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Sue will learn to deal 2

A few days later and a few encounters later Kat thought it was time so we drive the 5min. to her house when we get there she comes outside and Kat looks at me and tells me to take control of Tom and the boy she drags Sue to her bedroom and strips her naked then kisses fingers licks her till she can no longer be quiet and the moaning starts in the living room we hear (OMG PLEASE OH GOD OHHHH OMG OH YESSSS I'M CUMMMMMING YES YES YES) Tom is going crazy trying to get pass me but can't then hearing her cumming so hard he feels defected next Kat put on the strap-on and fucks Sue hard and fast yelling for me to come in with Tom, as we enter Sue is on hands and knees taking the 91/2" dido hard fast and deep begging for more Kat looks at Tom he just stares at his wife in a nonbelive look Kat says Tom does your wife fuck you like this he looks up and mumbles no Kat ask is your dick this big and Sue yells HELL NO IT'S NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THAT Kat says Tom does she suck your cock for you and I pull out my cock and Sue shollows it down till she gags but keeps going at it, once again Kat says Tom for the last three months we have been fucking the shit out of this bitch she belongs to us now she will do as I tell her to no matter what where or who it is do you belive me or do I need to prove it to you Tom stood up strate and says I'm her husband I control her not you... Kat lughts and says I was hoping you say that!!!

Just as Kat was thinking what to do next there 15 year old son comes home Kat is naked with the dido on Tom is standing in the middle of the bedroom watching his beloved wife engulf my cock to the hilt and there son is stunded but trys to protect his mother Kat shouts GOOD BOY THAT LEAST YOU TRY your father did/does nothing but watch. All of a sudden Kat smiles HEY SUE I THINK YOU NEED TO REWARD YOUR SONS BRAVERY looking at Tom Kat tell Sue suck his cock.Sue stops with me and goes to her son drops to her knees and undoes his belt he trys to pull back but she pleas with him rubs his cock throught his jeans and kisses his croch and he stops fighting she pulls down his pants and his cock not yet hard is still bigger then his fathers and she happily sucks it like a pro after that Sue pulls him to the bed staddles him and rides him cowgirl then turns and bounces on it loving every inch he gives her. Of course being 15 he can't last long and she lets him blow in her mouth..

We let them lay and hug while we go back to the livingroom Tom sits with hie head in his hands and in about a half hour they come out it's about 9pm I tell Kat we can't stay so she takes Tom by the hand and says come with us She turns to Sue we'll be here at 10 tomorrow have fun.................
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