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My Husband's b*****r

The other night my husband had his b*****r over and they were playing X box. I was really horny and I asked my husband if his b*****r was going home soon and he said yeah so a few minutes later he went outside with his b*****r and I figured that his b*****r was leaving so I started playing with myself on my bed. Well his b*****r didn't leave and he came into the room and saw me playing with myself. I stopped and said sorry. He didn't seem to be too upset or concerned. A little while later I was looking through my adult pictures and caught him looking at my pictures it really turned me on and I started rubbing my thigh. I was wearing this Jersey that was really too big and no panties underneath, so my pussy was exposed and I would rub my pussy every so often because I was getting so wet and turned on. I caught him lookinga couple times and I would stop and say oops sorry. My husband told him that I do Cam shows and that I think differently about that sort of thing. His b*****r was like that is cool its OK. I asked him if he had ever seen the tattoo I got for Shane and he said no. So I pulled up my shirt and showed him my tattoo right above my pussy that reads 'Property of Shane'. He said 'that is heels cool' and laughed a little. I started playing with myself more and grabbed my husband's cock. I started sucking him and asked my husband to trade places with me. Now I was sitting with my pussy about a foot away from his b*****r's face sucking my husband's cock and banging my pussy. I turned over on my back and asked him id he thought that my c section scar would make it more difficult to make money on Cam. He looked at it and said no. So I asked if he thought I had a pretty pussy. And he looked again and said 'oh yeah that is a pretty pussy'. I went on sucking my husband's cock and pounding my pussy harder and harder. I got on my knees with my ass and pussy in his b*****r's face and when I came up from deep throating his cock I asked his b*****r if my pussy was dripping. He looked real close and said 'yeah oh yeah its dripping'. I asked him to touch it but he didn't hear me so I turned around and started riding my in reverse cow girl. My husband told his b*****r to get out his cock and put it in my mouth. So his b*****r stood up and took his pants down and pulled out his healthy hard cock. I started sucking and licking and rubbing his cock and balls and he got hard super fast. My husband was pounding my pussy and his b*****r was gagging me with his hard cock. I was sucking and fucking two b*****rs and they both came within less than a minute.

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