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OHGIRL: Planning My Vegas Trip

I had been working as a stripper and an independent e****t for over six months and I had made quite a bit of money. My schooling was taken care of for the next two years, I had moved into a really nice apartment, and I was driving a BMW convertible with my own vanity license plates that read BRANDY. I couldn’t believe the turn my life had taken. Bill, the owner of the strip club where it had all started, wasn’t as happy as he could be. His top earning dancer was only working twice a week at his club, but I was making the bulk of my money from being an e****t. I still made a lot of money stripping at the club and using the facility for drawing in new clients, but I made more money meeting with my regular customers and from doing specialty engagements and parties. I kept Bill happy by spending my days off at his place and being his little sex toy. You’d have thought that sex would have been the last thing on my mind, after fucking or sucking anywhere from 3 to 15 different men per week, based upon my schedule, but I still enjoyed having a boyfriend that I could fuck on a regular basis. Maybe it was his big cock or the fact that I was only 19 years old and I liked the idea of a relationship. Either way, Bill was happy and I could continue working the two jobs that maintained my current lifestyle.

The 2 days that I worked at the club were usually dates that I didn’t have scheduled to be with my clients or to entertain at a party. Luckily Bill was flexible with my schedule, but I knew he was going to explode when he heard the news I had to give him this afternoon. He had left me sl**ping in bed that morning, at his place, so I had to drive into the club to break the news. The evening before was really great, so I didn’t want to ruin it by bringing up my plans for the next two weeks. He had fixed me dinner and we had made love all night, but I thought that I would try to butter him up first.

I winked at the bartender Brett, as I sauntered into the club and made my way back to Bill’s office wearing my thigh high boots and a short, tight sexy dress. Brett had always looked at me really intensely, since the day he had walked in and watched Bill and I have sex, during my interview to originally work at the club. He had never really said a whole lot to me and was a bit distant for the longest time, until one night after work I gave him a blow job. Since then, Brett had become another one of my regular clients. He was a really cute, young guy and I gave him a special employee discount when we hooked up. Bill was oblivious to our secret rendezvous, so Brett just gave me a quick wink back as I walked by and entered Bill’s office.

Bill was on the phone, so I just went up and sat on his lap, grinding into him as he talked and running my hands all over his body. I knew he was loving it, even if he acted disturbed. It wasn’t long until I felt his huge erection growing and rubbing on me, so I released it from his pants and began to suck him off. It was amazing how he could still talk business while we had sex. It was a trait that I admired from our first meeting. The door to his office was always open and Brett came in, as usual, with paperwork from the bar and other management issues. I looked up at Brett, my mouth stuffed full with Bill’s long, thick cock, and winked again, as Bill deftly handled the phone call and signing the bar invoices. Bill didn’t see Brett staring at me and I knew that Brett was enjoying the view, so I pulled up the back of my short dress and exposed my pussy to Brett before he left the office. His grin was huge and I made a mental note to have Brett stop over to visit me when he got off work this evening. Bill finally finished his call and hung up and I bent over his desk, pulled my dress up around my waist, and let him slide into the tight pussy I had just flashed at his bartender. I really needed to get his mind off of work, so I placed his hand on my head and told him to fuck me really hard. He immediately grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled it back as he began ramming me with his long, hard pole. I really did love his big cock and although I had fucked quite a few men with bigger dicks, since I became a stripper, his always hit the right spot. Even though Bill was 25 years older than me, he could fuck like a stud and he never failed to get me off.

I told Bill to let me know when he was going to cum and after slamming me from behind for about 15 minutes, he grunted out his impending explosion. I slid off of his stiff pole, turned around, got onto my knees and took him into my mouth. He filled my mouth and I swallowed his load with practiced ease. I licked him and purred over his semi hard penis for a while before I looked up into his eyes and told him that I was going on vacation for about two weeks. He looked surprised and I immediately told him that I was going to Las Vegas for a few business activities, but that I would be back before he knew it and dancing in his club again. My buttering up method must have worked, since he didn’t even argue and told me that he would miss me. He pulled out the work schedule and marked off my days, scheduling me on the first days of my return. He very rarely asked me about my plans, since he knew what my job entailed, but he did tell me to be careful, since I would be working in a different type of atmosphere. We chatted for a while and then I left the club. On the way out I sneaked behind the bar to give Brett a little hug and to tell him to stop over at my apartment when he got off of work. He squeezed my ass and I gave him a quick little kiss as I made my way teasingly to the front door. There was no harm in getting a little action on the side before I flew out the next day and Brett was another guy who’s cock I seemed to love too.

My bags were packed with everything that I would need for my two week adventure to Sin City. I had three different clients that were paying me to fly out and perform at two parties and a private weekend for two. My one client would have me to himself for the first three days, since he had booked a full weekend of my services and the other two clients had hired me to do a bachelor party and work at a porn expo booth. Hopefully they would lead to future referrals and more all expenses paid vacations. Until then, my doorbell had rung and Brett was waiting patiently for me to answer. I already had the Jacuzzi filled with bubbles, a bottle of wine and some beer for him on ice. I was totally naked, except for a pair of bright red 6 inch stilettos, as I led him to our destination once he entered. My best made plans were thrown off a bit though, since he decided to grab me halfway to my masterbath and fuck me on the floor. He must have been pretty excited from seeing me at the club that afternoon, because he quickly filled my pussy full of cum and once we made it into the Jacuzzi, his cock was hard and ready to go again. That’s the luck of having a young boyfriend on the side too and it seemed like I had a lot of new and different boyfriends over the last six months. “Who would have ever thought?”….That was a question that ran through my mind quite a bit lately.

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