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My first encounter with a shemale!

I am a straight guy who had never strayed before.. however i had been having urges over shemales and started wanking to shemale porn every now an again online. i have always been interested with my ass being explored but i never found men attractive. with shemales it was different. they are beautiful, slender but also filthy at the same time. it seemed perfect

i had planned a europe tour some years ago and my first stop was amsterdam. after a few hours of roaming the red light district i was very horny and i soon found the 'blue doors'

in one of the doors was a gorgeous shemale from brazil called Regina. She was about 5'9" big ass, big tits, curvy and beautiful eyes. i told her this was my first experience and that i wanted to her to treat me like a bitch. i payed my money (with a 10euro tip) and we began....

she put me on my knees and started to tell me about her 7inch cock. i was so horny.. she made me suck her, tellin me she was my bitch and that i must be carenful not to bite. i tried my best. it was the first time i had ever seen an erect cock let alone touch one! i really enjoyed sucking her cock and having her in charge of me. afte a while she made me get on all 4 knees and began to loosen up my ass. i told her to be careful but she said she knew what she was dong... and she did! within no time she had 3 fingers in my tight virginal ass and it felt great

i was ready for her cock. she slid it in me slowly and i could feel every inch of her throbbing cock go in me. wow each time i remember this night i get so horny! she began to fuck me and i was moaning, i begged her to fuck me harder and she did, spanking my ass hard and telling me i was her dirty whore. after a while we switched up and i squatted over her and rode her cock so hard. it was incredible, the feeling of having her balls deep, knowing how kinky my dirty secret was

she fucked my ass for a good 20 minutes and in the end i was too tight for her. she said i was gona come and she wanted to save it so i got off her cock. she started to suck me off and as soon as i was hard i fucked her back. doggystyle hard because she had banged me so hard. i came in her ass and she smiled with joy.

i thought it was over but i reaised she still wanted to come.. she lay me down and sat on my face. her asshole was grinding on my face as she wanked off. i knew it was close. she jumped off me and stood above me, still wanking off untl she slowd down, came closer to my face and then.... hot warm cum all over me. there was a lot of come, more than i have ever ejaculated. all over my face and my chest... she made me suck the come of her dick and then to my surprise, with the leftover come she wiped it on her asshole and made me lick it off. this really turned me on and i got hard again! within no time she had her finger up my ass as she sucked me off to make me come for a second time. she took the come in my mouth and spat it into my mouth, ordering me to swallow my own come

the whole experience was so sexy and filthy i have always thought of my regina.. maybe one day i can go back there and try a round 2!!

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