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Keep it in the inlaw

As the wife and i where alone we decided to catch up on our sex life as it had been a few weeks since we had a good fuck. just as we was getting setteled the door went and as I answered it their was my s****r in law in total tears, it worked out that her husband had left her and gone of with another woman. As we chatted i could see her panties and I started to get hard, I joked and said that if she opened her legs any wider i'll see what colour panties she was wearing she joked and said why don't u come and look and laughed. The wife said well go on I know you fancy her and would love to fuck her hard, well I didnt need telling twice and got up and stood infront of her she reached out and unzipped my trousers and reached in to pull my cock out.

As she touched it she gasped and said it's huge, the wife laughed and said "well didn't I tell you it was big wait to it splits your pussy" sally the wifes s****r was 5 years younger than her and was very good looking with her clothes on so god knows how she looks naked but tonight i'm gonna find out.

As she started to rub my cock I reached down and felt her hard nipples under her sweater she knelt down and put my cock in her warm mouth she started to wrap her tounge around my cock head and rubbed my cock I knew what I was gonna do if she carried on but I wanted to taste her pussy see if it was as sweet as he s****rs. As I pulled her mouth of my cock I lifted her up and pulled her sweater up to reveal a huge pair of supple tits they where bigger than my wifes, I unclipped her bra and the just stayed there I reached down to suck her hard dark nipples.

She gaspped with pleasure and begged me to fuck her as it had been a while since she had cock. as I stripped her I saw what i had seen earlier a nice tiny silky black thong as I took that off I saw the sweatest little pussy ever and was dying to lick it, as I sat her back down and pushed her legs apart i loweredmy head and licked her slit it was as sweet as sugar she moaned and begged to be licked more, as I pushed my tounge in I tasted her jucies all of a suden she screamed out a huge orgasm.

I stopped and she asked her s****r to she her how she sucks my cock, I had always dreamt about having both and had always jacked of to a huge cum after as the wife started to suck my cock her s****r started to undress her s****r as well as well as stopping to kiss me she told her s****r to stop as she wanted to be split by my cock. As she straddled me she lowered herself onto me it was tight but she took it easy and finaly was all the way down on it she complimented me on my size and said her husband was only small but this was like being fucked for the first time and being a virgin.

As she moved up and down I felt her jucies running down my cock shaft I wasnt gonna last much longer and started to fuck her harder she said she was gonna cum again and I said well hold on im cumming to as we fucked we was moaning sally was fucking awesome and a hell of a ride all of a sudden I exploded hot cum in her sweet pussy that triggered of a huge row of orgasms she had, as I looked over I saw my wife totaly naked with 3 fingers in her own pussy going like hell all of a sudden a huge spirt of fluid came out of her pussy and she screamed out in pleasure.

Sally then got of my cock and started to suck my now limp cock and I could not believe what I saw next my wife licking the cum out of her s****rs pussy I was so stunned as her s****r was sucking me and not even faized by what her s****r was doing. As we carried on I started to get hard again and we all went to the bedroom where I was gonna get my fantasy of having a 3 way with 2 s****rs as we fucked the whole night I watched girl on girl her s****r watching us 2 fuck and the wife watching me and her s****r the following morning we decided that he s****r should move in with us for a while to get her head straight and also my wife said that I could fuck her s****r when ever I wanted as she knew I wanted her as much as her.

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