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First pair of nylons

When I was working at a machine shop I had to stand all day and my legs would ache at night.

My wife told me she was talking to a friend that was a nurse about it and she told her she should buy me some support hose.

So one day when I was getting out of the shower and getting ready for work my wife handed me a pair of womans panty hose. I asked what that was about, a little freaked out - wondering if one of my old school buddies may had said something about how we used to jack off together and this was a cruel joke.

My wife then told me about the advice she had been given and she pleaded with me to put them on so I wouldn't get varicose vains. SO I did, I had seen my wife put them on before and was able to work them on. I then got dressed and walked into the kitchen all the while feeling super sexy. Those hose was making that sound they make when you walk in pants. All I had to do was gently rub down my leg and my cock was rock hard.

When I got to work I was nervous someone would recognize the sound of those nylons under my pants. After a while it seemed as though no one was the wiser.
I must had went to the can a half a dozen times that day to jack off - those hose were keeping me in an all day hard on.

When I got home and took them off my wife noticed the cock stains and laughed - she said been a little frustrated today have you ?

I said hell yes- I don't think I can work in those things. I'm constantly distracted. She then stripped down and we got onto the bed and I went down on her like I never had before. She had an awesome orgasm, so I scooted up and said "my turn" she went down on my rock hard cock sucking like a pro - one thing about my wife though- She would never let me cum in her mouth ! As I was getting close I begged her to let me cum, she scooped up some precum off my cock and slid her finger in my mouth and asked me how bad it tasted - she said she didn't like the tastes - I said it tasted kind of sweet to me - I didn't mind it at all.

She then leaned back and let me cum across her tits and she asked if I was k**ding about liking the taste of my precum - I said really - it is sweet, she then swopped up some cum off her chest and tried to stick it in my mouth, but after I came, I felt odd about trying it. I've thought about trying it after jacking off. I don't know what it is but for some reason I chicken out after I get off.

This experience led to much more experimenting with and without my wife.....

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