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The Slut Wife - Chapter 13

I had unzipped Jake’s jeans and taken out his huge cock and began stroking it…it was so hard and long! If it was possible to fall in love with a cock then I was in love with it. We kissed and then I whispered into his ear “such a good boy…now fuck mommy like we talked about” and he looked at me then I whispered “mommy teased you all those years, now it’s time to make mommy pay for that” and the look on his face changed. He had that look on his face and I knew that he was going to manhandle me. He was going to take all that frustration and guilt over lusting over his mother out on me.
“Get on your knees!” he ordered and I got on them and grabbed his cock and hungrily sucked on it. He looked over to my husband and said “you can sit there and jerk off while I fuck your wife.” I started gobbling down his cock into my mouth and wanted to inhale all of it. He was so beautiful and I wanted it all in my mouth. He reached to the back of my head and pushed my head hard onto his cock and it pushed into my throat. “Deeper, take it all!” Jake ordered and I did my best and it was difficult…so hard to breathe. I felt a slap to the back of my head and Jake ordered “all of it!” and I pushed my throat and my lips touched his pelvis. He had impaled my throat with cock! I held it as long as I could then pushed away and gasped for air and threw up a bit. Jake then grabbed my hair and said “again!” and I did it again and again. I never knew Jake could be this rough and it made me want him more. After a few minutes he pulled my head back and led me to the bed. “Get on your back!” and I did and he pushed my legs back and lowered down and began to eat my pussy. God he was good! So many men just wanted to stick their cocks into my and didn’t care about my needs, it made me want him more. I reached up pinched my nipples as he wiggled his tongue over my clitoris and slid in a finger into my wet pussy. He was really good, making sure I came first…such a sweet boy. It wasn’t long before I was getting close to cumming when I turned to look at my husband who had stripped naked and was jerking himself! “You don’t cum!, You don’t get to cum until I tell you!” I ordered and loved the feeling of power of ordering my husband. Jake kept eating me until I came really hard…yelling and crying while wave after wave after wave of pleasure ripped through me. He was so good!
He then moved off of me and rolled me to my side and slid in next to me, his face next to mine and then slid his cock into my pussy. After cumming so hard it felt twice as big, I was so sensitive. But he didn’t care, he slid it in and began to fuck me. He then pulled my hair back with one hand and began to rub my boobs roughly with the other.
“I want you to get a good look at my cock in your wife’s cunt!” he sneered at my husband. He lowered his head to mine and said “you love my cock, don’t you?”
“Yes! Yes! I love it!!!” I yelled, totally lost in the fuck frenzy. He then kissed me deeply as his cock slid back and forth into my pussy. I was already sore from fucking during the day but I didn’t care. The soreness made it hotter, I was pushing my own limits and that excited me. He kept fucking my pussy, staring at me. He whispered “Mom…you are so make me so hard” and I kissed him and whispered “such a good boy…every mother should have a son like you.” He then slid his cock out of my pussy and, moving it, pushed it slowly into my ass. He slid half of it and began to pump slowly. He then let go of my boobs and moved his hand to my throat.
He fucked me like a Wildman and my husband just sat there, stroking his cock, that cock that seemed so small compared to Jake’s cock. Part of me almost resented him not having a huge cock like Jake did.

I rubbed my pussy with my hand and made myself cum again and Jake really became aggressive and fucked my ass raw for what seemed forever. He finally pulled out and pushed me onto my back and slid his cock into my pussy and began to stroke hard as I could feel his cock stiffen even more…he was going to cum in me! He moaned through gritted teeth as I could feel his hot cum pump into me. It was so much! I loved how these young men could fuck and cum so much.”

After his cock finally stopped gushing cum he pulled out and he moved his cock to my face and without telling me I began to suck it. I wanted to clean it and taste his cum and my pussy. I could feel his cum inside me and I before long Jake’s cock had gotten hard again. I reached up and played with his balls wanting to coax more cum out of them.
“Look at your pretty wife, sucking the cock that was in her ass and pussy” Jake sneered and I loved how he was dominating my husband psychologically. Hubby could be rough with Amber but with me he wanted others to treat me like a slut and I loved it. Before long Jake pulled out of my mouth and and began to stroke his cock. “More cum for you!” he sneered and then a blast of cum landed squarely from my forehead to my chin. He came again and again, my face full of cum. How could he make so much? I wondered.

When he was done Jake got off the bed and , looking at my husband, said “NOW you get to fuck her, but kiss her first.” Hubby moved over to the bed and his cock was rock hard. He climbed on the bed and looked hesitatingly at me and I looked at him and said “you heard him, kiss me!” This was a beautiful test of how much I could sway hubby…how much I could control him with his own fantasies. How much of a cuckold he would be.

He looked at Jake and looked at me. He lowered his face to mine then reached down and kissed me! He let himself be humiliated by Jake and I loved it. I knew that he would do anything I asked as long as I gave him what he wanted. He didn’t care that our saliva was being mixed with Jake’s cum. We broke our kiss and I could see Jakes cum on his cheek. Jake said “I’m done here. You can fuck her with that small dick now” and he got up, dressed and left. He was so good at this, I had to thank him later.

I made my husband him taste another man’s cum and he didn’t care! When Jake left I said him “now fuck my pussy and cum inside me!” and he did in an instant and he began to fuck my pussy good. He didn’t care that there was another man’s cum in my pussy, he was too turned on.

I looked up at him and said “when you’re in Japan, there’s no telling how many men I’m going to fuck so you’d better fuck me good so I can remember your cock after I’m finished fucking others.”
That got him harder and pumping me faster! He thought I was playing but it was real…I was going to fuck other men…some for money and some because I wanted their cocks and could get them. “I’m going to fuck you so you remember me!” he snarled. He fucked me hard and then he came inside me, lots of cum and as I felt the cum in me, I felt and odd feeling, like there was a collision in me…
Just then hubby rolled off of me and panting and said that was the best day of sex he’s ever had. He looked at me and said “you know I love you baby…but I love seeing you getting fucked like a slut by other men. Thank you” and with that he leaned over and kissed me.
I got up and washed my face and looked in the mirror. I had finally gotten hubby to release his inhibitions and fucked Gary and Amber and Jake in front of him. I even was going to fuck other men and hubby accepted it.


The entire f****y saw hubby off and we met Gary and Amber at the airport too. It was unusual to see Gary and Amber after our weekend with our little ones in tow. Amber came over very sweetly and introduced herself and said “I’m a good friend of your mommy. I was thinking that maybe I could come by and visit while the daddies were on their trip.” We looked at each other and I knew that while the men were away we’d have no trouble keeping each other busy. Just then I got a text and I saw it was from Rick. It said “your time off is over, I got a lot of clients this week” and I smiled.


They left and as I drove home, I thought about how I finally got what I wanted: My hubby had his inhibitions broken and he would do anything to see me used by other men, I had fucked everyone I had to fuck to get him that promotion he deserved, I had found a slut friend in Amber and we were making more money now than we ever had. I had my boy toy Jake and, even if his obsession was weird, he wanted me. I now had a license to fuck any man I wanted as long as I let hubby in on it. I felt like I had finally gotten to where I wanted to sexually.

But little did I know that what I thought was an end was only the beginning of me being pushed to the limits sexually.

To be continued…

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