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Yara Chronicles Part 2


Strange days have found us
Strange days have tracked us down -Doors

I had flown in from California two hours ago and the hotel room was already getting to me. I decided to go for a short walk in the November air. The glittering avenues of the monied section of New York beaconed me. The temperature was around freezing an some snowflakes drifted and danced down. I walked several blocks and came to a dingy side street seemingly out of sync with the surrounding meretriciousness , I decided to walk down it awhile. Deja vu swept over me as I recalled a similar walk a couple years ago in Eastern Europe. in the Old Town Section of _______. I had met the lovely Yara, who came as a sylph into the bar I was in.
There was only one streetlight working in the narrow confines of the street. Bits of old newspaper swirled int he cold air. The road surface was indeterminate and felt gritty under my feet.
I was about to give up the adventure, when I saw a broken down entrance to a bar. I hesitated, then went in. The interior was dim and the air felt damp and smelled like stale tobacco. The bar was long and there were two bartenders working. There must have been eight people inside. Why they need two bartenders was a mystery.
There was music being played by two guys in the back. One on fiddle and the other on guitar. A mixture of Willie, Johnny and Kris. It lent a honky tonk flavor to the run down bar.
I ordered a Scotch with water on the side. I drank quickly and ordered another, feeling the heat rush through my body. I kept trying to see what the female barkeep looked like and the other end of the long bar. She, however, went about her business, and kept out of sight. She was wearing a white blouse a little to big for her. She had on baggy jeans and running shoes. Her face seemed always in the shadows.
The other bartender went out from behind the bar and went into the back. I signaled to the woman to give me another drink. She seemed to ignore me, until I kept on tapping my glass on the bar.
I saw her turn and look for the other bartender, but he was engaged in the back. Slowly the female bartender poured a Scotch and moved slowly towards me. She tried to hide her face, but she couldn’t. I then saw it was Yara. Her hair was different, as it was shorter and fell around her face hiding it. She finished pouring the drink and set it down in front of me, giving up the pretense.
She straightened up and looked directly at me. She said hello softly. I replied the same and she just stood there staring at me and I staring at her. I had a million questions, as to how she got here and why. She asked if I would walk her home after the bar closed? I told her sure I would. She went back to work and ignored me for the rest of the night.
The bar closed at 0300 and we began our stroll. Yara said nothing all the time we walked. We came to a run down apartment house and she took out her key and opened the door. She turned to me and asked me to come up. I nodded my head and we walked up a flight of stairs to her apartment. She opened the door and we went in.
It was a sparsely furnished cold water flat. The rooms were run down with water stains on the ceiling in places. I couldn’t believe she lived here.
She went to the kitchen table and put her keys on it. Then she took a bottle of vodka from the cupboard and put it down and got two shot glasses. Yara poured to shots and motioned to me to join her, as she sat down. I followed suit and we tossed the two shots down our throats.
Yara sat and looked at me for a long time then went to a CD player and put on some quiet slow music. She motioned me to come to her and she put her arms around my waist and pulled me to her tightly. Our mouths found each other as we moved to the music, She pressed hard with her mouth on mine, probing me with her tongue, her mouth wide open against mine.
We held our kiss for minutes then moved our lips an inch away from each other just to see each others face for a moment then rejoined our lips. I fumbled with the buttons of her blouse and she had to help me open the front of her top. She then began pulling off the polo shirt that I had on, over my head and threw it on the floor.
I reached behind her back and undid the clasp of her bra and it fell to the floor. I had to look at her beautiful breasts. The nipples were hard and the firm roundness of her breast drove me wild inside. My penis was at full erection and she pressed tightly to me and my member was firmly sandwiched between us.
She kneeled down and unzipped and opened my pants. They fell around my ankles. She stripped the underwear from my hips then I pulled her up and kissed her again and again, holding her tightly. She pushed and maneuvered our intertwined bodies to the bedroom until we fell over onto the soft mattress. We rolled over each other and I entered her, feeling the soft walls of her vagina grip my penis. We moved against each other in increasing need. In my mind I went into that special place of no thought, except for the rising tide of orgasm approaching. Like being on a street as an earthquake began, or riding on a train as it bursts from a tunnel.
I came with a explosion. She came with an explosion. We clutched at each other like people trying to avoid falling into the abyss, grasping at each other’s bodies in an attempt to avoid death.
Then I slipped into that place where all is well, where no fear exists, clouds swirl around us. It is a place of nothingness, a place where it’s like laying in a field of daisies with the blue sky is above and all is peace. The moment after the climax of love making when all tension leaves you.
We lay next to each other for a while, then Yara got up and sat at the table after pulling on her panties. She lit a cigarette and blew smoke into the quiet air. I got up and joined her. She stared at me while the cigarette smoke swirled in the air. She had a habit of staring and not talking. I stared back and realized how much I loved her.
She told me she had to meet a friend in the morning and she need to get some sl**p. It stung to feel I was being kicked out, but she got up and moved toward her bed she reached her hand out to me. I followed like a little puppy and we were soon asl**p in each other’s arms.
I woke when the cold light of day came in through the windows. It was only six o’clock, but Yara was already gone. I was disappointed. I thought we would see each other in the morning and make love again.
I went to the table and there was a short noted written on a scrap of paper: “I love you, but I can’t be with you. Things aren’t what they seem.”
I was crushed. I loved her so much, now she was gone again. I looked around and all her belongings were gone. I sat at table and wondered what to do. I had no plans on letting her get away. I could afford private detectives and lawyers to straighten out any problem she had.
Then I thought how could do that to her. She was probably in the country on a visa or maybe i*****lly. She could be sent to the East again.
She had left her cigarettes and I took one and lit it with her lighter. It was a unique piece. Sterling Silver with a dragon embossed on it. I put it in my pocket. I was choking on the cigarette and snubbed it out .
I went to the bar she worked at that night, but she was gone and the bartender didn’t know where she had gone. I left the bar in a despondent mood there was a icy rain falling and I walked back to my hotel. I thought it was all over. Little did I know.

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