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Part 9 After the adult book store

As i sat down in the chair i could fell my like i was going to pass out. I did not think like anything like that would happen to me and that my uncle would have made me do those kinds of nasty things at the adult book store. I knew than that he was a nasty man and that I had no chose but to do as he told me to do because if i did not do as he said that he would tell on me.

Rose came over and had a wash cloth with her and a pan of warm water. She took off my wig and than began to clean up my face of all the cum with the now wet warm wash cloth. She asked me if I was ok and i told her that my mouth was sore from sucking all those cocks and that my ass hole was hurting from being fucked by all those guys also. She went over and got a tub of cream and told me that she was going to put some of the cream on and up my ass hole to help with the pain.

She than had me take off my panties and spread my legs and had me pull them up to my chest so that she could apply the cream to my ass hole. It felt good and made some of the pain stop. She said that she wold give me the cream and tell my uncle to get some for me so when I got fucked I could use it to help with the pain.

She than helped me stand up and helped me take off my lingerie. She told me that my uncle wanted me to get dressed up in some lingerie before he came back to get me. Rose than helped me get dressed up in a red baby doll and black crotchless panties. Then she helped me put on the red matching panties black thigh hi nylons, red bobby socks and a pair of black hi heels. She than put on my brown wig and put some bright red lipstick on me.

She told me to stay in the back and rest and that my uncle would be there soon to pick me up. I sat down and waited for my uncle Jay to come get me. It was not to long before Rose came and told me that my uncle was there and that he was putting my things in his car and that he would come get me. It did not take long and my uncle Jay and Rose came into the back to get me.

My uncle had me stand up to check me out to make sure that I was dressed as he liked and than told Rose thank you and that he and the photo club was going to have a photo party soon and that he wanted her to be there. Rose said that she would be happy to be at the party and asked if I would be there also. He said yes and that if she liked she could bring her boyfriend also. She told him that he would love to come and join in on the fun. My uncle had me put on my coat.

My uncle turned to me and said to thank Rose and that we had to go. As we all walked out to the front I saw Mary there and also thanked her. My uncle said that we had to go and took my hand a lead me out the front door. As we walked out front I could see that it was getting dark. My uncle said that we had some time before we had to start back home and he wanted to take me to meet his friend Frank. He told me that his store was not to far from there and we would walk there. he than took my by my hand and off we went down the street.

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