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Party Skank Shares a Great Show

I met a woman at a party last night and this skinny skank gave me the best sex without touching that I've ever had. It was the best climax in a most erotic situation, complete with porn, voyeurism and fantastic masturbation. And we probably haven't finished yet.

I was attending a celebration of a local Neighbourhood Watch's fifteenth anniversary. I was invited because I was a friend of a friend and didn't get out much. Someone took pity on me.

I was standing alone watching the men in shorts and t-shirts make pigs of themselves at the snack table, clutching warm beers and talking about ATVs, whatever those are. The women, who clearly had taken the event more seriously, had dressed up and were gathered in their own klatches, nattering about Coronation Street or Dr. Phil.

I knew no one, so after some introductions, I was on my own. The men were obviously a team and I'm the furthest thing from a team-player and didn't hit it off with any of them. Instead I spent my time checking out the women. Some were attractive in a used-housewife sort of way, a bit pudgy, maybe a too much makeup but still well turned out. Others had simply let themselves go. Without anyone interesting to talk to and little that was attractive to hold my attention, the party was a bust for me.

I was finishing my drink, preparing to leave when a skinny woman in white shorts band purple blouse approached me. "You look about as bored as I am. Do you want to get out of here? I'd appreciate someone to walk me home."

I was taken aback mostly because this was not one of the even mildly attractive women. She looked "skanky." Her hair was mousey and shorts too short and the blouse too revealing. She had small tits and a small ass. But her offer to get out of here was perfect and I jumped at it.

She lived a short distance away and in my direction. "Didn't you feel like real outsiders there?" she asked. I explained about the block parent thing and that I was invited by an acquaintance. "They were all friends. We didn't know anyone and they didn't want more friends."

We walked slowly in the warm summer air and under each streetlight, I noticed that her nipples were pressing against her blouse. Her legs didn’t look too bad, slender instead of skinny - or was this three Canadian Club and Ginger talking? She had been complaining about the "fat bitches" who ignored her at the party and the "fucking perverts" who had grabbed her ass when she passed them. At that, I took a look at her ass, which was pretty small but definitely grabbable. "They were all so stuck-up. I know things about them that would take those smug looks off their faces."

As we arrived at her house, I asked, "I thought you didn't know those people, much less, things that would be awkward?" She replied, "Yea, I know them real good. Why don't you come back here in an hour and I'll show you. You'll find it interesting and revealing. Or maybe not… Your choice."

I wandered home increasingly intrigued by her invitation. I didn't want to get into anything with this woman who was definitely not my type but she had made my cock twitch with her rude remarks. An hour later, I was on my way to her house.

She met me at the door in the same shorts but now wearing a t-shirt. "I thought you'd be back. Don't we all wonder what goes on in our neighbour's homes? Want a drink or do you smoke up?" With that she ushered me in and sparked up a joint. I joined her and accepted a glass of cold chardonnay. Her nipples were again erect and she clearly wasn't wearing a bra.

"The president of that group lives next door and he's always home about this time after these regular parties and meetings. If we'd stayed longer, you would have seen the pairing up just before people went home. That bastard pres gets his pick of cunts and cocks to bring back to his home so there'll be some action next door pretty soon."

The dope was loosening me up so she was looking more attractive by the second and her story was sending my thoughts into some pretty scandalous places. "Come to the spare room . It faces his bedroom. Don't worry, I won't bite you - hard!" she snickered. And I followed, watching her much cuter arse into a room with two chairs facing a large picture window with d****s drawn.

"Sit down and relax. Tell me something about yourself." I explained that I had been retired for three years and hadn't met many people since moving to the suburbs. Generally, it was an uninteresting life unless you count my rather filthy hobby but I wasn't going to tell her about that.

Now it was my turn. "You don't seem to like those people. How did you end up at the party?" As she turned in her chair, she dimmed the lights.

"We need the lights low in here for what I want to show you. About me? … I clean their houses. I'm the poor bugger who cleans up their shit, gets her tits grabbed and crotch groped by the husbands, insulted by the cocksucking wives and paid minimum wage. Sure, they invite me to the parties because they're open-minded - at parties." She clearly enjoyed trashing her employers.

We started a second joint and more wine then turned the lights off while opening the d****s. The house next door was twenty feet away and a patio door faced us. In that room, on the large TV a man with a large penis was ass-fucking a chubby, large breasted woman. I gasped then sense that my new friend was smiling at me. "That's just the warm-up act. Sit back and enjoy.”

As the man in the video pulled his cock out and shot cum into the woman's sucking mouth, the lights in the opposite room came on and the President walked in with the hostess of tonight's party.

He was naked already but the woman was fully dressed although her blouse was open and a breast was showing. He was a heavy man with a beer-gut and a surprisingly long thick cock.

She was either reluctant to come into the room or was being coy. In either case, she noticed the new scene on the TV - a woman being fucked by a tranny, sucking his tits while his elegant cock moved in and out of her shaved cunt. She watched giving the pres a moment to open her blouse fully and get both tits out and sucking them. She appeared to moan, but kept her eyes on the TV action. He pushed her to her knees and she casually took his cock in her mouth. The pres moved his cock slowly back and forth just as the new guy on the TV, was having his cock stroked, kissed and sucked by the woman and the tranny.

My friend's soft voice interrupted. "How do you like MY wide-screen show? This guy doesn't know or maybe doesn't care that I can see what he does. So I cancelled the cable and now I sit back and enjoy these shows whenever there's a block parent meeting. You're my guest, Enjoy!" We toked a bit more and sat back to enjoy the action.

Another woman had entered the room next door. She wore dark nylons, garter belt and a nursing bra that exposed her nipples. She greeted the pres by pushing a tit into his mouth reaching down to squeeze the woman's breast.

In our room, lit by the light from the next house, I noticed that my friend was fondling a floppy tit. She turned her head "I hope this bothers you. I get off watching those bitches get fucked. And he gets fucked too. Feel free to play with yourself."

Seems that some of the partiers had come to the pres' house for "afters". Another man entered the room and greeted everyone by grabbing tits and squeezing the pres' cock. He was out of his clothes in a jiffy and a woman's mouth was on his massive and fully erect penis. For a moment everyone turned to the TV to watch cum from the tranny's cock leak from a cunt while the other man came in a mouth. "They are so easily distracted eh?" she said.

Seeing how much enjoyment my friend was having I agreed to join her. My hand had been rubbing my cock through my pants. Encouraged by the wonderful feeling I was getting with the dope and chardonnay, I opened my fly and my cock popped out magically and quite beautifully. My friend, her t-shirt pulled up, was watching me. For a moment, I stopped, embarrassed.

"Hey, your secret is safe with me." she said. "That's a handful and you've got big hands. Stroke away! We can swap secrets later but in the meantime let's enjoy these pathetic motherfucking block-parents."

My friend's tits were saggy but round and her nipples, dark and pointy. She had opened her shorts and pushed her hands into her crotch. To me, in the glow, she had become beautiful. And as she felt herself up, my strokes became even more pleasurable. I pushed my pants to the floor and took off my shirt. Naked, I stood up and paraded my cock in front of the scene at the window, dancing slowly and stroking and enjoying both the moment here, in this strange woman's house AND the way the pres was being sucked. I was also dancing with Mary Jane.

My radiantly beautiful friend had taken off her shorts and was pushing one then two, then three fingers into her pussy thrusting her skinny hips with the insertion of each new finger. She looked up at me, and my flagpole dick and laughed. "You really get into this don't you? Get fucked often?"

I admitted "Not at all. My right hand is my lover. My left hand is when I want sex with a stranger. I'm a willing addict to computer porn but I've never seen a live show, like tonight. This is a treat. Porn on their TV, they're fucking and you're jilling yourself while I jerk off. Yippee!"

Next door, the action had moved on. A third woman, quite heavy with big hanging breasts had entered the room. She took the pres' cock eagerly in her mouth. The woman in the nursing bra rearranged herself to suck the cock of the second man. The men were high-fiving and thrusting their hips. And was that a block-parent approved joint being lit? On TV, an Eastern European woman was having everything but the Lada put up her cunt.

I was joined in my dance, by my skinny, saggy-titted friend. She had a cock-shaped dildo and was pushing it into her cunt in rhythm with my stroking. We could see each other in the glow. She had become fabulously beautiful, her tits saggier, the way I like them, and her nipples harder. I was Clark Gable with a purple-headed erection. The room smelled funky from the smoke and our bodies.

The pres' group fuck had been joined by two college-aged men both naked, with beautiful long semi-erect cocks. The crowd parted. It seemed this was something the pres had been expecting. The boys knew the other naked man and the women and their cocks were keenly stroked as a welcome.

The pres reached out and touched their cocks, stroked them, licked each beautiful violet knob and licked this away the precum on each tip.. He grasped the longer cock and pulled it into his mouth. With his other hand, he led the other cock behind him, bent over and the cock was pushed itself in his arse.

Both of us had stopped our own stroking when we saw the pres get his holes filled while the other man was getting blown, alternately, by the other two women.

As the boys picked up speed, we returned to our dick and cunt respectively and continued dancing sensually. I was loving the feel of dancing, my hand on my cock with another person watching and my introduction to real-life voyeurism. My friend was squealing through clenched teeth having a dildo orgasm. She would have another as we watched the pres' ass get filled with cum that leaked onto the floor and his mouth struggle to swallowed more cum. The women soon had their tits covered in cum from an erupting cock fountain

"I hope that son of his fucked up the Pres' haemorrhoids real good." my friend said. "His wife always enjoys seeing her nephew get sucked dry by his uncle while her s****r watches. And mom's a piece of work too. She had a dildo in her ass from the moment she walked in the door. I always thought she had a pickle up her ass but I seem to have been mistaken."

Then the neighbour's room changed with everyone kissy-hugging each other and then leaving with just the TV playing a video of a heavy titted granny being fucked with a butternut squash by a fat man in a hangman’s hood.

Our dancing slowed then stopped. "Let's sit down," she said. “I want to see you cum. You’re enjoying this so much that you forgot the climax. " I sat down in the chair looking into the neighbour’s room and the TV presenting the hooded man's oversize cock cumming on the fat woman’s cunt and butternut squash.

"What a party," I said.

"It's not over until the long thick cock cums" she said. I returned to slow stroking while staring at her tits and her wet, open cunt. She brought out a battery-powered dildo with flashing lights and a wiggling tip and pushed it into her pussy and massaged slowly. Her other hand cupped a tit and squeezed a nipple into hardness. She winked at me.

We paced each other, her dildo increasing speed and my hand stroking faster. Her nipple became red and she teased it until a single drop of milk came out. I was delighted and leaned over and licked it. More milk leaked and I kept licking and teasing and stroking. Another first for me!

I was still standing and she pushed me into my chair. I kept stroking because I was going to cum soon. She smiled at me and nodded for me to keep going. In moments, I moaned deeply and came more powerfully and with more spunk than I can ever remember. Her hand had joined mine as my boner subsided. Catching a drop of cum on her fingertip, she licked it into her mouth with her tongue. Then she turned up the speed of the dildo to ”Mario Andretti” and crossed the finish line moments behind me. If I could have, I would have come again.

Leaving her house soon after our climaxes, I noticed that she was less beautiful than before, with small tits and no ass. She had been crude and, for the sake of a better word, “skanky.” I would avoid meeting her in public. But this woman had one secret and had shared it with me. I suspected that she knew, somehow, I too had a secret and I would share it with her - eventually.

This was exciting to write. I hope you enjoyed the story. Comments are always appreciated.

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