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Chapter 52. Thump thump

Terry's penis was being quite moody today. He stared at its veiny shaft as it quickly swapped too and fro from stark raving hard to completely flaccid. As a result, terry's penis head quickly slapped against the underside of the table and- thump! "Golly!" Terry exclaimed, "there is is again!"
"what's the matter honeycakes?" Erica inquired as she went over the hair of her vagoo with a louse comb. Then she exploded because she was imaginary or something. Terry couldn't hold it in any longer. "Well golly gee!" he shouted as his bowels let loose, "this day just could not get any worse. Then it hit him. It was perfect. A shit-eating grin shot across his face and his heart fluttered with anticipation. With a click of his heels Erica appeared again before him, her pussplace hairier than ever before. "I am expressing that I am female in a sultry manner. Furthermore, I would like to have sexual intercourse with you" Erica said, in a way that females talk. She then raised her armpits, and through the jungle of fuzz, terry could see that her armpits too were hair ridden baby-slots.
Terry was jubilant. "OH BOY!" he excitedly shouted as he took off his nazi uniform. "Were there an author to my life I would totally not be a projection of him!" Erica then said some female stuff, but terry didn't even notice, because what she did next made his mind go fuzzy, and by what she did next, I mean squirted kootch milk out of her pitpussies. Terry drank all the milk, and its magic calcium made his penis as hard as it is to get people to APPRECIATE GOOD LITERATURE!
He then put his penis into her vagina and they commenced the act of mating. "I have a surprise for you" Erica said to terry. He felt something press firmly against the very much circumcised head of his peepee. A phallus sprung forth from erica's dirtyhole. "Hot diggety!" terry said joyfully with a happy jig as Erica bent him over and buttfucked him. Then it happened. She jizzed. Terry closed his eyes and then a great power built up in him. He knew what he had to do.
He offered Erica but a single warning. "Brace yourself Erica, for this is the end of all that once was. The b**st inside has been unleashed." Then he did it. He farted on her. All the collective spunk built up in his rectum burst forth, and like a bukake tsunami engulfed Erica. "Oh terry, you beautiful man you!" She replied, wiping she sperm from her eyes, "I love you"
"I love you too" said terry, and he firmly pressed his face into Erica's unkempt hairy vagina.

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