovered she was wearing a short t-shirt that exposed most of her lower chest and stomach. As he moved his hand down her waist, he touch the top of her panties. Although he could not see her face, he could tell she smiled at him as she moved closer.

In the darkness, Amanda moved toward her b*****r, reaching for his face so she could kiss him. She brought her lips to his and held them there. After a few seconds, Sean responded. Their lips parted and their tongues met, slowly moving with each other as if they were slow dancing. After several minutes their lips parted.

“I’m glad you are my b*****r,” Manda said softly. “I feel so good with you. You aren’t like any of the boys at school.”

“I’m glad I’m your b*****r, too, and that you are my s****r.” He paused, wishing he would see her face through the darkness. “I don’t want to hurt you. I want to take care of you.”

“I know and I love you for that. You have been doing that for as long as I can remember.” That comment brought back the memory of feeding her when she was still and infant. He could still see the smile she gave him as he fed her a bottle.

“You were a cute baby,” he said with a smile. Amanda’s hand on his face felt him smile. It made her feel even better. “Now you are a beautiful girl.” He leaned toward her, kissing her as he pulled her to him. Their kiss lingered and grew in passion. Amanda placed her hand behind his head, holding him to her as their tongues mingled. Sean began to move his right hand around her waist. Slowly, he moved upward on her torso. His hand moved under her t-shirt until he came to her left breast. He could not believe he was actually touching her bare breast.

Amanda responded with a soft moan. Her nipple immediately hardened as Sean’s fingers caressed it, as he massaged her breast, feeling the warmth of his hand. She rolled onto her back, pulling him with her. Now, he was on his left elbow above her, still kissing, still massaging her firm breast. He moved to the other breast, gently massaging it, moving his fingers up to her nipple and pulling on it. Again, she responded with a soft moan. This continued for several more minutes. They kissed, then parted. He caressed her breasts, moving from one to the other.

Sean could not believe the feeling that came over him. He was actually touching his s****r, caressing her developing breasts. He knew nothing about sizes of breasts except that they were measured by cup size. Manda’s were small, yet firm. He massaged them for a long time as they kissed and spoke to each other. Then, he moved down. He kissed her softly for a moment, then moved his head down. She guided him as he slowly moved to her breast, covered it with his mouth, and began to suck. He pulled the nipple and areola into his mouth while moving his tongue across them. He made circles around the puffy areola. He flicked it over the hard nipple, sucking gently while massaging the breast into his mouth.

“Oh, Sean,” Manda whispered. “That feels wonderful.” She pulled his head into her, whispering, “you can suck harder.” He did and her body felt as though an electrical charge was going through her. Without realizing it, her body was responding to his attention to her small breasts. Her hips began to move as she felt a warm sensation between her legs.

Feeling Manda’s movement, Sean continued to suck as he moved his right hand down her warm, bare skin. His fingers glided over her abdomen, moving slowly as his fingers danced around on her skin. He reached the top of her panties and continued to move. He felt her open her legs and accepted the invitation to continue his journey over the smooth fabric. He cupped his hand and moved it between her legs. He felt both warmth and wetness in her panties. As soon as his hand rested against the fabric covered pussy, Manda jumped slightly.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she moaned, pushing up into his hand. “That is nice,” she said. “Don’t stop.” Sean had no intention of stopping. He moved his hand upward toward the waist band. He slid his hand under it and move it down again. She was even warmer and wetter that he realized. His finger slid down across her lips, causing her to push against his fingers again. As Sean moved his finger up and down, he applied enough pressure to push his middle finger between her wet lips. She was more than wet, she was soaked. He moved his finger up and down, finally locating the canal from which the moisture was almost flowing. He slowly inserted his finger, pushing gently deeper into the recesses of this canal of love. Amanda quickly reached down, lifting her hips, she pushed her panties. Sean helped by pushing them down her legs. Using her legs, Manda pushed them off her legs and into the bottom of the sl**ping bag. She responded as her b*****r returned to his caresses.

“Yes, that’s it. Oh, it feels soooo gggoooddddd.” Sensations never before imagined swept through Amanda’s slender body. “I can’t believe how this feels,” she said as she gasped at his touch. Sean continued to suck her breasts as his fingers probed her sexuality. She felt Sean’s finger enter her pussy. She felt him probe deeper. Her hymen has been broken earlier because of her sports activity. She could feel him pushing deeper as her body reacted as if it had a will all its own.

Sean began to move his finger in and out as his hand moved up and down slowly. Manda was moving faster now, obviously feeling a pleasure that had to be expressed. As he slid his finger through the wetness, he felt the small nub. As soon as he touched it, Amanda cried out. As he moved the tip of his finger across the hard bud, she began to push her hips up into his hand. Within seconds his s****r’s body began to jerk. Her hips were moving up and down and back and forth. He moved his finger faster until she let out a long, low moan.

“Aaaahhhhhhh,” Amanda cried. Her body shook. “Oh, oh, oh, oh.....” she said. Sean continued to stimulate her small hard clit, sliding up and down over it. He then pushed his finger into her love canal, moving in and out as the flat of his palm pressed against her swollen clit. Her body convulsed as spasm after spasm swept through her lower abdomen. She could not help herself. She cried out, she moaned, she moved her hips, pulling her b*****r to her. Thankfully, the intensity of her spasms began to ease. She was breathing hard in quick gasps. How was a body capable of feeling such a sensation.

Sean slowed the movement of his hand. He could feel the inner muscles of Manda’s vagina pulsate, squeezing his finger. The amount of wetness she produced flowed against his hand, When he moved his finger in and out, he thought he could hear the slushing of the juices that were soaking his hand. She grew quieter and slowed her movements as the orgasm waned. Her breathing eased a bit and the movement of her hips slowed. Sean lifted his mouth off of her breast. He moved up to meet her lips. Her mouth was open as he kissed her. Her fingers moved through his hair as she pulled him to her.

Sean kept his finger inside Manda’s pussy. He moved in and out slowly for another few seconds before pulling out and caressing between her wet lips. The tip of his finger moved to her clit. It was still hard and swollen. He made circles around it, causing her to moan again. He continued these soft, gentle movements, circling this special spot, moving back and forth across it. As he did so, her body began to respond again.

“Oh, Sean, I don’t know if I can....” She never finished what she was trying to say. As his finger caressed her clit, another lightning bolt swept through her body. She felt a rising within her, something from deep down in the recesses of her abdomen. The movements of his finger began to draw from within her another wave of spasms. She could not believe this was happening again. Her body moved on its own. She pushed herself up and Sean focused his attention on that one small spot on her body.

“Oh, oh, oh....” again and again she cried out. Like a massive release, her orgasm erupted from within her. Amanda pushed her hips up. It was as if she was suspended in the air with only Sean’s body preventing her from lifting off the floor. He rubbed faster as wave after wave swept through her young body. She felt herself cumming as her juices flowed from within her. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders as if she were holding on for survival. For what seemed like forever the orgasm continued. Finally, it eased. Finally her body felt some relief from the intensity of the spasms. She collapsed back against the padding under her. She was breathing heavily and deeply.

Sean slowed his movements. He pressed his finger into the tightness of Manda’s pussy, continuing to feel the walls pulsate. His hand was soaked. He stopped all movement, allowing his s****r to recover. With his finger still inside her as deep as it could go, he rested the flat of his hand against her pubic area. He kissed her softly as she breathed. Her grip around his shoulders and neck loosened. Her left arm fell to her side. Her right slid down his back and rested there.

He had to see her. He had to look into her face. He removed his fingers from her, feeling the wetness. He brought his finger to his mouth and tasted. He liked it. He reached outside the sl**ping bad and found the flashlight. He turned it on and allowed it to shine toward the ceiling. In the dim light he could see her face. Her eyes were closed as she continued to breath softly.

“Are you okay?” he whispered.

She smiled and almost laughed. “I’ll let you know when I wake up from this dream,” she said. “I am no longer in the real world.” She opened her eyes and looked into his face. “Oh, Sean. I can’t believe what I just felt.” She reached up and cupped his face with her left hand. “I wish I could describe what that felt like.” She pulled him to her and they kissed softly. At that moment, the memory of seeing his mother rub herself came to his mind.

“I’m glad I was able to help you feel so good,” he said to her.

“Help me?” she said. “You made it happen my sweet b*****r.” She smiled. “I do need to ask you something.” He looked at her wondering what she wanted to know at this moment. “How did you ever learn to do that?”

“I don’t know. I just did what you seemed to enjoy.” He could not tell her about watching their mom rub herself to an orgasm.

“Enjoy does not describe it, my b*****r. That was so far beyond enjoyment that I don’t think there is a word for it.” She paused. “I think the term is orgasm, but that just doesn’t do it for me.” She smiled. “I think I’ll call it a “Seanasm.” They both laughed and kissed.

“I love you, Manda. I know I’m just your b*****r, but I love you.”

“Oh Sean, I love you, too. And you are not just my b*****r. You are the man in my life. You are the only man I ever want in my life.”

Sean knew that this was not the time to discuss the matter of i****t and the law or morality of what they had just experienced. Now was the time to accept that it happened. He did love his s****r. He had no idea what the future might hold. He accepted his role as “man of the house,” but never considered that this was part of what his life would be. So he just softly spoke to his little s****r as she cuddled into his arms. “I’m always here for you.”

To be continued...

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