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Taboo confessions

Now I changed the names just in case but this is true and just in case those involved figure out I'm telling the swinging swapping asslicking anal pussy lesbian gay chubby BBW perverted taboo secret world... Everything I really know... It's a kinky world out there

A few years back when I was still just a boyfriend to my now wife I had discovered that her parents were swingers because although the were very kinky they were older and not computer savvy. And a few searches and BOOM I hit a payload of old pictures of my now Mother in law either naked or half naked sucking cock and getting fucked in the pussy or ass. The big kicker was that not all of them were with her husband but then again the angles and pictures had to have been taken by him. I new everyone had a box of sin or file of stuff they hide but this was a treasure trove of kinky sex. I would later learn that they had "Friends" come over and my girlfriend was expected not to come around.

With that set up I'd like to say that if you have read my wife's profile that she had a very early into to the sexual world and has never stopped. I seem to be everything she has ever been looking for but it was quite a long time ago she wanted to submit to my every fantasy and I'm not into sub/Dom things but to satisfy her I need to tell her to do things.

I never thought about using her to get more info on her parents sex life until they introduced us to a few of there friends that I new my father in law was allowing to fuck his wife in the naughtiest ways. I mean he had videos on amateur albums and wife swappers websites as well as threesomes with his wife and her s****r that were very current and very hot.

Personally I wanted to know how he did this but I'd come to find out all the kinky details. To describe my inlaws I'd say chub/obese dad and very big breasts and curves on mom. Both are seniors and have toy palooza hidden around the house. In the garage my wife showed me a saw horse that was a very primitive dildo fucking machine covered in fur that she new her parents and their friends used but my wife has never seen it used. Those pictures I found had her mom really getting fucked hard with it and the dildo that pumped up was no small thing.

If you want more details or this true account turns you on let me know ill share how I've expanded my sex play with my wife and "others" just like my inlaws.. Soon as I can type it out but the sexier the comments the more motivated I should be to confess everything...

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