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Beyond the bubble gum

The next morning Ellen and I got up early and made love. It wasn't was love with lots of kissing and body stroking. We had a nice hot shower after went back to her room and sat on her bed.

She asked me then about the photos of me fucking her mother. I told her that was one of my first times with her mother and I didn't really know Ellen then. I also said that I couldn't promise that I wouldn't fuck her mother again some time. Ellen nodded her head and said, "It's okay." She moved to her window and drew up the shade. "I watched Mother the other day talking to you down on the lawn. I thought that was curious, but then she walked over to your house. I had NO idea what that was about.When she came home after Daddy got here, I soon figured out what was going on. Did you fuck her that day?"

I nodded my head again and said "Your mother is a very sexy woman." Ellen sighed and said she knew that. "I think I love you Peter. Right now I know I love you, but I shouldn't really love anyone right now at my age. Please promise you won't tell any of your friends about us or about you and my mother." I promised her that by crossing my heart and looking her directly in the eye.

We looked out the window again and Ellen pointed to my window. "I can see you in your window sometimes Peter. If you look over and see me, maybe we can find a way to meet for enough time to fuck. I smiled and said I would love that then said,"Maybe next time I can fuck you on my bed." Ellen thought it was risky, but she liked the idea of it being risky.

We went downstairs, had some cold cereal for breakfast. I kissed her and walked out the door to home. When I got into my room there was a note pinned to my pillow.

"Peter, I have made an appointment with Gloria for tonight. I hereby give you permission to 'go to Mark's house.' I will tell your Dad it's okay. I'm sure he won't put it together that Lady's Night Out coincides with Peter's night out once again."

"Gloria knows I was the scarlet woman on Beggars Night, but doesn't know about our relationship. I have you booked for three hours. There will be no masks tonight. I am dripping wet as I write this. I just put the pair of panties I was wearing as I was writing this, under your pillow. Save some for me Peter because I am going to be insatiable tonight. Gloria said we will use her guest bedroom while she goes to the movies. I know you have been to her house before.
Please, if you save this letter, put it in a VERY safe place. The time starts at six o'clock. If I keep you after I am contractually obligated to pay you $50 an hour or $30 for half an hour. Call Gloria and ask her if she has any work for you. See you later tonight you handsome motherfucker.
Your Mother."

I pulled her panties from under my pillow, sniffing them as I walked to my window. I saw Ellen there looking out her window and undressed at the window knowing she could almost see me from there. She waved wildly and disappeared from her window. I was sniffing Mother's panties when I heard the doorbell. I put the note and the panties into my special box. I was taking a chance walking downstairs naked, but asked at the door, "Who is it?" Ellen whispered, "It's me Peter. Let me IN!"

When I opened the door Ellen was looking around to be sure no one saw her there. When she turned and saw me naked and hard she 1)jumped, 2) giggled, 3) rushed into the room, shut and locked the door. "Let me see your room Peter.

We walked up the stairs. As we passed my parents room I pointed it out. When we got to my room she went right over to the bed bouncing on it. "Is anyone else at home Peter?" I told her the house was usually mine during the day. I didn't point out that I would not walk around the house naked if anyone else was home.

I had to hedge on that a bit because her mother and Gloria had daytime jobs for me sometimes, so I wanted to be able to leave the house without Ellen knowing. I told her sometimes I had to go places to hang out with my buddies.

She asked me about my buddies and I told her about Mark and well, the guy we called Buddy. She said she knew who they were. She waited a while and asked if they were fucking girls too. I laughed out loud at that. Those two guys were so much wannabee fuckers, but girls wouldn't even look at them. I told her that in those words. Ellen shook her head and said, "Those poor boys. Have you ever jacked off with them Peter?" It was an honest question that I didn't expect. I told her that I thought I was the only one of the guys who knew about jacking off. She was surprised by that and asked, "That's something you have to learn? I have been playing with my pussy for years."

"We-ell I had played with my cock too. It was hard many times, but I didn't know how to jack off until my cousin Tom showed me how to do it. He did it in front of me and then said I should try it. I didn't think I would be able to do it at all, but I thought about someone, someone in this room with me, she was naked and her pussy was open for me and she liked to see me jacking off. That was the first time I ever came." Ellen appreciated the story and said "My first orgasm was all those times with you yesterday. Well, not the first one."

She looked around my room some more and then asked, "Where did you fuck my mother?" I patted my bed and said, "The first time was here. The second time was in your parents bedroom. The third time was in my parents bedroom." She nodded her head then said, "I want to see your parents bedroom Peter."

She was so adventurous that I was slightly in shock. I led her down the hall to the room I had showed her quickly. She walked into the room in front of me. "You fucked in your parents bed? That had to be a bit scary...was it scary?" I thought about it and said it was so scary that I was really excited.

Ellen went over to their bed and jumped upon to it on her butt. She bounced around for a bit then asked, "Do you think we could fuck right here Peter...NOW?" To answer her I took my clothes off and went to her. I pulled off her shoes and socks. She lifted her arms so I could peel her tee shirt over her head. I unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down. Ellen pulled off her panties and handed them to me. I piled all her clothes in a pile on my mother's bed table.

I leaned forward and kissed her while running my fingers lightly over her nipples. Ellen moaned. We frenched for about ten minutes then she said, "Doggy style okay with you Peter?" I got up onto the bed and said, "Get ready for me baby. I am going to fuck you." She giggled and moved onto her knees. Her head was on my Mother's pillow. She asked me, "Do you think your mother is sexy Peter?" I was shocked at that, but after a pause said, "I think she is really sexy." She asked if I would like to fuck her, reminding me that I had fucked HER mother. I didn't want to get into all that, but said, "I think it would be so hot to fuck her. But right now I want to fuck you."

Ellen grinned and said, "While you fuck me Peter, call me...what do you call her...Mom?...Mother...Something else?" I found it curious that both Ellen and her mother would have the same idea, but decided it must be a common thing to wonder about. I moved behind her raised ass and said, "Oh Mother. I can't believe we get to do this. I have dreamed about fucking you so many times."

Ellen wiggled her butt and said, "Come here and fuck me son. Fuck your Mother's pussy." She looked so cute there playing Mommy for me as we played house. She reached behind her butt and pulled her pussy open for me. I ran the head of my cock over her slippery lips. Before I pushed into her I asked, "Mother, I hope you take a pill or something because I could get you pregnant." Ellen giggled and said she had been taking the pill for a long time and for me to hurry up and fuck Mother.

It really was fucking hot. I slid my prick into Ellen's cunt while she was pretending to be the mommy, but I wasn't pretending to be the daddy, I was pretending to be her son. It was all mixed up but it was very hot. Ellen came almost immediately...three strokes into her and her cunt muscles were squeezing my cock. She was moaning and crying on my mother's pillow. I hadn't come yet, but Ellen wanted to have missionary style next. She lay on her back, spread her legs and her lips and said, "Come here son and fuck your mother again." I slid my prick into her, then she put her arm around my neck and pulled my face to hers. "I have been thinking about fucking you Peter for so long. You are a good son for fucking me so nicely. Please son, I want you to come inside of Mommy's pussy. Would you do that for mama?"

I clutched her butt with my hands and said, "Oh yes mother. I want to fill your pussy with my cum." I started shooting into her as I said the word cum. Ellen gasped and her legs opened even wider. I filled her with so much cum it had to leak out onto the sheets. When we finished we got up. Ellen put her hand over her slit to keep my semen inside her.

We went into the shower and had enjoyed the warmth of the water. We dried off on their towels. Ellen dressed, kissed me and we walked downstairs to the front door. We kissed again. She stepped out the door and I was alone.

I went back to my room, got the panties out of my special box and sniffed them while I took a long nap. I woke just before Mom and Dad were to arrive home. I put the panties in the box, got dressed in my normal stud attire: Tee shirt, shorts, tennis shoes and socks. I left a note on the table that said, "Thank Mother for letting me go to Mark's house again. I'll see you guys at dinner tomorrow."

I took the bus to a shopping area near Gloria's house. I called her from the d**g store and she almost shrieked. "Hey Peter! So So glad you called! Remember the Scarlet Woman from that night?" I told her did remember her. She laughed and said, "Oh yeah...that's two were an item. Well she wants a solo gig with you tonight. Let's's 3:30. The Scarlet Woman who says I am to call her Ruby will be here around six o'clock." I asked if she was going to be there too and she said, "No, no. 'Ruby' will pay me my money and give me your money. I am renting her my spare bedroom. A little extra money for me then on this gig. I've got stuff in the house if you want to come over early and eat." I told her that sounded good and I would be there in about fifteen minutes.

When I knocked on her door she called out, "Is that you?" Knowing she meant me I said, "It's Peter." She told me to come on in, she was just finishing her shower. I walked into her kitchen and Gloria called me from the shower and yelled out, "I seem to have nothing but wet towels here Peter. Would you look in the hall closet, the one with the blue door. I have some towels in there."

I went to the blue door, found a yellow towel and walked into her bathroom. Seeing naked women was still a joy for me. Gloria had obviously just shaved her cunt. She was dripping in the shower. When she saw me a big smile crossed her face. "Hello there stud! What do you think of my cunny? Nice and" I handed her the towel and admired her pussy while she dried her hair. "Too bad I have a gig tonight Gloria. I would love to fuck that nice smooth cunt." She shook her head and said, "no, no, no stud. This woman says she is looking forward to lots of special time with you. She asked me about you do anal?"

She had the towel on her back and was drying it as she waited for my answer. I thought that was funny, then said, "Oh yeah. I like anal. I've only done it a couple of times, but it was fun." When she was dry she came over and hugged me, her small breasts pressing hard against me. She jolted then and said, "Oh...Ruby wants you to have no hair around your cock. How about I help you shave. Would that be okay?" she added in a small voice.

I laughed and said, "Yeah, okay sure. I pulled my shorts and underwear down. Gloria knelt in front of me, a razor in her right hand. She put her left hand on top of my cock and shaved above it. When it was time to shave the sides of my cock and my balls, she had me sit on the toilet seat. When she finished shaving me Gloria ran her fingertips lightly over my pubic flesh. She found a few places where there was still stubble. When she was done my cock and balls had no hair at all. My cock was very hard by then. "I have to have a taste Peter, but no cumming. 'Ruby' says you are going to be very busy tonight."

She sucked my cock for about five minutes then pushed herself away when I placed my hands on her head. She gasped then, looked up at me and said, "I did a very good job Peter. Ruby, this lady tonight, says she wants to pretend you are someone who lives with her. I think you remind her of her son or nephew or something." I told her it sounded fun. We went into the bedroom. Gloria had some sexy lights on low. There were flowers on the desk. She reminded me that Ruby was on the pill so I didn't have to worry about condoms. She seemed to be checking off a mental list. "Oh yeah. She wants you to be naked on this bed. She will come in the back door and walk into this bedroom." She laughed a bit then and said, "You might need to be prepared to call her Mommy or Mother or something. Do what you have to do to make her happy Peter. She is a very generous woman."

Gloria got dressed then and kissed me good-bye when she left. She had put sandwiches in the fridge so I sat at her table, drank some milk. I went to the bathroom, admired my smooth cock, then walked into the bedroom, lay down and fell asl**p. I heard the knocking on the back door sometime later. I woke up as the key turned to let her in. I heard footsteps.

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