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The Fuck game

So i was out with my friend hanging out and we got a call to be invited to a party. So we were totally down. So we arrived at the party at at first it was just a normal music, drinks, and mingling party. Well 6 hours later it was around 1 am most people left only me, my friend, and a few other girls were still there. We started to all get horny as fuck. So we pulled out the naught truth or dare game. I was first, and i asked this girl named Chelsey truth or dare, she said dare. So i dared her to start fingering herself, she said ok, flipped up her skirt, and moved her panties to the side revealing her nice wet, pink, and shaven snatch. She was already so wet that her panties were soaked and she was making a puddle of feminine juices on the floor. in 3 minutes she already had 3 fingers in and started to moan loudly. My cock was brick hard and pulsing by this time, so i pulled it out and started to stroke it. By this time the game was no longer truth or dare but just sex dare. It was her turn, she dared this other girl named maria to start sucking me off, so maria came over to me, and took my dick and started sucking away like it was a bomb pop on a hot day. I was next, i dared my friend to go and lick it up, so he did and by this point i couldn't take it anymore and went over to maria and started to eat her out. I started by licking the pelvic area and kissing it, moved on to the clit and just attacked it like a cherry dum dum, i slid my tounge in her snatch, all the way up the lips and started to move my tounge up and down, at this point maria was spazzing and moaning louder than ever. Her pussy juice was nice and sweet like mango nectar, i could feel it filling my mouth, so i pulled my tounge out and gargled it and swallowed it all with delight. While this was happening, my friend was pounding chelsey in the ass so hard she couldn't control her spazing and orgasms and just squealed like a pig. Next i went up to her, and stuck my cock in her and started to fuck her doggy style. She sat there and took it and moaned for me nice and sexy and loud. Next we switched to cowgirl, while she was riding me cowgirl, she was sucking my friend off while chelsey was rubbing her pussy so fast it was making splashing sounds. Next we had an idea. I had maria lay down with her ass up in the air, and i started to pound shit out of her, i finally busted all in her, and pulled out to go get some water. We finished up and all started to laugh, and share our opinions about our little 4 some we just had. Of course it was cleaning time, so we got the bleach wipes and mops and started to work. It was than time for a shower, so i showered with maria, and my friend showered with chelsey, we finished up, and all got d***k and watched a movie. That was my very first 4 some. I didn't even have a 3 some i had a 4 some first. Hope this story wasn't too graphic, and i hope it didn't lack too much taste.

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