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I was visiting my Aunt Liz at her home in Florida during the Summer as my first vacation away from my parents and I was very nervous. I hadn't seen my Aunt or my cousins in years and wasn't sure I'd even recognize them after all this time. But as soon as I stepped out of the airplane down the hall out into the terminal and saw the most gorgeous 44 year old in the world with a huge smile and outstretched arms aimed at me, I knew it was going to be one hell of a trip, especially when she got hold of me and pressed her huge, perfect, natural breasts against me as we hugged. It was always a wonder to me how she kept those things so nice over the years. They gave me my first hard-on when I was younger and I know I was caught many times for staring much too long but she never got on me about it, she'd just give a little smile then dismiss me away. She was always my favorite aunt - always had the best gifts for Christmas and birthdays, even over the years when while we lived in separate states she still managed to send me something great.

My cousins and uncle weren't there at the airport with her, she explained that my cousins, Becca and James, had too many other things going on and my uncle was out of town on business like usual. On the car ride to her house, she caught me up with the goings on with her and her f****y but seemed extremely curious with me and specially my personal life...

"So how about you, any girlfriends?" She asked. Pretty standard question of course.

"Nah, nothing at the moment." I replied.

"Oh, well, what about boyfriends?" She caught me off guard, I had expected a question like that to be said jokingly, but she said it so seriously it through me off.

"Uh... no none of those either. I don't know about all that." A simple 'no' should have sufficed but my train of thought was totally broken.

"Hmm.. You don't know? You mean you're not sure if you like boys? Or you're not sure you like the thought of to guys -"

"No, no," I cut her off, "I mean, uh, well I've never really thought about that seriously." That was a terrible lie and terribly worded. Honestly, I've thought about it, and even gotten off on it a little, but never enough to take it anywhere...or act on it.

"So, you might like boys then, huh?" She smiled to give me a little reassurance that she wasn't trying to hound me. "Honey, it's perfectly fine whatever you want to do, the worst thing in the world would be if you were afraid of it. And if you're not gay, or bi, then that's fine to."

She could probably tell at this point that I was extremely uncomfortable. "Oh, hun, I didn't mean to scare ya like that. I didn't bring ya down here to Florida to grill you on your sexuality" She smiled again and put her hand on my knee to comfort my racing mind. "I only bring it up because our whole f****y here is bi and we have many bisexual and homosexual friends here so I didn't want you to be in the dark and I wanted to make sure you didn't have any problems with that."

"Oh no, it's perfectly fine."


"...So you're all bi?" I asked trying to make it sound as casual as possible.

"Yes, and we're very open about it. I like my house to be a very open and accepting place for anyone and anything."

"That's cool." I couldn't help but notice she put a tiny bit extra emphasis on 'anything.'

The rest of the ride was fairly quiet, just some small talk here and there. I couldn't help but wonder what she was talking about. What was 'anything?' was it really anything.... was it... nah... it's just my mind in the gutter where it's been ever since the very first time I noticed her great breasts.


I was to roommate with my cousin James for the next couple of weeks. Nobody was home when we got there but I put my belongings up in the room. He had a pretty good sized bed in there, I guessed a queen size, and next to it was one of those inflatable mattresses with a sl**ping bag and pillow on top of it, which I assumed was mine. 'Meh...I've had worse,' I thought to myself. I was about to leave the room when I noticed on one side of his desk a stack of magazines and DVD's all of which were very explicit porn. And yes, as my aunt had explained, it was a mix of all straight, bi, and gay offerings. My curiosity got the best of me and I found myself thumbing through them at the perfect time when my aunt walked by the room to check on me.

Immediately out of instinct I threw them down on the desk and panicked trying to act as if nothing happened and I wasn't looking at what I was looking at

She just smiled and shook her head. "Baby, I told you, we're very open here. Do what you want to do and don't be afraid or ashamed of it. You don't have to hide or pretend here." I was still trying to collect myself when she hit me with the next bombshell. "Now, if you want to masturbate, then do it. There's a bottle of lube on the nightstand over there and towels underneath." She pointed to them and I looked to find that indeed there was lube, not just hand lotion, actual personal lubricant. "I got that stuff for him so he would stop stealing mine. If you need anything else just let me know." She gave a little wink and left the room.

My mind was in a daze. This was complete culture shock from being raised in an average Catholic home where anything sexual was to be kept completely private. Hell, my parents did little more than kiss in front of the rest of the f****y. I don't think I was even given the birds and bees talk from my parents and here now I was being told to masturbate by my aunt with my cousin's bottle of lube that she bought for him. And nothing was the slightest bit wrong with that.

I found myself at the nightstand picking up the lube, not intending to jerk one out at the moment, I was still to spun around. I was just seeing up close for myself, when yet again perfect timing got the best of me.

"Aw man, who messed up all my magazines?!"

I almost threw the bottle out of my hands. "Jesus, doesn't anybody knock in this house?!"

My cousin James was laughing hysterically at my expense, quite proud that he had scared the shit out of me. "Ah, I'm sorry man but that look on your face...if you could only have seen it." He said between laughs.

"Yeah, yeah..."

"It's been a long time, man," He said as he walked over and wrapped an arm around my shoulder and took the bottle from my hands. "But hey, if you need to take care of yourself, then by all means be my guest." He handed me back the bottle.

"Nah, I think whatever I was thinking about is completely out of my mind now because of you."

We both had a pretty good laugh. "Well, let me get you something to drink then. Rebecca should be back home any minute now too."

"Speak of the devil..." As we walked out into the hall there she was. Nineteen, lightly tanned, long straight brown hair, hazel eyes, about an inch shorter than me, not quite as impressive rack as her mother's but still a killer body.

"HEYYY!" She damn near screamed as she excitedly gave me a great big hug forcing me to lift her off the ground....well...I shouldn't say 'forcing.' "I missed you sooo much!"

"I missed you too." I said while trying to hold the hug as long as I could.

As little k**s we were practically siblings being so close in age, us all only one year apart each, me being the oldest at 20, Becca in the middle at 19, and James being the youngest at 18. But several years ago they moved down to Florida for my Uncles new job and from then on we really only saw each other on the occasional holiday.

"So whatcha gonna do with that?" She said referring to the bottle in my hand.

Boy, I was certainly off to a good start, embarrassing myself in front of ever member of the f****y thus far. But now I was determined not to let this get to me anymore, so I tried to cover up my embarrassment with a little wit.

"Oh this? I got it for you!" I said with a big stupid smile holding it out for her.

"Hahah I'll just add it to the collection James has left in my room."

"I haven't left anything in your room," James countered, "you've been taking them from mine."

"Right and why do all your dirty rags somehow end up in my room as well?"

"Exactly, you take those too." He said poking out his tongue at her and then giving me a little elbow nudge has we both laughed.

"Oh whatever!" She said as she rolled her eyes and walked into her room.

James leaned over close to me and whispered. "I'll show you later..."


"Nothing..." he said.

Then whispering, "....later..."


The rest of the afternoon and evening was incredibly normal considering how it started. A few innuendos here and there and everywhere throughout the conversations, but nothing really intrusive.

It was getting late and me and James were heading towards our room.

"Oh, hey man you get the bed, I'll take the inflatable."

"Cool, thanks b*o." I replied.

"I hope you don't mind, I sl**p naked."

Again there was that nervous feeling I had earlier in the car. "Uh, nah it's cool."

"I mean, if you have a problem with it at all I can try to sl**p in my boxers."

"Nah, just do whatever you'd normally do, man. I don't want to impose."

"Alright." He proceeded to take off all his clothes and I couldn't help but look and I tried not to make it obvious as I stripped down to my boxers, feeling a little twitch underneath.

I gotta say I was comforted to see he had a body just like mine. Not very buff, but fit and slim, eyes and hair just like his s****r, but short and a little lighter skin. I also had a couple inches in height on him so at least I felt like I had that over him. Then he turned around to face me.

He wasn't hard but I could tell he was much thicker than I and what surprised me the most was that he was completely shaved. He noticed my shock.

"Oh yeah, I got to shave since I'm on the swim team. It makes the water flow around you smoother, so you go faster while using less energy. And I figured if I'm shaving everything else, I might as well go all the way, right?" He mentioned matter-of-factly as he made a little thrusting gesture with his hips.

"Yeah," was all I could manage as I tried to take my eyes off him. It wasn't until this very moment that I had ever lusted for another guy. I had thought about it before, a few fantasies, but never of a real actual person. I decided to crawl into bed before he noticed I was getting hard.

Then I noticed he had the lube in his hand. "Hey, you want to see what I was talking about earlier?" He said in a quiet voice.

"Are you serious?"


"You mean she actually takes the towels you've cum on?"

He smiled a big wide smile.

"No way. That's your s****r, what would she want that for?"

"I don't know, she never lets me see, but I can imagine."

"I have to say that's really fucked up....but damn....that's hot."

"Exactly." He smiled big again. Then as if there was nothing different about it he opened the bottle of lube and squeezed some out on his hand, then started to rub it on his hardening cock.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I couldn't believe that I was watching. He was laying down on the mattress below me, face up, only a few feet away, completely naked, completely shaved, and rubbing himself as if I weren't even there.

It didn't take long before he was full erect and just as I thought, my length but it seemed almost twice as thick. I was amazed. Captivated. I couldn't take my eyes off his cock and mine was now as rock hard as his.

Pumping his huge cock slowly up and down with his fist. He was seducing me with his strokes, and he knew damn well that I was hooked. He took his fingers and slid his fingertips lightly up and down the underside of his cock. He wasn't just jacking off, he was fully enjoying the show he was giving me and I was fully enjoying watching.

He looked over at me, right into my eyes. "You need some?" And he paused for a moment giving me just enough time to open my mouth before he held up the bottom of lube with his free hand. "Some lube?"

I tried to speak but could only nod.

I pulled the covers off myself slowly, still unsure of the whole situation. "Wow...dude...I mean... you're ...huge..."

"Ah, I'm not that big. Let's see yours."

I knew that was coming. I took a deep breath and sat up on the edge of the bed and then pulled my tenting boxers down and off onto the floor.

"Not bad," he said with that big smile of his.

His approval and staring at my cock as he continued to stroke himself ever so lightly encouraged me to take the bottle from his hand and get some out for myself, but then I stopped.

"Wait...where do I uh...cum?" I said looking around for one of those rags.

He smiled something devious, "Where do you want to?"

"Uh...where ever you want me to." I was too afraid to say anything dirty, but too curious to see where this would go to say something simple like onto the towel.

"I get to choose? Where ever I want?"

"Yeah, sure."

"I want you to cum on me."

It took me a moment but finally I managed, "Ok....where on you?"

"I want you to cum on my cock. Do it while I stroke myself."

"Ok." I looked around a little to see how I was going to manage this, I was still nervous and afraid thinking 'what somebody walked in on this. Aunt Liz said anything. Well...this falls under that category I guess...'

Sensing my bewilderment he got into a better position by bending his need up and spreading his legs as far as he could and then he gestured for be to get down in front of him. My heart was pounding. My cock was throbbing.

I knelt down in front of him onto the mattress.


And closer I scooted.


He kept urging me until the top of my thighs were up against the back of his legs as his ankles came down next to my knees. He was straddling me. Our cocks were inches away from each other, and I'm sure that if we let them go they'd be rubbing against each other.

He was still stroking himself very lightly with his fingertips all around his thick cock so I grabbed the lubed and began to apply it to my own aching cock. I knew I wasn't going to last long, I was too much in a confused and erotic state to control myself. Fortunately he seemed to want me to cum first anyway.

I began pumping my cock with my fist and as I did so he mimicked me and started to moan. Gradually we got fast, and his moans got louder, and my heart and lungs were racing. I started to thrust as I pumped my hand and he really enjoyed it letting me know by groaning deeply with each stroke.

With my free hand I gripped his knee for better balance. Slowly though that hand worked its way down and it was now on his hip and I was leaning more and more towards him. It wasn't long before my hand was on his chest and only that and his legs straddling were holding me directly on top of him. Our balls were pressing together and we had now put our cocks together, underside to underside, using both his and my hand to form one big fist around them.

I was still thrusting as best I could, although the position and air mattress made things a little uneasy. It was the strangest thing I had ever felt, rubbing my cock against his. It was hot, extremely hot, and his shaved body was driving me crazy.

"I'm gonna cum man," I managed in one quick labored breath.

"God yes, finally," he seemed to have been waiting for this for a long time, "go, go..."

I tried to pull back a little so I could aim onto his cock like he wanted but it didn't do much good as I exploded like never before. I shot hard and lost control of my entire self and jizzed all over his cock, stomach and chest. Seconds later as he was working his fist around his cock as hard as he could, using my cum as lube, he erupted as well, even catching his chin a little.

We stayed there in that position for a few moments catching our breaths. I tried to get up but he stopped me and pulled me down on top of him, flush against his cum covered torso and kissed me hard on the lips. I licked the bit of cum off his chin and returned the kiss. I had never tasted it before and it was strange...salty...slimy...not exactly good...but it was the hottest kiss I ever had.

And all too soon he broke away from me. "We've got to get this gathered up before we get too carried away and lick it all off each other." He grabbed the towel and began to wipe me off. I flinched when he ran the cloth around my cock, the head was still too sensitive for that kind of touch. He giggled a little and said, "Have fun?"

"Yeah...I didn't think I'd ever do anything like that, and especially not with a f****y member..."

He just smiled and then wiped himself off as well. When he was done he walked out of the room to the bathroom and dropped the towel in the hamper and came back, leaving the door cracked just enough to see out into the hall.

Sure enough within seconds there goes Becca straight into and promptly back out of the bathroom, used towel in hand.

"Wow. So have you two ever..."

"Fucked? Nah, I wish, but we're both still virgins."

"What?? Seriously? As open-minded as your f****y is?? And with what we just did, you've never done..."

"Nope, you're actually the furthest I've ever went with anyone. I mean I've fooled around a lot but nothing like that."

"So, why not?"

"Well...I'll explain later."

"Ok, then can we at least go see what your s****r is doing?"

"No, house rules, if the door is closed then that means we don't go in. Period."


"Yeah, one of the few rules we have is if the door is open, then anyone can come in, but if it is closed then we have the right to our privacy. You know, unless somebody is screaming bl**dy murder or something."

"Hah, yeah, that makes sense."


I woke up the next day in James' bed, and him in the air mattress, we had decided it would be better if we didn't actually sl**p together. And honestly I was fine with that. I was even more confused about what I had done last night and I needed to be able to think about it without somebody trying to cuddle up next to me.

I didn't really feel any different than I had before about him, or any other guys for that matter. I liked what I did, but then again, there were so many things wrong about it that I couldn't seem to feel fully ok with it.

That day went pretty normal, all things considered. I'm sure they had to hear us last night, I doubt they didn't know what he and I did, but everyone seemed fine with it. And I guess if everyone else was fine, then so was I.

That evening Aunt Liz suggested we all spend some time in the hot tub. They had just put it in a few weeks ago and everyone was very excited to get in any chance they got. Although, that's what on the surface it might appear they were excited about.

We all went to go change and somehow I was the first one out there. Aunt Liz made her way out in a long robe which she let slide off her at the edge of the tub right next to me and I got a great look staring straight up from under her of her excellent body, even at her age there was only a relatively small amount of sagging in any area. Her swimsuit had to be the smallest one she could possibly fit into and she had no problem standing there a moment and letting me see.

Then she finally she stepped in right next to me, moaning in delight as the warm water enveloped her. Her hand all too coincidentally slid down my arm and then down my inner thigh as she lowered herself into her seat. And there her hand stayed just a couple inches up from my knee on the in between my legs. I was already fully erect.
"MMMmmmm, this water is nice," She said and I swear I was having flashbacks to every porno I've seen involving a hot tub. "You never really answered my question, you know."

I didn't say anything, not sure of what to do.

"The one I asked in the car, about what you like..."


"So... what is it?" She began to circle her fingers around on my thigh. "Boys... Girls... Both?"

"I ...don't know. I mean last night I..."

"Last night you had fun, I know, and that's very good" she gave a coy little smile, "but is that all?"

"I hope not."

She laughed, "I hope not either." She leaned in close and talked softly but demandingly into my ear as she stroked my inner thigh, "So, now what is it Honey... straight, gay, or both?"


"Good boy."

Almost as if on cue Becca and James came out and join us, Becca to my right and James to my left on the other side of his mom. Aunt Liz stretch out her arms behind me and James and leaned her head back against the edge of the tub, prominently displaying her gorgeous breasts up out of the water. "About time you two go in here."

I was trying hard not to stare but it was no use, in fact, the only thing that interrupted my dead lock on to my aunt's chest was Becca removing her top. Slowly pulling at the skimpy little strings that barely held her breasts encaged as it was. "You know, mommy, I can't get any attention when you flaunt yourself like that."

Aunt Liz smiled back at her. "Aw, baby, your breasts are just fine," she said as used the hand she had behind my shoulder to reach over and with one finger she help her daughter finish removing her top and flung it daintily over to the side. "Don't you think so?" she asked now looking at me.

"They're amazing."

"Yeah, well, they're still nothing compared to yours, mommy." This was the second time she used 'mommy' and it was getting more apparent that she was putting a little "innocent" and seductive tone into it. And at that moment I saw her turn towards her mother and hand came out of the water sliding up her mother's stomach to her chest where she began to squeeze and massage her swollen nipple much to her mother's pleasure as she let out a soft moan.

"You can have some too, if you'd like," My aunt said to me as if she was offering me nothing more than a piece of cake.

Becca had already started sucking hard on her mother's left tit so I decided to dive right in as well. She was eyeing me the whole way as my lips formed a seal around her mother's huge nipple and my hand attempted to cup the huge globe but it was too wonderfully big for just one. As I began to squeeze and suck I noticed instantly something warm, wet and sweet on my tongue. It was her breast milk! I almost jumped back in shock at this most unexpected surprise but Becca reached out and pulled my head firmly back into her mother's bosom. She was smiling as she kept her lips locked onto her mother and her eyes locked on me, knowing how unexpected this treat was for me. And what a treat it was! I had never drank breast milk before although I must admit it had always sparked an erotic curiosity. And all this time my aunt just lied back and let us suckle, moaning lightly with almost every breath.

Becca's hand had worked its way from the back of my head, pushing me into her mother's chest, to now the inner part of my knee and slowly caressing its way up my thigh. I moved in closer to my aunt, putting my right leg over her left so that I was almost sitting on her lap. I noticed Becca had done the same, although she put her right leg on top of her mother's right leg so that she was straddling her.

I was almost lost in the moment until I heard something lifting out of the water on the other side of the hot tub. It was James pulling something out of the water...his swimsuit. I felt guilty him not getting any part of this action, in fact he had been pretty much ignored the whole time, so I decided the only thing to do was invite him over with a gesture of my hand and a tilt of my head. But just laughed and said, "Nah, you got it covered over there, I'm just watching right now."

The feel of Becca's hand reaching into my swimsuit brought me back to the two ladies next to me. She was pulling at the hem, letting me know she wanted them off...NOW. And who was I to deny that? I quickly shifted, shuffled and pulled my shorts off and tossed them over the side of the tub. Now, with nothing left in her way, Becca reached down and grabbed my cock that had been aching for some attention since we got into the water. Her fingers moved all over my cock, from the top of the head, down the shaft, down to my balls, and ever so briefly down even further almost touching my ass hole where she stopped and then worked her way back up. She squeezed and tugged lightly, and then gradually she gave me broader strokes as her little fingers tightened around me.

After several minutes of this she let go, much to my disappointment, but then she also stopped sucking on her mother's tit, which we had been doing nonstop since we started. She repositioned herself between her mother's legs, sitting with her back to her. Then, she grabbed my cock and pulled me over to her until I was on her lap, straddling her. I started to lean in and without hesitation she pulled me in the rest of the way and we kissed. It was a very passionate kiss, our lips pressed firmly together and our tongues trying their hardest to intertwine. I think this is something we both had wanted to do for many years.

My hands road up her slender little body for the first time as we kissed, up her sides, over her shoulders, my fingertips lightly up her neck, tracing over ever inch, and then back down. I cupped her breasts and gently rubbed her nipples with my thumbs and she moaned into my mouth. But now she had her arms wrapped around me and my cock was just poking her stomach, needing badly for somewhere to go.

Sensing the desire to move forward, Aunt Liz grabbed the strings on both sides of her daughter's bikini bottom, pulled them loose, and with a little shifting by Becca, Liz pulled off the last piece of clothing separating her daughter and her nephew.

We broke our kiss finally as we started to reposition ourselves. I stood back off of Becca's lap, she raised herself up in front of her mother, while her mother stretched a little and then closed her legs together so her daughter could sit back down on her lap. Becca spread her legs and I moved forward to her. She started to wrap her legs around me as I got closer. I leaned in to kiss her again and then I whispered into her ear, "God, I've wanted you for so long. Are you ready?"

She answered my grabbing my cock on pulling me to her. The tip of my head was now nestled at the opening of her pussy. She guided my cock up to her clit and back down her slit and we both let out deep moans. Then she bit her lip, looked into my eyes and let go.

"Are you ready?" she asked.

With that, I pushed my self into her; the head of my cock splitting it's way into her virgin hole. It was so incredibly tight and warm, even compared to the hot tub water around us, she let out a deep gasp and I was only halfway in. I gave her a moment to breathe but she impatiently tightened her legs around me to pull me farther into her. An intense look of pain and pleasure washed over her face as she hung her head back against her mom, clenched her eyes shut and dropped her mouth open. "Mommy..." she struggled to get out.

"It's ok honey, I told you it hurts at first and you shouldn't take too much. Just relax now." She said comforting her freshly popped daughter.

"I want more, Mommy..." she pleaded.

"That's my girl," Liz said and then looked at me and smiled. "Mommy's little girl said she wants more."

Without hesitation I pushed in as far as I could go and my cousin let out a loud moaning, "OOOOoooohhhh..." I gave her a moment to savor it while I kissed her neck and fondled her breasts. Then, "More," she pleaded again.

I put my hands up on the edge of the tub on either side of these two gorgeous ladies and I began to pull my cock out. She wrapped her hands around my back and tried to claw me, as if she didn't want me to go out, just in. And just as she started to whimper and whine I pushed myself back into her, causing an even louder, "OOOOOOHHHH..." than before.

And I continued fucking her just like this, each time I'd move outwards she'd dig her nails into my back and then moan loudly as I drove myself back into her. It was a slow but steady rhythm and we were all enjoying it, even her mother who was cupping and massaging her daughters breasts to the beat of our sex. And as for James, he was getting one hell of a show.

I began pumping even harder as her tight pussy started to allow my cock to move more freely. Her long and loud moans turned into short and quick gasps and "Uh, uh, OHH, uh, oh, UH, ooh," s**ttered in between. The water was splashing all around as I grinded her up against her mother, who was pushing back against me as I pushed towards her daughter.

Her legs started to lose their lock around me so I grabbed behind her knees and held them up as much as I could to get good leverage as I pounded her sweet young body. She grabbed onto her mother's arms for support and proclaimed between breaths, "Mommy... mommy I'm gonna... cum for him."

"Good, baby, cum for him, cum all you want for your cousin."

Now, with her mother's permission she let out a scream, "uh, oh god, oh, AAHHOOOOHHHhhhhhh, oh god...." Her entire body tensed up and her pussy contracted around my cock causing me to groan aloud and cum with her. My balls released a load like I've never felt before deep into my cousin's pussy causing me to say "oh god," myself. We collapsed there on top of Aunt Liz and all she could do was hold us up. We sat there for a moment like that, Aunt Liz on the bottom, me sitting on her knees straddling both women, Becca in between us, and my cock still inside her.

But that wasn't the end. "Alright k**s, get up, Becca get up here," she patted the edge of the jacuzzi next to her. Reluctantly we parted our embrace, my softening cock slipped out of her, and she sat up on the edge out of the water. Liz got up and stretched briefly then sat back down facing her daughter and spread her legs. "Mmm... now let's see what we have here..."

For the first time I got a look at her pussy, it was pink and puffy with only a little bit of neatly trimmed hair up on top. And an even better look when Liz took two fingers parted her daughter tender pussy lips. With her other hand she inserted a finger as far in as she could go and pulled it back out, with some cum. "MMMmmm..." she said again as she took the finger and sucked it clean.

She then beckoned me over with her finger before she stuck it back in and pulled out even more cum. She didn't have to say anything I knew what she was going to do. So I opened my mouth and sucked every bit of the mixture of my cum and my cousin's pussy juices off of my Aunt's finger. Then she took another scoop for Becca, who happily swallowed it all. James even came over now, after all this time, to get himself a taste of this.

"Dig in boys." Aunt Liz said.

Both James and I moved in between Becca's legs and put our faces down to her pussy. She lied back and spread her legs as far as she could to give us both better access. James started to put his finger in and then I just reached in with my tongue and started tongue fucking his s****r. Then he followed with his tongue. We were both doing our best to eat out Becca's cream pie when I noticed she started moaning again.

Cheek to cheek, me and James assaulted her pussy. We tried to get our tongues inside her at the same time but found that if we alternated it worked better. Then one of us would go after her clit while the other would fuck her hole. In no time at all she was already panting and moaning loudly again.

Then James motioned something to me by tilting his head. I looked at him a little confused. He moved his hand up the back of her leg and rubbed her asshole with one finger. I nodded and moved down.

There was just enough room for me to work myself into position to get to her ass. I began to circle her puckered little hold with the tip of my tongue as James continued on with her pussy. I kept trying to work my tongue into her hole but she kept clenching every time.

Noticing my difficulty Aunt Liz helped out, "Baby, relax a little and let him in, just like I showed you before."

Hearing her say that was really hot. After all this so far I didn't any delusions, I knew this f****y had done at least some sexual contact before now. And just at the soothing sound of her mother's voice, Becca relaxed and let my tongue into her brown hole. I moved it in and out, twisted it around, and curled it up inside her, doing whatever I could possibly do with my tongue. It was bitter, but at least the hot tub water seemed to drown out the taste a bit. Nonetheless, it was having a good effect on her to have both her openings invaded by tongues so I wasn't about to stop the fun because of a strange taste.

I felt her start to squirm around and get louder and I knew she was close to cumming again. I started to finger her ass and only managed to get the second one pumping in and out before she started to scream in pleasure again. Her hole tightened up like a vice around my fingers and it wasn't for several moments until I was able to get them back.

Me and James both took seats on the edge of the tub out of the water, both of our cocks pointing straight out.

"Very nice boys," Aunt Liz said looking us over. "I guess it's time we helped you two out." She moved over to Becca who was still catching her breath. "Come on baby, now it's time to return the favor to these two nice boys."

The positioned themselves in front of us, Aunt Liz with James, and me with Becca. The knelt down on the hot tub seating and simultaneously sucked us off. Becca started out by running her tongue up and down the entire length, then concentrating on my head by putting her lips over it and swirling her tongue around. I let out a moan for her and Aunt Liz proudly gave some encouragement, "Good honey, keep that up and he'll cum for you in no time."

I looked over at her and James and she was having no trouble getting his fat cock completely insider her. I also noticed that she had a couple fingers up his ass that she was pumping in and out.

Becca started working more of my cock into her mouth, but obviously not as experience as her mother, she was having trouble with the whole thing at once. "Just swallow it baby," she urged her daughter on. And swallow she did, for a moment anyway. She had to back off quickly but she tried it again a few more times before going back to work on the head and using her hand to massage the shaft.

"Oh mom I'm gonna cum," I heard from James next to me. With that Becca started working even harder on me, I could tell she wanted me to cum at the same time. It didn't take much work, soon after James started to fill his mom's mouth with cum, I did the same for Becca.

The women made sure they had ever last drop they could get in their mouths, but they didn't swallow, or spit. Instead they switched partners, had us lay on our backs and kissed us, forcing the cum from Becca's mouth to James', and from Aunt Liz's mouth to mine. We lied there, the women on top of us, for a while swapping the cum back and forth before we all swallowed whatever we had. Then the women switched back to their original partners and we helped clean up anything that seeped out onto our faces by licking each other's lips, cheeks and chins clean.

A little while later we all got cleaned up and James and his mother retreated to their own separate rooms, but me and Becca decided to stay the night in her bed. Just sl**ping...naked cousin and naked cousin...

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