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M & J Part Two: Frottage and the art of preten

M & J had their first sexual experience only a few weeks ago. Despite considering themselves 'straight', neither could shake the fact their first sex was with a guy. They walked the walk and they talked the talk but behind closed doors and left to themselves, these two couldn't seem to keep their dicks to themselves. Both loved the softness of women's bodies, sucking their boobs, fingering their dripping pussies, and eating pussy. So that didn’t seem to matter when their passions took a hold of them. They were a bit embarrassed about their first encounter and had stopped talking for a while, each hoping the other might forget and they could go back to being best friends. One day, J called M and they talked a bit about the shame they had afterward and had mostly agreed it would be a one-time thing. They wondered if this made them gay or if they were gay and just didn't know it yet. So, like most bi guys, they closeted these feelings and went on with their normal lives.

Days had passed again, J was home alone and decided to have a wank. He popped in a blowjob video and got super hard while stroking his cock. Every few seconds, the image of M's face with the cum stripe on it and seeing his friend's horny reaction to cum made his cock throb. He kept trying to push the images out, but they kept creeping in. He closed his eyes tightly and listened to the pornstars cumwhoring and begging for a facial, he wondered if M would perform like this for him. As he tried to fight it, his hit the point of no return, his cock was throbbing and he began to moan: 'OhHhhh, M...I LOVE the way you SUCK IT. MmmMMm, can I CUM in yoUR MOUTH? ooohh YOU LIKE that? Hm? want to lick IT clean?' He began to feel drips of precum and envisioned M licking it off his fingers playfully. Just as he was ready to come, he pointed that gorgeous tool right at his own face and let out what felt like a gallon of cum. 10? 15 shots? He had no idea, but by now his pillow, face, neck, and chest were covered in sticky cum. He wondered why it made M so horny, so he tasted his own load and licked it a bit, 'Not bad, he thought' and it made him hornier. Just then, the phone rang…

"Hey what's up J?" It was M
"Nothin, you?"
"Nothin, wanna do somethin?"
"Yeah, but no gay stuff OK? I really don't want to do that anymore."
"Ok man, I wasn't suggesting that we..."
"It's OK, but we had our fun and we're not gay and I don't really want to talk about it. OK?"
"Yeah man, no problem. I was about to say the same thing actually. We were friends for years before that. Let's just chalk it off to being a bit high and things got away from us--cool?"
"Cool, see you in a bit"

Except, M was totally lying. He was horny as hell and wanted to take things to the next level. He had spent the better part of the last few weeks fantasizing about touching J's massive cock again. Each time he would masturbate, there wasn't even the illusion of straightness. When he watched straight porn, he envisioned what it would be like if he was the woman. He loved watching girls take massive loads from massive cocks and REALLY wanted to try it. But he was scared. J's cock and lead were enormous and he was afraid he would choke on it. He wondered if he had to finish once he started. Did he have to swallow it? Either way, he had no time to waste—J was coming over soon and he had to drop his load before he got there. He didn’t want to be horny when J arrived and just wanted things to be like they were before. M grabbed the lotion and began to lube his cock, it grew to full size in seconds. He closed his eyes and envisioned giving a blowjob like a girl from one of the many pornos he had around. For now, he was happy to satisfy himself with the thought of giving J a slow, laborious handjob. He wanted to take the thing out slowly and work it in his hands while caressing the balls. He wanted to take his time and make it drip precum while he held J right at the edge. M learned that the longer he held back his own orgasm, it would make a lot more cum and he could shoot further. He loved big shooters. Before he knew it he began to explode. Only five minutes had elapsed and he was dripping and spurting everywhere. It was all over his balls and ass and it felt great, but he had to clean up and decided to take a shower.

By the time M got out of the shower, J had let himself in and was watching TV. J thought he smelled cum in the air when he arrived, but now the room was filled with the fresh scent of M’s recent shower. M came into the room dressed as he didn’t want to have the illusion of wanted to mess around.

“What do you want to do?” M asked.
“Idunno, whaddya wanna do?” J responded.
“Idunno, nothing much to do around here, we could catch a movie, go for a drive, smoke.”
“Let’s smoke a bit and we’ll figure it out…”
They took turns on the bong and started feeling a bit dizzy and incredibly horny. J told M that he had a tough day, he was glad M called him as he really needed to unwind.
“How do you normally unwind?” M asked.
“Well I normally smoke and jerk off, I like to fall asl**p with my load in my hand. I feel so relaxed after blowing my load” With those words, M’s cock began to pulse and come to life.
“Well, we said we wouldn’t jerk off together and besides I just unloaded before you got here.”
“Really, me too!” J laughed
“Yeah, I didn’t want to have that on my mind when you came over.”
“Same here.”
“Did it work?” M asked.
“Er, not really.”
“So…do you…wanna….?”
“Kinda, but I just don’t want to wind up gay.”
“Well, you don’t wind up gay. You either are or you aren’t, but some guys are a bit of each—it’s not black or white, more like shades of gray. Like me, I realized I am probably part gay. I only realized this after YOU told ME that YOU were bi…and it was you that started all this remember?”
J said, “Well, I saw you eating my cum the last time and that was GAY! Haha”
“Well, I knew it would make you feel good, and I REALLY wanted to see you cum. I just can’t explain it.”
“Well, I’m not gay.” J said.
“Did you check your pants?” M asked.
“Let’s just watch a movie…not porn, OK?”
As M put on a movie, J laid back in the bed and smoked some more. He caught M sipping from a straw out of the corner of his eye and pictured him with the racing stripe on his face, licking cum, and moaning like a girl…his cock began to grow and swell. It may have been the pheromones, but M was also wondering to himself how long his friend’s cock was and how he stacked up. He remembers it being quite enormous, but compared to his 7”; J’s seemed MUCH bigger. A bit of time had passed and each was starting to get flush, their rock hard cocks straining to meet up.
“J, lemme ask you…have you ever measured your cock? I always thought I was too small. When I saw yours, I realized how small I was.”
“You’re not small, it’s average length but it’s FAT and you have nice HUGE balls. Mine? It’s 9” most of the time, but right before I think it grows a bit more. I haven’t been able to measure it while cumming…haha.”
“Let’s measure, I am curious.”
“Ok, got a ruler?”
M began to fumble through his drawers when his eyes set sight on his official ‘cock measuring ruler’ and then an idea dawned on him…
“Hey, I can’t find the ruler--we should just compare them.”
“OK, whip it out.”
As M removed his pants, his cock flopped around in his boxers but was hard enough to poke out the fly. He helped J remove his jeans, they were semi erect and agreed that a bit of stimulation had to be completed for an accurate measurement. M finally laid his eyes on the most amazing sight: He may not have realized earlier J’s preferred style of lycra bikini briefs earlier. They looked like ladies panties, and when J was fully erect, his massive penis had no place to go in those things. The banana bag redirected the bulging cock upward and the head would stick out awkwardly at the belt line. M helped J liberate his massive tool and the giant cock was now loose and flailing away as J playfully tensed up making it flop around. M reached out and gripped it very tight, he then laid his cock on top of J’s, they both started moaning when they felt the heat of the other's cock. If M was 7”, J was an easy 9” and the head was twice as massive. Mushroom? No, it looked like a huge, ripe plum! They began to rub cocks together, J pushed forward and M felt J's giant head begin to rub on his balls. It made his so horny and his heart was racing. They began jerking themselves and then each other. They did this for a while, and the precum started flowing. They loved smashing their heads together with the precum as lube, they pressed their balls together as each took turns rubbing both cocks together. They thrusted and moaned in passion. It was the first time their cocks had met and they each really enjoyed rubbing the heads together and gently caressing each other’s balls and asses with their cocks.

M reached into the drawer and grabbed his lotion, he squirted way too much of it all over himself and all over J. They began to rub it in and laid on their sides facing each other, each grabbing the other and humping hands. Every now and again they would use two hands and just stop and feel each other’s cocks pulsing. M laid back on the bed and J knelt facing him. J began to rub his swollen cock all over M’s well lubed balls and ass. M closed his legs to grip J’s cock tightly and J began thrusting. J then mounted him missionary, pushed M’s legs together and slid his cock under M’s balls. His dick was so big that M felt it pressing against his asshole with each thrust, J was trying to assfuck him, but M wouldn't let it happen. As he played hard to get, it all made J very hot. J kept pumping and they were looking at each other now, smiling—happy and free.
“You like this? J said, “It’s like I’m fucking a girl.”
“This feels amazing, could you come like this? I want to feel your load all over my balls.”
“I think I am going to…man, you make me so fucking horny.”
“Not yet,” said M…he wanted to enjoy this for a while.
M changed position so that they were now more in a scissor position, their lubed balls and cocks grinding. The passion was too much for J, “Ah Shit man, I’M CUMming…I’M cumMING. Mmmm…ohhh”
“So, cum,” M said

With that, J started to squirt his thick hot load all over M’s ass and balls, it dripped all over him and he loved it. The passion in J’s face was amazing, they locked eyes when J came and didn’t break gaze again until M spent his load, spraying it all over J’s tummy and twitching cum covered cock. They fell back on the bed together to take a breather, cum and lotion was everywhere, they were still feeling playful and were grinding their sloppy wet asses and balls together…man, they made a mess!

They had to wash the sheets and shower together to clean up, M soaped up J and lathered his balls while J returned the favor. They began to get hard again. This time J turned his ass toward M and wanted him to rub his soapy, engorged member all over his ass. M obliged and held his cock in place while sliding it up and down J’s soapy crack. He pushed his fat head about an inch to J's ass and J howled in pleasure. M reached between J’s legs and began long stroking his cock. J was so horny with M's head probing his ass and he felt like he was going to cum. He turned to face M, their soapy cocks grinding and frotting. Their bellies and bodies were touching and they were now face to face, panting and moaning. Just then, M looked J right in the eyes and said, “I want to make love to you…with my mouth.”
“WOW, that’s hot. You want to blow me?”
“Nope, I don’t want to blow you—I want to kiss your cock like I kiss a girl. I want to suck you so good that you think I am better than a girl. For the rest of your life, I want you to think about it. Tonight, I want to go really gay for you, worship your cock and make you cum in my mouth. Can we do it? Please. J, will you cum in my mouth and all over my face?” M said playfully, while licking the tip of his finger.
“Ohmigod, you make me so fucking horny. You have no idea what it does to me when you talk like that.” J said. It took all of their self control to stop playing and dry off, but they somehow managed this. It took forever as they kept touching each other. At one point, M got down on his knees, looked J in the eyes and smiled playfully. J began to gently rub his fresh clean cock and balls all over M’s face. J backed up a bit and began gently slapping his big member all over M’s lips and tongue. M loved this feeling and knew he wanted it all. “Wow, you really like that don’t you?” J asked. “Unh-Unh,” M said as he slurped and licked J’s big fat head, working his way down the shaft and licking from balls to tip, “I don’t like it at all, I...FUCKING...LOVE IT!” With that, M looked J in the eyes and accepted his manlihood into his mouth for the first time as J let out a long groan.

When these two were out with friends, M was the leader: dominant, outgoing, aggressive, decisive, and bold. J was the passive one, the anxious one—he was content to let M lead around their friends and to take a back seat. But when the lights were off and they were alone, the roles reversed. Things would never be the same for these two and they now knew it.

M led J to the bed and gently pushed him down to a seated position. “Oh my god, what are you doing?” J asked. “I am about to blow your brains out, get ready…”

Next up, M will get everything that he’s always wanted…and quite a bit more.

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