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My wife take double cream first time

The part of our adventures Lori always liked the best was the unending attention of two men focused on her beauty her needs and wants. She loves being the center of attention in those situations. She loves all phases the meeting the socializing seducing the foreplay and the down and dirty fucking and sucking.

The only complaint she ever had was that she didn't like the feeling of condoms especially after hours and over night into morning use. She said it didn't feel right and dried her out making her sore before she wanted to be, all though she never quit early she would be sore after for a couple of days.

She began to work on me telling me while we would be home in an intense love making situation she would tell me she wanted the next time we met with the same guy we had several times she said she "wanted to be a cum slut." I was blown away and came fast and hard, but I objected I said you always take things up to a new level! We had agreed for sexual health to have other guys always use condoms. She said he has stated several times that he had no girl friend and was only intimate with her when we got together.
I could see that they had a bond, but I knew I was still her husband and she had me solidly in 1st place. I sensed that the feeling of the rubber was only part if the problem, she wanted to feel him inside her without the condom. Which of course would lead to feeling him cum inside her.

Thinking about this throughout the day I began to wonder what it would feel like? Other than a gang bang it seemed like the ultimate level we could take this. I talked with the guy and he confirmed no girl friend and a clean bill of health, so she wore me down, and I agreed. We started planning our next get together and there was the taste of Cincinnati up coming so we invited him. We always combine public and private fun stuff. We went to Reds game on the Friday night and enjoyed the festival food on Saturday.

Friday night we checked into the hotel night we checked into the hotel downtown with just enough time for a quick change flirt and drink, then it was off to the game. We are pretty normal people in public especially with k**s around but there were times when we would both touch her and some people had to notice.

Once we got back to the room the energy between us was intense, we all three knew that there were a lot fewer rules now, that she was horny and it was up to us to give her everything she needed. We were all over her. He always follows my lead and takes every bit of her that I am not getting for myself at any given moment.
We handled and licked every part of her we each sucked her pussy and made her cum. Then we shoved her gently down while she gave a double blow job. I knew I wanted to cream her first so I positioned myself behind her while she continued to suck him. I was shocked at how wet she had become, yes we had licked her and yes she was hot for this, but she was sopping at the thought of it and said out loud "I wanna be your guys cum slut and cum whore." Fuck was that a turn on! For anyone to see her she looks every part the perfect lady, no one would suspect her even to be in a threesome let alone be a cum slut! Speaking for myself that made my hard on like steel, and nothing makes me wanna fuck a woman harder than something like that. Whats more is I think she knows it.

I made sure she came from me hitting her G spot while I rammed her and kept fucking her after I came until a nice paste formed that the other guy noticed and was asking when was it his turn? Lori said "it's time let him have his turn." I backed off and moved to the side to watch for the first time another man enter my wife with no rubber. As always I watched her face and her pussy at the same time as much as I could because he entered her doggy style. She had that smile that said she could have anything she wants and she knows it. Lori was in her own world as he slowly slid in. He fucked her slowly at first and then sped up, he said he didn't wanna cum too fast so he pulled out and asked her to turn onto her back and then they kissed not to long but it was a real kiss for the first time that they could truly feel each other. She knew she would feel him explode into her soon. I was rock hard at the sight. I let them fuck until after he did, it was the hardest I ever saw any one cum. He was loud and I mean loud. He dumped every once out of his balls. Lori moaned she loves giving us pleasure and knows as she gives she gets. He pumped into her as deep as he could moving side to side and then just motionless just enjoying the feeling of finally fully enjoying my wife.

Lori said to him that it was my turn again, and he slowly got off he was spent, I mean he looked tired. I got on top of her fully erect still but stopped to look at her soaking wet and dripping pussy. I positioned my cock ready to enter her and kissed her, her eyes said thank you to me for the whole experience. Of course the truth is who could ever thank her enough?

I entered her and was not expecting what I found out. And that is there is nothing like the feeling of a woman filled with cum, and in this case she already had two loads! The hotness, she was way past warm. The wetness, my cock was covered in it, and even though she had been fucked for a while now she was still strangely tight. the feeling of that was mind blowing for me. In the past I had always left my cum and then I guess the rubber did dry her a bit, this feeling was way different, and exciting. She soon got her third load. He did her once more, as she sucked me, it was cool to spitroast her. But he didn't last that long because she was saying " Cum in my married pussy, and soak my married pussy" to him. He couldn't handle that without cumming.
I woke up as Lori touched my arm about 4:30 but said nothing he was kissing her and moving on top of her. It was very dark, he didn't know I was awake but Lori knew. He slowly fucked her so as not to disturb me, He wanted as close to a private fuck as he could get, it was quiet and he got a good long fuck from her kissed more than usual and came again of course staying inside her to fully enjoy. When he finished everything he wanted he drifted off and Lori moved closer to kiss me. Of course we did the same as they did.

The next day we slept in, missed the breakfast offered down stairs, but called room service. I told him that he should answer the door in boxers only as we were in bed in full view of the guy who delivered breakfast. Lori and I did pull the sheets over us, but anyone could see what was going on.
The rest of the weekend was hot Lori was filled and got a pearl necklace, she was soaked and did become a cum slut.

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