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i****t!!! Is it the world's great taboo? Instances of
such practice have prevailed throughout human history.
i****t must have been a part of our sexual activity, or
else how did the Earth first become populated?
Societies that were limited in number, allowed some
form of i****t. This was true in the southern parts of
Europe, Africa and Asia. Even the Hawaiian kings
allowed this practice especially if the c***dren were

No one can know how many have committed i****t, but the
numbers are much higher than are noted in studies, as
the interviewers assuredly can’t get most people to
admit they have engaged in an activity regarded with
such visceral revulsion and extreme punishments by
current society.


There were five of us girls, and we had been friends
since elementary school. We played together through
c***dhood, giggled our way through puberty, junior
high, and when summer ended, we would be in the ninth
grade. We called ourselves, Best Friends, and had tee-
shirts with our groups name and our own first name
blended in with a caricature of our faces. Our families
were affluent, and our fathers’ income was in the seven
figures, and with other investment income, eight
digits. One thing each of use had been taught was to
respect those who weren’t as well off, and we were
liked by k**s outside our residential area.

I will never forget our crazy idea that seemed to
happen as we sat around the swimming pool in my back

"i****t," said Brandy Phillips, a red-haired 14-year-

The rest of us were jealous of her because she had 34-C
breasts. The boys loved to stare at her "boobs" as the
guys called them, including her 17-year-old
stepb*****r, Gary Simpson. The thing making Brandy so
lovely, were her long legs, and with her being slightly
short-waisted, her legs were perfect, for a girl of 14,
standing 5ft-6in tall.

Marti Handleson, another friend of mine, was a 13-year-
old, whose mom had taken her to her own hair stylist,
and had Marti’s hair bleached blonde, and streaked
light brown. Marti stood all of five feet, and weighed
exactly one- hundred pounds. When the man up above
passed out breast, we five, knew
he had missed Marti. She had bumps on her chest at
thirteen, like the rest
of us had at ten.

"So what’s wrong with i****t, if that person is someone
you want to have sex with?" Marti asked. "Have any of
you messed around with a relative, and be honest?"

Kristen Perez, was an olive skinned 13 year-old Spanish
beauty, who was 5ft-2in 105 pounds, and a charmer with
the boys. Her 34-B cups, had been felt up more than
once, she bragged to the rest of us. None of us had
been sexually active, but Kristen found out her
b*****r, Jorge, a 19-year-old Spanish boy, loved
fondling her breast. Kristen said she allowed him to
feel them under her bra.

What Kristen knew, and the rest of us didn’t, that she
wanted nothing to hinder his hands from feeling the
real skin.

"Girlfriends, once you have a boy cup, your boobs in
his hand and play with them, and you feel his fingers
squeezing your nipples, you will love it! I will not
wear a stupid bra one of these days", she commented. "I
just haven’t gotten up the nerve to leave it off yet."

While Kristen was speaking, Brandy said, "Kristen, you
told me the other day at the mall, that you almost had
sex, was that with Jorge, tell us, please?"

Looking at us, Kristen began:

"Once we were riding in his low-rider, and he took me
to a cheap motel, and got a room. I was scared, but I
went into the motel room with him, and we both laid on
the bed. Jorge gave me my first French kiss, and talked
me into removing my blouse, which was a shell. Before
long he was kissing the top of my breast and sucking
the skin above my bra, and all over my tummy, leaving
hickeys that lasted for almost two weeks.

I wouldn’t let him reach inside my bra, and finally he
was running his hands between my legs, and asked me to
take off my levis, so he could see and touch the skin
on my legs. Never, can I describe the feeling I
experienced, as I reluctantly agreed to take off my
pants. That day I had put on a tiny bikini panty which
was mostly lace. The hair growing over my pussycat was
hanging out the sides of my panties.

When I stood up next to the bed, Jorge was watching me,
and he was standing on the opposite side of the bed
taking off his clothes. My hands were shaking and as I
unsnapped my levis and pulled down the zipper. By the
time I had slipped then down my legs, Jorge was
completely nude.

Jorge, you shouldn’t be nude, I told him, yet I
couldn’t take my eyes off his big thing.

I was on the verge of crying, and felt my body begin to
shake in the fear of what could happen. Jorge walked
around the bed to where I was standing and took me in
his arms.

Looking at me, he told me, 'Kristen, you’re the most
beautiful girl, I've ever seen. It's too bad you can’t
be my girlfriend, you’re so pretty.'

Then he lay me on the bed, again French kissing me. It
was only a short time before I felt his hands caressing
my stomach, then his hands were rubbing my panties, and
my legs.

You guys will never know the feeling I had as Jorge's
hands were pulling the hair around my sex that was
hanging out of the leg holes of my bikini panty. Jorge
moved his face down and was kissing me on my panties,
and I knew he wanted more.

I commenced crying and Jorge moved his face back to
mine and told me, 'I won’t go all the way, but I want
to show you how much I like you! Okay, Kristen?'

I stopped crying, but couldn’t answer him, and before
long Jorge was again kissing me on my panties. When I
felt his lips kissing the hair at the sides of my
bikini, and his tongue licking the hair and skin on my
upper legs all around my panties, I shivered. Jorge
moved further down on the bed, and I knew he was going
to kiss me on the inside my legs.

The feeling, of my inner thighs being kissed, you know,
where the skin is so sensitive, just below your sex,
thrilled me beyond belief! Jorge, kissing my inner
thighs, made me so excited that I didn’t notice he was
removing my bikini panties. That is until he was
pushing them off my feet.

Jorge, I told him, No, let me put my panty’s back on,
please, Jorge, you promised not to go all the way.

Jorge said, "I only want to look at your pussy hair and
your sex, and kiss you between your legs."

When Jorge told me that, I knew he wanted to do oral
sex with me, like we had all spoken about. I was
becoming aroused and when Jorge put his mouth on my
pussycat, I peed! It was only a slight amount of urine,
and yet I knew it was enough to wet Jorge’s face. I was
so embarrassed, and told him I was sorry, but I was
scared and it caused me to pee.

The next thing I knew Jorge was again kissing me
between my legs. Then he started sucking the lips of my
pussycat into his mouth. While Jorge was sucking my
pussy lips into his mouth, his tongue was licking up
and down between them.

Shortly he was only kissing and licking my pussycat,
and his tongue was pushing between the inner labia.. I
felt my pussycat get really wet, as his tongue was
flipping my clit firmly and fast, and I climaxed almost
immediately. After a couple of minutes, Jorge moved up
between my legs, and wanted to take my bra off.

But I told him, "Jorge, not this time, let me have some
modesty. Jorge, NO, TAKE IT OUT! YOU CAN’T PUT IT IN
ME, NO!"

Jorge had slipped his cock, inside the edge of my
pussycat, and I jerked back from him, and pushed
against him. Finally I got away from him and curled up
in a ball and began to cry. Jorge kept telling me he
loved me, and didn’t want me to be mad, but really
liked me, even if he were b*****r and s****r. For at
least fifteen minutes, I cried and when I finally
stopped, Jorge asked if he could kiss me between my
legs once more. I was afraid he would get me excited as
he had before, and try to have sex.

Girls, I finally convinced Jorge to wait until the next
time, and I would let him kiss me between my legs, and
allow him to remove all my clothes, but not this time.

Jorge asked if we could do it again. I told him we
would need to wait until we were together again, but I
liked being with him, even if he was my b*****r. I’m
supposed to go with Jorge, and have something like a
date this coming Saturday night, so, do I let things
happen? Hell, I only wish he had fucked me and gotten
it over with. And he would have if I hadn’t turned
chicken. I keep asking myself if I want to lose my
cherry at thirteen?

"Marti, tell me the truth, how much does it hurt the
first time?"

"It hurts, but it is a strange hurt. It felt almost
like something was stretching inside my pussy, with
building pressure. Then a sharp sting struck inside me,
and I felt a burning sensation in my love tunnel. It
wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t bad, it was a pain I’m glad I
only have to feel once in my life. Some girls don’t
even know when it happens, and I guess for some girls
it hurts more than when I lost my cherry. That is all I
can tell you, Kristen."

We all agreed that Jorge was handsome, and always
asking one of us to ride with him in his low-rider.
Each of us knew if we did, he would park some place,
and want sex with us. How did we know, Jorge flat out
told us that he would love to get each of us on the
back seat of his low-rider and do the deed! We each
told Kristen to go for it Saturday night and call us
when she got home, but make him take her to a nice
motel, not some cheap place, or she wouldn’t let him do

Chrissy Mathews was a 14-year-old dark-brown-haired
5'1", 100 pounds, a girl, with 34-A breasts that were
the first of us to develop breasts on her chest. The
rest of us, continued rubbing our puffy mounds with
breast enhancing cream, we’d ordered through the mail.
The only thing that the cream did, was to make our
breasts sensitive and tingly. We each admitted it
caused each of us to commence masturbating. We
experienced sensations from rubbing our tender
developing nipples. We each agreed to having some type
of nerve running from out breast to our pussycats, as
we each called our vaginas.

I, Shana DiAnton, was the fifth member of "Best
Friends," and a 13-year-old blonde, who stood 5'2", and
at 102 pounds, my 32-A cup boobs were pointed, standing
firm, and straight out from my chest. My breast felt
solid to the touch when I washed them. My nipples were
the size of a pencil eraser, and when hard, just short
of a half-inch long.


Chrissy was my "breast" friend, and she had touched
them a few times to see how they felt. In fact, Chrissy
and I would sometimes masturbate in front of each
other, and it was from Chrissy, I found out what it was
like to rub my breast against another female’s breast.

Among the five of us, we all had found it fun to be
nude and masturbate ourselves in front of the other,
especially when we had pajama parties, and sl**povers.
One night when we spending the night at Kristen’s
house, we took turns rubbing our breasts against each

All five of us found this extremely sensual!

We discovered rubbing our pussycats against the other’s
pussycat, while laying between the other’s legs brought
on terrific orgasms. We took turns being the girl on
the bottom, with our legs spread wide so the other girl
could mount us like a boy would. This led to many
fantasies for each of us, and we imagined we were
having intercourse, and the "boy" on top would tell the
girl on the bottom how great she felt to fuck, in our
sexual playing fantasy.

I had two b*****rs, Tony, who was 10, and Brandon, a
handsome 18-year-old stud muffin, according to my four
girlfriends. Marti often commented she would love to
have Brandon seduce her, and had found herself
different times alone with him, but he never made a
move on her. Finally, Marti determined all of us should
find a way to have sex. Then Marti shocked us all when
she said perhaps the way to lose our virginity was to
have sex with a relative,

"i****t IS BEST - AND IT KEEPS IT IN THE f****y," Marti
said loudly in finishing her idea.

Kristen looked at the rest of us, and said each of us
should say who in their f****y they would want to have
sex with, and why.

Brandy looked at Kristen and said, "Okay, you started
already by telling us who in your f****y you would have
sex with is your b*****r Jorge, and might do so this

The rest of us agreed that Brandy was right, and we
told Kristen to start, and we would each tell whom we
wanted to have sex within our f****y.

After waiting a few moments, Kristen started to speak,
but she held her head down so we could not see her
eyes, her voice was low and we had trouble hearing her
clearly, as she was now speaking of something none of
us had considered, i****t.

"I would like it to be my b*****r Jorge, as I have
already told you. I’ve seen him in the nude, and
yesterday he came into the bathroom when I was taking a
shower and climbed in with me, and I told him to get
out, he was my b*****r.

"There is one thing about Jorge, and that is he is huge
down there, you know what I mean, and long, I mean he
is really - really long - and his thing is so thick,
you can’t get your hand to close around it, he has a
big one!"

We watched as Kristen looked up, and her eyes had tears
in them, then she continued telling her story. "Jorge,
said he just wanted to see me without clothes, like he
had at the motel. Then he gently took me in his arms,
as I had turned my back to him. I felt his thing
against the center of my hips."

Stopping for a moment, Kristen continued, "He seemed to
be really big, and I had never felt a boy totally nude
against me. I became excited, but I was SCARED!

Then Jorge moved his hands moved up and under my arms
that I'd crossed over my breast, and his hands were
soon covering my breast. When he was lightly squeezing
my breast, I felt him move his right hand down and push
my legs open, and place his erection between my

I looked at Kristen, smiled, and told her, "Your
telling the truth; I can hear it in your voice and your
b*****r is a hunk. I wish it had been me instead of

"Shana, he is. And he wants to do you."

This surprised me, and I asked, "Did you have s-e-x
with Jorge, or just play around?"

"No, we didn’t have sex, but he was rubbing his thing
between my thighs, and it made me tingle, and when he
reached down between my legs with his fingers, he
placed my hand on his hard-on."

For a moment Kristen didn’t say anything, then she told
us, "Jorge taught me how to jack him off, while he
played with my pussycat.

Girlfriends, he made me climax, and it was stronger
than when I do it myself, or with you guys, and his
stuff squirted out of his cock and landed on my stomach
and all over my hand."

"Was that the second time you messed around with your
b*****r?" Chrissy asked.

"Yeah, since then he’s been afraid to do anything, and
he told me if he was close with me again he was afraid
we would have sex, and that would be i****t.

I asked if we were having our 'date' this weekend, but
he didn’t answer me. Ever since Jorge played with me, I
have fantasized about him doing it to me, and
sometimes, I feel like going in his room and ask him to
do me.

In a couple weeks our parents are going on a cruise for
a week, and Jorge and I will be home alone. I think I
will get in bed with Jorge the first night our parents
are gone, do you all think I should?

Now someone else must say what they have done or whom
they would do it with, so how about you Marti?"


Marti looked around at the rest of us, and smiling
said, "Yeah, me the sex queen with no tits, and I’ve
been nude with my Uncle Ed, who is my dad’s b*****r,
and Uncle Ed is 35-years-old."

"You have been nude with your Uncle Ed, the guy with
the red Corvette?" I asked.

Marti told us, "You guys know that I visit Uncle Ed all
the time and stay at his place on weekends and during
the summer, so we have been alone together a lot. When
I was nine... no ten, I was at uncle Ed’s when my
parents went to Hawaii on a cruise. You remember that
don’t you?" Marti asked. "Anyway, I had taken my bath
and for some reason I walked naked into Uncle Ed’s
bedroom and crawled in bed with him. I felt excited as
I lay against my uncle and I went to sl**p in bed with
him. After that, we slept together almost all the time
and still do when I stay at his farm.

"Anyway, the third or fourth night after that, I was in
bed with Uncle Ed asl**p. Something woke me and then I
realized my uncle was touching me between my legs. His
finger was playing around my pussycat and it felt
really good. I was scared and pretended to be asl**p.
Every time since then, he has felt me up when he
thought I was asl**p.

"Several times, he stopped by to take me for a ride to
his cabin in the woods, it has a creek that feeds a
pond where we swim. Dad and mom know I go with him but
they don’t think anything about me swimming in the nude
with him, because I've been doing it ever since I was
just a baby."

Smiling, she continued, "Last month, mom and dad were
going out of town to a party the company dad worked for
was holding so they asked uncle Ed to baby-sit me for
Friday and Saturday nights. Saturday afternoon, we
decided to go swimming, and when we walked down to the
pond, I asked Uncle Ed if we could go to a restaurant
for dinner, as I had a new skirt and blouse to wear.

"Sure, Marti," Uncle Ed said, "If you would like. Where
do you want to eat?"

"Can we go to the Stuffed Dog and Fries so my friends
can see me in your car?" I asked.

"If my cute niece would like to be seen by her friends
with her old uncle that’s where we will go, so we have
a date, do we Marti?"

"I told Uncle Ed, as I turned and hugged him, it would
be his date, if he held my hand when we entered the
restaurant. You guys were there that night, don’t you
remember, I think it was the week school closed for the
summer, yeah it was."

"So what else happened?" Chrissy asked.

"When we got to the pond, we undressed and I took my
panties down. I’d worn a thong knowing I’d likely get a
chance to remove my clothes in front of my Uncle Ed."

Looking at each of us, Marti said, "When I took shorts
off, Uncle Ed whistled at me and told me the panties
don’t cover much and asked me to turn around.

"I watched as Marti’s face turned red from
embarrassment in telling about her and her uncle, then
she continued her story. "Knowing only a small wedge of
material covered my pussycat, and my hips were
completely bare, and only a string ran between my hips,
made me aware I was flaunting my sexuality for the
first time."

Smiling at Marti, I asked, "Did you have sex, is that
why you asked what is wrong with i****t?"

"When I looked at Uncle Ed, he was nude and looking at
me with a quizzical look on his face, almost like he
wasn’t seeing me, but someone else. For a moment, we
looked at each other, and as I watched my uncle, seeing
he was studying me, from my head to my toes, and it was
obvious he was looking at my pussycat."

"So did you have sex? Don’t tease us, tell us!!" Brandy
implored, and you could hear the impatient inflections
in her voice.

Looking at us with a slight smirk to her smile, Marti
again continued her story about her and Uncle Ed.
"Uncle Ed took a few steps toward me, and we were maybe
a couple feet from each other, and his eyes were
looking at my tiny breasts, and them my pussycat.

I felt odd being nude in front of Uncle Ed, but it
wasn’t from embarrassment, rather I wondered if I was
about to hear how tiny my breasts were."

"Marti!" Uncle Ed said as he looked me over. "Your
breasts have started to grow, and you have hair on your

Then Uncle Ed told me, "Your breasts are really cute,
and your nipples must drive the boys crazy."

"As I listened to Uncle Ed talking to me, I saw his
thing become stiff, like we talked about boys doing,
and when I looked again, it was sticking straight out
from his body." Marti commented she knew about her
uncle getting hard.

"Was it big?" I asked.

"Yeah, it must have been six or seven inches long, and
I couldn’t close my hand around it, and I felt it..."

Each of us shouted at the same time, "YOU TOUCHED IT!

"Yeah, and for a moment he just looked at me, and he
hadn’t asked me to touch his cock, but I wanted to feel
his cock again."

Uncle Ed looked at me and asked: "Do you realize what
you’re doing to me, and what your actions could lead
too, Pretty One?"

I was unable to answer Uncle Ed, but I felt strange
feelings in my body, and when Uncle Ed told me to
follow him, I did, and he picked up our clothes and
walked into the woods with me, and he had me lay down
on the ground next to him.

"You did it, didn’t you?" asked Brandy.

"Maybe, but it is my story, so don’t interrupt me,
okay," Marti said.

"Anyway, he was telling me how pretty I was, and my
tiny little breasts were really nice, while his hands
and fingers were playing with them. Then he started
kissing my nipples and sucking on them. The feeling was
unbelievable and it made me tingle between my legs.
When I felt Uncle Ed, move his lips down and kiss my
tummy, I knew he was going to do oral sex on me, that
we all talked about. I can tell you that what we talked
about oral sex, is nothing like the real thing."

"Marti," Uncle Ed said, "You have a small patch of
hair, and it is soft and only grows on the edge of your
slit at the very top and out a little way from your

"I felt Uncle Ed kissing and licking me between my
legs, and when his tongue hit my bump at the top of my
pussycat, I moaned out and my hips bumped up from the
ground against his face. For the next few minutes I
felt an unbelievable sensation in my pussycat, and then
my whole body. I knew I was going to climax, and when I
did, it was strong. I cried, and humped my hips up and
down against his face."

No one spoke, but they could see, from the look on
Marti’s face, that she was reliving the experience as
she told us her story of oral sex with her uncle.

Finally I asked, "Then what happened?"

Marti continued. "While I was still shaking from my
climax, and god, it felt so unreal, but I loved Uncle
Ed at that moment. Still laying on my back, I sensed
more than felt, Uncle Ed over my body. When I felt his
cock touching my pussycat, I knew that he was going to
have sex with me. The feeling in my body told me I
wanted him inside me.

"Hold your legs farther apart," Uncle Ed told me.

When I did, I felt him working his cock up and down my
pussycat, then, really quick like, it slipped inside me
a little way, it startled me, and hurt a little, by
then he was moving it in and out, and when he pushed
against my virginity, I cried out that it hurt. Still
moving in and out, he pushed suddenly, and busted my


I can assure you Uncle Ed knew what he was doing and he
simply held it all the way inside me. After I settled
down a little, he commenced pulling almost all the way
out, then shoving it all the way back inside my
stinging and bleeding pussycat.

How long we did it, I can’t say, but it seemed to be an
hour, but likely was only a few minutes. Then I felt
him shove into me deep, and I knew he was shooting his
cum into me."

"W-what did you do after that?" Brandy asked in a
hushed voice.

"Uncle Ed moved off me, and I felt sore between my
legs, and as I looked at him, I could see my bl**d on
him, and I started crying, knowing I was no longer a

"When I sat up, my pussycat, seemed to be torn wide
open, and I looked down and saw the bl**d between my
legs, and what I knew was his cum running out of me,
and I started crying. Uncle Ed held me, and told me he
was sorry, and didn’t mean for it to happen, but I was
so beautiful, and he loved my breasts."

"Wow, you’re the first of us to have actual sex, you’re
lucky, and I wish I had been you." Kristen commented
with a softness to her voice.

"Did you do it again?" she added.

"Yeah, but first we got in the creek and washed off,
and Uncle Ed picked me up in his arms, and we played in
the water for a while. Then we went back to where we
had sex, and did it once more. That night we slept
together, and we had sex twice before we went to sl**p,
and three times on Sunday before he took me home."

"That is why you had the funny look on your face at the
Stuffed Dog and Fries that night. You had sex just
before you came in with your uncle, didn’t you?" I

I quickly counted up how many times, Marti said she had
sex, and asked her, "So you had sex seven times in
total, during the first time you were with Uncle Ed and
the following day?"

"Yeah, and do you remember when I told you, Shana, you
won’t believe what I did today, and it was wild and far

"Yeah, so that’s why you acted as you did, oh
Girlfriend, I wish I had known." The other girls
commented the same way I did and we all hugged Marti.

For the next several minutes we discussed with Marti
about her and her Uncle Ed having sex.

Marti told us that even after having sex, she still
hadn’t started her periods.

When Chrissy asked if she had sex after that with her
uncle. Marti said, "Four more times, in fact just two
days ago!"


"Okay, whose next?" I asked.

Marti looked at me, as she and I had discussed my crush
on the most impossible person I could ever have sex
with. Marti said, "You’re next Miss Shana."

"I’m such a virgin, I’ll likely never get up the nerve
to have sex, but if possible, I’d have sex with my...

Then I hesitated as my mind tried to find the words
that would describe my fantasy.

One weekend, my dad took me with him on a business
retreat that he was holding for his own company, and
was for the whole f****y of company officers. Mom had
to stay home as my b*****rs both were in major baseball
league games on Saturday, so Dad and I took off
Thursday afternoon and drove until we reached the
resort in West Virginia.

I described how the place was out of this world, and it
had everything to do. I explained how things were
planned for Friday, Saturday and Sunday until noon, and
all the meetings’ dad had to attend were from nine in
the morning until noon. That left all afternoon,
evenings and night for people to do as they wished.

Thursday evening, after we had eaten dinner, dad
suggested we walk through the building and see what was
going on.

"Honey, you should wear a dress, as the women will be
dressed up, and I want my e****t to look nice." Dad

I’d taken four dresses with me, as mom had threatened
to strangle me if I didn’t. So I selected one that I
liked best, and without thinking, took off my sports
top and shorts. I wasn’t wearing a bra, and my panties
were kind of lacy, and when I stood in them, dad
whistled and told me, "Honey, you’re getting really
sexy, I best watch out when the boys start showing up,

"Yeah dad," I said, without being embarrassed, then
told him. "With my little boobs I don’t think I will
get anyone to pay attention to me, unless he’s a geek."

"Guess that makes me a geek, because your breasts are
lovely, but you better cover them up with something
before I forget who the nearly nude woman is in front
of me."

I slipped the dress over my head and down my body, then
moved over and asked dad to zip it up in the back. We
walked through the resort hotel and into a few of the
small rooms where the companies attending the retreat,
had hospitality rooms. In each room we entered, I was
always greeted warmly, and several of the men who knew
or worked for my father, asked how he got such a lovely
woman to come with him.

We went in a room with a cocktail bar where a band was
playing, and dad asked if I would like to listen to
them. When we entered the lounge, the band was playing
some fairly current tunes I knew, so I told him, "Sure
Dad, I would, if you wish to have a cocktail."

Several people stopped by our table and spoke to Dad,
and I felt really important as Dad always introduced
me, and that made me feel important.

"When was this," Chrissy asked. "Over Memorial Day?"

"Yeah, remember when I called you and said dad was
taking me with him on a business trip?"

When we returned to our room, which had two large queen
beds, I simply removed my dress and hung it back up,
and didn’t think about my breasts being uncovered. I
watched as dad removed his sports coat, his shirt, then
his slacks and he was standing in his boxer shorts, and
he lay down on his bed. I was playing with the TV
remote, trying to find something to watch, and finally
Dad said to turn to one of the pay-per-view movies. The
one I selected had nudity, and words that I wasn’t
allowed to utter, but when I asked Dad if I could watch
it, he said it was okay if I wanted.

I started to get on my bed, but instead got on his bed
and laid down next to Dad.

As we watched the movie, I could see dad was glancing
at my breasts every so often. Within a half hour, dad
had gone to sl**p. When the movie ended, I switched to
a comedy channel, and after a few minutes, I looked
down and saw dad’s boxer shorts opening was pushed open
by his penis.

"You saw your father’s cock, really saw it?" Kristen

"Yes, and within a few minutes, I saw Dad was becoming
erect, and I was observing my first male organ in
person. I had seen them illustrated in drawings in
health literature, but now a real one was before my
eyes. Now what should I do, as dad had his arm under my
neck and his hand resting on my shoulder. Before long I
felt dad shuffling around in his sl**p and he turned
partly on his right side. Then dad’s left arm fell over
my body, and his hand was resting on my right breast.

My mind was blank, but I wasn’t scared, but felt funny
knowing my father was touching my breast. After another
few minutes, dad moved his left leg until it was
resting over my upper thighs. But what was really
shocking was feeling his erection pressed against my
bare leg, and I wondered if I should move, wake dad, or
turn the TV off, and go to sl**p. I turned the TV off,
and as we had turned the lights off as we were watching
the movie, the room was dark, except for the small
amount of light coming in from the windows.

I finally drifted off to sl**p, and when I woke the
next time, it was to feel dad moving his hand over my
breast, but I didn’t let on I was awake, or knew what
he was doing. After some time, I felt dad move his hand
down and touch between my legs. My panties covered my
sex, but it wasn’t long until I felt dad’s fingers slip
inside my panty leg. What will happen, should I cry
out, or pretend to still be asl**p?"

"Are you telling the truth? Your dad was feeling your
pussycat, and all that?"

"Honestly? Did he stick his finger inside you?" Kristen
again interrupted me with questions.

"Look, don’t stop my speaking again, I want to tell my
story and get it over with."

Finally I decided to remain as if I was still sl**ping,
and see what would happen. Besides, I was not only
curious, but was becoming excited with Dad holding my
breast in one hand, and his fingers playing in the few
hairs that had grown at the top of my sex. When his
fingers touched my love button, I wanted to cry out in
pleasure. Instead I remained still, and soon felt dad
trying to slip his finger into my pussycat.

After several minutes I was certain that dad had gone
back to sl**p, with his fingers resting on my sex, his
other hand cupping my breast. I also fell asl**p, and
the next thing that happened was feeling dad shaking my
arm and telling me it was time to get up. I was still
nude, but dad had placed the cover from the other bed
over me, and I don’t know when he did that.

Getting out of bed, I wondered what dad would say if I
took my panties off and he could see off me in the
nude. My curiosity also made me wondered what he would
think seeing me nude, after feeling me up last night,
even though he didn’t know I was awake. I was nude as I
waited for dad to shower, and sat on the toilet
speaking with him, and I wanted to see what he would do
with my being naked, and if he would touch me again. My
body felt strange, and wanted his contact as I had felt
last night in bed.

When he stepped from the shower, and was drying off, I
saw his penis hanging down from his body, and it curved
slightly to the right, not as pronounced, but somewhat
curved like a banana. Wow, I thought, the difference in
a man’s cock being soft and hard, was something to see
and to compare the difference. I showered quickly and
as I dried off, watched dad shave.

Dad looked at me, and told me, "Honey, you mustn’t tell
your mother we were nude in front of each other. You
understand, don’t you?"

There was no doubt that dad was looking at me, and had
been watching me in the mirror as he shaved. Each time
I glanced at dad’s cock, I saw it was starting to
become erect, and instead of handing down loosely, it
was becoming thick, and kind of sticking out a little
from his body.

I hoped that dad would become completely hard, as I
wanted to watch it grow and stick out, knowing his
viewing my body was causing him to become erect. I was
becoming excited and wanted to touch my pussycat, but
didn’t. Then I knew dad was waiting for me to answer
his inquiry about not telling mom. Man, I thought, mom
would have a cow, if she knew dad had played with my

"Sure, I understand, Dad." I wondered if he was
speaking of now or last night when he was touching me.
Then I asked him, "Dad, do you like me, really like

"You’re my baby girl, and sure I like you, in fact I
love my girl, now get some clothes on, as I see a hairy
cat looking at me."

"DADDY, YOU PERVERT, you're looking at m-my thing, my
pussycat." I said somewhat embarrassed. I felt my face
turning red from saying pussycat?"

Then I started laughing and told my father, "Well I see
an Italian sausage from here, and it looks B I G!"

"Shana, this is becoming a terrible situation between
us, and if your mother ever finds out I will be dead or
in prison for the rest of my life."

I stood and hugged my dad, pressing my nude body to
his, as I felt him take a deep breath as I pressed my
sex against his leg, and his penis against my lower
stomach, while my small breasts were at the lower part
of his chest. My dad is tall and my head was resting by
his breast. There was no doubt that dad was responding
to my nudity, as his cock was becoming hard against my

Without looking up into my dad’s face, instead I
glanced down to see if I could view his cock becoming
hard, as I wanted to see it become firm and big. So you
guys know what happened, I have to tell you what I
asked dad as he held me. Now don’t interrupt or I will
stop my story, as Marti had started to ask me
something, as had Brandy.

With a soft voice, I asked my dad, "Do you like me
being nude like this with you? 'Cause I feel your

I couldn’t say cock to my dad - whose penis was getting

"And that I would like to touch it, and have you touch
me, and then we..." I stopped speaking, as I was
afraid, of what I didn’t know.

At first dad didn’t say anything, then he squeezed me
tight in his arms, and I was surprised when he picked
me up and carried me back over and placed me on my bed.
Dad stood up, and his thing was sticking straight out
and up in the air, and it seemed to be almost twice the
size it was before and certainly much larger than I had
seen and felt against me last night in bed.

"Honey, my god, you’re something to behold, and yes, I
enjoy looking at your body without anything covering

Looking at dad’s thing I saw it was kind of shaking,
almost vibrating, and it was wet on the end, as if it
was leaking.

Then Dad told me, "Shana, honey, you will assuredly
cause me to end up in prison if you ever speak to
anyone about what we have done."

Then he continued, "Honey for now we need to dress,
although it is tempting to get on the bed with you and
give you what I believe you want from me, but let’s
wait until tonight, then you tell me what you want."

We both dressed and went to breakfast, and after we had
eaten, Dad went to his meetings, and I went to the game
room for a while, then went to the room, put on my
bathing suit, and swan and lay around the pool speaking
with some of the other k**s who were staying at the

When dad returned to the room after the meeting, he
told me that we would have lunch, and that he had a
golf match at two o’clock, so I would be on my own
until dinner, but he would like me to wear my best
dress tonight, and heels.

That evening, the dinner was really called a banquet,
and I could not believe the meal, as you had a choice
of lobster tails, prime rib, or chicken breast. I had
my first lobster, and it was wonderful. Then we
listened to a band that played old people music, as I
told dad that was what it was, but it was fun when my
father asked me to dance with him.

We returned to our room around ten-thirty, and as I
undressed, dad looked at me intently. I had worn my
favorite lacy camisole and matching panties, you guys
know the pair that is ivory colored Italian lacy and
silk. And there was nothing to the panties but lace,
except for the center protection strip. I had worn a
pair of thigh-high stockings, with the lace tops. All
evening the stockings had felt like they were going too
slid off my legs as I walked or moved around. After I
had hung my dress up, I reached down and pulled the
stockings up my legs, and as I turned around, saw dad
was undressing and was down to his boxers.

We sat on Dad’s bed, and I found a movie that was going
to start in about ten minutes, and as I flipped through
the movie channels, they let you watch a couple of
minutes of the movie before they try to get you to
purchase it.

When I flipped to an adult movie, it was showing a
couple having sex, and the guy was standing up at the
end of some kind of table, and the girl laying on her
back, with her legs pointed up in the air. For a brief
moment, I could see the man moving his thick cock back
and forth in the girl’s shaved pussy. Dad didn’t say
anything, but when the clip ended, I looked at him and
asked if he wanted to watch that movie.

He replied, "I’m afraid you’ll get the wrong idea, and
you may have seen too much already."

I told dad that was the first time I had ever seen such
a movie, and could we watch it when it started in a
half hour? When the movie came on, we snuggled on the
bed together, and after a while I was curled up in the
crook of dad’s arm, and I moved my left leg on him, and
let it rest over his cock.

Dad didn’t say anything, but after the movie, said.
"Shana, you should sl**p by yourself in the other bed."

I knew dad was thinking about what we had done in the
bathroom, and what we had said after he carried me to
my bed that morning.

Moving to the dresser, I finished undressing, first my
camisole, then my panties, and decided to leave my
stockings on, thinking they looked sexy. When I climbed
in my bed, I got comfortable, and spoke to dad for
maybe ten minutes, then asked if I could get in bed
with him.

"Shana, honey, I’m not certain that is a good idea, but
maybe for a few minutes."

As I got out of my bed and got in bed with dad, I saw
the boxers he had on when we undressed, were laying on
the floor. I did not see him take them off, but knew
that he had done so, knowing I would see him completely

When I got in bed with Dad, I asked him if he liked me,
and that he did not need to worry that I would tell Mom
we were in bed together, or nude in front of each
other, or anything else. Dad understood what I was
saying and he pulled me over so I was laying against
him on the left side of my body. I moved my right leg
up and rested it on him. My knee was touching his cock,
and I moved my leg, until the inner skin of my thigh
was resting on his cock, was becoming hard against the
stocking covering my leg.

"Dad, you can touch me if you want, I won’t tell,
besides I want to touch your thing. May I?"

"Shana, are you certain, we can get in big trouble,
especially me, and I’m afraid that some day you will
hate me if I caress you, and you me?"

"No, I won’t. So don’t worry! Just do what you want!"

The next few minutes had passed without either Dad or I
saying anything, but I knew dad was trying to determine
if he wished or dared to touch his own daughter in ways
that weren’t supposed to happen. Finally Dad moved
until he was on his side, and my leg was still over
his. When I felt his hand on my small breast, I wasn’t
afraid, but a strange feeling resulted as his large
hand covered my entire breast.

My father rolled my nipples with his fingers, and he
told me, "Shana, your nipples are exceptionally long,
like your mothers."

When I felt him, move his hand down and stroke my
stomach, then my hip, and finally on the thin hairs
over my pussycat, I shook from the contact of his
fingers on my love button.

My hips wiggled from the pressure dad’s finger was
creating in pressing and touching my love button, and
when he took it between his fingers, and lightly
squeezed it, only to release it, and then squeeze it
between his fingers once more, my hips were moving back
and forth as dad played with my little button.

Neither of us said a thing, and as dad was now lightly
stroking my pussycat, I reached down and caught his
cock in my right hand. It was thick, hard and the end
was wet. As if I had done so all my life, I begin to
stroke dad’s erection, and I scooted around until I had
it pointing at my pussycat. Dad was now entering his
finger between the outer lips, and I felt a strange
reaction as his finger parted the fatty outer lips of
my pussycat. For several minutes we touched and stroked
each other.

"Baby, you’re going to make me cum, oh god! Shana! I
can’t stop now!"

He moved his hand from pussy, and I felt his cock
quivering in my hand. I placed his cock against my
pussycat as I continued stroking him faster and griping
his firmness harder. Dad made a funny sound, then I
felt his cock actually vibrating, as I rub the head
against my pussycat, while stroking him.

Then Dad was moaning loudly. "Oh Shana, OH Honey! It’s
cumming! AUGHHHH! I’m getting off! OH Shana!"

Then I felt my father’s warm cum, shoot out from his
cock, and splash against my pussycat. It pulsed and
squirted five times. Dad’s thick, warm cum was all over
my pussycat, stomach and my hand was coated in his
slippery wetness.

"Did you like that?" I asked, still holding dad’s
erection, and rubbing it all over my pussycat, and
between the puffy lips of my sex.

Instead of saying anything to me, my father was once
more using his finger to rub my love button. After a
few minutes, I became excited, and knew my father was
going to make me climax. I cried out as I was lost in
my orgasm, and when I settled down, dad kissed me on my
cheek. I lay in wonder and felt the wetness from dad’s
cum cooling on my body. What would it be like to feel
dad push his cock in my pussycat, and leave his cum
inside my sex?

"Shana, are you okay? I sincerely hope you enjoyed that
as much as I did, and you know it must never be
discussed with anyone." Dad cautioned.

"Yeah, I know." I said, "and I’ve told you each time,
it’s only between us, and I know mom would blame you,
but I really wanted you to touch me."

Then I remember asking dad, "Would you like to... like
to do more? Like put it in me?"

Moving my hand up and down again, I felt dad becoming
stiff once more, I asked, "Can I get pregnant, even
though I’ve not started my periods?"

"Shana, have you ever had sex?" Then he asked, "Are you
a virgin? Be honest."

"I’m a virgin daddy, but I want you for my first time,
if that is what you want."

Then I knew my stroking dad’s cock had made him erect
once more. "Dad, you're hard, and I hope you want to do
me, because I want it bad, please?"

I lay on my back and dad looked at me, and told me,
"Honey, we can touch and such, but I think we should
hold off on you’re having sex with me, at least this
trip. Okay, Little One?"

My father sensed my disappointment, and told me,
"Shana, honey, I will do it part way with you, and that
means I will only work it in the edge, between the lips

Then I felt my sex being touched with my father’s
erection. Dad was holding his cock in his hand, and
moving slightly back and forth, he was pressing the
fatty labia of my sex apart, and I knew when the fat
head of his cock had parted it, but didn’t enter me
very far. For several minutes, dad moved it the slight
distance in the edge of my pussycat.

When I felt my father ready to go off, and he moaned
out he was about to cum again. I pressed upward and
felt the head of his cock push just a little deeper
into me. Then I felt his cum entering the opening
between my legs, and I knew the feeling a woman has in
feeling her first spraying of cum into her sex.

I cried out, "Oh daddy, that is so nice!"

For the remainder of the trip, dad would only finger my
clit until I climaxed. He loved to squirt his cum on my
pussy, as I jacked him off. Several times he would play
with my nipples as he fingered my pussycat and rubbed
my love button until I got off.

Guys, on Sunday morning, I woke up and Dad was sl**ping
on his back, and I took his flaccid cock in my hand and
started kissing and licking the end. By the time I had
the courage to take his cock in my mouth, he was erect
and awake.

"Oh baby, that feels good," Dad said as I was moving my
mouth up and down on his cock.

Then I felt him get tense, and he moaned out, "I’m
going to cum, Shana, OH! Hell, I’m cumming, yeah!"

Then dad shot his cum in my mouth at least four times,
and my mouth was full of his spunk. After I pulled my
mouth from his cock, I tried to swallow his cream, but
could only swallow a little. The rest ran down the
corners of my mouth and chin; and dribbled onto my
puffy little breasts.

After we returned home, I would see dad watching me,
and I would smile, and one day we were alone here in
the pool, and I asked him, "Dad, can we be alone again,
you know what I mean?"

"Perhaps, if the opportunity allows," was all Dad said
in replying to my question, but he understood what I

"Since then I have wondered if I should let dad do it
to me, and let him be my first?"


Then, it was Brandy's turn:

"I haven’t even been felt up really good, and no one
has hit on me except for one strange occurrence."

She continued, "Both my cousins, Mike and Molly, who
are s*******n, have asked me it I would like to play
house with them. One day Molly told me that she and
Mike, her twin b*****r, sometimes play house, and she
explained they touch each other and when they are home
alone, will shower together.

One Sunday when we were having a cookout, and their
parents, my dad’s b*****r, and his wife, were visiting,
Molly and I had walked to the small wooded area on the
back of the five acres where we have a weekend home. We
sat down on a fallen tree, the one we all set on, you
know which one I'm talking about, and Molly asked me if
I had ever done it with a girl?

There was no doubt my face turned red, and when I
looked at Molly, I could see she was looking in my
eyes, and studying my face to determine if she could
tell if I had. I told her what we had done with each
other, especially you and I, Kristen, when we sucked
each other’s breasts. Molly asked if she could go down
on me?

Looking at her, I asked, 'Like lesbians do? You mean
oral sex, cause I’m not gay.' I told Molly."

"Sure, but I’m not gay, but I like doing it to a girl,
and having the girl do me, maybe you would like to play
house with Mike and me, it would be fun for the two of
us to make Mike excited," Molly replied.

"That was a couple of weeks ago, and I’m supposed to
visit them for two weeks at the end of the month, but
I’m afraid to go down on Molly, and having Mike there,
and so if I do it with them, will I be gay? The rest of
you tell me what I should do, please?"

I told her she should go for it, and so did Chrissy,
Marti and Kristen, and then I asked her, "Would you let
Mike have your cherry?"

"Golly, that’s scary, but are the rest of you having
someone wanting to take your virginity, and especially
you Shana, are you going to have your dad, do you?"

"Sure, if I can get him to do me, but he told me on the
business trip that we could do things, but not go all
the way. But I want him to do me all the way."

"What about Gary, your stepb*****r, have you messed
around with him?" I asked.

"At times he has felt my breast, which happened one
Saturday morning when I was sl**ping late, and mom was
at work, and dad was playing golf. My b*****r, Gary,
got into my bed with me, and started touching my
breast, I woke up and told him to get out of my bed.

Instead, he pushed the shirt I was wearing to sl**p in,
up over my breasts, and commenced feeling and kissing
them. In a little while his hand slipped under the
waist band of my panties, and I felt his fingers
playing in my pubic hair, and then he was pushing his
fingers in my pussycat.

I pushed him away but he wouldn’t stop, and his
touching and playing, got me turned on. He asked me to
hold his dick in my hand. Finally, I gave in as he was
making me feel really good. I jacked him off, and made
him cum twice. Ever since then, Gary has tried to do
me, but I’m afraid to let him, as he has a big dick,
and he told me his girlfriend said he is big. So now
you all know my secrets."


The rest of us looked at Chrissy. She smiled and said
the only relative she would want sex with is her
father. "You sex fiends all know my father has raised
me after my mother left with her boyfriend. Then, she
and dad divorced. Dad has never made a move on me, but
sometimes I get upset, and wake up at night and crawl
in bed with him.

He simply scoots over and tells me, "Okay my sweet
girl, curl up with dad and go back to sl**p."

In the past week, our air conditioner stopped working,
and it was so hot, that I was only wearing my panties
to bed.

When I first started getting into bed with my father, I
was ten, and I found out he slept in the nude, and I
loved seeing his thing. This past week, I was only
wearing my panties, and for some reason, I decided to
take them off and be nude with my father in bed. When I
pulled off my panties, I wanted my father to feel my
nude body, and I hoped he would look at me and tell me
he liked me in the nude with him, and he would like to
do me.

When I entered my father’s bed room, he was laying with
no covers on him, and his thing was hard and kind of
sticking up and falling over in a funny way, and was
wiggling around. I moved onto the bed with Dad, and
pressed my body against him, and dad hardly stirred,
and drifted back to sl**p almost immediately.

I was laying with my leg over his, and for the first
time, I reached down and gripped his thing in my hand.
The feeling of his thing was the most unique item I had
ever held in my hand. It was warm, slick like, and
stiff, and seemed to have ridges inside.

I could feel the thick vein that ran under his thing,
and as I held it, I moved my hand over the end and felt
a slick fluid easing from the opening. Using my finger
nail, I push it in the slit at the end of his thing,
and was rubbing my sex against his leg even more.

My father woke up, and for a moment said nothing, then
he smiled at me, saying, "Chrissy, are you enjoying
your exploring of my body, and specifically my private

Dad didn’t tell me to stop, or continue, but simply
asked if I was having fun, or that is how I took his

"Chrissy, you are going to cause something to happen
you may not expect to happen, if you continue stroking
and running your nail in the end of my cock."

I knew he was telling me he would shoot his cream, and
I was building him up to erupt.

For the next two or three minutes I enjoyed stroking
dad, and felt his body humping up in response to my
strokes. Then Dad turned, facing me, pulling my leg up
over him, moved till the end of his thing was touching
my sex. I understood his desire to shoot his cum on my
pussycat, and when it blasted out in three shots, I
moaned out with him.

Guys, I climaxed with dad when I felt his stuff land on
my sex.

We have slept together since then, but we haven’t done
anything since, not even to touch each other’s sex. So
if I could, I would love my father to screw me. End of
my story," Chrissy said with a funny look on her face,
not a smile, not a frown, just a look of disbelief that
she had barred her sexual play with her father.


"Let’s get out of the pool girlfriends, go in the house
and have a soda," I said.

Walking into the kitchen, I saw my oldest b*****r
setting in the den watching TV, while he was reading a

"Hi girls, "Brandon, said as we walked by him.

We all spoke to him, and I looked at him differently
from in the past, wondering if his cock was as big as

In the kitchen we each grabbed a cold drink, and we
headed to my room. Once we were in my room, we stripped
off our bathing suits, and flopped on my bed, and the
floor, and I sat on my bean bag chair.

Finally, Marti spoke, "So, do we try to get our choices
to have i****t with us, and our sexual desires
fulfilled?" Or have we all spoken of things we have
done with our dads, b*****r, or cousins, that should
have been kept private and to ourselves?"

"I agree with Marti," Chrissy said, "And somehow, we
must never speak of what we have told each other to
anyone outside our group."

Then with a smile on her face, Chrissy said, "So, I say
we each try to seduce the one in our f****y we want to
be our first, and each Monday we meet here at Shana’s
and tell of our results in losing our virginity to the
one we want."

The following Monday, we got together and were waiting
for Kristen to fill us in on her "date" with Jorge the
previous Saturday night. Chrissy was also in a good
mood, and we wondered why.

Then Brandy, being silly, asked, "Kristen, don’t make
us wait any longer, did you do it with Jorge or not?"

"Yeah," Marti said, "Let’s have the details."


We sat back, with open ears, as Kristen told us the
story of what happened:

"Jorge wanted me to go for a ride with him, and I knew
what it meant. It was Saturday night, and after a few
minutes I asked mom if I could go for a ride with him.
Mom said it would be okay, but to be careful. I was
wearing a thong panty just for Jorge, and hadn’t worn a
bra. I had on a tube-top and my short-shorts that mom
hates, but lets me wear. I knew that Jorge was looking
at me and wondering if I was going to let him do me.

First we drove to the 'Stuffed Dog and Fries' where you
were all there waiting and when I walked in with Jorge.
I gave you the secret words we had thought up to let
you know I was going to get laid that night. I told
you, 'peace girls' which meant I was going to do it
that night.

When we left the hangout, I was nervous and wondered if
I should go through with it. Then Jorge, reached over,
taking my hand in his, and drove out to the Interstate
and got a room at the Madison Creek Inn. Jorge said he
told the desk clerk, he had just gotten married, and he
wanted a nice room, so we ended up in a suite, which
had a whirlpool bathtub. In the room, we sat on the
sofa in the one room of the suite, and we watched TV
for a few minutes.

Then Jorge was kissing me, and almost immediately was
French kissing me, and I jumped when he slipped his
hand under my tube-top, and begins squeezing my boobs.
I thought I was in heaven when he started gently
pinching my nipples ever so lightly, and then he pulled
my top down and my breasts were exposed to him. I just
shut my eyes, waiting to see what would happen next.
Needless to say I didn’t wait long before I was feeling
my tits being sucked on like a mother does with her

While we were kissing and my bare breasts were being
felt by Jorge, he asked I wanted to get in the
whirlpool tub, and feel the water swirl around us. I
thought that’s a better way to undress, than lay on the
bed, spread my legs apart, watch and feel my own
b*****r climb between then, and get fucked for my first
time. I knew that Jorge was attempting to make it
enjoyable for me my first time, so I told him, 'Yeah.'

No more than five minutes passed, and I was standing
next to the sofa and removed my top and shorts. When
Jorge saw my thong, he told me that it looked terrific,
and asked if he could peel it off. I simply nodded my
head and in seconds I was standing completely nude in
front of a boy, and it was a weird feeling to have no
clothes before a guy, especially my own sibling.

When Jorge undressed I was watching him the total time,
and when he pulled his briefs down, he was hard and his
cock was pointing straight up in the air. I don’t know
how big a guy should be, but I can tell you that damn
thing is as big around as a pop can. All I could think
about when I first saw it was, how will that big thing
get in me. Then I recalled how he had pushed the end of
it in me the last time I was in a motel room with him.

We filled the tub, and Jorge turned on the whirlpool
and we sat in the tub. First we were facing each other,
then Jorge asked me to set with my back to him, so he
could hold me. I enjoyed feeling him against my back,
and the water felt really nice as it swirled around us.
My breasts became the center of attention to Jorge, and
his hands were constantly playing with them. I found I
enjoyed his pinching my nipples, and a couple of times,
he did it really - really hard, and I mean hard.

The feeling was such that all I could do was squirm and
moan, why I enjoyed the pain of them being pinched I
don’t know, but it made me want him to do it more. I
told him to squeeze them harder, and when he did, I
sometimes would tell him harder. Once I thought he
would pinch them off, but I didn’t complain, and I
remember reaching behind me and grabbing his cock. It
was only a few moments and Jorge said we should get out
of the tub. I knew that meant he was ready to do me.

Damn, I thought, 'Should I have sex? Oh hell, what have
I got myself into?'

And I realized that I was about to have my virginity
taken and I was only thirteen. Did I want to do this?

Getting out of the tub, we each grabbed a towel, and I
dried Jorge off, while he did the same to me. Jorge
took my hand in his, led me into the bedroom of the
suite. I felt special and a little embarrassed when
Jorge asked me to pose for him? I turned around a few
times so he could see all of me. Jorge asked me to set
on the edge of the bed, and then lay back with my legs
over the edge of the bed. Within a half minute I was
building to a climax, as he had knelt down and was
performing oral sex on me.

When I went off, I saw stars, I swear I did!

Then Jorge helped me stand. We turned back the covering
on the bed, and he helped me lay down. I looked at
Jorge’s cock, and honestly, it seemed to be half as big
again, as it was when I had seen it hard when we
undressed. I need to find out how big other guys are,
but I could not close my hand around his cock, and my
hand closed less than half way around his male thing.

We started kissing, and Jorge was running his hands
from my face and down my legs as far as he could reach.
Then he was playing with my pussycat, and his fingers
were probing inside me, and I became anxious. Not for
sex, but unsure if I could let him do me.

I didn’t get a real choice after that, Jorge moved over
on me, and I was holding my legs tight together, but he
simply used his knees to push them open. Never have I
been so scared in my thirteen years as I was when I
felt the end of Jorge’s cock touch my pussycat. This is
it, I remember thinking, Jorge is going to do it to me,
as I felt him using his hand to work it between the
lips of my sex.

At first I was tight, and likely because I was sacred
to death of how it would hurt. Then it was a matter of
wondering if I wanted him to do it. Then I felt the end
of his cock go inside my pussycat. My hips pulled back,
but I didn’t try to stop Jorge. Now my mind was
thinking I don’t want sex, while I was also thinking,
now I will find out the mystery of sex and fucking.

Then it happened!

Jorge didn’t wait for me to adjust to his entering my
pussycat, nor did my b*****r work it in a little at a
time. My b*****r simply lined his cock up at the
entrance of my pussycat, and with an almost brutal
plunge into me, tore apart my hymen. It was not only
painful, but I could feel what I knew was my virgin
bl**d running from my torn open sex.


Then I was no longer a virgin, and felt like I was
split completely apart between my legs.

I was crying and begging Jorge to stop for a moment,
but he was simply moving his cock in and out of my torn
pussy. When we were done, or I should say, when Jorge
was done, there was one hell of a bl**dy mess on the
bed, me and Jorge.

I must have had the most bl**dy cherry of all times.
There can be no doubt in my mind that Jorge was pleased
with me, as he was kissing me, and saying he was sorry
it hurt me, but he explained that I was a virgin, and
the tightest pussy he ever had, and my hymen must have
been extra thick.

Never could I explain how I felt after we were laying
side by side, and Jorge was kissing me, thanking me for
allowing him to be my first, and maybe we should run
away to Alabama, where he thought b*****rs and s****rs
could marry. Then I was feeling my breast being kissed,
and I shed tears at no longer having my virginity,
Jorge was kissing my lips, the tears in my eyes,
whispering he loved me in my ears. Then Jorge was
giving me hickeys all over my breast, across my stomach
and even around my pussy, and inside my thighs.

When Jorge sat up, I begin to laugh, and I told him,
you have my bl**d all over your face, go look in the
mirror. He got up from the bed, and looking in the
mirror, started laughing and said he was a bl**dy
Spanish boy for sure.

I asked him to get me a towel, and he did, and a wash
cloth. I said I needed to shower and clean the mess off
me that we had made. Jorge got in the shower with me,
and washed me. Jorge was gentle and I enjoyed his
kissing me over and over.

After drying off, we got back in bed, and had placed
towels over the mess on the sheets. Then we turned the
top sheet over the bottom sheet, and lay down. My sex
was so sore, and I could feel stuff running out of me,
and onto the towel I had placed under my hips. I asked
Jorge to see what was leaking from me, and he told me
it was his cum and I was still bleeding a little.

Perhaps an hour passed, and once more we had sex, and
this time it was not a sharp pain, but a raw burning
feeling. It was uncomfortable, but felt good, I must
admit. We did it once more, then we took another
shower, and we dressed and he took me home. Jorge was
supposed to take me to breakfast on Sunday, but he

I feel like he got what he wanted and now I’m dead

Now I want you girlfriends to see all the hickeys he
gave me."

She removed her clothes so us girls could see the ones
Jorge had made on the inside of her thighs, near her

I and the others set quit for a few minutes, then
Kristen asked me, "Shana, am I bad, you’re so honest,
tell me?"

"No, you are perfect, and I love you, my dear friend,"
I said to Kristen, then walked over and hugged her.


Then we heard Chrissy say very excitedly, "I did it,

I listened as my best friend just admitted she had sex
to the rest of us. Was it with her father, so I said to
her, "Chrissy, tell us what happened."

Chrissy began her story as we sat in awe, and listened:

"My dad and I went to the mall on Saturday, and he
bought me some new clothes, and shoes. Then we stopped
to eat at a restaurant we go to all the time. When we
got home, I tried on the outfits dad had gotten me, and
then we sat around watching television. Around eleven,
I went to bed, and dad was watching the news, and when
it was over, I heard him go to bed. I lay in my bed for
about an hour, and looking at the clock, I saw it was
eight minutes after midnight.

I had been thinking all week about our conversation of
i****t, and how close Dad and I had come to having sex.
I decided I would get in bed with him and see if I
could keep the pact we had spoken of at your place last
week, Shana.

I got out of bed, took off my pajama top, and walked
nude into dad’s room. The thought of what might happen
was somewhat scary. I wondered how I would feel

When I got in bed with dad, he said, "Hi, honey, want
to curl up with dad again?"

Then Dad said we had best stop sl**ping together as I
was getting to be too much of a woman. That made me
feel good, so I wrapped my arms and legs up and over
Dad. Then I moved my body face down on my dad, and I
could feel the warmth of his body against mine, and his
manhood becoming erect almost immediately after I lay
over his broad body. I spread my legs and let them fall
along each side his, and this put my pussycat on top of
his growing erection.

Dad moved his arms so he was hugging me, also. I moved
my leg so I was resting on his cock even more directly.
Nothing was said between us, but I could feel dad tense
as I pressed tightly onto his now fully, and erect
penis. Reaching down, I took Dad’s cock in my hand and
started stroking on it lightly. Dad said we had best
stop, but I said it was nothing, and let’s not say
anything else, but just snuggle and enjoy.

I felt dad, start to move with the rhythm of my
stroking. It was now extremely hard. I moved onto my
back and pulled it toward my pussycat and asked him to
lie on me. There was no doubt that he understood what I
wanted. When he started to say something, I put my
finger on his lips. I spread my legs, and shivered as I
felt my own father take his cock in his hand and begin
to work it between the lips of my pussycat.

I knew Dad was only going to jack himself off against
me like the last time, so I whispered to him, "Put it
in, it is okay, I want you inside me, please."

Slowly I felt dad entering my sex, it was a strange
feeling as the lips of my pussycat was stretched to
accept his penis, then I knew a sudden feeling of
pleasure. My breasts were being sucked by dad, as he
moved his penis back and forth in the edge of my sex.
Before long, my hips were moving up and down from the
bed, and I wanted more contact with dad’s erection as
it was beginning to edge deeper inside my pussycat.

"Oh, oh!" I moaned out, knowing Dad was pressing
against my virginity, and thought maybe we should stop.
But it was too late to stop, as he gave me what I had
entered his bed for, he shoved through my virginity.

I cried out, "Augh! That hurts, oh Daddy, easy, can we
stop for a minute."

At that moment I felt the penetration and splitting of
my cherry. I was no longer a virgin, and I looked at
the clock for some strange reason, and it was thirty-
five minutes after midnight, so my first time was early
on a Sunday morning I thought. I even wrote all of this
in my diary.

The pain was strong when I lost my cherry, but the
discomfort seemed to only last for a brief time. For
the next few minutes, I lay under my father, my legs
parted, and he was moving his cock back and forth
inside me. When dad started doing it faster, I could
sense that he was being gentle, even though he wanted
to go off, but he was trying to be easy with me my
first time.

After dad went off, he turned on his back and pulled me
over with him, so I was partly resting on him. I could
sense dad was having trouble with what we had done, so
I kissed him lightly on the lips, saying, "Thanks, that
was wonderful, and I will always remember you were my

For a while we lay holding each other, then I felt dad
becoming hard again, so I lay on my back and asked my
dad, "C-can we do it again?"

Once more I felt my father move between my thighs, and
this time felt no pain, just irritating soreness, but
after just a few moments, I wanted to be closer to dad,
and I wrapped my legs around his back, and my arms were
hugging his neck. Soon dad was moving faster and harder
in and out of my pussycat, and my hips seemed to be
jumping up from the bed to meet his strokes into my
body. I felt feverish, and I was sobbing out the same
words over and over, "Um daddy, um daddy, oh daddy!"

Then I was so excited that there could be no doubt I
was going to climax, and having masturbated and knowing
how it felt to come, I knew this was going to be
entirely different.

Then it hit me, and I came and cried out, "Oh yeah, it
is gawd, Daddy, I’m doing it, I’m cumming!"

Then I heard my dad cry out, "Me too, I coming with you
- aughhh, oh Chrissy!"

We went to sl**p hugging each other, and the next
morning I was sore, but did it once before we got out
of bed. There was bl**d on the sheets, but evidently
not like we heard from Kristen.

Anyway, Sunday night we went to bed, and had sex three
times, and again this morning when dad woke up to go to
work. We’ve enjoyed being together, and I didn’t say
anything to dad, but my sex - RIGHT NOW - is sore, and
it feels as if has been rubbed raw inside.

We’ve showered together this morning, and as dad was
drying me off, he was kneeling in front of me and
kissed my pussycat, but I laughed and told dad I was
sore, and he’d about killed his little girl. Dad is
going to take me to a doctor and have me put on birth
control. So that is what happened to me."

Then we looked at Kristen’s pussy, to see what it
looked like after having sex, and we did the same with
Chrissy, and found they were reddish, and looked as if
they had been torn where their hymens had been.
Kristen’s pussycat was assuredly different from before
she had sex, as the inner lips seemed to be hanging out
from her sex, whereas before they were inside.


For the rest of the morning we enjoyed swimming in the
pool. After the others had left around one in the
afternoon, I went to my room and undressed. Believing
no one else was at home, I walked into the bathroom
nude, and showered. I fixed my hair and makeup, and
spent extra time in doing my eyes, and when I was
satisfied with how I looked, I turned around to walk
back to my room.

Standing in the doorway was my b*****r Brandon, and he
was looking at me with a look that said he enjoyed my
nude body.

At first I was lost for words, then asked, "So, big
b*****r, do you get off watching your little s****r, as
she showers and fixes her makeup? You’re a perv!"

"Shana, you’re not as little a girl as you think,
you’re stacked, and also very attractive. Even if I am
a perv, I know you look terrific."

Then Brandon asked, "Where you off to, or just hanging

"No place really, my friends just left before I
showered and fixed my makeup.
And are you just going to stand and stare at me in my
birthday suit, and in the hallway?"

"Sorry," Brandon said, then asked, "Maybe we could ride
to the Stuffed Dog and grab a bite for lunch?
Especially after how cute you are, damn you are

"You would take your little s****r out for lunch, with
all your friends seeing you with a k** in your car?"

Looking at me, and I saw his eyes moving from my face,
to my small breasts and down to my sparse hair covering
my sex. I felt a sensation in my pussycat, and knew it
was telling me that a guy liked me, even if the guy
happened to be my big b*****r.

"Sure, sounds like fun, but I do need to dress before
we leave, don’t you think, or do you wish me go nude?"

As I walked to my bedroom, I knew Brandon was following
me, and I decided it would be fun to dress in front of

In my room, Brandon sat on my bed, lay back and asked,
"Is it okay for him to watch me dress?"

Looking at my b*****r, I asked, "Brandon, is it
different in your seeing my body nude like this, than
when I was nude in the bathroom?"

Taking a pair of thong panties from my dresser, and a
slip over top, and a short skirt from the closet, I lay
them on the bed, and then picked up my panties and
stepped into them and pulled them up my legs. I
intentionally tried to let my legs open enough that
Brandon could view my pussy, and I knew the way he
turned his head while laying on my bed, he was seeing

I laughed and asked Brandon, "See anything you like or

"You best believe, and it is a shame you’re my s****r,
or I would jump your bones, little s*s."

"How about if I jump yours," I replied and gave a jump
and landed on him as he lay on my bed.

At first I was laying kind of half on Brandon, then I
moved and was straddling his body and laying on him.
Brandon was laughing and his arms and hands were trying
to push me off him, and I could tell he was attempting
to not touch me in any intimate way. I was moving so my
pussycat was rubbing his left leg, as Brandon had
pushed me so I was straddling his leg and all at once I
wanted more. I grabbed his hand, and 'accidentally'
placed it on my naked breast. My right leg was pressing
against his penis, and I felt it getting hard.

"Shana, do you know what you’re doing to me?" Brandon
asked as I was grinding against him and holding his
hand tightly on my right breast.

"Yeah, you want to do anything else," and I guess that
was a funny question to ask at the time? Brandon
reached his left hand down, and was attempting to slip
his fingers under the small piece of material covering
my pussycat.

"Shana, maybe we better not right now, but later if you
want to, I’d love to do it with you."

I was a little disappointed, but understood that he was
giving me a chance to be sure what I was offering him
was what I really wanted.

Then Brandon asked, "Are you still a virgin, or have
you done it?"

"No, I haven’t done it all the way, and I’m still a
virgin, is that a problem?"

"Shana that isn’t a problem, but I’m your b*****r, does
that bother you?"

"No, and I’m your s****r, so I know the implication of
i****t, okay?"

Laughing I told Brandon, "If you get your fingers out
of my panties, I will get dressed and we will go to the
hangout, and I can be your date, or will you be
embarrassed being seen with me?"

"Are you k**ding? You’re one cute babe!"

I finished dressing, and it dawned on me, I had wanted
my b*****r sexually, as I had my father. I had mixed
feelings concerning i****t and sex with someone other
than a relative.

My b*****r and I went to the Stuffed Dog, and in the
restaurant, lots of my friends and Brandon’s buddies
were there, and some stopped and visited with us. Then
Chrissy and Marti walked in, and seeing me and Brandon
together, walked over to the table where we were seated
and sat down with us. When Brandon went to get a soda
refill, Marti asked, are you doing it with Brandon and
not telling us?

I quickly told Chrissy and Marti what had happened
between Brandon and me, just a short time before, he
brought there to eat.

Then Brandon was back at the table, and when we were
finished with our food, we took off for a ride in his
car. Brandon headed out into the country and we ended
up at the river where a small park was located, and the
park road ran under the highway bridge that crossed the
river. The park road went about a quarter mile from the
bridge, and ended in a parking lot. There was only a
pickup in the lot, and we could see a couple of men
fishing, and we figure it was their truck.

Brandon backed his car under a tree, and asked if I
wanted to take a hike along the river path?

"Sure, I’d like that!"

We got out the car and started down the gravel path
circling through the woods, and back to the river walk.
After we had walked about a half mile, we came to a
building housing restrooms for men and women, and told
Brandon, I needed to use the restroom. I entered the
women’s restroom, and as I was starting to pee, Brandon
walked into the open stall entrance in front of me.

"Hi Lady, mind if I watch?" my b*****r asked me and was
laughing as my face turned red.

"You’re terrible, don’t watch me," but I was already
peeing. When my crazy b*****r asked me to pull my skirt
up so he could watch me urinate, I did it. Why? I have
no idea.

When I finished, we started walking along the path, and
we read the small signs that had been placed in front
of the various trees, and plants, identifying them.
Then Brandon whispered for me to not speak, look
straight ahead about fifty yards, and I did saw a deer
and her fawn. They were looking at us, but didn’t run
away but as we watched the two deer walked deeper into
the woods.

Finally we walked back to the river walk, and walked
passed where the two men were fishing, and we waved at
them as we walked past them. They returned our wave,
and we continued walking and we saw a marker that
showed we had walked a mile from the parking lot.
Another small sign showed that the paved river walk
continued for another mile and a quarter.

Continuing our hike, we soon saw other hikers that were
enjoying the park, but they were hiking the complete
state park, they informed us. We turned around and
headed back to Brandon’s car. I was surprised when my
b*****r held the door for me, and I decided to tease
him as I got in his car, I held my legs open so my
panties showed.

"You’re teasing the wrong guy, cause I just might take
that showing as an invitation, dear s****r," Brandon

In the car, I turned to face my b*****r and pulled my
legs up to expose my thighs and I assumed, the crotch
of my panties. When Brandon saw me do that, I knew he
was trying to determine if I was teasing or providing
him with an invitation for whatever he wanted.

My actions got an immediate response from my b*****r,
"Take them off, let me see your pussy."

"I’m afraid too, I know what will happen and it scares
me to think what we would end up doing because you
would do me, wouldn’t you?"

"I want to, but not here and we can’t at home either
because Tony is home, but tomorrow morning we could,
because Tony will be going to baseball camp from around
nine until three."

Then again my b*****r asked me, "Shana, will you pull
your panties off and let me see what you look like
between your legs, please"

"You do it, I can’t, and don’t ask me why I'm letting
you see me. I-I guess I enjoy you looking."

My b*****r reached over and ever so gently pulled my
panties down my legs and then he pulled me by my legs
until I was laying across the seat. I watched as
Brandon moved his face down and kissed my thighs and
then his lips were kissing my pussycat.

My mind went blank and I thought how I had determined
it would be my father who I would give my cherry to.
But now, here I was experiencing oral sex with my
b*****r. The feeling of his mouth on me like that was
creating the feeling I knew would bring me to an

Masturbating was nothing to the feeling that my
b*****r’s tongue was doing to my body. After a few more
minutes, I was moaning out and sobbing from one orgasm
to another, and when I cried out, "No more, I can’t
stand any more, oh Brandon, I can’t stop cumming, no
more, please, stop!"

Brandon moved from between my legs, and held his face
about two feet from my pussycat and then he was
stroking my legs, my sex and playing in the few hairs
growing over the top edge of my sex, at the top of my
cleft. "Your pussy is wide open and that must be your
cherry or something, cause it stops me from looking
deep inside you."

I couldn’t answer Brandon, I was still coming down from
the orgasms that had racked my body, but I knew that I
wanted my father to have my virginity, not my b*****r.
After a while, I put my thong on, and we drove home.
When we got home, I ran to my room and using my private
phone, called Chrissy and told her what had happened,
but ask she not tell the other girls.


When my father came home from work and we were eating
dinner, he announced that he had to leave in the
morning for a three-day meeting in Chicago. Looking at
me, he asked, "Want to go with dad, and you can see the
Field Museum and Aquarium, while I’m at the meetings
during the day."

There could be no doubt what dad was saying in his
question of my traveling with him to Chicago. My
pussycat seemed to be opening and closing as I sat at
the table and replied, "Yeah, that will be great. Is it
okay mom? Please say it is!"

My mother said that it was no problem, but we needed to
go to the store and get me some new clothes. So hurry
up and eat.

Brandon was unhappy, but I told him that we could do
something when I got back, and that my pussycat was
still excited from what he had done to me that
afternoon. Then I handed him my thongs, and giggling
like the young girl I was.

I told Brandon, "Do it with Chrissy while I'm gone.
Call her on your cell phone, and tell her you want to
take her out, and she might let you do her."

The next morning, dad and I went to the airport and
boarded a plane to Chicago, and less than two hours
later we landed at O’Hare. We took rooms in a hotel on
Michigan Avenue, and once we were in the room, Dad made
a few phone calls, and I listened as he told whomever
he was speaking with that he would see them at two
o’clock sharp.

Dad unpacked his luggage, and I did also. I had been
wearing a long skirt, but decided to put on a pair of
shorts. After we were unpacked, we went down into the
lobby, looked around the hotel, then took a walk around
the area, so I would know where I was. Dad spoke to me
about not leaving the area and if anyone approached me,
to walk in a store, telling the clerk the person was
bothering me.

Dad returned from his meeting around six-thirty, and
said he needed to shower, and he was hungry and we
would eat an early dinner. When Dad was in the shower,
I undressed and walked into the bathroom and got in the
shower with my father. Dad looked at me, said nothing,
but begin to wash me with his large hands. I loved how
his hands made my breasts feel, and then he washed my
stomach and when his hands went between my legs, I
shuddered and moaned.

Then I felt his fingers playing around in my opening,
and when his finger slipped inside me I cried out as it
must have struck against my virginity. My father told
me he was sorry, and said we needed to dress for

We took a taxi to a restaurant that dad knew from
previous trips, and I had worn a nice dress and low
heels, and before we left the hotel, dad told me how
beautiful I looked, and for me not to flirt with all
the guys. Over dinner, we spoke of about everything but
what I wanted to know: Would we have sex?

Thinking about if for a moment, I determined that my
father may have been concerned that someone may over
hear the conversation. After eating, we entered the
lounge and sat at a table near the piano player.

After having two cocktails, dad asked if I was ready to
leave, and I told him, "Yes, Dad, I’m ready."

After I said those four words, my father looked at me,
smiled and reached over and patted my hand, and asked
in one word.


At the hotel, we walked around looking at some of the
store fronts, then went to our room. Once inside, I
kicked off my heels, and sat on the bed I knew dad
would sl**p in. Dad took off his coat, tie, and his
shirt, and I watched to see if he would remove his
slacks. He did, and I watched as he hung the items on
hangers, then walked over and sat on the bed.

"Move," Dad said, "and I will turn down the bed, and
then you can lay back down."

After turning back the bed, Dad, walked to the bath
room, and when he returned, I noticed he had two bath
towels with him. I wondered why he had them, not
relating them to our going to have sex. Dad lay down,
and I knew he was waiting to see what I would do. I
stood next to the side of the bed where dad was laying
and unfastened my dress, stepped from it as it fell
around my feet. Now I was now standing in front of my
father in a tiny thong panty. I hadn’t worn a bra or
camisole, so my body was on display, except for the
small covering over my pussycat.

I was scared, but I moved my hands down and slipped my
finger tips under the waist of my thong, and commenced
slipping the small panties, down over my hips, then off
my legs. Opening my eyes, I saw my father was looking
at me, and had removed his boxer shorts while my eyes
were shut. Before my eyes, was Dad’s penis, and it was
becoming larger as he looked at me.

Not moving, but standing exactly where I was when I
removed my thong, my body was shaking in the fear of
being penetrated. My desires were not strong enough to
lead me to what I knew was about to happen. There were
only two choices, go to my own bed, or move onto the
bed with my father, and sometime in a short time, I
would no longer be a virgin.

Finally I walked slowly over to the bed and climbed up
next to my father. I wasn’t certain what a girl does
when she is about to have sex, but I knew my father
would lead me into the sexual contact between us.
Looking I saw dad had placed the towels on the bed, and
then I understood, they were for me to lie on, and not
get bl**d on the sheets. Then I thought of what Marti
and Chrissy had told of their bleeding, and especially
what Kristen had said as well.

Crawling onto the towels, I lay on my back, and my
father looked at me, and I saw he was really stiff, and
I reached out and found my hand wouldn’t close half way
around his penis.

I wanted to know how long he was, and I asked him, "How
long is your penis, and how big around?"

"Baby, its eight inches long and I don’t know how far
around it is, but is nearly three inches across, but I
will be gentle, so don’t worry, or have you changed
your mind?"

"No, I trust you, but I’m kind of afraid. But it will
hurt, won’t it?"

"Yes, when it goes all the way in, and I know you cried
out when my finger touched your virginity, so being a
virgin, you will feel some discomfort."

Then dad was touching me, and for the first time he was
sucking my nipples, and the feeling was unbelievable.
My nipples became so firm, it was almost painful from
there being hard, harder than I had ever felt them
before. When dad moved his face down and was kissing
and licking my pussycat, I found it was more pleasant
than when Brandon had, even if he had made me climax
over and over.

Dad’s tongue was like a snake’s as it flipped in and
out of his mouth. He would blow his warm breath on my
sex, and his lips pressed my labia apart, and he kissed
the entrance of my virgin opening.

My hips were starting to move slightly, and evidently
my father took that as a sign I was ready to be
entered. Moving up over me, holding his weight off me,
he looked at me and asked, "Ready?"

Unable to speak, I nodded my head, affirming my desires
that I was ready for my own father to make me a woman.
Looking down, I saw he had raised and bent my thin teen
legs so my feet were resting on the bed with my knees
in the air. I saw how they seemed so shapeless,

But my father seemed to be reading my mind, and he told
me, "Your legs are thin, yet have perfect shape to
them, and I love your small patch of hair over your
sex, you’re something else."

Smiling up at my father, I watched as he took his penis
in his hand, and then lowered his body until he placed
the end of his penis against my pussycat. I was scared
- no, I was thinking I might die! Then Dad started to
rub his penis up and down between my labia. For how
long dad worked the end of his penis up and down my
sex, I’m uncertain about.

Then I felt my father as he entered my pussycat, a
little at a time. First I would feel dad’s penis
pressing open my sex, and it seemed as he pressed
forward into me, my engorged labia were being pushed
inside me as they gripped around his penis.

Then the feeling of dad pulling his penis back out of
my pussycat, seemed to leave a need to feel him back
inside me. Each time he entered, I could feel he was
slightly deeper, then I felt a stinging pain, and knew
he was pressing his penis against my virginity.

"Um, dad, ummmm," I sounded out as dad’s cock continued
pressing against my virginity. I knew he was testing
me, and seeing how much he could push into me, before
it hurt.

For at least four or five minutes, Dad moved in me
until he hit my virginity, and then pulled out, then
back into me as he pushed his cock further into my sex
on each stroke. Finally my hips were wiggling, and Dad
whispered to me, "Baby, kiss me, I’m going to go all
the way."

I pressed my lips to my Dad’s, and he held my head in
one hand and pressed his mouth harder against mine.
Then I felt his hips move quickly downward, and his
penis struck against my virginity, and when he didn’t
gain complete entrance into my body, he pulled back and
then shoved quickly and hard into me.

My voice cried out into Dad’s mouth, and I tried to
jerk my hips back from his penis probing deeper inside
my pussycat. I was no longer a virgin, but Dad’s mouth
kept me from crying out the pain of having my cherry
taken. Then Dad moved his mouth from mine, and his
penis was completely within me, so that I could feel.
Dad’s pubic area was pressed against mine.

Now that my mouth was no longer covered by my father’s,
I sobbed out, "Oh my gawd, it hurts, and you’re so deep
in me, oh Daddy, it stings and feels like I’m split
into, please, don’t move, gawd! I’m no longer a virgin,
and I love you, Dad."

Then tears came to my eyes, but I didn’t feel as if I
was crying, but simply allowing some unknown release
flow from my body.

For a few minutes my father made short in and out moves
of his cock in my pussycat, then he being to make
longer and faster strokes. My legs were stretched
straight out alongside my father’s legs, and then he
reached down and pulled them up into his arms. Now my
father was taking me deeper and harder, and I was
sobbing and moving my hips and I was lost in the pain
and pleasure that seemed to be one and the same.

Then Dad cried out he was cumming, and I felt him shove
into me so deep, it seemed he would push himself into
my stomach. My feet were kicking around from the stress
of my insides being probed and battered, and still Dad
held his penis deep inside my sex.

Finally Dad moved from between my slender thighs, and
as he pulled his cock from me, I felt the loss of his
penis inside me, and it was like a pressure had been
removed from my body. Looking down, I saw my father’s
penis was covered in bl**d, and I begin to cry.

Dad asked me what was wrong, and I told him, "I don’t
know, I guess all girls cry when they’ve given up their

Dad took the one towel and held it against my pussycat,
and after a short time, helped me up from the bed, and
led me into the bathroom. I sat on the toilet, and
looking down I could see my pussy was covered in bl**d,
and I knew his cum was dripping out of my pussycat too.
Dad turned on the water and we finally climbed into the
tub of hot water.

After several minutes we got out of the tub of water,
as it was becoming cool, and we dried off. Going back
into the bedroom, I felt odd, what that feeling was
about I didn’t know, but somehow I did not feel the
same as I had before this evening started. I lay down
on the bed, and Dad lay back and as he did, I moved so
I was cuddled in his arms. My head was resting on my
father’s chest, and I looked down his body, seeing the
item that had taken my virginity, and noticed how it
was so different when it wasn’t erect.

Then I thought, "That is the thing that produced me,
that had shot its sperm into my mother, and I was the
result of sex between my mother and father. Now he is
the man who had got my cherry."

Somehow, my teen mind found the two were related and
romantic, as I reached down and took my father’s penis
in my hand.

Dad and I spoke of my first time, and I thought how it
was so different, from what I had considered sex would
be for my first time. The pain, when Dad pressed
through my cherry was so different from what my best
friends had described, yet I knew that they too had
felt a pain. Then it entered my mind that perhaps the
feeling of a girl having your virginity torn into,
split apart as a male shoves his cock deep into your
pussycat, is different for each girl.

Feeling a penis and as it goes deep into the female
body, and it rips that apart which makes a female, a
virgin. When my best friends told of the pain, yet it
may not be short lived, the only real thing that seemed
in common with the others, were the suddenness, and the
burning feeling.

When my father asked if I was okay, and did I enjoy
sex, I told him no, it hurt in a strange way, but as I
had been playing with his penis, it had become hard

I moved and told my father, "Do it again, maybe it will
feel better the second time."

Each of my friends had said the person they had their
first with, did them twice or more, before they stopped
their first time.

Slowly dad moved me onto my back, and I felt strange as
his penis was stretching my pussycat open once again.
The sensation of burning wasn’t there, only a feeling
of being full, and a pressure building inside me, and
with each stroke of my father’s hard penis, back and
forth in my sex, my body felt invaded. Finally I felt
dad’s body wedged between my small thighs, and the
feeling of his pubic hair rubbing the labia of my
pussycat, became exciting.

For considerable time, my father stroked in and out of
my sex, and I could feel he was pushing it in different
directions, each time as it entered me. There was a
strange feeling flowing through my 13-year-old body,
and I could feel the end of dad’s erection striking
inside my sex, first on the left side, then the right
side, the top and some how the bottom.

I began to try and assist where I knew dad wanted to
push against and inside of my pussycat, and my body
moved from one side to the other. Dad’s penis seemed to
reach deeper each time it re-entered my body. I begin
feeling a constant and surreal need building. It was
causing a need for my pussycat to grip and I was
staring as if I was looking and viewing stars in some
dark sky. An image of a full moon was shining within
the sky I was seeing, yet dad had turned the lights off
in the room and it was dark.

My hips were moving with each stroke of my father’s
thick erection as it was now the only thing in the
world for me. Then I felt a sudden rush capture my
entire body, and I felt flushed, then hot, and my
pussycat seemed to be throbbing, and then the stars and
moon exploded, and after a while it went dark in the
sky I had been viewing in my mind. I was making strange
sounds the total time, no words that I remember, but I
thought I had said "fuck" once or twice, but I never
used the word, and then I felt like I had simply passed

Within moments I heard my father cry out, "I coming
with you, my god I’ve never cum so hard, oh Shana!"

We lay together, my father on my body, and he’s a large
man, more than six feet tall, and yet he wasn’t heavy
as he lay on my small body, and I discovered my thin
legs were wrapped around his body.

Then dad asked me, "You really come hard, didn’t you,
and I mean hard?"

Then I knew the feelings and image in my mind was from
my first climax when having sex. My father moved from
between my legs, and I felt his penis slip from my sex,
and it felt something akin to emptiness. There was a
feeling of disappointment as he removed his penis from

I asked him, "Dad will you put it back in, I like the
feeling of it in me, I feel empty when you pulled it

"Um, yeah, that feels good in my, oh... oh yesss!" I
uttered as I felt the thickness of my father’s penis
reentering my body.

We went to sl**p with my dad buried inside my body, but
dad had moved so he was laying on his side, and I was
laying on my back with my legs in a scissors like
squeezing way. The next morning we woke with the
ringing of the telephone, and when dad answered the
phone, it was mom calling before she had to go to work.

I heard dad tell mom, "Yes, we did - twice, do you want
to speak with Shana, I will hand the phone to her, she
is awake in the other bed. Whatever my mother said, dad
begins to laugh and told mom, "Very hard, on second -
okay, here is your lovely daughter."

I spoke to mom for a few minutes, but the total time I
was wondering about my father’s comments, and wondered
if his few words before were telling mom that we had
sex twice and I had gotten off the second time? There
was no way I could ask my father such a question, but I
believed mom knew and it had been planned for dad to
have sex with me.

During the remainder of the trip we had sex seven more
times, and I had two more climaxes. I learned how to
perform oral sex on my father. That was something I
found interesting, but I always stopped before my dad
shot off in my mouth.

When we returned home, everything seemed as before, but
once that evening, my mother asked me if I enjoyed my
trip and if anything interesting happened? I told mom
that I liked the aquarium and the museum, and dad took
me up on top of the Sears Tower, and we ate dinner in
the John Hancock Building, way up in the air. In my
mind I believe mom was testing me to determine if I
could keep the fact my father and I had sex together to

The next day, I called my best friends and they came
over, and when I related my story of having sex with my
father, they all hugged me. Then I looked at Brandy and
asked if she had anything to tell us.


"Guess it is my turn, cause I lost my cherry two days

All of us looked at Brandy, and saw her face was red,
as she admitted to having lost her virginity.

"Did you see Mike and Molly?" Chrissy asked.

Then Brandy told how her stepb*****r had gotten her to
let him see her nude, and that the two of them had
undressed together, and they lay down on Gary’s bed.
For several minutes he had fingered her, and they were
laying next to each other, and Gary asked if he could
just go part way, and work it back and forth in the
edge of her pussycat. Finally I got tired of telling
Gary, no, so I told him okay, but he must promise not
to shove it all the way inside.

For the next hour, Brandy said, Gary had worked his
cock in the edge of her pussycat, and she had become so
excited, she was moaning out that it felt good, and
asking him to push it in different directions as he
moved in between the lips of her pussycat. Gary moved
up over her, and was working it from the bottom and
pressing it up to the top of her pussycat, and it
begins to feel really good, and somehow, Brandy told
us, she moved her hips, and when she did, Gary jammed
his cock into her and she cried and shouted for him to
stop, but he continued pushing it in, until he was all
the way inside me.

For a couple of minutes he lay on me, and then he was
moving again, and this time he moved until he cried
out, "Shit, Brandy, I’m coming in you again!"

That told me that he had went off in me the first time,
and had the second time as well. So my pussycat is no
longer virgin, and when he pulled out of me, I was
really mad. There was very little bl**d, but I hurt,
and still do, I’m telling you, Gary has a baseball bat
hanging between his legs, he is really long and thick.
He wanted to do it again, but I told him he lied to me,
as he promised he wouldn’t go all the way, but he did.
I allowed him to suck my breast this morning, but my
pussycat is still sore and I couldn’t stand to have
anyone shove a dick in me, and I don’t even want a
finger in me.

Guess Molly and Mike will be disappointed, or at least
Mike as he was counting on getting my cherry, so hell,
none of us are virgins, Brandy said.


For a couple of days I pondered if I should tell my
best friends about my mother and father speaking on the
phone, the morning after dad and I had sex, but
determined that was a private matter. Chrissy told me
that she and Brandon, my b*****r, had spoken on the
phone, and he wants to take her for a ride, and I told
her, that he also wants something she has in her pants.

Kristen and Jorge had sex one more time, when their
mother came through the front door and shouted out for
them. They were both laying in his bed. She had to grab
her clothes and hide in his closet. He finally got his
mother to walk outside to their swimming pool so
Kristen could dress and pretend she had just walked in
the house.

My father and I didn't have sex for a while after that.
I was always afraid to do the deed with Brandon, 'cause
he would discover I wasn’t a virgin then figure out
that I had let dad do it when we were in Chicago.


One day I was laying around the pool by myself, I guess
it was a couple of years later, and my b*****r Tony,
who was thirteen and he got to splashing and playing
grab-ass with me in the pool. We had done this all our
life, so I didn’t think anything about it, until he
grabbed my right breast and held on until I pushed his
hand away.

I laughed and asked if he liked getting a quick feel
and he told me, yes, and that it was the first time
he'd felt a tit. I laughed and we horsed around some
more, and all the while, my little b*****r was copping
feels of my crotch and breasts. But I pretended not to
notice that was what he was doing.

Then I went into the house to shower.

I was in my room and standing nude after showering,
when my door opened and Tony walked in. I told him he
needed to get out, but I looked at him, and he was
standing there stark naked as well and he had a fairly
large hard-on pointing up to his belly button. Tony
asked if he could look at me and touch me. Having him
standing there naked kind of turned my on so I finally
agreed, if he promised never to tell anyone, because if
mom found out she would kill us both.

He shut the door and we sat down on my bed. I could
tell Tony was nervous and I told him to be gentle when
he was playing with my breasts. I knew he loved to flip
my long nipples.

When his hand touched my pussy, I about flipped out and
I wondered if I was really going to allow my b*****r to
have me for his first. He was gentle and his fingers
were soon exploring my pussy. By now we were laying
back on my bed.

I was becoming excited and this was the first I had
been with anyone sexually since Dad and I had sex in
Chicago. I was so turned on that I pulled Tony around
so he was leaning over me.

On his own took the invitation I was offering. Without
my saying it was okay, Tony moved between my legs and
within a few moments his stiff cock was inside a girl
for the first time.

Tony humped his young hard penis in and out twice, then
moaned out in a strangled voice, and I felt him going
off in me. I held him and told him to just lay still,
that he'd hard again in a little while.

A couple of minutes later I was teaching Tony how to
move his cock in and out of my pussycat like a man did.
We spent the rest of the day having sex and
experimenting with each other's bodies. Afterward, when
I was alone in my room I figured out we had done it six

Tony and I had sex on three more occasions after that.
But after our first session, I made him use a condom.

The one thing I hated about the couple of years since
dad and I had sex, was the fact my breasts never grew.
They remained 32-A, but my nipples grew until I
measured them one day, and when erect, they were three-
quarters of an inch long. They had also grown thick,
and were nearly as round as a dime, as I placed a dime
across the end to determine how thick they were.

One time, I set it up so Chrissy was in my room, and I
was hiding in my closet. When Tony came in from
swimming and saw my friend lying in my bed, he
"convinced her" to let him have sex. Tony never knew I
watched his white buttocks bouncing up and down between
my best girl friend’s legs. Chrissy enjoyed the sex
with Tony and they did it twice more. Then she got Tony
to eat her out, for his first oral sex on a girl. After
Tony left the room, Chrissy and I cracked up discussing
how we had gotten Tony to lick his own cream from her


I turned sixteen that March. But my life didn’t change
much, until that summer. It was a Sunday afternoon, and
Mom and I were home alone as Brandon and his girlfriend
had gotten married the previous day and Tony was out
We were sitting under the overhang on the pool house
Dad had built the month before. The pool house was
something mom had been wanting for sometime, and
finally my father had it done as an anniversary present
for her.

"Shana, I’m going to go swimming," mom said as got up
and entered the pool house. In a couple of minutes she
walked back out, completely nude!

"SURPRISE!" wouldn’t begin to describe how I reacted to
my mother as she walked over to where I was lounging.
Not only was I viewing an older version of myself, but
simply seeing my own mother in the nude just blew me

There were times over the years, when the three of us
k**s knew our parents would be swimming nude together
at night, but we were never allowed to be around the
pool when they swam after dark.

"Why don’t you join me in the pool?" mom asked me.

At first I was speechless and not sure how to respond.
So, I undressed in the pool house and came back
outside. The back yard was surrounded by a high brick
fence that dad had constructed when the house was
built, and the pool was put in at the same time. So we
didn’t worry about someone viewing us.

But this was the first time, I had been nude in the
pool. Now I was nude in front of my mom, and again I
was comparing our bodies.

Mom was looking at me, and she spoke, "If you were
older, we could be twins, even our breasts and nipples
are the same."

"Yeah, mom, why didn’t you have 38's, and shorter
nipples?" I asked and cracked up at my own joke.

"Heck, honey, guys don’t suck boobs, they suck nipples
and one of these days those of yours will be for more
than your babies to enjoy."

My mom looked at me with a funny grin on her face, and
asked, "Shana, are you still a virgin?"

Before I could respond, mom asked, " Why don’t I see
boys around her knocking on your door? Do any of you
five girls, date?"

"Why, mother, how can you ask me if I’m still a virgin,
you know the answer to that... of course," then I
added, "Who would have sex with a girl with 32-A

"Well, your father, for one," then mom added, she was
letting me know that she was aware dad and I had
enjoyed sex together.

I ignored her statement and said, "Won’t you agree -
just look at my chest, not just your own?"

Then I splashed her with water and dove into the water.
Mom and I stayed in the water swimming for another ten
minutes, and while we were in the water, Tony walked
out to the pool in his swimming trunks and dove in too.
When he surfaced, he saw mom and I were nude in the
pool, and he said, "Sorry," and got out the pool and
went back in the house.

"Guess my sibling doesn’t like seeing twins in the
nude, huh, mom?"


On the following Wednesday, Marti, who lived next door,
came over and she was crying.

"What’s wrong, Girlfriend?" I asked.

"Something terrible happened, I was at Uncle Ed’s for
the week, and this morning he got sick and I called
mom, and she had to come get me, but in the meantime
she called the ambulance and they took Uncle Ed to the

We spoke for a while about her uncle, and Marti told me
they had been having sex that morning and that she and
her uncle had been doing so since her first time. In
fact, he was the only one she ever did it with.

"Uncle Ed had a vasectomy and so I was safe and
couldn’t become pregnant. Then this morning we had just
finished showering, and he told me to call my mom and
tell her his left arm was hurting really badly."

I started to tell Marti, "He will be okay, so don’t

"No, Shana, he died at the hospital just before we left
there and came home."

Between the two of us, we cried our hearts out, and I
called our friends, and the five of us, the Best
Friends, were all together crying over the death of
Marti’s, Uncle Ed. We all went to the funeral, my first
one, and after the service, we gathered at Uncle Ed’s
farm house for a meal. Mr. Donnley, Uncle Ed’s attorney
was there, and he said that as all of Ed’s f****y was
present, he would read Ed’s will, unless someone
objected, and no one did.

When Mr. Donnley read that Uncle Ed willed the entire
farm: the cattle and other livestock, and equipment,
and any items on the farm or in the buildings.

"To my niece, Marti Deanne Wilson!"

The will further stated that the proceeds from the sale
of the stock certificates were to be distributed
amongst his b*****r and two s****rs, and if anyone
contested the will, the court was to award his entire
estate to his niece, Marti Deanne Wilson.

All monies or certificates of deposit in the First
National Bank of Culver, the Culver Savings and Loan
were to be the property of my niece Marti Deanne

In addition to the 1,280 acres constituting the farm,
the cabin in Tennessee, will belong to his b*****r.

Marti was setting with us girls, and her father and
mother motioned for her to come where they were seated.
It was as if, they knew Marti would be criticized as
the person receiving the bulk of her uncle’s estate,
and the farm land alone was worth nearly $3,000 an

"Marti was now a millionaire." my father said, as we
drove back from the farm.

The other three of my friends and I could not get over
what we had heard. The four of us knew that Marti had
been chosen as she had allowed Uncle Ed to have her
cherry, and she had become his lover. The following
day, the five of us were in the pool, and we all hugged
Marti, and told her how sorry we were in the loss of
her Uncle Ed.

"Best Friends, I’m not going to keep the farm, except
each of us will have fifty acres of it for our own, and
I want you to build a house on your share, and we can
live there as we do now, friends forever."

It wasn’t until Marti turned twenty-one that her
comment became true, but on her twenty-first birthday
only three of us met at Mr. Donnley’s office and
received the titles to our property.

The remainder of the farm, Marti set up to be sold.


In July, after, Uncle Ed died, my father asked me to go
with him to the store. I was driving, as I had obtained
my driver’s license that week, and he asked, "Now that
you’re nearly an adult, and have your license, how does
it feel?"

"Great, oh Dad, its terrific, and thanks for letting me
drive, and where are we going?"

My father told me where to turn, and then stated he
needed to have someone see about the headlights on the
car, so to pull in at the dealership just ahead, where
dad had purchased his car. Driving onto the car lot,
dad asked me to pull up and park in the spots marked
"Customer." We got out of the car, and entered the
building, and I told dad, "Look at the big red bow on
that car, guess it is supposed to be a present."

"Guess so, but a bright red Ford Mustang convertible,
is one big gift, and anyone getting it would have to
drive carefully, so guess that let’s my daughter out."

"Did you get killed in my driving here, or am I
speaking to 'Father Ghost', "I asked in a mocking

Three men walked toward us, and one asked, "May we help

"Yes, I would like you to meet my wonderful daughter,
Miss Shana DiAnton, who recently turned sixteen,
obtained a driver’s license, and needs something to
drive home."

I didn’t catch the impact of dad’s comments, and when
one man took my arm, the other handed me a set of car
keys, and the other simply handed me some papers, and
told me, "This is the title to your new convertible."

By this time we were standing next to the Mustang, and
there was a large tag fastened to the bow, and it read,

All I could do was commence crying, and hugged all the
men, then turned and ran back to where dad was still
standing. "Oh daddy, I love you, what can I ever do to
repay you, thank you, and I love you!" Turning back
around, I saw mom and Tony standing next to the car,
and Tony said, "Man, dad I want a Jag when I turn
sixteen." Mom hugged me and for the first time in my
life I was unable to say anything, and at home I was
referred to as, "Chatterbox."

The salesmen moved the car from inside the building,
and dad said we should all drive to LaBrotaldo’s for
dinner. Tony rode with me, and my parents in dad’s car.
When we arrived, I soon found out why I’d been
disappointed and wasn’t given a sixteenth birthday
party, my parents had planned it for after I had my
driver’s license, and my new car.

Standing inside the party room, was my b*****r Brandon
and his wife, and my aunts and uncles, but right in
front were the four members of the Best Friends.
Everyone shouted happy birthday, and soon I was crying,
and I took my friends and everyone outside and showed
them my new convertible.

It was two weeks later, and the second of August, and
mom and I were swimming in the pool, and after a few
minutes, she got out of the water, went into the pool
house, and returned carrying two glasses of wine.

Standing in the cool water, we drank the wine, and mom
looked at me, and said, "Your father has to travel to
London, for a week, would you like to travel with him,
you and I both understand about this, but the decision
is yours?"

My mom was smiling, and I moved over and kissed her
cheek, and hugged her in my arm. "Mom, you don’t mind,
I won’t ask why, just tell me you don’t mind?"

"Enjoy, but when you return, you need to start dating,
we have a doctor’s appointment for you to start on
birth control, don’t you believe that is a great idea?"

Smiling, I looked at mom and being mischievous, I said,
"Unless you wish to become a young grandmother!"

"That my dear daughter, is something you better discuss
with your father, or better yet your b*****r Brandon,
as Pati Sue is four months along, so guess the preacher
didn’t beat the stork, huh?"

Three days later, I was the proud owner of a shot that
was suppose to keep me safe from the sperm bug. I had
driven to the Stuffed Dog, and when I went inside, saw
Jorge setting by himself. He waved and told me to join
him, so I walked over and sat down. We soon were
shooting the breeze, and I thought, "Wow, has he gotten
more handsome over the pass couple of years."

For the next hour we spoke about everything. I knew
that he was still getting it on with Kristen every once
in a while. In fact, Kristen told me that Jorge had
told her he had done Brandy. Jorge made her promise
never to tell. Which made Kristen and me laugh, as we
had already told the others. We had agreed to share
with one another when any of us had sex. Brandy had
also done it with her b*****r, Gary.

When Brandon called Chrissy, when she was only
thirteen. He taken my best friend out then Tony banged
her in front of me (of course, he didn't know I was
hiding in his closet). All of us laughed as we
discussed all the things we had done together.

One day, Kristen told me that her b*****r wanted to do
me, but thought I was still a virgin. I told her to let
Jorge know, I said he could be my first. Now I was
seated across from the handsome Spanish body, and I
thought, Jorge is not a boy, he is twenty-two. Also in
my mind was how Kristen had told us how large his cock
was, and I wondered if he was larger than my father.

I was telling Jorge about my father having to go to
Paris for a business trip, and he was taking me with
him. Jorge said he’d love to visit Paris, but didn’t
think he would never get further than the next block.

Then he smiled at me, and said, "Damn, what I wouldn’t
give to spend a week some place with you, can you
imagine how wonderful I’d feel afterwards, and tired!"

"Jorge, you are terrible, but what would make you

With a serious look on his face, he flashed his smile
at me, and reaching across the table, took my hand in
his, and asked, "Want to go find out right now?"

Whatever came over me, I will never know, but I asked,
"Where should we go, Las Vegas?"

"Follow me, I know just the place, if you’re serious,
tell me the truth, are you still a virgin?"

"Guess you will just have to find out in the future, or
in your dreams, Mr. Inquisitive."

We walked out of the hangout, got in our own cars, and
I followed Jorge to his parents’ cabin about twelve
miles from town, and on the same lake all the Best
Friends parents had cabins. I had loved coming here
with Kristen and playing and swimming in the lake.

I had stayed for a week with her many times, and now I
was going to be in the cabin and without doubt, have
sex with someone other than a relative. I was nervous
and excited. Then remembered I was finishing my period,
and thought, there will be a little bl**d, so Jorge
will believe he took my virginity. Kristen, I knew
would love hearing about this, if I tell her.

Jorge opened the door of the cabin, and I knew where I
wanted to have sex with my friend’s b*****r, and I
walked through the cabin, and out the back door, onto
the large screen-enclosed deck, that faced the lake.
The view was one of my favorite places I’d ever seen,
and I stood looking out at the lake and the tree-
covered hills on the opposite side of the lake.

While I was looking at the view before me, Jorge came
up behind me, and wrapped his arms around me, and
asked, "Beautiful, simply beautiful."

"Yes, I have always loved standing here and looking out
over the lake."

"Not the lake, I was speaking of you, you’re the most
beautiful of my s****r’s friends."

I was surprised when Jorge told me that, and I realized
his voice was telling me the truth, and he wasn’t just
saying that to impress me or to try and be smooth. In
addition, we both knew why we were standing here,
unless one of us changed our mind. Turning to face
Jorge, I asked him, "Would you excuse me for a minute,
I will be right back with a surprise for you?"

He kissed my lips lightly, and I allowed his hand to
move and slip under my blouse. His hand found my small
and firm naked breast, and he lightly squeezed it, as
if he was surprised I hadn’t stopped him, or perhaps
simply being nice in allowing him to explore my body. I
felt his fingers lightly catch my long and thick nipple
between them. The Jorge pressed his fingers together,
and I felt my nipple instantly harden to his touch. I
kissed his lips, then told Jorge, "I’ll be right back,
don’t run away while I’m gone?"

In the bathroom, I removed my clothes, and removed my
feminine item, took a wash cloth and washed between my
legs, and hope that there would be some bl**d, to allow
Jorge to believe he was my first.

Leaving the bathroom, I walked to where I knew was
someone who wanted to have sex with me, and I was a
little nervous. Not from the thought of having sex, but
what would Jorge think when he viewed my nudity? My
fully grown, but diminutive breasts, weren’t a problem
to me any longer, nor was the small thatch of hair, no
larger than when it first grew over my mons, when I was
only twelve or thirteen?

My gawd, I thought, as my eyes took in the sight of the
huge male member sticking out from Jorge’s body.
Kristen had vividly described her b*****r’s horse-cock!
But it did not prepare me for the elephant trunk
jutting out between Jorge's legs. He looking for pussy,
not peanuts. Kristen had told the Best Friends how he
stretched her sex open when he took her virginity. I
had seen and been penetrated by my father, and younger
b*****r, Tony. I had played with my older b*****r,
Brandon. But by comparison, theirs were compared to

If I was to guess, I would estimate Jorge’s penis was
at least ten inches long, and four inches across, it
was HUGE and scary to think I would feel it inside me.
Could I accept the thick erection in my small sex?

Then Jorge moved and took me in his arms, and whispered
to me, "You’re absolutely gorgeous. Your body is
perfect, hell I love your tiny tits, and those nipples
are the most wonderful I have ever seen, hell, Shana, I
could fall in love with you."

Then he led me over to the large sofa, and lay me down,
then he moved over me. With my nipples capturing his
attention that constituted the limit of our foreplay.
Jorge was sucking my nipples, and guiding his thick
cock to my pussycat. I couldn't believe the pressure
the thick manhood ws creating as it was attempting to
push open the lips of my sex.

When Jorge finally had the end of his penis just inside
my sexual opening, it seemed it was pressing my labia
completely inside me. In fact, I knew it was doing
simply that, and I could feel my pussycat wanting to
keep the thick cock from entering me, as I hadn’t
become wet enough for it to slide inside me easily.
Then the head slipped past my inner lips, and my labia
minora were stretched like a grommet, gripping around
the end of that monster penis.

Slowly and surely, Jorge worked his thick erection into
my pussycat, and when I felt him about half into me, I
felt stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey! I shrieked out
in pain as Jorge made two quick and almost brutal jabs
in and out of my vagina.

"My gawd Jorge, easy oh hell you’re killing me! Augh,
noooo, oh waittttt! Jorge, easyyy, aughhhhhh, you’re so
deep and hard!"

My legs were shaking and kicking out and up, and waving
around in the air, I was trying to get out from under
Jorge, but he was driving his monster cock deep and
hard into me. Jorge, would draw almost out of my sex,
only to pound into me as deep, fast and hard as his
body would allow, to f***e his thickness into my
gripping sex. Hell, this was worse than when dad took
me the first time, and I cried out for him to stop, to
take it out, but my pleas were to no avail.

I was pounding my fist on his back, and my legs were
still flailing around in the air, trying to release
some of the pressure of that massive monster pounding
into my guts like a sledgehammer. Finally, Jorge
grunted out his release. Sex between Dad and me was
gentle compared to hard, deep pounding I was getting
from Jorge as he moved his penis in and out of my
pussycat, while he was taking me.

Jorge’s cock was flooded the insides of my sex with
his cum, he became brutal, and wedging himself so deep
inside me, I thought I would choke on it. The slimy
slickness of his spunk increased the lubrication inside
my love channel. My hips raised up to meet his
jackhammer thrusts as my own climax was starting,
stronger and more profound than anything I felt with
Dad of Tony. My body stiffened and spasmed as I lost
all semblance of control.


Then I simply went limp on the sofa. I was finished, my
body was quivering as my orgasm wound down. I felt
Jorge’s penis shrinking and slipping out of my sex. I
felt my pussycat squeezing the deflating penis in its

When Jorge’s penis slipped completely from my body, I
moaned out. "JORGE, WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?"

As long, pearly-white strings still connected us I felt
his copious thick male cream dribbling from my sex hole
and soaking between my ass cheeks. I couldn’t move! I
was light-headed and was having trouble getting my

"My gawd, I thought, I have truly been fucked!"

Jorge moved up from my body, but all I could do was to
lie still and hope my body would recover from the
intense sex I had just received. Looking, I saw Jorge
was setting on the edge of the sofa, next to my hips. I
realized my legs were spread wide apart as they were
when Jorge was between them, taking me, no, fucking me.

This had not been in any way romantic, but it was
simply that Jorge had only been fucking me, yes, he was
only fucking me, and I may just as well admit it. With
my legs spread obscenely apart, I knew the view Jorge
was seeing. Hell after what he had done, and the lack
of power to move my body from my strong climax and the
powerful fucking I had received, I didn’t care what
Jorge saw.

"Shana, sweetheart, I see your virgin bl**d running
from your cunt, hell you were tight, the tightest pussy
I have ever been in."

"Um huh," was all I could say, my breath was still
laboring, as my body was simply coming down from an
intense experience. My heart was throbbing madly, I was
gasping with labored, deep breaths.

"Sweetheart, you came good, and hard, didn’t you?
Shana, you went off your first time when having sex,
You are the best fuck I’ve ever had."

Finally I was able to speak, after hearing Jorge speak
about my first time, and how I had given him a "great
fuck - the best he ever had" and other such comments.
"Jorge - just hush. Don’t say anything - else, just -
hold me and kiss me, I can’t explain how I feel, okay."

My lips were covered by Jorge's, and soon we were
French kissing. I loved being kissed like that, with
his tongue flicking across my own, and licking my
teeth. I pushed Jorge’s mouth down to my nipples, they
seemed to want something. The minute his mouth closed
over my long and thick projections, growing from my
mammary glands, my body was racked with desire.

I enjoyed the feeling of my nipples being lightly
chewed, bitten, and sucked hard, then soft, and then I
moaned out, "Fuck me again, Jorge, fuck me again,
please for gawd sakes, I want it, ohhhh yessss," I
cried out as I felt Jorge slid his hard penis back into
my welcoming wet pussycat.

This time I rode my hips up to meet the thrust Jorge
was driving into my welcoming sexual opening. My love
tunnel had expanded to accommodate his massive manhood.
With the thick load of cum he shot into me, my female
love juices, and my "virgin bl**d" or so Jorge believed
it to be, I was "sloppy" wet, and he was able to slide
in and out of my body with ease. I could feel the
tightness of my sex, even as wet as I was. Jorge was
now pounding into my body, and I was begging him to
take me harder, and deeper on each brutal stroke into
my pussycat.

When Jorge shot his cream into me, I cried out. Not
from an orgasm, but from the pain I felt as his cock
went past my cervix and deep inside my uterus. I
honestly believed he had pressed the end of his long
penis through my womb and into my throat!

Again my arms and legs felt like jelly. They flopped
down on the cushions as Jorge laid on top of me. And as
large and heavy as Jorge was, I enjoyed the smothering
feeling of his body covering mine, with his semen and
penis deep inside me. I knew that I did not want sex
again for awhile, as the insides of my pussycat felt
bruised, battered, and pushed from one place to

Jorge sat up, looked down at my widely spread open
thighs, and leaning over, kissed the few hairs growing
over my sex. He actually began kissing my pussycat, as
he moved me so my legs hung over the edge of the sofa.
Jorge kneeled between my leg, and was soon licking my
sex, and his tongue was as deep in my sex as it could
reach. Then he was flipping his tongue over and across
my clitoris until I climaxed, and I cried out, "Jorge,
that’s so wonderful, oh my gawd, I’m coming so strong,
Jorge, yeahhhhh!"

When we sat up, next to each other, I looked at Jorge
face and started to laugh, then took his hand and led
him into the bathroom and had him look in the mirror.
His face was covered in my menses bl**d, and instead of
being upset, looked at me and said, "So you’re the
first virgin I ever fucked and then drank her virgin

We showered and dried off, Jorge was again erect and
wanted sex once more. Looking at him, I told Jorge I
was extremely sore, and couldn’t take his large cock
for another year, after the pounding my insides had
received from his monster. I told him to follow me, and
I led him into Kristen’s bedroom, and had him lay on
her bed, with his legs hanging over the edge and on the

Looking in his eyes, I told Jorge, "I don’t know if I
can do it, but I will try to take you with my mouth."

It was impossible for me to get the large end of his
monster completely into my mouth. I licked and sucked
the end, and jacked him with my hand. Several minutes
passed, then he moaned out he was coming. I held my
mouth over the end of his erection, and when he shot
his come, I took it in my mouth as best I could.

"Swallow my cum, hell, swallow my cum, no one ever
has," Jorge cried out, and I swallowed what I could.

When he was finished cumming, I licked the spunk from
his shrinking penis. I wondered if he would kiss me, as
I still had come on my face, lips, and inside my mouth.
Jorge kissed me, and frenched me, and then we broke
apart and he told me, "Hell, I can’t believe I could
take my own cum in my mouth."

Another half hour passed as we walked down the small
hill and to the lake, and when we reached the lake’s
shore line. Jorge took me in his arms, looked in my
eyes and asked, "Are you happy I was your first?"

Not answering him directly, I said some first should
not be discussed, but simply enjoyed. Jorge believed
that I was confirming his being the person who got my

Then I asked, "Jorge how many virgins have you had, and
tell me their first names?"

"Shana, I can’t tell you their names, but you are the
fifth one."

"How old was the youngest, and be honest?"

"Well, she was, yeah thirteen."

"Jorge, do I know her, and be honest?"

"Yeah, and I will tell you who, but must promise never
to tell her I told you, agree?"

"Agree, but will you tell her or other girls you did

"No, she might get mad, but I did Kristen when she was
only thirteen."

"Oh, WOW! You did your s****r? Man that must have been
a trip, and she was only thirteen?"

"Shana, you promised not to tell her I let you know I
did her. We still do it some, and she tells me she
won’t do it with anyone else until she is twenty-one,
or she gets married."

"So, was she tight?"

"Yeah, but not as tight as you, my gawd your cunt is so
fucking tight."

"Jorge, if you ever want to do me in the future, you
must promise never to call a woman’s sex, 'cunt'

Then we walked back up the hill to the cabin, walked
inside and got a soda from the refrigerator, and I led
us into Kristen’s room. We reclined on the bed, and I
thought of all the times my friend and I had slept and
lay in this bed and told each other our secrets.

Before long we were making out, and I didn’t resist as
Jorge removed my clothes, then his own. I looked at the
massive penis protruding out from his body, and as much
as I wanted it, I could feel how battered my sex felt,
and didn’t believe I could accept him, but I whispered
to Jorge, "Be easy, put it in easy and work it slow. If
it hurts too much, will you stop if I ask?"

"Sweetheart, I promise I’ll do as you want, and knowing
you desire me inside you again will make me be gentle."

I lay back on Kristen’s bed, remembering how we
sometimes rubbed out sex together, and now I was going
to feel her b*****r once more rubbing his inside me,
and then against the junction of my inner thighs. Gawd,
I thought he is huge as he was easing his erection into
my bruised sex.

For over a half hour, Jorge moved in and out of my
body, and when he went off, he pressed deep into me,
and held himself still as he unleashed another thick
load of come in my body. I knew I was in love with this
person who had his penis buried deep in my body.

This was someone, who was older than myself, but if I
was eighteen, and he twenty-five, it would be legal. I
knew, in my own heart, my parents would approve in my
dating Jorge, as my Best Friend’s families were all
great friends. They would ask we not get serious, but
to keep it to friendship, or teen romance.

After Jorge went off, he again looked between my legs,
and saw what he believed was my virgin bl**d, but this
time there was very little red evidence for him to
view. Finally, we dressed and we drove home in our own


When I got home, the message indicator light was
flashing on the answering machine, and I hit the play
button. The message was from Nancy Phillips, Brandy’s
mother, and she left the following message for my
mother, "Hi, I calling all four of you, as you know it
is our turn to host our monthly get-together, and
Marcus has another couple who would like to start
swinging, but I thought it best to see if the rest of
you want to share your spouses with someone you don’t
know, call me back, ASAP."

My gawd I thought, my parents and the rest of my
friends’ families, are into swinging, they swap their
wives and husbands with each other. Hell, no wonder,
i****t is a part of the life that their k**s have
discovered, yet I realized not one of our parents had
instigated the initial contact for sex between us and
them. Taking out my cell phone, I called our home
number and let a message for mom, that way she would
not know I had heard the message.

Then I went to my room and called Kristen, and when she
answered the phone, I told her to be ready in a minute,
and I would pick her up and we would drive over to the
Stuffed Dog. Kristen was standing at the curb, and her
house is only five from ours, and waiting on me. Hell,
she had filled out and was tall and had a body like a
model, yet she was well liked and spoke to all the
k**s, even those who didn’t live in the exclusive
neighborhood we did.

At the hangout, I told her I had a secret, and a
boyfriend, and he and I just had sex, and I explained
about my period and he thought he had gotten my cherry.

Kristen busted up and asked, "Who would believe that?"

"Hang onto your panties, but my new boyfriend is your

I spelled out the word b*****r, as I told her of my
romantic and true love of my life.

"You, and Jorge, you're joking, you and he, boyfriend-
girlfriend, he boned you, what a trip, but I’m so

Then she leaned over and took my hand in hers and
kissed my fingers briefly. Kristen wanted all the
facts, and where we did it and how it felt.

We had a sandwich and a coke. Then I told Kristen we
needed to take a drive before I told her the rest of
the story. In fact, I told her we will go to my place
and if no one is home, I‘ll play you a message. Pulling
into our driveway, I saw mom and dad were still at
work, and knew Tony was at camp, so told her to hurry.
When I played the message on the answering machine, I
saw a shocked look
pass across her face.

Then Kristen smiled, telling me, "I wondered about what
was going on! I
always thought it strange that the five of us were left
at home on the fourth Saturday of the month."

"That explains why our parents were always were at some
hotel or motel for a party every fourth Saturday

"Once I overheard dad asking mom, whom he was supposed
to be with that night, and when she told him Jaycee, I
knew she meant Marti Handleson’s mother.

But they're swingers!?"

"Kristen, we need to have a quick meeting of the Best

I called mom’s number and left another message, telling
her I would be at Marti’s. When Kristen and I arrived,
Marti’s, the other girls were waiting. I told them what
was evidently going on, and that I had a wild and crazy

Then I reminded how our parents always went to a
Halloween party, and they were masked, with wigs and
all to hide their identity, and mom and dad left
separately so they didn’t know what the other was
wearing. I told the others how I helped mom get in an
outfit that was pure porn, and she had a top on that
had built in boobs. The bottoms of the outfit were
tights, with an opening, and the skirt was made so it
only covered about two inches down over her legs.

Each of my best friends remembered how our parents were
so secretive when they went to the party, and Brandy
told how her father had asked her to help him dress,
and he was nude, and she about flipped out, but he told
her not to worry, he needed her to fasten the costume
around his lower body.


Two weeks later, I left with my father for Paris, and
wondered if he would know I’d been with another person
sexually? The night before, Jorge and I had sex at his
f****y cabin.

My parents knew we had started dating!

When I got home, it was nearly four in the morning. We
had been screwing since eight that evening. I don’t
even know how many times he took me, or I should say I
took him, as I was hungry for sex.

The excitement of knowing my father and I would have
sex, was a turn-on. Why, there was no reason I could
pinpoint that would bring on such a sexual turn-on.
That is, other than my father had been in my sexual
fantasies. Fantasy became reality when the dream man of
my p*****n and teenage years, would be the one who
would first enter my body with the penis that had
created me.

It had been three years since I had sex with my father,
and younger b*****r, Tony. True, I played around with
my b*****r, Brandon, three years ago also; but until
Jorge, there had been no one else.

The anticipation of once again spreading my thighs for
my father, so enhanced my libido with Jorge that he had
asked that we stop. That was a new one for my stud

After changing planes in New York, we were flying in
first class, and our seats were the only two in the row
we were seated in. I pushed the center arm rest up, and
snuggled in my seat, and rested against my father’s

Then I turned and lay my upper body against my father,
and asked him, "Are you excited about our being alone
at night for a week?"

My father looked at me, and laughing, told me, "If I
could place your hand on my genitals, you would know
exactly how excited I am."

Then I asked dad to get the blanket from the overhead
storage, and I could find out. After dad spread the
blanket us, I moved my hand down and felt how hard
he was. I took his hand and guided it to my leg,

"Dad, touch me."

I felt him slowly sliding his hand up my leg near my
pussycat, and his hand moved between my legs that I had

When he found only my small amount of hair, and a damp
sex, he looked at me, and said, "I’ll be damned. You
are something else."

In Paris, we enjoyed the tourist attractions, and as we
walked, took bus, train or boat tours, we held hands,
and the first night in the hotel, I was devoured by dad
going down on me. He had me coming over and over, and
then he entered my body.

Dad put my legs on his shoulders as he fucked me, and
he literally drove me against the headboard of the bed,
as he pounded into my body. Thank gawd, I thought,
Jorge had never taken me like this. Jorge's cock was
more massive and greater in girth, but in this position
even my father was long enough that I felt like he was
going to split me in half. Then he went off, and he
again went down on me until I again gave up my juices
to him. I wondered if all men like to lick and taste
their own cum from a woman’s sex, after they have
unloaded their cum in her vagina?

We lay in bed and spoke of how good it felt to once
again be together. My father became hard once more, and
I enjoyed stroking him until I felt him become
extremely hard. I assumed he would once more lay over
me and I would feel him entering my body. Instead my
father got off the bed and asked me to move over to the
edge of the bed and get on my hands and knees.

My friends and I had spoken about doggie style, and
Chrissy and Marti had both spoken about having sex with
the boy behind you, and Marti said it was almost
brutal, but the guy could get into you so deep, you
thought he was coming out your mouth.

Dad moved behind me, and I was slightly apprehensive
about what it would be like to have sex doggie style.
Looking over my shoulder, I saw dad take a small bottle
of liquid and pour it in his hand and then let some run
down between my hips and across my anus. When I saw dad
rubbing it over his penis, I still didn’t understand
what was about to occur.

Dad had two small objects in his hand, and I wondered
what they were, they looked like suppositories, but
found no reason for him having such items. I only knew
that when I was little, I hated having mom insert them
in me, and the last time I had one, was when I was ten.

When dad took my hips in his hand, he rubbed my anus
with his finger and I felt him pressing and rubbing the
liquid over my back opening. I could feel dad inserting
something into me, something smooth and small. Dad used
his finger to press whatever it was, deeper into me, as
deep as his finger could go to press the items inside
me, then I realized it was the two items I had seen in
his hand. The inside of my shit tunnel felt warm and

Then I felt dad putting his penis against my anus, and
I knew he was going to have anal sex with me. I became
scared and wondered how his large penis could fit in me
back there. When the head of dad’s penis pressed open
the puckered ring of my anus, it burned. This
stretching was unlike when dad took my virginity, or
Jorge first did me with his monster of a penis. Dad was
slowly moving the head in and out, and finally I felt
the head of his cock slip past the sphincter ring of my

IN ALL THE WAY! AUGHHHH," I cried out from the burning
and tearing feeling of my anus being stretched and
stuffed with dad’s cock!

I know how long it lasted, as I had glanced at the
clock when I kneeled at the edge of the bed. When I
felt dad, pull his penis from my anus, I looked over at
the clock on the night stand and saw we had been having
anal sex for fifteen minutes at the least. I wasn’t
certain the exact time dad entered my butt, but I knew
that he had rode my hips for at least a quarter of an

After dad pulled out of my butt, I fell forward onto
the bed, my body shook and seemed like it was
vibrating, and my insides were rumbling. I could feel
spasms in my anus as I lay shuddering and sobbing.

There was an intense feeling throughout my body, from
my father having had anal sex with me. Then I felt some
sort of fear, and for the first time in my life it felt
like I had lost control of my self. Somewhere in the
dark recesses of my mind and soul, I felt the primitive
instinct that my father as a sexual partner, had used
me is such a way, that the last taboo, much worst than
i****t, had been conquered in my being. The trembling
in my body, added to the sensations my anal ring was
experiencing as it felt like my anus was still open,
and refusing to close.

"My gawd honey, your little ass is still open, and
perfectly round, I’ve never a woman’s ass stay open,
and it is round, and looks dark inside, I want it
again." My father’s come was seeping from my anus and
running down over my pussycat. It was entirely
different from the pleasant feeling of come running
from my sex, and over my anus.

Then I felt my father moving his cock back up inside
me. I lay flat on the bed, and dad pulled me up so my
knees were bent with my arms on my lower back pushing
and holding my hips in the air. All the while my
shoulders and head were resting on the bed. Dad's hands
were holding my ass cheeks up while his dick was again
deep up my anus, and I felt his pubic hair against my
hips and also around my anal ring.

As my father rode my hips, a completely new feeling was
building inside me. It was unlike an any orgasm I'd had
before. It was a feeling of panic that I was helpless
to stop.


"Daddy, I’m going to poop, I can’t hold it much longer,
let me go to the bathroom, please daddy, I feel it
about to happen!"

My father pulled me up from the bed, still buried up my
butt, and had me walk bent over to the bathroom. The
pain from walking, and the need to let my bowels
release, was almost dreadful. Once we were in the
bathroom, my father had me place my hands on each side
of the toilet.

Then my body was again plundered with dad’s thick
erection, and the feeling to let my bowels go was again
building. The wetness of my father’s come in my butt,
was allowing him to move deep and fast as he plowed
back and forth through my anal ring. I could not speak
or even cry, I simply went "ugh" repeatedly, and
constantly. Then my bowels wanted to be released, and
the pressure of my father deep inside me, battering my
ass, and my body waste awaiting to escape from deep
inside me, was the most weird, and a horrendous ordeal
I had ever known in my life.

Then I knew I couldn’t hold off from letting it flow
out of me. "Daddy, I can’t wait any longer, I need to
go, please let me, I need to go so bad, it is hurting

My father turned so my butt was almost over the toilet,
and then he told me, "Honey, I will pull out really
suddenly, and when I do, set down quickly.

When I felt my father’s cock being pulled sharply and
suddenly from my anus, I begin expelling immediately,
and the movement of dad’s erection from my anus, let my
anal ring remain open, and my bowels f***ed the waste
from my body, I felt like I was going to faint. After
dad’s cock was out of me, I simply let myself go, and
my body seemed to be separated from my brain.

I wondered if I would ever experience anal sex again,
then I knew, dad had given me a laxative, in fact he
had put two of them up my butt. Gawd, I thought, is
this something mom and dad do when they swing?

Finally my bowels were empty, but my body was drained
and weak, and felt as if I would never recover from the
humiliating experience of anal sex. After we had
cleaned up, my father helped me into the shower and I
washed off quickly, and leaving the shower, my father
dried me off.

Dad dried, then kissed my hips, and asked, "Shana,
babe, did you enjoy the experience, and that was the
first time I ever used suppositories with a woman
during anal sex."

"Dad, do other people do such things, and tell me the

"Yes, in fact Steve..."

Dad stopped after saying Steve, and then I knew he was
confirming that he and mom had sex with others, and
Steve had to be Marti’s father. I was confused and
wondered about the fact that my father and I had sex,
but when he carried me back to the bed, his large arms
held me tight, and he kissed the side of my face.

We lay on the bed, and I curled up in a ball, and I
told him, my tummy feels and sounds like a thunder

I needed something to eat, I asked, "Can we call room

My father hugged me, and told me that he had wanted my
butt long before my pussy, and that my round hips were
the most beautiful buttocks he had ever seen, and the
desire to feel them against his groin had led to his
taking me anally tonight. Then dad got out of bed and
walked over to the desk, picked up a menu with the list
of food that could be ordered from room service.

When the food arrived, dad took it at the door, and
before it arrived, I had sprayed perfume in the air. I
ate the steak and fries, and drank my first cup of
coffee, and told my father, "Something else is new for
me, I’m drinking coffee for the first time."

With a silly smile on my face, I said to my father,
"Guess we both have had something new tonight."

Then I threw a fry at him.

After eating, dad put the tray of dirty dishes outside
the room door, then we curled up on the bed, and I
asked dad, "How long have you, mom, and my best
friend’s parents, been swingers?"

I felt my father’s body stiffen, and he rose up from
the bed and looked down at me, and for sometime simply

Finally dad asked, "How did you find out about us being
swingers, and how long have you known?"

That made me proud of my father, as he had always been
straight forward with us k**s as we grew up, and now
wasn’t denying he and my mom were having sex with
others. In fact, he simply wanted to know how long I
had known.

For the next several minutes, I told dad how I knew,
and that my friends and I were planning on crashing
their Halloween party.

"Please don’t tell the others," I begged. "We want to
make it a surprise."

I explained how my best friends and I were going to
show up, but we need a sixth person, so they won’t
guess it’s the five of us, the Best Friends.

"Dad, Brandy wants to get it on with you, so you need
to let me know what your costume will be that night,
and you will enjoy being with her."

"You girls are planning on crashing the party! Shit!
Most of you are less than eighteen, and besides there
are others at the party besides your parents. My God!
Shana! What have you girls gotten into?"

"We all determined to do whom we want. Kristen said she
would love to have a gang bang, and maybe eight or ten
men, but she wants older men, not boys our age, as she
is afraid the guys our age would tell later."

Then I told dad, "We have not been with a bunch of
guys, and Kristen has only been with two guys, and that
is all."

"So dad," I asked, "Should I tell Brandy you and her
will get it on at the Halloween party?"

"Shana, do you think that is a good idea, after all,
that might lead someone to find out about you and I
being intimate?"

Looking at my father, I begin to giggle, and when he
asked what was funny about someone knowing him and I
having sex, I told him, "Dad, more than three years
ago, my best friends and I, the five of us, decided to
have i****tuous sex, with a relative that we liked
best, guess whom I picked?"

For the first time in my life I saw my father with a
stunned look on his face. Then it changed to a grin and
his eyes actually twinkled like Santa.

He just shook his head and uttered three words, "I’ll
be damned!"

Then he reached out and grabbed me and kind of wrestled
me around on the bed, and I couldn’t help laughing, and
I said, "You thought it was your idea that got you in
my pants, didn’t you, will surprise, surprise, my dear
lover of a father?"

Dad wondered about my friends, and if they did it with
their fathers. I told him that only Chrissy had her
first time with her father, but that she had been
sl**ping with him since she was 10-years-old.

Dad really enjoyed hearing how Marti had been doing her
Uncle Ed, and that he had been her first. They had just
finished having sex, when he had his heart attack and
later died at the hospital.

"So that is why she inherited everything. Damn! She's a
multi-millionaire in her own rights." my father

Smiling at my father, I said, "Well, I got a Mustang
for my cherry, and I’m not complaining, big boy!"

Then I added, "Plus the fact you were my first, like I
wanted you to be first."

For some reason, dad did not seem interested in which
relatives my other friends had sex with, but he turned
to me, and asked how many guys I’d been with. When I
said only two others, he didn’t ask who or make any
comments, simply took my answer as it was given. Had he
asked I would have told him the truth and named the

After speaking for a while he asked me how I felt, and
I told him, "My butt hurts, and it’s still quivering,
and my tummy feels like someone hit me in the gut with
a baseball bat."

Then I asked dad about the two suppositories that he’d
inserted in me, and why.

Dad was honest. He told me how he sometimes wondered
how our relationship would end up

I smiled at dad, saying, "Dear Father, unless things
change, and I don’t believe they will, your son-in-law,
Jorge, will need to be cuckolded every so often."

My father looked at me, smiled and told me, "You know,
I told your mother just before you and I left for the
airport, that you were in love with Jorge, we like him,
so I hope your wish comes true."

"Thanks dad, but tell me, is it wrong - you know, you
and I having sex?"

"The mores of society and the law say yes!

But hell, if we were the only father and daughter
having sex, I would agree, but we aren’t and won’t be
the last, but how do you feel about our sexual

"It is something I wanted, got, and am extremely happy
with. Now I want you once more."

My father was erect as I spoke, and he moved over on
me, and I felt his thickness parting my sex, and I
moaned out, "Oh dad, I love you, I love you, as a
daughter, but also the one who was my first."

There was no doubt in my mind that when I said I love
you to my father that we both knew I wasn’t speaking of
romantic love, but a stronger bond of a father-
daughter relationship. One that came from our coupling.

Feeling the large penis of my father stroking in and
out of my sex, seemed to be gentler this time. and soon
had me bouncing my hips up and down on my father’s
body. Then I wrapped my arms and legs around his back
and neck, and I gave up my body and soul to the man who
fathered me. For some strange reason, this time the sex
was the most profound and wonderful I had ever
experienced with my father. And now, this one time, as
I was filled with my father’s strong phallus, it was
giving me such warm and complete feelings.

I rolled my hips, rhythmically up and own in tune with
my father’s stroking penis.

Over and over again I moaned. "Take me! Make me yours!
Give me your thick hot cream! I want your cream! I love
you! Oh how I love you! OH DADDY! NOW! PLEASE NOW! I’m

Then my body rose up from the bed. My hips were pushing
my father’s body up in the air. Where the strength came
from I had no idea, but my body took over and f***ed my
father’s body up in the air, and my hips and back rose
up from the bed, with my father on me.

I cried out. "Daddy! Oh daddy, fuck me, fuck me... YES!
Augh, gawd I’m getting it, ohhh YES!"

Then my body went slack, and I collapsed back onto the
bed. I was limp. But my father rode me some more. He
pulled my legs up into the crook of his elbows, and
bent my legs back until my hips were raised in the air.

For what seemed forever, I was fucked and loved. My
father repeatedly stroked his cock back and forth in my
body. He told me he wanted to come, but couldn’t as he
simply was unable to get off. I climaxed over and over.
My cream gushed and ran from my pussycat soaking his

I was screaming incoherently for my father to fuck me
forever, to never stop fucking me.

"I love your cock. Oh dad, fuck me! Give me your cum."
I shrieked, as my body spasmed once more.

Finally dad was able to get off, and he shot his load
into me. Then he simply crashed down on my body. He
flattened me, and he was so drained of strength he was
unable to roll from between my thighs. I didn't want to
let go so we went to sl**p, with dad’s cock inside me,
and his body resting on mine.

We awoke at eight in the morning, with dad’s cock still
erect and up inside my pussycat. I could feel how the
muscles of my vagina I was gripping his erection like a
moist velvet fist.

As large and heavy a man as my father is, I was happy,
his body was wedged between my 16-year-old thighs. The
first man to part them! I kissed my father’s lips, and
slipped my tongue into his mouth.

I muttered under my breath, "Fuck me daddy, fuck me
once again. Oh God, you are!"

I cried out as I pulled my mouth from his, loving the
feeling of his cock stroking in and out of my pussycat.

When I went off, a unique and pleasurable sensation
passed through my body:
As dad eased his cock from my trembling pussycat, it
begin to squirt. Not a few drips, but a massive flow
that was splashing against my father who was still
wedged between my legs. My love jet soaked his thick
thighs that were holding mine wide apart.

"Damn, Shana, I’ve never been lucky enough to feel a
woman do what you doing. Oh hell, I love it. Squirt on
me again - let it come out of your little cunt, and cum
all over me. I love it, it feels so hot!"

The bed was a mess, we moved to the other bed and lay
on it, and we holding each other in our arms.

"Dad, mom knows about you and I having sex, doesn’t

Thinking for a moment, I asked, "What did mom say when
she found out you took my virginity, and knowing what
would happen on this trip?"

"There is no problem, she thought I would enjoy being
with you. But she didn’t want it to happen in her
house, so mom is cool on our being together."

Our vacation in Paris was wonderful, and we had sex
each night and morning, and I masturbated, and squirted
on dad once more while we were in the tub. I refused to
let dad do my butt again, even though he wanted anal
sex with me. We spoke about Marti, and Chrissy, and I
related about our group and how we had picked out the
person we would have i****t with.


When we returned home, I was happy to see mom. We went
to the mall the following morning. After shopping for a
while, we ended up at a restaurant that served
cappuccino. While we both enjoyed our coffee drink, Mom
asked me about the trip.

I asked her, "Which part the tourist things or the
other things?"

"Both", my mother responded, and smiled as she said the
single word.

I asked if she and dad enjoyed anal sex, or if they
ever urinated on each other.

She said, "Yes."

But she never experienced what I had. She told me that
it's called "female ejaculation."

My mother smiled at me and nodded her head. She and I
exchanged stories
of our toilet sex, and mom was surprised when I told
her about dad putting the suppositories in my butt, and
how it caused me to expel my body waste. Mom said she
knew some people also did that but she never had, and
was actually afraid to do such a thing.

While drinking our second cappuccino, I asked mom, the
same as I had my dad, if they were swingers. At first
mom stared at me, then she took a deep breath, and
began telling me that they had been swapping partners
for several years. For a half hour we discussed how she
and dad had first swapped partners, and after the first
few times, they found it spiced up their lives.


The following afternoon, Jorge came over and we drove
to his cabin, and as it was Saturday. We just had a
"quickie, but it was wonderful. But the gargantuan
dimensions of his cock was still frightening.

That afternoon, I had a call from Marti, and she was
"Mad" because I hadn’t called her since I’d returned
home from my trip to Paris.

"Tell you what, Girlfriend, I will be right over, and
we’ll go to the hangout. I have really missed you."

I picked up the tee-shirt, and the box with the
miniskirt I had purchased for Marti in Paris, and
couldn’t wait to see her in it. The skirt was a hip
hugger, and would likely only reach six or seven inches
below her "PC." I knew this would make her look sexy.
In fact I had gotten one for each of my friends, but
each one was a different color. I thought while
purchasing the skirts, we girls, would look tough when
we all wore them on Saturday night to the Stuffed Dog.

Marti came bounding from her house when I pulled in her
driveway, and I blew the horn. She jumped in my car,
and gave me a hug and a kiss. Then we took off, and I
told her the package on the back seat was for her.
Marti turned around and grabbed the gift, which was in
a beautiful shopping bag, with the name of the French
department store, Le Temps, where I had purchased the

"Don’t look until we get to the hangout," I told Marti.

Pulling into a parking space at the Stuffed Dog, Marti
and I walked in, found a corner booth and spoke to
everyone as we walked to where we could sit and
converse in private. After we were seated, and our
order taken, Marti was impatient to open the bag and
see her gift.

"Shana, don’t be mean, I want to see what you brought
me from Paris, please tell me I can look now, if you
do, I will tell you a secret. I've got a big one to
tell you."

"I have thought about something I haven’t told you, but
you must promise you won’t get mad at me, can I look
now, please?"

"Girlfriend, your squirming around as if you have ants
in your pants, so look!"

When Marti pulled the tee from the shopping, back,
which was wrapped in tissue paper, she tore open the
paper, and said, "Wow, what a shirt, and it has my
favorite painting on it, of Miro’s Kettledrum."

I knew Marti had purchased a fairly expensive print of
this well known painting, with some of her money, so
when I saw the shirt, I knew she would be pleased.

Then Marti pulled out the other gift, and looking at
the box it was in, she about cried, as it had cost me
nearly $15 for each box to have each of the girl’s
skirt’s gift-boxed at the store. Instead of tearing
open the box, Marti took her nail file from her purse,
and slowly cut the tape, so she didn’t tear the box.

"I’m going to have the cover of this box framed and
hang it on my bedroom wall," Marti said in her

Once the box was open, Marti folded the tissue back
from the skirt, and seeing it, picked it up and shouted
out, "Wow, this is wonderful, and so sexy."

Those in the hangout, looked over to see what Marti was
shouting about, and seeing her holding up the skirt,
some of our friends walked over and looked at the
skirt. These were friends who we partied with, but not
part of our Best Friends group, but great friends
anyway. They all were in awe of the skirt. I informed
Marti I’d purchased one for each of the Best Friends,
but asked she does not tell the others, but next
Saturday we could put them on, and run around in them.

"So what happened in Paris, with your father, or do you
want to tell me," Marti asked.

For the next half hour, I told Marti all that happened,
and she was full of questions, especially when I told
her about having anal sex, and that my father had put
suppositories up my butt, and it made me poop like
crazy. She loved hearing about my "squirtin" when my
dad did me long and deep, and even though it was a
"Hard fuck," I told her, it wasn’t painful.

"Girlfriend, I never told you guys that I had anal sex
with Uncle Ed, but he loved doing it up my butt."

Marti lowered her eyes, and could not look at me as she
added, "Shana, I loved having Uncle Ed do me up my back
door, and the first time he did it like that, I was
only 11-year-old."

"Wow, only eleven, didn’t it hurt?"

"Actually, I think it hurt more when he took my cherry
pussycat. But, Shana, you mustn’t tell the other girls,
I feel embarrassed telling you, but I had to confess to

"How often did you and your Uncle Ed have anal sex, or
did you do it a lot?"

"Maybe once a month, but sometimes I wanted it more
than actual sex, and especially after we had actual

For Marti to tell me about her and Uncle Ed having anal
sex, I could see was a real problem for her, so I told
her, "I will never tell the others I did it with my
father, so you won’t need to reveal that wonderful
relationship with your uncle, nor myself with dad."

"Lets go for a ride, Shana, do you know a place where
we can talk and not be interrupted, and I want to be
honest about something I need to ask you?"

I drove to my father’s fishing cabin at the lake, and
when we arrived, I took the key from the hiding place
and opened the door, returned the key to its hiding
place and we walked in. Then locked the door behind us,
including the dead bolt that locked only from inside
the door.

"Come on, I told Marti, and would you like a soda, I
asked my friend as we headed to the great room in the

"Yeah, that sounds great," and walked over to the
kitchen and got us each a can of soda, and sat on the
U-shaped lounge that looked out over the pier and lake,
which was only about twenty feet from the front door.

"So, what is it you want to ask me," I asked Marti as I
studied her small but shapely body. The shorts she was
wearing were very short, and the crotch was so tight
between her legs. Marti’s panties showed, by the way
she was seated with her legs crossed and folded under
her. Even a few strands of her pubes could be viewed,
and I thought how attractive Marti was. I knew she
hadn’t been with anyone since her Uncle Ed had died.

"This is so hard to say, so I will be really direct,
but Shana, I would like to have sex with you. You can
just let me do you, and you’re not under any
obligations to return the sex."

Looking at me, Marti continued, "For now I don’t want
another boy or man touching me. I’m not gay but I want
sex. But... heck Shana, I'm so conflicted. I know my
request could make you upset with me, but I can’t ask
either of the other girls, and I don’t know why I can
with you. Does any of this make any sense to you? Be

My friend was seated across from me, and I saw tears in
her eyes. My sympathy and feelings for her honesty had
taken me by surprise. I had no pity toward Marti. My
own desires gave me an understanding of her needs. I
didn’t consider them homosexual either.

"Marti, I understand what you are asking and why,
except your reason that I’m the only one you feel you
could ask."

Then I told my friend, "I must tell you, I have no
sexual attraction toward you, or any orientation toward
either homosexuality or even being bi."

I saw a look cross Marti’s face that expressed a fear
she had lost my friendship when I told her I had no
thoughts or desires toward someone of my own sex. That
had not been my intention.

I reached out and took her hand in mine, and smiling,
told her, "Marti, you have honored me! As you know, I
have played with Chrissy. You remember how we all
rubbed against each other's tits, but I have never
licked or kissed a girl like you are suggesting. I know
when I have oral sex, after my father or Jorge has been
in me, I find my own taste intriguing.

In fact, I told her, "There are times when I bring
myself off by rubbing my fingers in my sex, and licking
off my juices."

I continued, "Lets go into my room up on the loft, and
we can undress and see if we can play and make each
other feel good. I look forward to seeing your pubes,
Not to be critical, but I love your tiny breasts,
they're even smaller than mine."

Still holding hands, we rose from the sofa, and walked
up the stairs to the loft, and all the bedrooms faced
the loft, and they were open, with only the walls
separating the six bed rooms from being one room.

Thinking back, I recalled the sounds that had been
coming from my parents’ room. One time I remember when
my b*****rs weren’t along, but my father had invited
three couples to spend the weekend with him and my
mother, I heard those same sounds I now knew to be
sexual gratifications. The other thing that came to my
mind was that I had seen the men moving from one room
to the other, and I now understood my parents their
friends were switching spouses.

Then I recalled how, around three in the morning, or so
my clock said, I was awakened to the sound of mom
crying out, "Easy Brett, not so deep, Oh hell, he is in
my butt, not both of you Gene, she had said to my

After a few minutes, I went back to sl**p, but now
wondered how dad, and his friend had done my mom.
Evidently Brett had been in her butt, and my father in
her pussy.

When we were in my room, Marti and I were still holding
hands, and for once I became the aggressor in sexual
play. My hands reached and unbuttoned her blouse, and
slipped it off Marti’s body. I saw her lovely small
breasts with pink nipples that hardly rose from the
dime size areolas on Marti’s chest.

My hands moved down and unsnapped the fastener on the
right side of the shorts she was wearing. Then I pulled
the zipper down and slid the tight fitting shorts over
my friends round and tight hips. Now Marti was standing
in a T-bar panty. I eased it over her hips, and down
her legs.

In front of me was the dark-brown hair growing on
Marti’s mons. The hair was thick, but smooth and silky,
with no curls as some of our friends had. My hand moved
and pressed between Marti’ tightly clenched thighs. She
was holding them tight, like she had changed her mind
about us having oral sex.

Giving Marti, no real options, I spread her legs open,
and as I looked between her legs, I saw the hair as it
grew down her labia, and the thick growth at the top of
her cleft was pure pleasure to my eyes. How I wished I
had such a thick growth at the top of my slit, instead
my hair was as it was when it first appeared on my
body, sparse and likely no more than a hundred or so
individual hairs.

I leaned forward and blew my warm breath on Marti’s
sex. I kissed the thick brush of hair and caught a
whiff of her sexy musk. Standing up, I removed my own
clothes as Marti watched. I, then, led her to my bed.
How I was able to lead in this lesbian act, I have no
idea. I was aware of only one thing: The need to take
my friend and listen to her climax from whatever my
oral ministrations produced.

My lips sought Marti’s and as we kissed I pressed my
tongue into her mouth. She met my tongue with her own.
Moving my lips down, I was soon searching out her tiny
nipples. They were so small, it was almost hard to suck
them into my mouth. Taking the tiny nub between my
teeth, I bit lightly on the pink miniature of a nipple.
It was no larger than those of a girl’s of nine or ten.

Her response took me by surprise, as she moaned softly,
"Oh Shana, that kind of hurts, but it’s a lovely pain."

She was enjoying the pain, so I bit harder. "My gawd,
oh I love that, yes, a little harder, Augh, Shana, that
is so different."

I thought how Jorge bit my long nipples, until I
thought he’d bite them off. Then how my pussycat became
wet and would open and close from the stimulation of
Jorge’s teeth nipping hard on my breast buds.

Taking Marti’s right nipple in my teeth, I flipped my
tongue over it while holding it inside the edge of my
teeth, while Marti moaned out her approval. Then I bit
hard with my teeth, pulling Marti’s nipple away from
her breast as far as it would stretch.

"It hurts, but don’t stop, harder! Oh! Oh! Shana,
harder," Marti cried out.

The feeling of her tiny nipple was making me want
contact on my own nipples, and I moved so mine were in
front of Marti’s mouth.

Instantly I felt Marti suckling my hard and thick
nipples. She was lost in the feeling of my mouth biting
her small nips. As she moaned softly, she suckled
like a c***d nursing at her mother’s breast. After
several minutes, I moved my
lips across Marti’s stomach and onto the thick hair
covering her sex chute.

My lips sought her erect love-bud, as my tongue parted
her pink, swollen petals.
Her sex was filled with an accumulation of her juices.
Marti’s tightly gripping labia had held her sweet
liquid she had released when I made love to her
nipples. and I drew licked her sweet and pungent love
nectar into my mouth, and let slide thickly down my

Then I moved so I was laying head first between Marti’s
legs, and begin kissing the inner skin of her smooth
and lovely thighs. The smooth skin on Marti’s legs,
just below my friend’s sex, had fine hair, like that of
a new born baby. My lips caressed her moist labia as
they opened like a delicate flower.

I moved my face tightly between her thighs and pulled
on the side of her hips so she couldn’t escape. Then I
begin to lick and suck on her labia, which I pulled
deep inside my mouth as I sucked hard. My teeth clamped
gently around her tiny bud of a clitoris, and I found
her full prepuce and sucked it hard, then bit down on
the skin surrounding her clit, and felt her body
shiver. Then Marti let down her juices, and she
climaxed with a loud sound, and this was the first
sound she had uttered from my taking her sex with my

As her orgasm struck, Marti shouted, "GAWD-ALMIGHTY!!"
and she combined the two words into one, and her hands
were pulling my face tighter to her vulva. My tongue
moved across her clit, as she continued her multiple
orgasming. Finally Marti released my head from her
grip, and her arms and legs fell to her side in limp

I moved up between Marti’s lovely legs, and lay over
her body as a man would over a woman. My sex was
against hers, and I commenced rubbing our pussycats
together. I felt Marti spread her legs as if I were a
man, and the swivel of her joints, made it easy for me
to grind against the massive hair harboring her tight
young pussy.

After several minutes, I felt my climax building, then,

I cried out that I was coming, and when I did, Marti
shouted out her second climax. As I lay on her, I felt
Marti’s hand’s caressing my back and hips.

She whispered in my ear, "I love you, Shana, not as a
lover, but as a friend."

Then I moved onto my back, and I pulled Marti’s head
onto my chest, and I cuddled her to me. I listened as
she thanked me for given her the release she could not
receive from self masturbation. Whispering to Marti, I
asked her to describe what she had just experienced,
and to provide as much detail as she could.

She related her erotic experience at length, and
finished by saying, "My pussycat, feels so puffy, would
you look and see?"

Moving down and looking between her legs, I saw that
Marti’s labia were indeed puffy. In fact, the lips
guarding the entrance of her pussy was bright pink and
seemed swollen at least four or five times more than
normal. I understood that my hard sucking and nipping
with my teeth hard caused her labia to become engorged
with bl**d, the same as a man’s cock does when he
becomes excited and then erect.

It gave me tremendous satisfaction. to know I had
given her such a bodacious climax. I told her to lay
still and went over to my dresser and picked up the
hand mirror, and handed it to her so she could see her
engorged pussy lips.

"My god, they're swollen like I was stung by a bee!"
She exclaimed in amazement.

Then she laughed and said, "Guess I was stung by a bee,
A pussy-licking bee!"

"You’re silly," I chuckled in reply.

Next thing I knew, Marti was going-down on me. She
worked her tongue hard to get me off. When I did, she
continued licking my pussy. I knew she enjoyed lapping
up my juices. just as I had with her.

We showered together, as we both smelled of sex. We
washed each other, but it was not sensual. as we
explored the skin, curves, and openings of each other's

On the way home, Marti asked if I knew someone she
could trust to do her, but only anally. After thinking
for a moment, I told her, "Yes." But she needed to
follow my instructions.

"I will let you know in a couple of days, so just be

Then I stopped in front of her house, and as she got
out of the car, asked when we would have a reunion of
Best Friends. I’ll call everyone and see if we can meet
Monday around eleven.


When I got home, mom and dad asked if I wanted to go to
dinner with them.

I said, "Yes , but could I change clothes first."

They were wearing upscale casual, and my mother’s, silk
dress looked like it had been tailored to fit her. I
selected a couple of my own dresses, but didn’t like
them, so I asked mom to come upstairs.

When mom got to my room, I asked her, "Mom, can I wear
that blue dress you bought just before dad and I went
to Paris, I want to look like you, please?"

"Sure, if you want."

I undressed and stood in only my panties, I searched
into my dresser drawer until I found my blue padded
under-cup bra. Mom watched as I put my bra on, and
smiling said my nips looked like hers.

We went to The Championship Club, an exclusive club
which my father is a member. Once there, I spotted
Marti and her parents, and they invited us to join
them. The evening was perfect, and Marti and I found it
interesting to be included in conversation with our

I accompanied Dad when he went to the restroom. As we
walked, I held his hand like a daughter, not a lover. I
waited until he came out of the restroom, then pulled
him over to a small alcove, and asked if I could make a
special request.

"Honey, you will always be able to do that, so ask."

"Dad, my friend Marti told me that her Uncle Ed had
initiated her to anal sex when she was eleven, and they
would do it at least once a month."

My father looked at me, and then I asked, "Dad will you
do it to her? She doesn’t want intercourse, and I know
she has only been with Uncle Ed and one other person.
She wants someone who would be discreet.

Daddy, will you - - - will you have anal sex with

"Let me think about it, but for now, yes, but we need
to meet, as I need to speak with the two of you about
such a thing, fair enough?"

"Yeah, and can I tell Marti you will do her?"

"I guess so, but tell her we need to talk first, deal?"


The dinner ended, and Marti and I rode home with my
parents. Then, we took
my car and drove over to the Stuffed Dog, but none of
our intimate friends were there. We went inside and
took a table, and after ordering sodas, discussed the
situation with my father and them getting together.

I proposed that she meet with my father at the cabin.
"I will hang out at the pier, while the two of you do
whatever the two of you decide."

Finally we laughed over the fact that we were planning
on her getting butt fucked, by off all people, my
father, and a friend of her f****y, all in one.

The following Saturday, dad decided to would go to the
cabin and fish, instead of playing golf. Mom was
attending a wedding of one of her clients.

Around eight in the morning, I picked up Marti, and
when we got to the cabin, dad was there, and fishing
from the pier.

"Catching anything," I asked, and said he had caught a
couple of small ones and threw them back.

We made small talk for a while, then, I watched as my
father and one of my best friends, a 16-year-old,
walked way and toward the cabin. I knew it was going to
be a butt fuck that Marti would never forget! I knew,
because my dad had a cock that was going to fill her

I walked the area around the pier, and after a couple
of hours, undressed and took a swim. After swimming for
fifteen or twenty minutes, I laid on the pier to
improve my tan.

When I heard Marti calling me, I turned to see her
walking toward me, while dad drove away in his car.
Looking at my watch, I saw it was nearly one o’clock,
and thought, my gawd, they can’t have been having anal
sex for four hours.

"Well?" I questioned to my friend.

"I’ll say one thing, your description of what it was
like for you with your father was no lie." Marti smiled
at me, then continued, "Never was it like that with
Uncle Ed, my insides feel as if they have been beaten
with a battering ram."

"You were in the cabin four hours, did you take a nap,
or what?"

"OR WHAT?!" Marti exclaimed loudly.

She told me that my father did her three times. The
last time, he delayed his nut for so long, she begged
him to come in her butt to give her release. I listened
as Marti told me my father took her laying on her back,
on the long sofa style log table on the balcony. The
feeling was so strange having anal sex while laying
flat on her back, and dad was standing at the end of
the table pile-driving his cock first one way, then

"Shana, you need to try anal sex on that table with
your father, or someone, but that is truly a different
way and the feelings are different."

Marti dropped off the pier and into the water. Still
undressed, I joined her. Soon we were standing together
in the water, holding each other closely. We knew a
bond of i****t and u******e sex, including bi, that
very few girls would ever experience as we had in our
carnal ways.

"Girlfriend, "Marti said, "My butt is so sore, and when
I cleaned off in the shower, with your father helping
me, there was some bl**d!

He opened me so wide! Gawd, his dick is huge!"

"So, now you’re happy?" I asked Marti.

"Yes, but your father wants me again next weekend, and
he wants to give me an enema, and take me after putting
a couple hot-water bottles full of water up me, first."

I looked at my friend, with what I knew was a
questioning look on my face, and asked if she was

Marti looked at me, reached out and took my left breast
in her hand and replied, "You bet, want to join in?"

After a few more minutes, we got out of the water, and
walked in the nude to the cabin and took a short shower
together to wash off the lake water. Then we dressed
and drove back to town. I dropped Marti off at her
place, and when I got home, I had received a call from

I returned the call, and after a minute speaking with
him, he said, "Shana, I think it best if we break up, I
hope there are no hard feelings between us."

The son-of-a-bitch, I thought, he doesn’t even have the
balls to dump me in person, he had to call me, the
asshole, I hope his dick falls off, I thought to

Marti called me on Friday, and said if I didn’t care,
she would meet my father alone. I told Marti that was
fine, but be sure and let me know how the water sports
came out.

It was Saturday, and I was laying by the pool with mom
and Tony, when dad walked in around four in the
afternoon. After a few minutes, my cell phone rang, and
I could see it was Marti calling.

I walked to the far end of the pool as we spoke so I
asked questions about the time she must have had with
dad, as they had been together nearly seven hours.

Marti explained, "The reason I didn’t want you with me
today was because your dad called me on Thursday and
asked if he a couple of extra guys with him. He had two
clients in from LA and they wanted to join in the fun.
I said yes."

Marti told me that my father gave her three bottles of
water up her ass. After all the water went in, he made
her bend over in the tub as he eased his large cock up
her butt, Her stomach hurt from the water, and her
insides were rumbling as she spoke to me on the phone.
She had been on the toilet for the last half hour.

"Thank god my parents are away until in the morning, as
they would wonder what was wrong with me."

Marti’s description of her taking the water up her butt
and in her bowels, and how it made her need to go
really badly, was unreal to hear. I couldn’t imagine my
being able to allow it to happen with me. After my
father had gotten off, the other men each took turns
with her with the water still in her bowels. After the
third man came, dad helped her to the toilet. Marti
said she sat on the toilet and started expelling shit
and scum immediately.

It was an hour before she could go out in the room
where the three men were.

Marti told how then each man had each done her butt
three times.

Marti said her butt was so sore and bleeding that she
would likely never want anal sex again.

She confided, "I found out there can be too much of a
good thing. Yet, Shana, the experience was wonderful.
Your father wanted to do my pussy, but I said no, and
he didn’t push the issue."

As an after thought, Marti told me just before ending
the call, "Your father, Seth, and Theo, all commented
on my pussy hair, and said it was the most unique they
had ever seen."


Friday afternoon and the Best Friends were together
again. I was finally able to give the other three their
gifts from Paris. We arranged to meet at Brandy’s house
around seven Saturday, where we would wear our skirts
and go to the Stuffed Dog.

I knew we would look cool, and it would give us a
chance to strut our stuff.

Saturday evening, we pulled up at the Stuffed Dog, in
my Mustang. Each of us had gone to Victoria’s Secret
and purchased matching thong panties, in the event some
guy might get a peek up our skirts. Some of the guys
were hanging out next to their cars and pickups as we
walked from my car into the restaurant.

We knew that we were being checked out, and we swished
our hips, so that the skirts flipped and revealed our
upper thighs. What we didn’t know was how much they may
have seen, but we were five stacked and happy girls,
knowing we were the center of their attention by
hearing their comments.

As we walked into the restaurant, we found a table open
near the center so anyone entering the restaurant had
to pass by our table. For an hour we
were the center of attention.

When Jorge walked over and stood next to me, Kristen
looked at her b*****r and told him, "Jerk-off, you
dumped on my girlfriend, so shove off."

I didn’t look up or act like I knew he was there, and I
heard some of his friends ask how it felt to strike

That night, we decided to head over to Lawrenceburg,
and see what was happening. We arrived round nine
o’clock, and pulled up in front of the diner, and got
out of the Mustang, and walked into the diner car.
There were four open seats at the counter, but they
weren’t together, and the booths were full, but an
older man said he was done, and moved from the end seat
at the counter.

I took that seat, and the other four girls all set
between guys they didn’t know. After ten minutes, the
guys at the counter begin leaving, and eventually we
were all seated together. I had kept my seat at the end
of the counter.

I’d turned and was speaking with Brandy, who was seated
on the corner next to me. I hadn’t paid attention that
my legs were open and my panties were obviously on

I had a feeling of being stared at.

Looking over at the nearest table, I saw three guys
ogling me. From where they were seated, they could
stare at my crotch. Revealing a quick glimpse of my
panties was part of the game of being a girl, and
trying to turn a guy on. But allowing your complete
panty-covered sex and inner thighs to be seen was
different. Besides, these three guys were in their
early twenties.

I pulled my legs together as the guy in the middle, who
had the best view up my short skirt, hand signaled in a
way to show he wanted me to spread my legs open again.
Embarrassed, my face turned red, as I told my friends
what had happened.

The other four enjoyed the story, and after a while, we
were ready to leave.

Chrissy said, "Okay girlfriends, those three pinheads
have insulted one of us, so what say we turn around on
the stools, spread our legs, let them get their eyes
full of five pussycats all covered in the same tiny

Brandy laughed, and said, "We need Marti to go to the
restroom, take her thong off, and with her thick muff,
she will be the center of attraction, and with her
setting in the middle of us five girls."

"No way, if I show my beaver, we all show and tell,"
Marti said.

"Okay girlfriends," Chrissy said, "On the count of
three we turn, spread and then step down from the
stools and we all step down onto our right foot. That
way we can let them see our dance steps, and our panty-
covered snatches."

Then she commenced counting, "One, two, three!"

We must have looked like a smaller version of the
Rockettes, as we spun around on the stools we were
seated on. Spreading our legs, wide, crossing our legs
over the girl next to us, at the ankles, wasn’t in the
plan, but it happened. Then we stepped down onto our
right foot, paused just a moment, then moved our left
foot down and walked to the cashier.

Each of us had seen the look of surprise on the three
guys’ faces, and as we passed their table, Brandy said,
"Hi boys, you enjoying yourselves?"

While paying our checks, the three guys, and two from
another table who must have been part of them, walked
up and started speaking to us. There was no doubt the
guys wanted to hook up with us, and as they spoke, we
found them actually nice. After all, I thought, we had
shown them all the way up our legs, until a modest
piece of material kept their eyes from seeing what they
most assuredly wanted to bury their strong and young
manhood into.

As we walked outside, they followed us and were stood
beside my car, and saying they wanted to party with us.
As we spoke with them, we discovered they were nice
guys, and out for a good time. For ten minutes we
bantered back and forth.

The one who had indicated for me to spread my legs
again, asked me my name?

I asked, "How about you, what do they call you?"

"They call me, Howe, but you can call me anytime, and
without being insulting, your legs are the greatest I
have ever seen, and that is the truth."

"Thank you, I guess, and what gives, you guys married,
engaged or out having a good time?"

"We went to the local bar with a band, and the group
was worse than terrible, so we came over to the diner,
and decided to get a bite to eat. How 'bout you five
hot ones?"

"Was that 'hot ones' an insult, or a compliment, Howe?"
I asked with a note of sarcasm in my voice.

I hoped he wasn’t being rude, as I had started to
enjoy speaking with him?

"Most definitely a compliment, you girls are 'HOT!' I
believe you know that, but how is it that you all have
the same skirts on, just different colors, and the
same, shall we say, undergarments?"

I chuckled, and asked, "You noticed, I mean, that the
skirts are the same?"

Then I told Howe about purchasing them for my best
friends when I traveled to Paris with my father.

"Does that answer your question, or did I leave
something out?"

"Yeah, you failed to answer Part B of the quiz, and the
problem, pardon the pun, was what you hadn’t left off."

Howe laughed and said he was sorry for saying it, but
he couldn’t pass up the chance.

Brandy looked at me, and said, "Girls, we need to
introduce ourselves to these horn dogs, and them to

"Hi, ladies, I’m Doug and twenty-nine, single but would
like to marry this lovely creature from Venus next to

"Didn’t I tell you he had charisma, but now I find he
has just proposed, and Doug, darling, I accept."
Kristen said.

"Hello Ladies, I’m none other than Mr. Right, a.k.a.
Rick," the blonde-haired guy standing and speaking with
Marti said.

Chrissy looked at us, and we noticed that she was
allowing the guy she was speaking with to hold her
hand. "Girlfriends, this is the love of my life, Steven
J. Madison, and he claims his some-thing-great-grandpa,
was our greatest president, so meet Steven, everyone."

We followed them, to Rick’s place. On the way, Marti
asked the question we were all thinking, and wondering
about, "Do the Best Friends all get lucky tonight?
'Cause I’m way over due for some hard time, and you all
know what I mean."

"Chrissy, you decided for all of us." Brandy said.

Then to my surprise, Kristen said, "Maybe we can switch
off and share the guys, does anyone have a problem with
that, because I want Doug, but I would love to tangle
with Rick, also, if you don’t mind Marti?"

Finally, I laughingly added, "What say we all strip off
five minutes after we get in the house, and we line up
to do it. Then we lay down on the floor, and after that
every guy is fair game."

Kristen said that would be fine, but she wanted Doug

Then she said, "We'll lay down, first, in front of the
guys we have been speaking to."

Brandy said she didn’t think we should tell the guys
our last names, and we all agreed.

Chrissy said that she had informed Steven how old we
were and they don’t have a problem with us being young.

"So let’s have some 'fucking good time,'" girlfriends.

"Okay, but we lay down on the floor in front of the
guys, like total sluts. We lay facing the guys with our
legs toward them." I commented.

Brandy laughed, and added, "Yeah, let’s spread our legs
really wide and give then five beaver shots they will
never forget!"

I asked, "Do we shoot them our beavers, Best Friends?"

Everyone agreed that it would be wild to do something
so "nasty" and not something the five hunks had ever
experienced with their older girlfriends, or simple
"fucks" they had in the past.

Reaching Rick’s place, we found it was a very large
place. Turned out Daniel, his roommate, had bought the
place with some money his grandfather had left him.
Inside the house, he told us where the "little girl’s
room" was, and said there was another directly above it
on the second floor.

We all went down to the basement.

Half of the basement was one large rec. room. There
were huge cushions laying around on the floor, and
Persian carpets s**tted around to complete the room.
The television was a large flat screen, and Rick
flipped it on and tuned it to MTV.

Paring off, with the guys we had been with outside the
diner, and they were not wasting time in trying to
score, and as luck would have it, a fast and catchy
number started playing on MTV, and the dancing in the
video, was perfect for Best Friends to strip to. All of
us were still taking dance classes, and were in the
jazz dance club at our high school, so we begin our
number in sync with each dance step.

We all moved to the center of the room, and began to
disrobe, and when the guys saw what we were doing they
went wild, to say the least. Unbeknownst to each other,
not one of us had a bra on, and when our tops came off,
ten tits were on display, if you call mine and Marti’s
small breasts, tits.

The guys were going crazy and we girls could hear their
comments about our breasts. "Damn, look at what Rick’s
got tonight, perfect little s****r boobs. We all said
we would like to suck, on a prepubescent girl," Howe
commented. "Hell, Shana, yours are like my youngest
s****r’s, and I saw her nude last week and told her if
she wanted, I would make them bigger by sucking and
blowing them up like a balloon."

"Daniel, you must be in heaven! Knowing you’re a tit
man, those under that red hair are going to give you
enough pleasure tonight that you will never get again."
said Steven.

Each of the Best Friends had noticed that Brandy had
went from a 34 -C when we were thirteen, to a 36-D cup
in the past three years.

By now all eyes were tuned to Chrissy, and her long
wavy hair was covering her breasts. She took her hands
and very slowly and pushed back the hair covering her
left breast, and then moved a little hair at a time
until her right breast was exposed. Now that Chrissy
was nearly s*******n, her nipples had become large, and
they were twice the thickness of any of our nipples.
The guys loved the show Chrissy made of showing off her

Then we all reached for the snap on the side of our
skirts, and the room became quiet, with the exception
of the television. Our fingers pulled down the zippers
on our skirts, and then we all eased our skirts down
over our hips. Once they were free of our hips, let
them fall to the floor.

Bending over, with our backs to the guys, to pick them
up, I whispered, "What say we let the guys pull our
panties off, and tell them they can have them for a

After picking up our skirts, we placed them on the sofa
with our tops, then walked over in front of the guys.
We took their hands in ours, and hooked their fingers
in our panties.

I wondered what the guys thought, here were five high
school girls, acting sluttish and more like our swinger
mothers, I believed. When Howe pulled my panties down,
he looked at the small growth of hair over my sex,
which was still only a few hairs had grown from my
cleft and prepuce, out an inch or so. I remembered my
father teasing me in Paris about my pubes, and I
challenged him to count them without getting a hard-on.
Dad had counted to a hundred and twenty, and had just a
few to count, but he became erect. So I wondered if
Howe would be as turned on with my small thatch of
maiden hair as my father was.

When each of us girls had our panties removed, Marti
asked, "Would you five studs tell us which one of us
has the most hair? We are always arguing about who has
the most growth."

Looking at us, the five guys all said, "Shana."

That cracked-up the rest of us. Then we all lay down on
the floor in front of the guy we had paired up with.
After laying on the floor, facing the guys, the five of
us girls parted our legs as far apart as they would
spread. I could feel moisture in my crack, and wondered
if my pussycat was as open as it felt.

My question to myself was answered as I heard the five
guys each commenting on the fact our cunts were so wide

Howe stated, "Damn, look at Shana’s small snatch, it is
leaking her juices, and it's like a small puckered
round puffy hole."

No more than a minute had passed and five erect cocks
were sticking out toward us. Then I forgot the other
girls, as Howe was soon making me feel his tongue
licking my nipples, then down to my pussycat. Finally
he was probing me with a thick six inches of hard
manhood. Howe rode me for at least ten minutes, and
after we both went off.

I was sexually charged being in a group sex activity,
I saw we were the last to finish. Then to my surprise,
Marti moved over and was soon sucking on Steven. When
he was erect once more, I saw he was the largest
endowed of the five men. His cock was at least seven
inches long, but extra thick, and I knew she was going
to have him do her in her anus.

The other girls were surprised, but I knew about Marti
liking anal sex, and the four of us sat back and
watched Marti have her ass probed by Steven, It was
obvious he had done this before. Steven had Marti on
her back, and her legs were bent back onto her chest,
and he was giving her a hard and deep butt fuck. Marti
was crying for more, and begging him to be harder and
shove it into her deeper.

When Steven shot his cum up her butt, Marti cried,
"Someone else, please, someone, do me in my ass."

I looked at Howe, and asked him "Would you, it’s okay?"

Howe wasted no time, and was soon riding Marti doggie
style as he butt fucked her. The other girls were
looking at the scene, and to my surprise, Brandy had
grabbed Doug’s cock and asking him to do her butt.

"Be gentle as I’ve never done it before." she implored.

By the time Doug was lodged up Brandy’s butt, she was
crying out that it hurt, and to not be so hard. But
Doug was soon fucking her harder than even Steven had
done Marti.

In fact, as I watched, I knew that even my father
hadn’t taken my ass that hard and deep. I shuddered,
and then felt Rick sucking on my nipples.

I listened as Rick said how much he enjoyed my long and
hard nipples as he was driving his cock into me, with
my legs resting on his shoulders. I didn’t get off, but
I was fucked hard, deep and completely, and it felt

By the time it was three in the morning, we had each
had sex with all five guys, and when we were driving
home, I laughed as Marti told us that Rick had showered
with her, and had fucked her ass in the shower.

"Damn, that boy knows how to put a dick up a butt. I
asked him if he was gay and did it with guys."

He laughed and told me that his aunt had taught him how
to butt fuck from the time he was twelve, and she still
has him do her at least once a month.


When we got home, I dropped the girls off, and when I
walked in the house, I found a note from my mother and
father, that they were spending the night at the cabin.
Picking up my cell phone, I called Chrissy, and she
said her parents were at my parent’s cabin.

After speaking with Chrissy, I called Marti, Brandy and
Kristen, and they each said their parents were spending
the night at my parents’ cabin. I didn’t let on that
each of their parents was all at the cabin, but I knew
that they were swinging.

I had just dozed off to sl**p, and after the hard sex I
had experienced earlier that night, I was tired, and
something was waking me, but I went back to sl**p. The
next thing I knew was some was laying on me, and
pushing my legs open. When I realized that my b*****r
Tony was in bed with me, and trying to have sex, I
slapped his face.

"What the hell are you thinking, get off me and out of
my bed and room."

"Come on Shana, we’ve done it before, so what is one
more time, besides if you don’t let me, I will tell dad
you and I have had sex."

At first I was mad, but I was also tired, and looking
at the clock, saw it was nearly four-thirty in the

Finally I told Tony, "Okay, stick it in and get your
nut off and then never bother me again or I will tell
dad you ****d me."

For about three minutes, Tony moved his teenage cock in
and out of me. I felt it had grown from the last time
he was in me. After he went off, I was glad when he
left my bed and went to his room.

The next morning at nine-twenty, I heard the phone
ringing, and when Tony walked in my room, he told me
the call was for me. It wasn’t on my own phone so I had
to get out of bed to answer the call, and I padded to
the phone naked. When I got the phone, it was Mary Etta

Then it dawned on me, I’d picked her as the extra
person for us to take to the Halloween party. I spoke
to her for a few minutes, then told Mary Etta, I’d pick
her up around five in the afternoon, if that was okay,
and we would go to the Stuffed Dog. Mary Etta said that
would be great and would see me there.

I had been sitting on the sofa while talking with Mary
Etta. As I moved to go back to bed, I saw my b*****r
standing at the end of the sofa ogling my nude body.
Hell, I thought, my b*****r is staring at me, and he is
nude as I am.

His cock is pointed to his chin.

I didn’t even say anything, but took his hand in mine,
and led him to my bed.

Then, I told him,, "Fuck me, but make me cum."

This time my b*****r did as I asked.

He fucked me deep, hard, and for one hell of a long

Once wasn’t enough, and he took me the second time. I
actually believe I went to sl**p during the second

When I got up around one in the afternoon, my pussy was
sore from all the cock probing of the last day.

Damn, I thought. I have been fucked at least ten times
since last night between those guys, and my b*****r.


After I picked Mary Etta up and we drove to the
hangout, took a corner booth, and after some small
talk, I asked her about her boyfriend? Looking at me
with a grin on her face, Mary Etta told about being
dumped on, and that Mr. Vac had become her date once

We both were laughing, and I asked if Mr. Vac’s first
name and initial was Ray O.?

Unbeknownst to Mary Etta, I was aware that Jorge had
done her. Jorge had told me that Mary Etta had not
exactly said she did it with her b*****r, but said his
cock wasn’t as big hard as Jorge’s was soft.

I’d heard my mother telling dad, that the Grogan’s
would be at the Phillips party a while back, so I
assumed that they were involved in swinging. Finally I
asked if she enjoyed her first time in having sex, and
how old was she when some boy got lucky with her.

"Not really enjoyed, it was more fun than anything
else, and the guy didn’t really do it all the way. In
fact we messed around for almost a year before he
shoved his dick in me."

"You're k**ding, how could a guy not want a girl as
pretty as you, seems strange." Then I again asked her,
"How old were you, when you first messed around with
your first boyfriend"

"Shana, you must promise never to tell this to anyone,
do you promise me you won’t?"

Then Mary Etta told me that she was only eleven, and
that the two of them would play together in bed of a
morning after her parents left for work.

"Ernie and I..."

Mary Etta stopped speaking suddenly, as if she hadn’t
intended to reveal the boy’s name. But I knew it had to
have been her b*****r Ernest, whom everyone called
Ernie. I saw the stunned look on her face, and knew
that she had not intended to reveal her b*****r’s name
or that they had played in bed together. Ernie was
three years older than her, so he would have been
f******n when they first played with each other.

"Mary Etta, your secret is safe, and I played with my
older b*****r in bed."

Knowing I needed to reveal my secret to instill some
confidence in her that I would keep her secret. I told
her she must never tell that I let my b*****r touch me.
Now I knew she’d open up, and I could determine if she
could be a part of the Best Friends plans for

"Tell me what you and your b*****r did, and I will tell
you, also."

Mary Etta told that one morning she woke up as her
parents were leaving for work and it was storming
really hard, and the lightning had struck a tree in
their backyard. She had hugged her mom, telling her she
was afraid to be alone in bed, and asked if she could
stay home from work. Her mother told her to get in bed
with her b*****r, and he would protect her.

"Shana, I got in bed with my b*****r, but his
protection was more exploring, and I admit, I enjoyed
what we did."

"Tell me what you two did. I think your b*****r is a
hunk. He and I would drink sodas together here when he
played football, and before he graduated and went to

For the next ten minutes, Mary Etta told me all they
had done. At first she had snuggled up against her
b*****r, and he had hugged her and let her lay with her
head in his arm. She had only her panties on, and her
b*****r was in his underwear. Evidently, his being
against a nude girl for the first time, allowed Ernie
to know he was feeling something all boys want, a nude
girl in his bed.

"I woke up feeling my b*****r playing with my tiny
breasts. They were actually just little tiny points on
my chest, and I told him he was being naughty. Then he
asked me to touch him inside his underwear. I was
nervous, but liked feeling his thing, as it was hard.
Next thing I knew, my b*****r Ernie had his hand inside
my panties, and his fingers playing and touching my

Mary Etta told they would get in bed with each other,
every day immediately after their parents left for
work. After about a year, they both took off their
underwear one morning and started feeling each other
all over. By now her breasts had become a little
larger. and her

"My sex had started to give me different feelings. I
wanted something more than his finger. I understood
about sex, as I had been jacking off my b*****r since
about a month after we had started playing with each
other in bed.

"Shana, that morning, Ernie got on top of me, and I
knew what he was going to do." She added, "I wanted him
to put his prick in me, and when he did, it hurt like
all get out, but he wouldn’t stop and he popped my

She told how they would have sex almost every morning.
One morning she woke up, and she was bleeding. She
thought she was having a baby from sex with her
b*****r, then it dawned on her, she was having her
first period, and she had just turned thirteen the
previous month.

I asked her, "Mary Etta, how many guys have you been

"Five? Yeah it is five."

I watched as she actually counted them on her fingers.

"How many have you been with, Shana?"

"Let me see, seven in all, but with one I didn’t have
sex with, but we were in bed together, and almost did,
but I got scared and made him stop. That was with my
b*****r, Brandon."

Then I knew we were even, but I wanted to know who the
five guys she had done.

"Tell me who the five were you have been with." I said
to Mary Etta.

"You won’t tell will you, as this is very personal, but
what is this all about, Shana
I mean, your wanting to know about me having sex, what
is the reason you are asking me these questions?"

"Okay, I will tell you a little about something that is
going to happen with my best friends, and you know the
five of us call ourselves, Best Friends."

"Yeah, you girls are so cool, and all of us like you,
and I and my friends envy your closeness, all of us
were jealous of how the five of you looked that night
in the identical skirts you brought home from Paris."

"We need another girl we can trust to go to a party
with us, but it must be someone we can trust."

Thinking for a moment, Mary Etta told about the five
guys with whom she had sex. "Okay, Ernie was my first,
and then when I f******n.

My - my uncle, my mom’s younger b*****r, Rick, and he
is only a few years older than myself. So I had sex
with my Uncle Rick, and we had sex four, no it was five
times, over the past couple of years.

Then me and Jorge did it, and he about killed me, he is
big, and I know you two dated, so you likely know what
I mean by big, don’t you?"

She paused for a moment. "You know Mr. Thorton, the
science teacher, h-he and we did it a few times, but he
likes oral sex the best. Did you know he has done
several girls in school?" Mary Etta asked.

Then I thought, she has left one out, and I asked who
the fifth guy was.

Mary Etta then told about the guy who just dumped her,
Martin, and they had been a couple for almost eight
months. Then she said there was one more, but she
didn’t know if she could tell me, as I might tell
others about whom else she had also had sex with.

"Mary Etta, I would never tell these details to anyone
else, and hope you never reveal what I have said to
you. We Best Friends are discreet, and would never
reveal to anyone outside our circle of trust what or
whom we have done."

"I-I’ve done it with... my... Shana you must promise
not to ever tell or have an ill feeling toward me if I
say who else, promise me, but I did it with my grandpa,
my dad’s father."

I saw a look of concern cross her face, and I knew I
must ease her fears that I wouldn’t tell anyone the
secret she had just shared with me.

"Mary Etta, I have been with my father, several times,
so I have knowledge of i****t. In fact I have done it
with my younger b*****r, Tony."

I asked Mary Etta how she and her grandpa got together,
and she told me that he had taken her to New York a
couple of months before, and they had connecting rooms
at the hotel, but she had gotten into the liquor
cabinet in the room, and had d***k three of the small
bottles of Scotch.

Then she had undressed and got into bed, but she was
d***k and not thinking clearly had walked through the
open doors between their rooms. When her grandpa saw
she was d***k, he told her she was naughty. He told her
that she must not tell her mother she’d been drinking
or he would catch heck for something he didn’t have
anything to do with.

"Before long I got on the bed and started to tease my
grandpa. I didn’t even think about being nude, but I
was so wasted. After a while, I guess my grandpa
couldn’t take any more of my nudity and being silly, we
ended up having sex."

Mary Etta told me that the sex was really good, and she
and her grandpa did it the rest of the three-day trip.

"Shana, my favorite sex is with my Uncle Rick, and he
is really a handsome guy, and I think he is about
thirty, but he does me so gently."

Then Mary Etta looked at me and told me what made sex
with her uncle so great. "When Uncle Rick is doing it
to me, he will reach down between us, and he plays with
my clit, and it makes me go off really nice, not really
hard, but for a long time, and then I exploded."
Looking at me, Mary Etta said, "Sometimes he will push
his finger in my butt, have you ever had that done?"

"Not only a finger, but my father butt fucked me, and
it was wonderful and terrible all at the same time." I
told her, "Maybe you should ask your Uncle Rick to do
you in your butt."

"Hee - hee," Mary Etta laughed, and told me. "I
promised him I would let him, do what he calls butt
fuck, the next time we are together, and in two weeks,
he is going to have me stay with him when my parents
are away for the weekend."

For the next hour we discussed our lives, and I told
her that she was likely to become one of the Best
Friends, if she wanted to be one of us. I explained we
never put anyone down, and our secrets cannot be
discussed with others. When we see the other k**s, we
never become stuck up, and I know you live on the
street over from me, and your father is extremely
wealthy, like ours, so you must treat others like we
treat ourselves and never make fun of others.


The next day the Best Friends were swimming in my pool,
and the other four agreed to accept Mary Etta, as if
she had been a part of us since we were k**s. We made
the plans for crashing the Halloween party, and when
Mary Etta heard us speaking about our parents being
swingers, she told me that her mother and her had a
discussion about swinging, and she knew her parents
did, but not with whom.

After a while, the six of us went to my room undressed
and all showered. That was the first time we saw Mary
Etta in the nude. Here was a raven-haired teenager,
with perfect 34-B breasts, and the hair over her
vagina, pitch black, was thicker than Marti’s. The
other thing striking about Mary Etta was her height, as
she stood 5' - 8", and her legs were perfectly shaped.
She was on the cheerleading squad, and would likely be
the captain, her senior year.

This year, my parents had planned their Halloween party
at dad’s cabin. Dad told me it was because of my
friends and I crashing the party. The others, including
my mother, had no idea why it wasn’t at a hotel. There
were going to be twenty couples, unless someone
couldn’t make it. Everyone attended these parties, as
they were attractive adults.

Each of the Best Friends, and now there were six,
purchased wigs, and each of the wigs were the color of
our hair, but were long, and hung down to our hips. We
purchased stockings and garters, and costumes. Marti
was going as a cowgirl, with a bra made of two small
cowboy hats, that covered her breasts so they smallness
wouldn’t give her away.

Brandy was to be a hooker, and her short skirt, had
nothing under it, so anyone who reached under it was
going to find a shaved pussy. We flipped out, but
Brandy said anyone who saw her red-haired pussy might
guess who she was immediately.

Kristen went as a bag lady, and her costume was
designed so she could flip her dress and it would
reveal her muff, which she had colored blue on one
side, and red on the other half of her labia. When I
saw Chrissy, wearing an abbreviated flight attendant
uniform, I and the others loved how she been waxed
until her pubes were like some strippers strip. The top
allowed her breasts to show, even part of her nipples
when she moved a certain way.

I had chosen to dress like an American Indian, and my
skirt was short and I had chosen a pair of crotch-less
panties to wear under the rawhide cover. The top of the
costume was a padded bra, but the cups would drop down
as they were held up with velcro.

When we saw Mary Etta, we all flipped, she had found a
night gown that was two panels of material, and had
four straps, about two inches wide, holding the panels
together. The straps had snaps on them and they would
allow the panels to flow with nothing holding them
together. We knew she would be a hit with her long

Dad had told me the party was to start at eight, but
most, if not, all the guests would show up around
seven, so we should come at nine o’clock, the party
would be underway.

I asked dad, "How soon does everyone start changing sex
partners? Give me a run down on what happens."

We all met at Marti’s, and got in her mother’s minivan.
Then we took off for the party. We turned the lights
off as we pulled onto the lawn where everyone had
parked. I’d told the others what dad had said about the
couples pairing off. Dad had suggested we enter the
party through the side door, one or two at a time, and
simply start mingling with the crowd.

None of us knew what our parents were wearing, and they
weren’t aware we were coming, except my father. One
thing I didn’t tell the other five girls, was that at
one in the morning, everyone stripped off their outfits
and were nude, except for the mask. Then you pulled off
the face mask of the partner you were having sex with,
and if anyone wasn’t having sex, you took of your own

We had been at the party about ten minutes, and a
pirate pulled me up the stairs and led me into my
parent’s bedroom. In less than two minutes time, I was
feeling a thick five-inch cock probing my pussycat, and
its owner must have been getting his first sex of the
night, as he left one hell of a load of cum in my

I remembered dad had said the women never wiped their
pussies after they had been fucked, and I’d told the
other girls the same.

After returning down stairs from the loft, I saw Mary
Etta bent over a chair arm, and was being taken doggie
style by a guy with a football helmet on his head, and
a long tee-shirt made like a football jersey.

On the one sofa, were two women, and they were being
taken by two large men, and I thought the one dressed
like a cop, must be my father.

Then I saw Brandy was setting on one man’s cock, and it
was buried deep up in her, while the other was butt
fucking Brandy, and I moved so I could listen to what
she was saying. Her voice was chocked, and she kept
repeating, not my ass, I’ve never had it there, oh my
ass hurts. But she was unable to move from having both
holes filled at the same time.

Then I was grabbed, and pulled over to a chair, and my
butt was soon being filled with a monster of a cock,
and he drilled me deep and hard. After he went off, I
was turned over and the cop was driving his cock deep
inside my pussycat. I cried out when I came, as I
believed it was my father. The idea of my dad fucking
me, and not knowing it was me, made me cum hard.

What dad hadn’t told me was they invited a group of
single men, as the man of the couple, was only able to
do a few women, whereas the women could in effect go
all night. That came to my mind when I counted the
number of men and women and knew that there were likely
fifteen or so more men than women, and that counted the
six of us girls.

Then I saw Chrissy being led up stairs by two men, and
I wondered if she was going to get doubled up, and butt
fucked for her first time. I wanted to watch her, but I
knew that might not be proper.

Then I saw a single women and a man walk up the stairs.

Shortly, one woman said to me, "I enjoy walking in on
couples and having a threesome, do you?"

I knew from her voice that it was Chrissy’s mom. I
walked with her and decided, to see if she would let me
go down on her. Why I wanted that I didn’t know, but
she did not resist as we walked into the room where her
daughter, unknown to her, was getting fucked, in both
her pussy and ass, and asking for more. I only hoped
her mother wouldn't recognize her voice.

I had Mrs. Mathews set on the edge of a chair, and I
went down on my best friend’s mother. She cried out
when she went off, and pulled my face tight against her
pussy. I could only hope I had put my mask back in
place so she didn’t recognize me. But I escaped from
the room quickly, as I watched some tall black man bend
her over the railing and was taking her from behind.

The gong was rung at one in the morning.

I was bent backwards over one of the large footstools
my mother had placed in the great room and was being
eaten out by a woman dressed as a princess. She moved
from between my legs. I stood up from where I was bent

I watched as everyone in the upstairs rooms came down
the stairs.

I knew that when the gong sounded the second time we
were to undress, then wait for the gong to sound the
third time and remove my mask.

I wondered what my five girlfriends, and our parents
were going to say when the mask revealed everyone.

Then the gong sounded out the second time. I watched as
men and women undressed, and so did the Best Friends.
Now the six of us were disrobed from our costumes.

I was surprised to see the cop was not my father, so I
so I still wanted to see which one he was. Then the
crowd was milling around, and dad had either failed to
tell me, or wanted me to experience something different
at the party, but I soon found you were to caress any
man or woman you wished. When I turned around, I was
face to face with my mother, and we looked at each
others nipples and breasts, and we knew who was behind
the mask.

I whispered, "Hi mom, fancy meeting you here."

Whispering in a hushed voice, mom said, "You talked
your father into this, didn’t you?"

Then she kissed me, a French kiss!

I turned around and stroked cock after cock, and breast
of all sizes, and I found it pleasant to finger the wet
sexes of the women. When I found Mary Etta, we had fun
playing with each other’s pussies and tits.

Then I felt a pair of hands reach around me from
behind, and a deep voice said, "I love your breasts,
and your nipples have been driving me crazy for the
last fifteen minutes." "I want to fuck you just as soon
as the fourth bell rings, so you keep that nearly
hairless p*****n looking pussy for me."

When I turned to face the voice, I saw the hands
belonged to the larger of the three black men in the

Then I saw dad, and there was no way we didn’t
recognize each other. I knew that the man, who had
taken Chrissy in her butt, was my father.

Whispering to me, dad asked, "Having fun, Baby, how
many have you enjoyed, and don’t forget, as this is
only Friday, the party lasts till Sunday sometime, so
you will have plenty of sex before you leave, happy you

"Yes, me and mom met and our breasts and nipples were a
dead give away to each other, without removing our

Then the gong sounded once more. People had already
determined whom some of the participating couples and
single men were. Each person walked up to the loft at
the top of the stairs and stood facing the crowd. then
removed their mask.

We six girls were cheered and we could each hear our
parents shocked expressions, then they cheered. I was
the first of the six of us to walk up the stairs, my
parents meet me as I got back down and they hugged and
kissed my cheek. That broke the ice for the other
parents, and the only one who was really surprised was
Juan Perez, as he knew he had enjoyed sex with his

Everyone, had a glass of champagne, and my mother, Mrs.
Handleson, and Mrs. Grogan had brought out trays of

The six of us Best Friends fixed our plates, and sat
down with our glasses of champagne.

I laughed as Chrissy said her butt was sore, "The first
guy, who butt fucked me had a cock like a tree, and the
second guy wasn’t far behind."

Smiling I told her that the first guy up her butt was
my father, and the guy she was riding was her own
father. She couldn’t believe it, and then I asked if
she remembered me going down on a woman while our dad’s
were doing her. She honestly didn’t think about who the
woman was, or even that it was I doing her mother, but
thought it was cool. Chrissy said that she was hurting
where she sat down, and wondered why, then laughed at
her own joke.

That is when I told her about recognizing her mother’s

"I like knowing I had been with you and your mother.
I’m happy, and maybe our parents and we can party
together, would you like that, Girlfriend?"

Chrissy told me yes.

I explained about the fourth bell, and you can walk up
and take anyone you want, and that the party would last
until sometime Sunday. I asked the girls if they had
seen the three black men.

All except Kristen decided they wanted to try a black

That is when we got the surprise from our dear friend,
and that she had kept a secret from us.

Kristen told us, "Do you remember Todd Blakely, who was
the quarterback last season, and is now at OSU, well I
did him one time, then the second time, and several
more times, and I can tell you I firmly believe a
'b*****r' can fuck for a half hour at a time before
they dump their load."

"Bring him on," Marti said.

Just before the gong was rung for the fourth time, my
father asked everyone to stop talking for a moment as
he wanted to "introduce" the six new attendees. He
asked that I and the other Best Friends come forward.

Looking at each of us, he smiled and said, "I believe
everyone knows these charming half dozen, perhaps more
now than we know, after all their disguises fooled me
and my wife."

Everyone laughed, and my father asked us, "Do you
lovely ladies have anything
or anyone special you’d like to start the final part of
the party?"

Marti looked at the rest of us and whispered so only we
six girls could hear her, asked us, "What say we have
our own fathers do us, and let it all hang out, it
could be a trip."

Kristen said, "I agree, but maybe we can lay down on
the floor, and rest our heads on our mother’s laps."

"Heck, we want our dads to do us, so let’s do as Marti
suggests." I asked, "Everyone agree?"

Only Brandy had a funny expression on her face, and
said she didn’t believe she could do it with her
father, even if she had agreed before.

Then she acquiesced, saying, "Yeah, we might as well,
that was the reason for crashing the party, was to have
our dad take us, but I had hoped it was without knowing
he had, let’s get'r done."

"You’re the chairwomen, you tell them," Chrissy said,
as she and the others laughed.

I walked up to dad and told him what we wanted, then I
added without the agreement of the other girls:

"Just be sure and have someone lined up to take your
places after you do your daughters."

My father announced what we wanted, and the others
shouted out their agreement. I watched as our mothers
stepped forward, and then sat on the floor. The six of
us girls lay down on the floor, and rested our heads in
our mother’s laps. Looking around before I lay down, I
saw the girls held their legs together, and Marti had
her legs crossed at the ankles.

Then I lay back, looking up, saw my father moving
between my legs, with his erection sticking out toward
the pussycat he was about to enter. I became excited,
and anxious to once more have a feel of his penis in
me, the one that had captured and split my hymen.
Looking, I saw the other men were erect, and I knew
they were looking forward to having a specific female,
which until now was supposedly off-limits.

Us girls were ready too, and as their individual
fathers hovered over our prone bodies, we each spread
our legs. The other guests were hushed, when, as if on
a signal, it seemed, each father buried the salami into
his daughter at the same time.

I moaned out, "Daddy, my daddy," as his large penis
slipped up into my body, and I heard similar cries from
the other girls. My hips were rising upward from the
floor meeting each deep and searching stroke of my
father’s pistoning penis. My climax was building fast,
as my father and I had only been as one for less than
two minutes.

Then I, and everyone else heard Brandy cry out, "Oh
gawd daddy, I'm fucking cumming, YES! FUCK ME HARDER

Hearing Brandy let her climax overcome her, I too cried
out my release, and shouted out, "YES, I’M GETTING IT!

Then it seemed the other girls were allowing the moment
to happen for them, and all were shouting out their
release. Everyone in the room heard Juan, Kristen’s
father, cries out, I’m fucking my little girl, and
she’s coming on my cock, damn she is tight, AUGH SHIT,

Everyone listened as each father and daughter got off,
the only one who was different was Mary Etta, and she
wailed out a prolonged and mournful release. Looking
toward Mary Etta, I rose up and saw everyone was
evidently now focusing their attention on the long legs
of the girl, as they were wrapped around her father’s

Mary Etta had her legs up around her father’s back to
where they were almost up to his shoulders, and her
ankles were crossed. Mary Etta was wailing out a sound
like a kitten begging for its mother to come to it for
comfort. Then Mary Etta uncrossed her legs, and
catching her ankles in her hands, pulled her legs back
toward her, and raising her hip in the air.

Then I saw the black man move over me, and before I
could adjust, the thick black cock started stroking
deep into my belly. My god, I thought, I’m glad he
isn’t as big around as he is long. When he chewed and
pulled on my nipples away from my body with his teeth,
my pussy reacted by squeezing his cock and trying to
keep him deep inside me.

There was one thing for certain, my girlfriend Kristen
was right about the staying power of a black man.

Some of our friends used to say: "Once you go black..."

It was the longest fuck of my life and my pussy was
becoming sore, from his riding my body for the longest
time. Then he jammed his thick cock deep inside me. I
about passed out. He had pulled my legs up on his
shoulders just before he jammed his cock deep into my
cervix. I didn’t cum from his long fucking of me, but
my pussycat just had the most intense and the longest
damned fuck it ever had.

At one point during the party, I had a black cock in my
mouth, my pussycat was riding another. A black man,
whose name was Clarence, was in my butt with his twelve
inches of black cock. Never could I have imagined
myself getting triple drilled. this sexual act even
being done.

On the floor about two feet from me, Marti’s father was
stuffing her ass, while she rode my father in a reverse
cowgirl. At the same time, a man named Jeff was feeding
her mouth his thick five inches of meat.

It was nearly three-o-clock on Sunday afternoon. The
six "Best Friends" had been fucked more in the past
sixty hours, than in our entire lives combined.

I had attempted to keep track of how many men and women
had done me, but after ten men, I lost count. I simply
remember my body being taken over and over, and in
positions I could not believe.

At one point, I found my pussycat being eaten out by
Nancy Phillips, Brandy’s mother.

We asked our parents if we could skip school the next
day, and stay at the cabin. Our parents agreed. Our
mothers said they would call the school for us, and
tell them we had gone out of town and had car trouble,
and would not be home until sometime in the afternoon.

Before everyone left, I watched as the men and women
took time to clean up the cabin. The six of us made up
the beds, and that answered my question why mom had so
many sheets and blankets at the cabin.


After everyone else had left, the six of us got in the
large hot tub. The water eased our tired bodies, but
our pussycats were sore, and Brandy said that her ass
felt like someone had done it with a corncob.

All I could say was, "I hope the next party isn’t until
New Year’s Eve."

The Mary Etta, the newest of our group, spoke and
surprised the rest of us completely: "Let’s get our
fathers to take us on a trip to New York or some place,
and only we can be a part of the orgy."

Chrissy spoke up and said, "My parents have a cabin in
the woods in the Smokies, so lets go there over
Thanksgiving break."

That, everyone thought, would be great. We all loved
going to Pigeon Forge.

After soaking in the hot tub for about twenty minutes,
we got out and headed for the shower. Marti said we
should all shower together, and we all laughed as the
six of us stood in the water. After we dried off, we
headed to the bedrooms, and I was in my room with
Chrissy. We lay down on the bed, and before long we
were caressing each other’s breasts and sliding our
fingers into the other’s pussycat.

Sensing she wanted more, I went down on Chrissy. She
held my head in her hands and guided me as to how she
wanted me to bring her off. Chrissy’s climax was quick,
and then she took me. Her tongue searched out every
crease and fold of my love portal it could reach. Then
she took my clit between her lips. Her tongue pushed
back the hood and it flicked back-and-forth, then
around my bl**d-engorged button, until I reached a
sharp but a sudden climax.

I loved the feeling. It was different that any I had
ever known.


Our lives were like other k**s in our school, we all
dated, but didn’t have sex with our dates, but we
enjoyed being together. Mary Etta was as much a part of
Best Friends as the five of us had always been. I
begged my dad to let me order her a skirt like the ones
the five of us girls had, so Mary Etta would have one.
Finally he told me I could, but not to get any more

When the skirt came, I was in school, but on Saturday I
asked the other five to come over, as I had a surprise
for them. When I handed Mary Etta her present, and it
was in one of the gift boxes like the other skirts had
been, everyone but Mary Etta knew what the gift was.

Marti had become a wild one, from our description, and
she suggested we try to find our friends in

Finally we all agreed that tonight we would drive over
see if our friends might be at the diner. Mary Etta
wanted to know what the deal was, and we filed her in
on the story.

To our surprise, Mary Etta told us, "Rick is my uncle,
remember Shana, I told you about Uncle Rick!?"

Then Mary Etta made believers of the five of us, when
she said her cousin lived with a guy named Daniel. I
knew she was telling the truth from the minute she said
Rick was her uncle, and she had told me they had
enjoyed sex together more than once.

We asked Mary Etta to call her uncle and have him set
up a party, and the six of us would meet them at the
diner around seven in the evening next Saturday, and to
tell the other’s we’ll wear our skirts from Paris.

When Mary Etta was talking to her uncle, and she
explained how she knew about the previous party, and
how she knew us five girls.

"Don’t forget, Uncle Rick, there’s six girls this time,
maybe you will finally introduce me JR you’re always
telling me about, okay bye."

"Girls, the party is set for next Saturday, and I hope
JR is there, although I’ve never met him, but Uncle
Rick has told me about him many times?"

Finally, after prodding by Marti and Brandy, we heard
why Mary Etta was so wanting to have JR at the party.

"My Uncle Rick has told me he has the biggest shlong he
has ever seen or heard about. He had seen it a couple
of times.

Most girls won’t even let him try to get it in them!"

That comment had the us all excited for the rest of the
day, and finally we shuffled a deck of cards, and
decided that the person who got the Ace of Spades,
would be the first with JR.

Luck was with Mary Etta, and on the fourth hand dealt,
got the black ace.

It was Saturday, and we had been planning the total day
on what we would do, and the Best Friends were ready to
take off for another wild party. None of us could
imagine dating one guy, who would think he could
determine when he and I would have sex, and not allow
us to take part in the decision. We knew from other
girls in school how they were frustrated from the way
they were treated by the guy they were hooked up with.

That morning, I had undressed in my room and walked
nude to the bathroom, as I thought I was home alone. I
found out that wasn’t exactly the case as Tony was

"Hi Pretty s****r, come on in, I will be finished in a
minute, as I’m meeting the guys, and our coach is
taking us to see the Tribe play."

Knowing that my b*****r had seen me in the nude, and
his young cock had probed inside me on several
occasions, I didn’t think anything of his standing nude
in front of me, or seeing me nude, got ready to get in
the shower.

Tony looked at me, and with a gentle sound in his voice
told me, "I swear you
have grown more hair on your lovely thing. May I touch
it? I’ll be nice?"

Tony hadn’t moved, and finally I moved over to stand in
front of the mirror on the wall, and looking at the
hair on my sex, thought he might be right. I turned
back around.

Tony again asked, "May I look?"

Thinking I would let him enjoy a quick peek, as Tony
had been exceptionally nice to me since the last time
we had been close.

"Move out of the way," I said to Tony, and then I sat
on the vanity, and opened my thighs slightly.

Tony was surprised, and he knelt down and looked
between my legs. Slowly, I parted my legs a little
more, till I knew he was able to see inside my
pussycat. I took my left leg, and moved it up until I
had my foot resting on his shoulder. There could be no
doubt, I thought to myself, Tony is getting a complete
view of my sex.

I asked him, "Is there more hair?"

"Yes, and it has started to grow down alongside your
opening. May I touch, please Shana?"

I didn’t respond, and when a few seconds passed, Tony
moved his fingers to lightly touch where he had said
the hair had grown more. My body was betraying me, and
I was becoming heated, and knew if I didn’t stop now,
want more.

After a few moments, Tony moved his fingers to the
other side of my labia, and tracing his finger tips
along the lips of my pussycat, spoke in a soft voice:

"See, this is where I remember it used to be to, and
now it has grown all the way down to the bottom."

"You’re sure! I've never had hair down low.

That is wild, and I didn’t know it until you told me."

Then I felt Tony lightly touching the hair at the top
of my cleft, and he caught the tuft of hair that was a
little thick at the covering of my prepuce.

"Even this is thicker, Shana, yet it hasn’t grown on
your tummy," my b*****r told me.

Then I watched as he withdrew his fingers and stood up
in front of me. When my b*****r had been standing in
front of me, his cock had been hanging down, now I
looked and it was sticking up so straight from his
body, it was almost against his stomach. My body became
heated, and I felt myself shudder, and I wanted to hold
Tony’s erection in my hand. With a sigh, I knew Tony
was sensing my desires for some type of contact with

He looked at me and smiled, and told me, "You’ve made
me excited, pretty s****r."

Neither of us moved, and I reached out and touched
Tony’s arm with a slight touch to indicate I wanted him
to move forward. Tony stepped toward me until he was
standing between my knees.

"Why did you stop? Move against me. No, wait, follow
me," I told my b*****r and walked to his bedroom.

I lay in the center of the bed, and as I lay on my
back, my legs opened in an invitation Tony understood.
It seemed that Tony moved in slow motion as he lay
between my welcoming thighs, and then I felt him reach
down and press the head of his cock into the opening of
my pussycat.

It started to slip between my labia.

I hissed out, "Yessss, oh Tony, you feel so good, be
easy this time, and don’t be hard and fast, make it
last, please, yes, like that it feels . ."

My b*****r moved his cock in and out of my gripping
grommet for more than twenty minutes, and I knew how
long it was before the two of us climaxed together. I
had noticed the baseball-shaped clock on the wall at
the end of his bed when I had lain down, and just
before Tony moved from between my legs. Neither of us
made a sound as we got off.

I had never climaxed so easily.

I simply said, "Ugh, Ugh," as I felt my vagina tighten
and then let my body relax.

"Oh, oh, um, yes," Tony said in almost a whisper as he
shot off into me.

I felt his cock push as deep into me as he could reach
with his erection. For a couple of minutes neither of
us moved, and then I realized I had only thirty-five
minutes to shower, put on my makeup, dress and drive
and pick up the Best Friends.

"Tony that was wonderful, and thank you, but get off
me, as I have to shower and get ready to pick up my

Take a shower with me?" I asked him.

We showered together, and I was amazed at how nice my
b*****r was, and he washed me off and in less than
three minutes we were out of the shower. I looked at my
b*****r, and then noticed he hadn’t lost all of his
erection, and when I had washed him in the shower, his
cock was sticking almost straight out from his groin.

"Dear b*****r," I laughed. "Do they make under shorts
that have an extension in the front?"

When I left the house, I was only a few minutes late on
my schedule, but I had just enjoyed a most unexpected
sexual encounter and a climax that still had my body
tingling. There was no way I could explain my actions
with Tony, other than to believe that the knowledge of
what the six of us girls were planning had me keyed up
for sex.

After the Halloween party, I had not had sex until just
a few minutes ago, and knowing tonight was going to be
another gang bang, I knew my body was primed for sex.

"Tony," I said out loud, "You gave me a tremendous cum,
and I knew we will likely have this more often in the
future, as I believe your cock has grown."

When we got to the restaurant we had to wait for a
table for the six of us girls, but finally we were
seated. We each had worn short-skirts with ruffles on
them, and we all giggled and spoke how all the males in
the restaurant were checking us out.

Kristen laughed and said. "Yeah, and the older man,
with the red golf cap, setting by himself, whistled and
winked at me as I passed by him."

Chuckling at Kristen’s comment, Chrissy told us, "You
know the table next to us, with the three guys, they
were at the Halloween party, and they recognized us,
and the one in the middle has a dick that curves up in
the air like a banana."

Marti looked across at the guys at the next table, and
she saw the guy in the middle looking at her. She told
us she was a little embarrassed as he was smiling at

Then she told us, "I’m going over and tell them hello."

She wanted the rest of us to pay no attention to what
she was doing. Marti got up from her chair, and walked
over and sat on the empty chair at their table.

We heard her ask, "May I join you for breakfast, and
it’s certainly nice, seeing you guys again."

They were somewhat surprised when she sat down with
them, but we heard them give their names. The one in
the middle, Jim, said they had enjoyed the party, and
wondered if she had.

Being her regular and mischievous self, Marti in a
friendly laughing voice replied, "The party was great,
and I will never forget YOU! Me, and the others named
you 'Banana' and I wonder why?"

The other two guys laughed and we heard them telling
Jim that is what they called him.

Chrissy whispered and told me they were all married.
That they were attorneys, and had their own firm. They
had been to her house for dinner different times, and
the shorter one had about flipped out when he first saw
her at the party, but he took her twice on Halloween

When the waitress showed up, Marti asked if they could
move their table over with ours. She agreed.

The conversation over breakfast did not get around
about the plans for meeting the guys in Lawrenceburg,
later that night, except when Mary Etta said she looked
forward to wearing her skit from Paris with the rest of

The conversations did not include anything about the
Halloween party, as we all
understood that was something kept quiet and not
discussed where others might overhear the conversation.

When we were finished eating, the guys asked what we
were up to.

Kristen replied, "We have nothing to do, right girls,
so you tell us."

Her comment caught me off guard, and I saw the rest of
the girls look around at each other, then waited to see
if Kristen was trying to set up a quick party.

Jim, looking at Chrissy asked, "How about you Chrissy?"

Then Kemp, the guy who was seated across from me,
asked, "How about we go to my house, and we can swim in
the pool, or shoot pool, so pick your pool, girls."

"We all started to laugh, and Chrissy replied. "Kemp,
do I get to pick out the pool, or should I say pool

Brandy, who hadn’t been saying anything, smiled, and
speaking in a soft whisper, said, "Me, I’d like to go
with Kemp and get fucked, cause I’m horny." Then she
commenced giggling like crazy.

"Me too," Marti said.

The rest of us just looked at each other and finally I
said, "Pay the bill, girls and let’s get out of here
and have a pool of a day."

The three men flipped a coin, and Ted was the odd man
out, so he had to pay for all nine of us.

In the car, we all laughed and knew we were going to be
fucked. No one mentioned that part as we followed the
three men to Kemp’s.

We spoke of our plans for later that night.

Kristen said that she still kept her pussy shaved. So
what say we don’t wear panties and if we get a chance
to sit at the counter, and we turn around and flash the
guys when we are ready to leave with them. They will
die, thinking we will have matching panties on again,
and they will see what they have been wanting since
Mary Etta called her uncle.

Marti had to explain to Mary Etta what we were talking

"Girlfriends, I think we have become cock-crazy."
Brandy said, then added, "I want it bad, so I want one
of those three first."

Without thinking what I was saying, I replied, "No
problem, I had one great fuck earlier this morning and
the most pleasant cum, I may have ever had, and..."

I stopped, as I felt my face turning red, knowing I had
just admitted that I had been with either my father or
b*****r. No one said anything, nor asked any questions,
but I knew they wondered whom I had done.

Inside Kemp’s house, we stood around for a moment, then
he e****ted us out to the pool, and it was a screen
enclosed room, with louver windows. The windows were
closed and Kemp pressed a button, and screens moved
electrically down until the windows were covered so no
one could look inside.

No one spoke, and it was certain the three men were
waiting for the six of us girls to make a move. Without
a doubt, Brandy was ready for sex, as she pulled her
blouse off, then her skirt was unfastened and fell
around her feet, and she stepped out them pick them up
and laid then on a deck chair. Still no one else moved,
and Brandy’s panties soon joined her other clothes.
Moving over to where the guys were, she took Jim’s hand
and led him to a recliner.

Jim immediately undressed. His cock was curved upward
just like a banana, and I imagined how it must've
rubbed against the top of Brandy’s pussycat.

Jim took Brandy in his hands and laid onto the lounge.
Immediately, he was between her thighs. Her 5' - 6"
inch body commenced moving under the body of Jim, who
was taking her fast and furious. Brandy was moaning out
and her sounds soon became grunts, as her hips were
moving with each of Jim’s strokes, and after about four
minutes, they both were going-off.

"Yeah, damn! You move well when you fuck," Jim moaned
out as he shot off.

Then the rest of us undressed, and watched as Kemp and
Ted undress.

Kristen walked over and took Kemp’s cock in her hand
and they laid down on the floor. Kemp put a pillow
under her hips, and then moved over her. After kissing
her briefly, we watched as his cock moved up into
Kristen. They moved in complete unison with each other,
and Kemp went off, but Kristen later said she was about
to cum, when she was left hanging.

Not to be left out, Mary Etta was soon being taken by
Ted, and he immediately pushed her legs back until they
were resting on her breasts. Ted took her hard and fast
too, and in just a couple of minutes, he was filling
her pussycat with his spunk.

Mary Etta cried out, "Yessss, oh god, I’m cumming,

An hour later, Chrissy, Marti and I, were ready to
change partners.

Kemp took me doggy-style. He started to pump into me
deep and hard. He kept saying how he loved my tight
hips. Then I felt him shove into me as far as his cock
could reach, as he shot off inside me. I liked his
thick pubic bush pressing against my buttocks.


Two hours after we had breakfast, the six Best Friends
had been fucked and eaten by the three men, and as we
headed back home, we all laughed and wondered what life
f***e had led us into becoming sex-happy.

Later that night we walked into the Lawrenceburg diner.
We had gotten there early and saw there were six open
seats but two older men were separating them so that
two stools were on one side of the men, and four on the

Marti asked the two men if they would please move so we
could all set together.

"Sure Sweetie, for attractive young girls like you, no

Marti patted the older man, who was likely in his late
seventies or perhaps, early eighties.

The older man smiled and told Marti, "The pat was nice,
but how about kissing old grandpa right here on my

"You’re just like my grandpa, so sure, here," Marti
said and lightly kissed the man’s face.

The other man said, "Heck, I moved and I’m a great
grandpa, how about me?"

Kristen moved and kissed him hard. Her bright red
lipstick, left a true impression of her lips on his

The guys showed up a few minutes after seven, and they
saw us first as we had our backs to the door.

I head Howe yell, "Hello, Miss Shana."

Then the guys all greeted us, and they moved over and
sat at the same table they had the last time.

Marti said, "Okay girlfriends, let’s greet them and
then move over and sit with them, so on the count of
three, we turn around. Mary Etta, make certain your
legs are wide open."

"One - two - three, turn," Marti counted.

We turned, and I and the other girls saw the surprised
look on the guys’ faces, and knew they had expected to
view panties.

Rick pointed his finger, and we heard him say to Marti,
"You shaved it, you shaved it off!"

When we asked the waitress if we could move the chairs
from the other tables over so we could be at the table
with the guys.

She said we couldn’t do that.

Howe said, "Okay lets all leave."

After the guys paid our bill for sodas, we all took off
and followed Daniel to his house. When we reached his
place, we were all excited to meet JR, as the guys had
said he would be at the house, around eight.

A few minutes before eight, we met JR. He was, indeed
tall at least six-ten, and weighed 275 pounds,
definitely big all-around. We, later found out he was
an ex-pro football lineman.

When Rick introduced him to his niece, Mary Etta, we
saw he liked her looks, and she his. JR, was one large
man, and each of us later admitted they wondered what
it would be like to have such a large man on top of
them. Marti even said she couldn’t get her short legs
around his back.

We moved down to the basement rec-room, and saw that
Daniel and Rick had moved mattresses from beds down the
stairs so we would be more comfortable. They guys were
begging us to do our strip tease again, and this time,
we undressed to the tine, "Proud Mary."

After we were nude, the guys undressed, and when we
saw what was hanging between JR’s legs, we all made a
moaning sound.

Mary Etta, looked at me, and said, "My gawd, if it’s
that large soft, how big is it when it's hard?"

I knew what she was saying, as both of us had taken
Jorge on, and he was large. But JR’s cock was a club,
and likely to become twice as large when he became

We paired off with the same guy we each had been with
the first time when we last partied. When Mary Etta and
JR lay down on the mattresses, we all watched as they
begin to explore each other’s body. Within a couple of
minutes, Mary Etta had her fist around less than half
of JR’s cock.

When JR was fully erect, he was at the least a foot
long, perhaps longer, and so round, I knew it would not
fit tight inside an eight-ounce glass. I thought that
he’s more than four inches across, and half again as
thick as Jorge.

Watching Mary Etta as she tried to slip her mouth over
the thick head of JR’s cock, we saw that was
impossible. All she could do was lick his overly large

Mary Etta was licking the thick male organ from the tip
to where it joined JR’s body. We watched in disbelief
as she pulled his sack from under his body and sucked
each of his round nuts, one at a time inside, her
mouth. Mary Etta was able to capture JR’s complete bag
between her lips, and then needed to let the bag of
nuts, escape her mouth so she could swallow.

JR pushed the teenager onto her back, and was soon
sucking and licking her nipples. His thick fingers were
teasing the hair between her legs. One of his fingers
was nearly the size of some men’s cock. I had felt a
couple like that at the Halloween party.

Then I felt a moment of fear for our friend Mary Etta,
as I saw JR move up over her body, and place his thick
manhood at the entrance of her pussycat.

I watched the thick head pressing her labia apart, and
as JR moved it up and down the hair-lined slit, I saw
it starting to attempt to stretch her lips apart and
move up into her body. Already the sounds from Mary
Etta were matching the slow entrance of the massive
cock sliding between her pussycat lips, and into the
start of her vaginal canal.

crying out as the thick head had slipped past the inner
lips of her sex, and was trying to puncture her very
sexual core.

Howe was holding me around the waist, and his hands
were playing with my breasts and then my pussy. at the
same time, we were mesmerized from viewing the monster
of a cock trying to skewer its way into the tight
fitting opening between the teenager’s legs. Then we
saw that the long brutal sized cock was halfway up into
Mary Etta’s pussycat.

In wonder, I watched with the others, as the man worked
his cock all the way into her small channel. When JR
pulled his cock back out, you could see the labia
minora pull out and gripping the thick penis that was
then pushed back into the female opening.

all heard as JR was now fucking our friend in earnest.

Mary Etta pulled her legs back and laid them wide open
in an attempt to ease the fullness of the thick penis
that was filling her, then she cried out, "MY GAWD, I’M

For at least fifteen minutes Mary Etta had endured the
massive cock filling her pussycat, and now she was
feeling the massive shaft leaving her sex. Just as the
head was read to slip out of her pussycat, she
commenced squirting.

Her female cum streamed out of her love hole and fell
down across the stomach of the man who had just probed
her small vaginal opening with the largest cock a
female could imagine. I made a mental note to take him
to the next swinger’s party, and knew I would be the
hit of the party.

Mary Etta started to cry with ecstasy as she felt
herself cumming. Finally she stopped, but JR had gone
into the bathroom and was cleaning off her musky juices
with a wet washcloth.

There was no doubt the sights, smells and sounds of
that erotic encounter had made the men even more
excited. The rest of us Girls were ready for a serious
fucking. I knew that I was anticipating my turn with
JR, and wondering what it would be like. Could I
actually take the monster of a cock in my pussycat?

After twenty or so minutes, I watched as JR took Marti.
There were no doubts, for Marti the sex was painful,
and even though she had wanted the large cock, she soon
found her tiny pussycat wasn’t prepared for his thick
manhood. Before JR was even half way up her sex, her
cries were not only from being stretched, but the long
penis was starting to bump deeper and deeper, and for
Marti, the length of the long manhood had reached any
depth that could feel comfortable.

NOOOO," Marti cried out as JR had reached the need to

He had heard girls and adult women beg him to stop
before, and he would always drive his large cock as far
up their cunts as his cock could reach. Marti’s short
legs were spread open as wide as they could reach, then
JR reached down and pulled them up onto his shoulders
and fucked the small girl as hard and deep as his cock
could reach.

When JR was done, Marti was bleeding a little, and we
all knew her pussy had been stretched more from her
body being so small, than the rest of us would as we
were somewhat larger, but not a lot. By now we were
soon having our third partner of the night, and I was
with Steven, and he wanted anal sex, but I wasn’t in
the mood for that type of sex. Steven was good at
stroking all the area inside my sex.

When he shot off, I realized I had not gotten off, as
he was my third partner of the night. Then I thought of
how many times I had sex during the day, starting with
my b*****r Tony, and then the three men we had met at

Around ten, we were laying around, and just relaxing,
and letting the men have a break, as three times having
sex is a lot for any man. Kristen was standing by the
CD player, and about to place it in the tray, when JR
walked over and started speaking with her.

When the song started, it was a slow number, and
Kristen and JR begin dancing. Watching the lovely
Spanish beauty against the large body of JR was erotic.
His one thigh was larger than both of Kristen, and only
stood head high to his broad chest.

When the song ended, they stood pressed together, and
when the next song started, they were once more
dancing. The rest of us simply watched the twosome as
they were soon kissing, and I saw Kristen move her hand
between them, and I saw her moving JR’s erect cock
between her body and his.

Her hands continued searching between them, and I knew
she was enjoying feeling the thick and long manhood in
her hand. They were still standing together, had
stopped dancing, but were once more kissing, and I saw
Kristen move her hand from between them and wrap her
arms around JR.

Then JR was holding both of Kristen’s round buttocks in
one hand, and it was obvious he was moving his middle
finger between the cheeks of her butt, and probing her
anus. Kristen stretched, and standing on her tiptoe,
and her body was rubbing against the JR. As if the rest
of us were setting around, Kristen and JR moved over
and lay down on the nearest mattress. Kristen moved her
face down and her mouth tried to suck JR’s large
erection, but she could do no better than Mary Etta had

Then the room hushed, and the music stopped, and
Kristen got on her hands and knees, and we watched in
disbelief as it became obvious that Kristen wanted to
try and take JR up her anus. She slipped two
suppositories up her ass. With her eyes tightly closed,
her face soon became lined with expressions of the
initial agony she was undergoing as the large plum
capping JR’s thick cock was attempting to part her
sphincter ring.

"Gawd almighty, easy JR, just take it slow, but I want
it in my ass, AUGHHHH, holy mother, THE HEAD SLIPPED

Kristen’s head flipped backwards and her mouth was open
in a perfect circle, her teeth could not be seen as her
lips were curled back over them. Her fists were
clinched and beating the mattress. Then she fell
forward onto her shoulders. Her hips rose up as JR held
them tightly in his large hands.

JR’s fingers were embedded into the meat on the side of
her rounded buttocks, and Kristen was sobbing and
begging for more, then for him to take it out of her
ass, yet was moving her hips back and forth in rhythm
with full inward and backward strokes of the monster of
a cock.

"SHIT, I’M CUMING," JR cried out and moved as deep into
the tender rectum of the lovely Spanish teenager.
Kristen cried out, "YESSSS, GIVE ME YOUR CUM, ALL OF

They fell forward, and the large mass of JR’s body
completely covered Kristen’s shapely and slender body.
Kristen made no sound nor effort to have JR move his
large bulk off her body. Then we watched in awe as JR
rose up, pulling the hips of the teenager with him.

Again she was resting on her shoulders, and we saw the
massive cock was still buried between the cheeks of
Kristen’s buttocks. Slowly JR being the motions that
showed he was once more taking the Kristen in anal sex.
Watching the massive cock moving in and out of her anal
tube was hard to believe she could have accepted it
once, and now again, without uncorking.

Kristen once more was sobbing out her pleas for JR to
stop, only to ask him to do her deeper, and after at
least another ten minutes, they simply went off
together, and neither made a sound, but fell forward
and when JR rolled off Kristen, and we heard a sound
like, "whoosh."

We watched as the teen beauty, and our girl friend
turned onto her back, her legs were shaking from the
sensations from her anal reaming. Her arms were lightly
hammering the mattress she was laying on. Utterances of
ugh, were repeatedly coming from her mouth as she was
breathing deep and hard.

Then she uttered a strange and piercing release of her
emotions, as she cried out the sound that sounded like,

She cried as she looked over at the rest of the Best
Friends, and said, "I will never want anal sex again.
But that was likely the most intense pleasure I will
ever experience, and I’m glad to be here tonight."

Then Kristen moved over and kissed the lips of the man
who had sodomized her deeply and thoroughly.

Once more, the rest of us were being taken by the other
men. It was obvious from the hard and almost brutal
fucking they gave us, that the image of JR and Kristen
engaging in anal sex, was passing through their minds.
Doug was taking me as if I was just nothing but a
vagina, and available for his pleasure.

Then the hard sex got to me, and I climaxed hard, and

We were finished fucking for the night, but we took
turns, and it was interesting that we showered with the
last one we had sex with. Kristen and JR were the last
to shower, and it was certain that once more they
having sex. When they were finished, they exited the
shower in the bathroom in the corner of the basement,
and looked at us.

Kristen smiled and said, "I had to try that damn thing
in my pussy, so hush, you bunch of perverts."

We went upstairs and Daniel fixed coffee, and he found
some donuts and cookies, and then we decided that it
was now nearly one in the morning and we headed home.
During the drive, Marti asked Kristen what it was like
to have her butt done with the big bone of JR. When she
said that it felt like he would tear her anal opening
and cause her damage that once it was in, the feeling
was the most intense feeling she ever had during sex.
Kristen also repeated that she would never have anal
sex again, no matter who asked her, "NEVER!"


The next morning I was laying in bed when mom came in
and woke me. "Want to go for breakfast, Shana honey,
your dad had to go to the office for some problem that
developed in England?"

"Um, mom, I want to sl**p, can we do it some other

"Come on sl**py head, my treat at the "Roasted Egg and
Burnt Toast."

I climbed out of bed, and mom looked at me, smiled and
asked, "Good time last night?"

"Yeah, by why are you asking,"

Then I saw she was looking at my sex, and my labia was
still puffy from all the sex the previous night.

Over breakfast, we had fun speaking as if we were
simply a mother and daughter having an enjoyable time,
which was true. After we had finished eating, and
enjoying our cappuccino, mom told me that the trip over
Thanksgiving was set, and my father and the other men
had hired a small motorcoach for the six girls and our
fathers to ride to the cabin in the Tennessee

When school broke on Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the
six of us girls were catty, and when we arrived at
home, each of us packed, took a quick shower, dressed
in skirts and blouses. The time we had to spend until
our fathers came home and prepare for the trip seemed
like hours. Finally my father came home, showered,
dressed in casual slacks, and a turtle neck shirt, and
then mom drove us to meet the others at the motorcoach

The drive to the cabin in Tennessee, would take nearly
twelve hours. But after five hours on the road, we
pulled in to a Truck Stop on the interstate.

We were back on the road in under an hour. The bus had
a divider between the driver and the seating area. The
back seat was long and extra wide, so a person could
lie down if they wanted to sl**p.

When Marti lay down to take a nap, Brandy lay on the
opposite end, and after a few minutes’ Marti was
asl**p. Then we noticed that Brandy had gone to sl**p,
and her above the knee skirt, she was wearing had
slipped up her legs and we could see she had on a pair
of lacy panties, that were only enough to cover her
sex. However, the red hair over her mons was showing
that the small triangle of material didn’t cover.
Everyone else was laughing and Kristen and Chrissy were
taking photos of her with their digital cameras.

It was nearly one in the morning when we reached the
mountain cabin, and after we got our bags inside, my
father told the motorcoach driver, we would see him
Sunday morning around nine. We each went to bed with
our own father, and even though we were tired, my
father and I were soon enjoying sex together. I didn’t
climax, but after my father had gone off, I felt a warm
feeling in having his seed in me. While laying on my
back, and drifting off to sl**p, I felt my father’s cum
oozing from my sex and slowly flowing down across my

We awoke around nine o’clock in the morning, and we
could smell food cooking, we looked at each other, and
I said, "Eating can wait."

My father was solidly erect, and I loved feeling his
thick manhood move up into me. This time I went off in
less than five minutes, and shortly afterwards, my
father unloaded his semen in me. Then we got out of
bed, and walked naked out to the kitchen.

Walking into the kitchen we found everyone else was
already eating and having coffee. As I got myself, some
scrambled eggs, bacon and toast, and a cup of coffee, I
turned to walk to the table. That was when my father’s
cum decided to leave the warmth of my sex, and not only
drip from my sex, it actually kind of ran quickly down
my inner thighs.

Chrissy looking at me saw, what was happening, and
started laughing and said, "Guess someone got a load of
coffee cream inside her little box. But it's spilling

I was actually embarrassed for some reason, I guess it
was no longer a private matter than my father and I had
sex just a few minutes previously.

After eating and we sat around the table and had more
coffee, and we decided to get our showers, and then
hike around the nearby hills. By eleven o’clock we all
headed out for a hike in the woods. The air was cool,
but not cold, and there had been no snow yet to cover
the ground.

As we walked along the narrow road that lead to the
many cabins in the area, a forest ranger stopped in his
jeep and spoke with us, and asked where we were
staying. When he learned that we were fathers and
daughters enjoying the weekend together, he though that
was great. I wondered what he would say if he knew my
womb had been filled with my father’s erect penis and
had been drenched with his semen.

Before pulling away, the ranger told us that snow was
due the next day, and by Thursday there would be three
or four inches of snow in the hills, and more snow was
due on Saturday. After hiking until three in the
afternoon, we headed back to the cabin. Someone called
the motorcoach driver, and at six o’clock, he pulled up
and we rode into town. Over dinner, we enjoyed the
meal, and our fathers said they were going to bar
hopping, and we could check out the tourist
attractions, and we were to meet back at the coach at

That night, we had a small orgy. I was with Marti, and
Chrissy’s fathers. The sex was great and I got off when
Chrissy’s father Steve did me. I ended up sl**ping with
Steve, and we were awake around five in the morning,
and got up and walked to the kitchen and fixed a pot of

Within a few minutes, Chrissy, and Brandy’s father
showed up and they joined us for coffee. In a short
time we switched a partners, and headed back to bed.
Juan rode me deep and hard, and he had a thick cock and
brought me off twice with his taking a long time to get

The snow started again around noon on Thanksgiving day,
and my father had arranged for a Thanksgiving meal
catered to the cabin. We ate the turkey and prime rib,
and the other items that dad had ordered. Once we had
cleaned up the kitchen, we all went to our rooms and
undressed. The large whirlpool tub had been filled the
previous day, and the heater turned on and we sat in
the tub on the back porch of the cabin and looked out
the windows at the snow as it fell and covered
everything in white.

Then Steve carried out two bottles of brandy and we
sipped the liquor as we soaked in the swirling water
from the many jets in the large tub. After just one of
the strong drink, my insides felt warm. I felt someone
playing with my pussycat, then a second hand was
touching between my legs, and I found that Chrissy and
her father were both enjoying my pussycat.

After a few minutes, I felt Mary Etta’s father take my
hand, and he led me into the living room and I saw that
someone had placed thick blankets and pillows on the

For the rest of the day, between watching football
games, I was taken four times. Then someone’s father
suggested the men be treated to some girl-on-girl
action, and before long I was between Mary Etta’s long
thighs. I loved feeling her get off, and then I was
being taken by Marti. Her touch, I recognized from the
time the two of us had gotten it on, shortly after her
Uncle Ed had passed away.

On Friday's docket was more sex. Then, the coach driver
picked us up and took us to the town for dinner. After
eating, we all walked down the street and sat around a
coffee shop and sipped cappuccino and ate freshly baked
pastries, while seated around a fireplace.

That night I slept with Kristen’s father, and he took
me twice before we went to sl**p. Saturday, we awoke
and had sex once more. Then he went down on me, and I
wanted to taste him, so I moved into a 69-position, and
when I got off, he filled my mouth with the sweetest
tasting cum I had ever enjoyed swallowing.

The driver of the coach picked us up at noon, and we
went to a different restaurant for lunch. Then our
fathers told us that we were going to an expensive
restaurant for dinner, and we had reservations for
eight that evening. Our fathers gave us their credit
cards and told us we could spend up to $300, and my dad
said, "Honey, you spend what is necessary to purchase
whatever you want, and don’t worry about how much you

We each found an outfit we wanted, and I picked out a
dress that was a brilliant red, and the skirt on the
dress reached about mid-thigh. The top had a v-shaped
neckline, and I couldn’t wear a bra with it, and it was
just right for a holiday night, I thought. I found a
pair of black heels that looked great, and had a two-
inch heel. Looking through the hosiery, I selected a
black pair, with small rhinestones s**ttered across the
smooth and silky feeling nylon material.

By five o’clock we were back on the coach, and when we
arrived at the cabin, I knew only one thing, purchasing
the dress had made me want sex with my father. I took
his hand and led him to the room we shared, and I
undressed as he did. Then I looked at my father, and
said to him, "You were my first, and tonight I
understand that we will be with our own father, only."

Dad looked at me, and told me, "Yes, each of us men
have decided it would be nice just to spend the last
night on our holiday trip with our own daughters."

"Daddy, I can’t wait, I want you to take me now. I’m
excited and thankful for your allowing me to purchase a
new outfit for tonight. I hope you enjoy it as much as
I did in selecting what I thought you would like."

Looking at my father, I saw he was erect, and I said to
him, "Do me, now, I want your manhood inside me." Then
I moved over to the bed, lay down and spread my legs.
My father followed me, and with no foreplay or
preparation, he entered my sex. I was wet from
excitement of shopping for the dress for this evening,
and I sobbed out as dad stroked in and out of me, "Cum
in me, cum in me, I want you to feel your cum inside my

When I got dressed for dinner, I asked my father to let
me get ready alone, I wanted to surprise him with what
I had purchased. While showering, I trimmed my bush,
and when I was finished applying my makeup, I put on
the hose, and then my red dress. I hoped my dad would
somehow discover I wasn’t wearing panties or a bra,
without my telling him.

As I entered the living room, only Chrissy and Mary
Etta were in the room, along with all the fathers, and
they looked at me as if a Hollywood starlet had entered
the room. My father moved over to me, took my hand and
told me, "You’re absolutely perfect, and you’re my
precious one."

We left for dinner, and the restaurant was located on
the side of the mountain, over looking the town, and
had it not been cloudy, the view of the complete hills
and valley would have been visible. Our table was by
the window, and the restaurant staff had put three
tables together so we could all be at one table.
Kristen’s father had arranged the meal before hand, and
we all had a lobster tail and prime rib for our mail

We had a banana flambee, for the desert, and there was
a small dance floor and we enjoyed dancing with our
fathers. When a fast number was played, we pulled our
fathers onto the dance floor, and the rest of the
audience knew that the men we were dancing with had no
idea how to do the dance.

When the band came back from taking a break at eleven
o’clock, they begin playing a slow number from the
fifty’s, and my girlfriends and their fathers, and I
and my father, got up to dance. As the number was being
played, and we were dancing, the leader of the band
announced that the lovely young ladies on the dance
floor were being treated to a Thanksgiving holiday by
the men they were dancing with, their fathers, and in
honor of their academic work in high school. The
audience applauded us, and when the dance ended, we
thanked the band leader for recognizing us.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is my understanding that
these young ladies belong to a dance studio, and
members of the dance jazz club in their high school,
and their fathers would like to watch them perform some
of jazz dance steps they do."

Pausing for a moment, the band leader said, "Jazz is
not our normal play, but we will do our best for these
young lovely girls, so girls the floor is yours."

We looked at our fathers, and Marti, always the bold
one, whispered so only we could hear her, told her
father, "Anything for you tonight, and thanks for
recognizing me, daddy," and as she finished speaking
kissed his forehead. The crowd roared their approval of
her actions, but had not heard the words that cracked
everyone up at our table.

The band started out with a tune that was easy to do
steps to, and we lined up in our normal positions, and
I was slightly in front, as I was the lead dancer. I
knew when I’d turn and move to the dance steps, we’d
decided to perform, the skirt on my dress would flow
away from my legs.

I hoped my father could view enough of my legs that he
could see the rhinestones. During the dance, we moved
over the full dance floor and when we moved to the
music, I could see the skirts on the Chrissy and Marti,
reveal their legs all the way up to the top of their
sheer pantyhose


When the routine required Brandy to take Mary Etta’s
hand and twirl her around, and Brandy moved as if she
was a ballerina. Her black dress was full, and everyone
could view the legs on the lovely red-haired teenager.
I knew that there wasn’t a man watching who couldn’t
imagine how it would feel to have his body squeezed by
her shapely thighs. Mary Etta had been with the dance
group, though junior and now senior high school, and
she had become the one who did the acrobatic moves.

Her green dress moved away from her legs, and when she
would do a kneeling and twist movement, her dress would
flip up over her thighs.

My dress was constantly flowing out from my body, and I
knew that at times, it was showing off my entire legs
and hips, as it was moving out from my waistline,
revealing my body from the waist down. I felt exuberant
in realizing my father was seeing all of my legs.

Feeling joyously, and what I knew was an unrestrained
exposure of my legs, I also knew that even with the
sheer-to-the-waist hose being black, the material
allowed a slight tint of my skin to show through. There
was no doubt that the rhinestones on the hosiery were
catching the light from the room, and the band or
someone had raised the lights so we were spotlighted as
we danced.

When the number ended, the crowd applauded and our
fathers stood up to honor us. The crowd asked for
another number, and the leader of the band asked us to
honor them with one more number. This time the Best
Friends picked out the one number that would ensure the
audience and most certainly our fathers would see our
legs almost constantly.

The number only lasted about four minutes, but it was
one that had us turning and each of the girls would do
cartwheels and having a partner flipped by the other
and the one girl would slide between the legs of her
partner. Kristen said we should trade off lead
partners, after the first three had down their

This time, our legs and hips were constantly on display
to the audience, and when we did the cartwheels, we
knew the crowd enjoyed viewing our bodies. Teenagers or
not, we were turning on the men, and I’m certain, some
of the women. The applause continued almost the total
time we were dancing. I planned my cartwheel so I was
facing our fathers, and I was directly in front of my

When I got to the final turn of my cartwheel, I was in
front of my father. I stopped with my legs spread wide
open, my dress down over my body, then I did a twist on
my hands, and was giving the audience the same view my
father had just seen. Then I did a back flip and joined
up with the other girls, and after a line dance type
routine, we each did a back flip and landed doing

The crowd was on their feet as our fathers came onto
the dance floor and each took our right hand and held
it high in the air, in the manner of a winner. This
caused those having dinner to applaud us even more. The
band leader said it was the greatest entertainment he
had ever been a privilege to be a part of, and the band
had been playing this restaurant for more than ten
years. The manger of the restaurant stepped up to the
mic, saying this was the best evening he could remember
at the restaurant.

We returned to our table, and my father looked at me,
saying, "That one move was for my benefit and I loved
it, Shana."

My father’s voice became a whisper.

"You were absolutely perfect when you danced, and
should make it a career, the others aren’t close to
your ability."

"Thanks daddy, and I danced for you, and I love you for
being my father."

Then I looked at my father, and I told him, "Nothing
will ever change my opinion about having you as my
first, and knowing you got my virginity, makes me feel

"Daddy, I have such a strange fear that something bad
is going to happen!"

Several couples stopped by the table, and they would
hand us money for dancing, and we told them it wasn’t
necessary, but they insisted. The manger walked to our
table with the band leader, and asked if they might
join us for a few minutes. They expressed their thanks
for our dancing, and they invited us back for
Christmas, telling us they would pay us two-thousand
dollars a night, for four nights, if we performed two
dances a night.

Our fathers explained that our schedules wouldn’t allow
us to appear over Christmas, but appreciated their
offer. My father said we may be back over Valentine’s
Day, and if so he would contact them ahead of time.
Money was not an issue, but simply allowing the girls
to dance was enough.

That night, my father undressed me, and even pulled my
hose from my body. I lay back on the edge of the bed,
and when dad took me orally, I climaxed in less than a
minute. Scooting back on the bed, my father soon
covered my body with his, and he entered me slowly and

For nearly ten minutes my father was moving his
erection in and out of me and when he pushed back up
into me, he would make a sudden jerking motion, so he
hit my sex button, and the end of his cock struck the
end of my uterus.

My father pressed his cock as far into me as it would
reach as he went off, and I wrapped my arms and legs
around his body, and I simply melted when I climaxed.
We held each other and went to sl**p in each other’s
arms. I awoke in the night, and my father was stroking
my sex with his erect cock.

The feeling was wonderful and I hugged my father with
my arms and I whispered in his ear that I loved him
fucking me and that he was the man who got my cherry
and I wanted his cream, and never wanted this to end
between us, even when I eventually was married.

Then I felt my climax starting, and I moaned out in his
ear, "Fuck me, oh daddy fuck me, you're making me
cummmm, daddy I'M CUMMING! Augh, yes, YES!"

I awoke the next morning, and my father was laying on
his back, and his face seemed to be smiling. My hand
reached under the covers, and I found his flaccid
penis, and I stroked it until I felt it becoming hard.

Then my father was awake, and rolled over between my
thighs, and soon we were in the world of sex, and again
I couldn’t let my father escape from between my thighs
until we both climaxed.

We got up, showered after Chrissy and her father left
the bathroom, and my best friend, looked at me and
smiled, then said, "My dear father here, gave me a
wonderful night, and again this morning."

"Chrissy, the same with my father and I, and my
pussycat, should always belong to the man who had it
first, right my dear father?"

I watched as our two fathers wondered about our
comments, and my dad said, "I believe we have two sex
fiends for daughters, and they don’t know how old we
are getting."

By the time we boarded the coach, the snow was starting
up once more. My father asked the driver if he had
checked the weather report. The driver said he had
checked the weather report, and it was supposed to be a
light snow. We started for home, and the snow seemed to
be coming down harder, and finally my father informed
the driver, he was to turn around, and go back to the
cabin. When we got to a place where we could turn
around, and start back to the cabin, the snow was
coming down harder, and the road was slick.

Then the coach made a lurch, and slide sideways, and
the next thing I remembered was the bus rolling over
and over down the embankment and when it stopped I
don’t know, as I was knocked u*********s. When I awoke,
I was in a hospital bed, and my mother was sitting next
to me.

"Mom, what happened?"

Then I recalled how the bus had left the highway.

"Mom, how is dad, and the others, are they okay?"

"Honey, it has been three days since the accident, and
your father was killed, as were some of the others."

After I was settled down, and the nurse and doctor came
in to see why my emergency notification unit had
alerted them at the nurse’s station, they sat with my
mother and I, as she explained that only Chrissy, Marti
and I survived the accident.

I was in the hospital for a week, and once I was back
home, Chrissy and Marti came to visit me. We cried and
tried to determine why the others were killed and we
weren’t. My two friends had been lucky and had not
suffered more than bruises and cuts. After my broken
arm had healed, and my concussion and bruised body had
allowed me to return to school, I received a warm
welcome when I walked into my home room at school. They
were posters on the walls of the school, honoring my
friends, who had not survived the accident.

The manager of the restaurant had contacted as many of
those who had been at the restaurant, and several were
still at the resort, when news of the accident spread
around the resort town.

A large greeting card was signed by those who had seen
us dance, and people who wanted to show their
condolences. Some of the people who had been at the
restaurant and watched us dance, had video taped or
taken photographs of us performing.

They had allowed the restaurant manager to use their
tapes and photos, to make a DVD for each of the
families. When I watched the DVD, I cried as it showed
my father clapping his hands. Also when dad led the
other fathers out to raise our hands. My mother could
not believe how wonderfully we performed, and asked all
about our dancing.


Finally I got through my junior year of high school,
and was looking forward to my senior year. The first
couple of days after school was out, I simply hung
around the house. Then I walked outside, into the
bright Wednesday morning sunlight, and stood looking at
the water in the pool.

I pulled my tee-shirt over my head, slipped my panties
down, and dived into the pool in the buff. I hadn’t
noticed my b*****r Tony floating on his back at the end
of the pool, and when I surfaced from the dive, I was
looking directly at my b*****r.

"Nice dive, you should try out for the nude swim team!"
My b*****r told me laughingly.

Swimming over to where Tony was floating, I saw he was
wearing a bathing suit, while I treaded water, we spoke
of what we would like to do this summer. I asked how he
felt about dad no longer being with us, and he got
tears in his eyes, and I did as well.

After a few minutes we got out of the pool, and walked
into the house to our rooms.

I wanted comforting, and asked Tony, "I don’t want
anything sexual to happen, but would you take a shower
with me?"

I realized it had been nearly seven months since I’d
enjoyed sex. For a few minutes I recalled how my father
and I enjoying each other the night before, and earlier
in the morning the day of the accident. I looked at my
b*****r, and remembered the last time the two of us had
sex together. Looking closely at Tony as we stood
feeling the water from shower splashing over us.
Looking, I saw he was erect, I understood he couldn’t
help becoming erect in viewing my nude body, and I was
certain his mind was recalling our times together.

Seeing Tony nude, and looking at him, I noted he was
beginning to look like our father. I quivered as my
hands touch his erection. Yet Tony made no move on me,
although I’m certain he wanted me sexually. Suddenly
the memory that I had gotten his virginity, and the
wonderful feeling his gentle and long strong strokes he
used the last time he took me, caused my body to need

Reaching out, I turned off the shower, and stepping
from the tub, took Tony’s hand in mine and quickly
drying us off, led Tony to my bed. "Tony, be gentle, it
has been months since I last had sex, be like you were
the last time, I beg you."

My body seemed to be floating as I lay back on the bed,
and I spread my legs open wide. Tony looked between
them and told me, "Dear s****r, you have more hair on
the lips, but it still hasn’t grown across your tummy,
and you’re beautiful."

Then Tony eased down and started to ease his penis into
me. It was necessary for him to work it slowly back and
forth in my entrance until I was wet and my labia
parted enough to allow him in me. Then I felt the most
wonderful relief, his cock had pressed me open until he
was as deep inside my vagina as he could reach.

Tony lay still, his manhood buried deep in me, and
instead of pulling out - pushing back up into my sexual
core, he simply held himself deep in me, and somehow
rubbed himself around on my mons. Feeling his body on
mine made me realize how much he had grown since we
were last in the positions I now found us in. As if
they had a mind of their own, my hips were bucking up
from the bed, using the strength in my legs as my heels
and upper back and shoulders were the only part of my
body resting on the bed sheet.

From deep inside my body, I felt the first sign of
pleasure building in my sex. There could be no doubt
what was going to happen, and since the morning my
father was killed, I knew the feeling of a climax
building within me. For several minutes, and it was
many minutes, my pussycat was feeling a man’s penis
pressed deep inside it, while it wasn’t stroking back
and forth.

Like a bolt of lightning, my climax struck, and I cried

My body was completely off the bed, with the exception
of my heels and shoulders. Even my head, had at first
bent upward, from the intense hot feeling of my orgasm.

Then I gave my b*****r the reins.

"Now move like you want, take me. YES! Take me Tony! My
gawd I need you to cum in me!"

After my b*****r poured his male cream in me, I began
to cry.

Hugging me, Tony asked if I was upset with him. I
kissed his lips lightly, and whispered as my lips
rested on his, "No, Dearest, I simply feel such

I could feel my pussycat pushing against shrinking
penis of my b*****r's shrinking penis. After it left my
body, I felt a large glop of cum, seeping out of me.

"Gawd, Tony, you really shot a load of cum in me. Tony,
when was the last time you got yourself off?"

"It has been a week, no eight days ago," he told me as
I saw he was thinking of how long it had been.

I moved my fingers down, I caught his cream, and
brought them up to my lips and licked his juices. The
tart taste of his cream was so different from the last
time I drank them, yet I reached down once more to
capture his juices.

"Tony, let’s go to the Roasted Egg and Burnt Toast for
breakfast, it is where my friends and I always go."
Then I picked up my cell phone and called Chrissy and
Marti, and asked them to join my b*****r and I for

Chrissy said to me, "You sound happy, like your old
self, like you just got stuffed with a big sausage."

"I did."

"You, you, naw you didn’t, only you and Tony are at
home, honest, by your b*****r Tony, really you did your
b*****r, did..."

"Yes, and it wasn’t the first time, so get ready and I
will pick you up in a half hour, and I need to call
Marti, as I feel better than I have since we got home,
Love You Girlfriend."

When I called Marti, her phone was busy, so I waited
five minutes, which gave me time to put on my Paris
skirt. When Marti answered the phone, she could see my
name on her caller ID.

She said, "So, you got your pussycat stretched and wet
down by your handsome b*****r, huh? Well congrats!"

Then she told me, "I’ll be ready when you pull up in my

I heard her giggling, and I asked her what she found

Me and my b*****r?

Marti replied, "Kind of, but I want him in the back
seat with me, I have always thought he is cute."

Then she added, "Besides, my hair is back and I swear
it’s thicker and longer than before, so I’ll flash him
all the way to the restaurant."

Chrissy, had walked over to my house, and was waiting
by my car, and I asked Tony to let my friend set in the
front seat. And to my surprise, Chrissy had on her
Paris skirt. When we stopped to pick up Marti, she was
also wearing her Paris skirt. I had turned to speak
with her as she climbed in the back seat, and I saw
Marti wasn’t being modest as she stepped in my car, and
I saw all of her hairy glory, and knew Tony was getting
an eye full.

We arrived at the restaurant, and the weekday crowd
didn’t have the place packed, so we got a seat next to
one of the front windows. Chrissy sat with me, and
Marti with Tony. After we got our order, I looked over
to say something to Marti and saw Tony had a funny look
on his face. I thought, she has my b*****r by his cock,
which later he confirmed but in a different way.

When I asked Tony if he was going to go off when he
placed his napkin over his lap, he said, "Yes," Marti
had jacked him off.

We all decided to go for a ride for something to do,
and Chrissy suggested we go to my parent’s cabin.
Driving to the cabin was a way to relax, and after we
arrived, we went inside, got bottles of water from the
fridge, and decided to hike around the lake. After
walking about a mile, we had come to the place dad had
always liked to fish.

Tony remarked that this was one of our father’s
favorite places in the world. We sat down along a small
inlet of water, which provided the four of us a place
to relax.

I looked over, and Chrissy was resting her chin on her
arms, which she had placed on her pulled back knees.
Her legs were slightly open, and she had no idea that
she was exposing her pussycat, she was only being
comfortable. However, I looked at Tony through my sun
glasses, and knew he was looking at Chrissy and Marti,
and I knew he was viewing their sex. Marti, too, laid
on her back, with her legs back and bent at the knees.
Her open, glistening slit was totally on display.

I wasn’t certain if they were teasing my b*****r, or
being simply innocent in their display of their charms.

However, I decided to even the score with my b*****r,
and I stood up, being to remove my blouse and said,
"I’m going swimming, anyone like to join me?"

Then I let my skirt slip down my legs, revealing I was
the only one of the three females with underwear on.
That was soon not true, as I eased my panties down my

"Sure," my b*****r said, and he wasted no time in
removing his golf shirt and shorts, then his briefs.
Chrissy and Marti had also started to undress, and when
we were all nude, I could see Tony was looking at each
of us.

Thinking to my self, I told my friends, "Come on, lie
down, and Tony can do a survey, and decided what
feature he likes best about each of us, and then the
next two things about us."

Tony told Marti that he loved all the hair on her sex,
and her tiny boobs were terrific, and her small body
was third.

Looking over Chrissy, Tony said he liked how she had
her muff trimmed in a straight line, and it was only
about an inch thick. Her legs were his second choice
about her body, her boobs third.

Then he looked at me, smiled, asked me to turn over,
and said, "Your ass is your third best asset, no pun
intended, your breasts are different with your long and
thick nipples, so they are second, and the first is
your tight pussy."

Then he realized what he had said, and looking at
Chrissy and Marti knew they had to understand he had
just admitted knowing my pussy was tight.

Smiling, Marti looked at my b*****r and said, "How
about you stick that thing sticking out between your
legs like a club, up each of our pussycats and then
tell us which is the tightest.


Tony told me when we got home, that he loved doing all
three of us, but my pussy was the tightest, and felt
the best. But at the lake Tony laughing commented that
he would need another sample to determine whose was the

Marti had looked at him, smiled and said, "You just
want another piece of my ass, right boy?"

Chrissy had gotten into the game, and told Tony, "Will
big boy, you can have my ass anytime you want it, and I
mean my ass!"

Tony asked about doing a girl in her butt and wondered
if I would let him do me like that, or did I have sex
like that?"

Looking at my b*****r, I told him, "See me in the
morning, Big Tony."

Then I explained to Tony that I was going to have to
use that name if that thing dangling between his legs
keeps growing.


Around three-thirty, my mom called me and asked if I
would like to meet her for dinner, and to let Tony

"Where should I meet you?"

"How about we meet at Brews & Suds, and I have a dress
to wear here in the office, so I will freshen up at

After hanging up the phone, I took a quick shower and
fixed my makeup. For some reason I decided to wear the
red dress, stockings and shoes I’d purchased and worn
with dad last Thanksgiving. While I was standing in
front of the mirror in my bedroom.

Tony walked by my door, telling me hello.

"Tony, come here a minute," I said to my b*****r as he
walked in and sat on my bed.

Tony asked me why I was doing my makeup, and I told him
about mom calling me.

When I got my hose from the box, I kept them in and
then took my dress from my closet, I placed then on the
bed. My b*****r watched as I sat down on the bed and
worked my special pantyhose up my legs. When I stood
up, to pull them over my hips, Tony chuckled and said I
must be like a turtle putting its shell back on.

When I finished pulling my hose up and had twisted them
so they were comfortable and where they should be, I
walked over to my b*****r, caught his head in my hands
and rubbed my 32-A boobs against his face. Laughing, I
stepped back and picked up my dress and slipped it over
my head and down my body.

"Wow, do you look sexy, and s*s, I have to tell you,
you’re the most beautiful girl I know."

"Thank you, b*o, and your very handsome, even if you
are a little boy."

Then I chuckled as I swirled around, and the dress
flowed out from my body, exposing my legs.

"Maybe we should get you a new suit, and have our
photographs taken together for mom’s birthday next
month, and I’ll wear this dress."

This is the dress I had on at the restaurant with my
friends the night before dad and the other Best Friends
were killed, and it’s on the DVD we watched. I opened
my jewelry box, and took out the disk and told Tony, he
could watch it tonight if he wished.

While I was driving to meet my mother, I thought that
this was the first time, my mother has gone out since
dad was killed, and I wondered what the occasion was
about. My mother had worked all her life in dad’s
company, and after his death, she took over as
president. My mother knew that she was able to handle
the job as president, but clever and smart enough to
promote Mr. Handleson the position of CEO.

I arrived at the Brew & Suds around five, and the crowd
was already starting, but I took a table near the door
that was open, and when the server came by, asked what
I would like to drink. "Do you have cappuccino?"

"Yes, and is someone joining you?"

"Yes, and she should be here shortly, thank you."

My mother arrived ten minutes later, and when she
walked in, she was wearing a red dress, that fit her
perfectly. The square cut top, showed off the tops of
her breast, and mom even had on black stockings and
heels. When I stood up, mom looked at me and smiled,
and we hugged as she got to the table. "Honey, we must
think alike, as we both decided to wear red."

The server took my mother’s drink order, and when it
arrived, we toasted each other. We spoke about this
being the first time my mother had been out since dad
passed away, and found we enjoyed being together. My
mother told me she was seated behind her desk, and
decided she needed a break from working, coming home,
and then going back to work.

"Shana, I know you and your friends have fun, but you
haven’t seemed the same since your father passed away."

"I know mom, but this has changed in the last couple of
days, as I..."

My mother looked at me, smiled and said, "I’m happy for
you, so perhaps it’s time we stop being tied down in
the past, so how about if the two of us have dinner at
the Championship Club this evening?"

"Sure mom, and I really like your dress, is it new?"

"No, not really, it is one I have kept in the office,
as there were times when your father and I had to meet
someone or go to dinner after work, so I have a small
collection of clothes at work."

Then my mother asked me how I felt Tony was coping with
his father’s death?

"He seems to be doing fine, and I’ve noticed he is
starting to look a lot like dad, even his... and his
hair is turning darker, so if he continues he will look
more like dad, than Brandon does."

My mother looked at me, and I knew she was thinking
that for the second time in the last couple of minutes,
I had stopped in finishing my sentence.

"Honey, be careful, don’t hurt your b*****r, and you
know what I mean... he is only f******n, and still

Smiling at my mother, I replied, "He’s bigger than you

Around eight o’clock, we arrived at the Championship
Club, after dropping off mom’s car at home, and when we
entered the dinning room, were greeted by f****y
friends, and received several comments on how nice we
looked in our red dresses. Over dinner mom and I
discussed our taking a vacation together.

I said we should invite Tony, also.

"Honey, I want to do something that Tony would not be
part of, and traveling alone doesn’t appeal to me, nor
with any of my friends, at least yet."

Then mom smiled, and asked, "You understand, don’t

"Yeah, I just thought you were speaking of a vacation,
but I understand, you want a playful vacation."

Then I told mom that Tony had football camp during the
last two weeks of July, and maybe that way we could go
without a problem for him.

"Shana, I was thinking that we should go to Hawaii for
five days, then on to Australia for a ten-day trip,
then back to Hawaii for two days."

Mom explained that if we did that, it would break up
the long flight to Australia, and we would spend a
night in San Francisco each way.

When mom asked me if I would enjoy that, I told her
that it would be a terrific vacation.

The waiter brought us our meal as we finished our
discussion. After the food had been placed on the table
in front of us, my mother handed me a ticket envelope.
When I opened it, I saw there were the tickets for the
two of us.

My mother smiled, then said, "I also thought of Tony
and that he would be at football camp those two weeks,
so mom isn’t really old and forgetful."

Looking at my mother, I realized how attractive she
was, and she wasn’t old, and did not seem to be 42-
years-old when you looked at her.

Saturday evening came around, and Chrissy and Marti
both had dates, and I had turned down a date with Brad
Johnston, as he was all hands, the last time I went out
with him.

It was around seven in the evening, and I asked my mom,
"What say we freshen up a little and go for a bite to

Mom thought that would be great, so we both took a
quick shower, applied new makeup, and both put on club
length shorts and a shell top. I told mom I would drive
my Mustang, as it was a nice night to ride with the top

I had decided to drive over to Lawrenceburg, to the
diner, and maybe the guys would be there, and who knows
what might happen? There was no doubt, my couple of
encounters with Tony had gotten my juices flowing once
more, but I found I did not want sex with the guys my

During the drive, mom told how she and dad would
sometimes drive over to eat at the diner, as they had
the best hamburger ever made.

"That, according to you father, and he knew good meat."

When I busted up laughing at what she said, mom told
me, "You’re filthy minded."

Then laughing as she told me, "It wasn’t supposed to
sound like it did, but I guess it did."

"Mother dear, I must brag just a little, but I firmly
believe dad knew good meat!"

We arrived at the diner around eight-thirty, and the
tables and booths were full as usual, so we took the
two stools on the corner of the counter. We both
ordered the "Worst Awful Burger" with fries, and black

When we got the sandwiches, I couldn’t believe how they
looked. They had three thick patties of meat, three
types of cheese, and a garden topping it off. I had
been in the diner several times, but usually had a
burger, fries and soda.

About half way through eating the burger, and our hands
were a mess from all the sauce and other things on the
sandwich, as you had to hold them or the burger would
slide off the bun. Mom and I both had to put the
sandwich back together twice, and finally simply
decided to eat it before tackling the fries and coffee.

Someone behind me commented, "That’s sure is a big
sandwich for such a cute thing like you, Shana."

Turning around on the stool, I saw JR and Rick. It was
JR who had spoken to me. Worse yet I had just taken a
bite of the burger, and I knew my lips and face were
covered with the sauce, and with my mouth full,
couldn’t reply. Rick reached down, picked up a napkin,
and wiped the sauce off my mouth.

Finally I could speak, and said, "Hi Rick, thanks for
cleaning my face off."

" And how is JR tonight?" I said to the large man, who
was laughing at me, and at my mother as we had a mess
on our face and hands.

I introduced my mother to the two guys, and them she
said she would like to shake JR’s hand, and she reached
out and took his in her messy one. Then I did the same
with Rick.

We all laughed, and Rick commented, "Guess I deserve

JR smiled, licked his fingers, then told us, "Now I can
eat from my fingers and won’t have to buy anything."

They invited us to join them as a table opened up, and
they told, Billy Sue, the waitress, they would carry
our things to the table, and they wanted something to
eat also. After we had finished eating the huge burger,
mom and I ate our fries, while the guys polished off
fishtail sandwiches, and over coffee, we all joked

I could tell my mother was curious how I knew these two
guys, and I told her that Rick was Mary Etta’s uncle,
and JR was a friend. Thinking I should ask mom to go to
the restroom with me, and I could explain a little
more, and maybe we should see if the will like to party
with us. In the restroom, I told mom of my partying
with them, and the others, and perhaps the two of us
should break out of our shell tonight.

"Honey, you partied with that big guy, you must have
looked funny with someone that large over you?"

Then her curiosity came to bear, and mom asked, "Is he,
you know, big?"

"Dear mother, I think we should let you decide for
yourself, so would you like to find out?"

I told my mother that the guys were really nice, and
the Best Friends, had met the whole gang, and how
nicely they treated us.

Back at the table, mom became involved in conversation
with JR, and I knew she was fascinated with him, and at
one point he judged her to be in her early thirties.
Mom told JR that she had a son five years older than
Shana, and another son, who was almost f******n. Once
we finished our second cup of coffee, Rick asked if we
would like to go to his place, and then he told me, he
had just bought his own place.

I looked across the table at mom, and asked, "What say
mom, want to go see Rick’s new house?"

Following Rick, I found we were soon pulling into a
long drive and the house was set back from the road,
and the house was new. Inside, we walked through the
house, and mom was impressed with Rick’s home and the
way he had it furnished. Laughing, Rick said he had the
furniture store decorator select the furniture and
other items. Then we walked down the stairs to the
basement, and the place was decorated like an old
Western bar. There were two slot machines that actually
worked. Mom and I sat on a bar stool, as did JR, and
Rick, played bartender.

Mom said, in her best Western drawl, "I’d like a nice
cold lite beer," and smiling, said, "Give my twin
s****r one on me barkeep."

Pausing for a moment, mom added, "And give my little
boy here whatever he wants."

Rick looked at JR, and asked, "What would you like,
little boy?"

"Why shucks, I’d like this fancy dance hall girl in my
bunk bed tonight, bartender."

"Sir, we don’t allow that kind of talk, let alone
activity, in this barroom, so you need to forget such
talk, you hear, now whata-youa-gonea-have to sip on,
little boy?"

"Bartender, you leave this little boy alone, and I
might just give him what he wants," my mother said, and
that set the mood for what was to follow.

I heard JR telling my mother he was sorry about her
husband having been killed in the accident. When he
told my mother that I was very attractive, and we could
pass for s****rs, that made my mother feel good.
Drinking my beer, and speaking to Rick, I had forgotten
about my mother and JR, until I heard a large groan
from behind me.

Turning on the barstool, I saw my mother laying on the
large sofa, she was nude, her legs in the air, and it
was obvious JR was trying to enter her sex. For a
couple of minutes,

Rick and I watched the two of them, then I heard my
mother cry out, "Oh my gawd, you’re huge, and take it
easy big boy, gawd you’re in so deep, augh, easy, oh
hell JR!"

In another minute or so, JR had completely entered my
mother’s sex, and I watched as he moved his monster of
a cock back and forth in my mother. Her legs were
spread wide, with one resting on the back of the sofa,
the other hanging over the edge. Her cries of being
fucked and that it felt like he was tearing her pussy
apart, and he was so deep, she was constantly saying so
deep. For at least ten minutes I watched as my mother
was enjoying the huge penis that was the first to probe
her in more than eight months.

Mom cried out her release, "I’m cumming! My gawd it
feels as if your splitting me in two! I’m there - now!
I’m cumming, yessss."

Then I was being undressed by Rick, and when he removed
my panties, he kissed my stomach. I watched as he
removed his clothes, and then he led me over to the
sofa opposite of the one my mother and JR were on. I
lay down on the sofa, but before joining me, Rick used
a remote to lower the lights in the basement room, then
picked up another remote, and it turned on the gas
fireplace. Soft music was playing and then I was being
penetrated without foreplay. I was ready and so was

I could hear my mother as she was now being ridden hard
by JR, and I was enjoying the fast and deep strokes
Rick was giving me.

Evidently mom was watching me, and she cried, "Oh my
gawd, my daughter is getting fucked with me!"

The next five minutes were cries of passion, and moans
of hard and deep sex. There was no doubt in my mind
that it was a turn on for my mother and I to be having
sex less than five feet from each other. I saw my
mother try to pull her legs around the large body of
JR. Then we both shouted out our climaxes, and when we
were finished getting off, the guys both moaned out
they were cumming.

Mom and I spent the night with Rick and JR, and we
never switched partners, and even though mom was in a
room down the hallway from where I was in bed with
Rick, I heard her crying out from being fucked by JR
during the night. In the morning, we were both being
soundly taken, and I knew from the sounds, my mother
was doing anal sex. Finally Rick and I walked down the
hallway, and walked into the room where mom and JR were
laying on top of the bed.

I could see my mother’s sex was actually open and
dripping, Her labia were bright red and swollen. There
was no doubt, but she had been soundly taken by JR and
his overly large penis.

"Good morning, you two, did you have a nice sl**p?" my
mother asked.

Smiling I replied, "Not really, the neighbors were up
all night partying, and I was hard to sl**p when they
started shouting at each other."

My mother looked at me, smiled and said, "I believe you
know why the neighbor lady was shouting."

We showered and after getting dressed went out to eat.
Mom paid for breakfast, and then we drove around for a
couple of hours, then went back to Rick’s. We sat in
the living room and enjoyed being with each other, and
finally mom asked, "JR, would you get upset if I took a
nap, of course you may join me if you wish?"


At Christmas, mom and JR were married, and the wedding
was small, with only friends from the Championship
Club, her firm that she owned completely after dad was
killed, and my two b*****rs, and Brandon’s wife and
c***d. My grandparents were there, and my grandpa was a
long time fan of JR when he had played ball, and under
his dress shirt, which he took off, was a jersey with
JR’s number on it, and the shirt was faded, and
everyone knew that mom had the blessing of her father.
My father’s parents weren’t able to attend, but they
sent a lovely card, and asked mom and JR to visit them
when they got to Colorado.

Tony and I spent the following spring break in London,
and we enjoyed being in bed with each other. Finally
Tony asked me, "Shana, did you ever do it with dad,
don’t get upset, but I want to know?"

"Yes, yes I did." Then I looked at him, and asked, "How
about you and mom?"

"Twice." Tony had snuggled against me, and told me, "I
know we shouldn’t have sex with each other or do so
with our parents, but Shana, I think were special, do

I wondered when mom and Tony had engaged in sex, as she
had assuredly been honest in telling me she hadn’t had
sex before she and I were with JR and Rick? Some things
are best left unsaid.


When I received my diploma at my high school graduation
the following June, I had the top honors and a perfect
4-point, but because of a report I had done on the loss
of my father, friends and their fathers. I received an
additional score which gave me the highest grade-point
average of the senior class. I won a scholarship to
three different ivy league universities, but our f****y
was wealthy, and when was given the scholarship, I
asked a class mate, who carried a 3.9 grade-point, to
join me on the stage.

"I would like for William Jeffery Dunghill to join me
on the stage. When he was standing next to me, I
informed everyone present, that I was donating my
scholarship monies to my classmate, William. After the
ceremony my mother had planned a party for my friends
and I, and I invited William to be my guest, and to
bring his relatives and friends with him."

The party lasted until nearly ten that night, and JR
and mom, gave me a big hug, and I told them I had told
William I’d take him home, as his parents had left
around eight in the evening.

"Mom, we will likely find some of our friends at the
Stuffed Dog and hang out for a while, so don’t worry
about me."

I drove to the hangout, and we had a great time
speaking with our friends, and William told me, "It
will seem funny coming back in here after school starts
next fall, and we are home from college, and we will be
too old to hang out."

"You’re most likely correct, William, what say we go
some place and be alone?"

William and I got in my car, and I told my girlfriends
who had walked outside with me, I would see them
tomorrow. I drove out to our cabin at the lake, and
when we got there, William reminded me when he was here
for a Labor Day party, last fall. Going inside the
cabin I turned on the accent lights that were mounted
in the wall.

We walked out on the porch that faced the lake from the
front of the house, and I asked William, "How about I
turn the heat on in the hot tub, and we soak away four
years of high school?"

As the water was warming, and swirling in the tub, we
walked down to the lake and stood on the pier. We stood
and looked out over the water, and the full moon
created a beautiful setting, and William said it was a
post card perfect night.

For nearly an hour, we spoke of our lives growing up in
the town, and William told me that I had always been so
nice to everyone in school, even though my parents were
very wealthy, and he was sorry when my father and
friends had been killed. There were tears in my eyes as
someone I had know all through high school told me
stories how I had befriended other students, and today
when I gave him my scholarship funds, he had to cry.

Walking the few feet back to the cabin, and we walked
onto the porch, I tested the water temperature, and
checked to see if chemicals were needed to make the
water safe.

I said, "Okay, now we can relax in the tub."

I started to disrobe and William stood in shock as I so
easily undressed in his presence.

"Come on William, you need to undress, unless you want
to get your clothes wet."

I watched as my friend undressed, and when he was down
to his under shorts, he turned his back towards me, and
I knew he was embarrassed undressing in my presence.
Finally he removed his boxers, and turned back around
to get into the tub. William was erect, and his firm
manhood was fairly large, and I knew he had tried for
me not to view his erection.

Smiling at my friend, I whispered, "William, you have a
beautiful, well-developed cock!"

I reaching out, took his bobbing erection in my hand
and used it to guide him into the hot tub.

Watching his face as we sat down, I saw William ogling
my breasts.

"Like them?"

"Yes, and yours are the first real breasts I have ever
seen, but your nipples are unlike I have ever seen in
men’s magazines."

"Touch them, it is alright, do anything you want with

"Shana, I must tell you, I’ve never, never been with a
girl, so I don’t..."

I rose from the water, stepped from the tub, and said
to William, "Come with me, please, William?"

We wiped our bodies off, and I led William up to my
room. I lay back on my bed, and as I was still holding
William’s hand, I pulled him down with me. I knew my
body was open and wet between my thighs, so with the
knowledge that William was a virgin, I pulled him onto
me. My thighs parted and allowed him to nestle between

When I felt his penis touch my wet sex, I moaned out,
"William, you feel so hard, and I want you in me, do
you want to be inside my body?"

"Yes," I heard softly.

I reached down and felt the hard virgin manhood needed
to enter a woman for the first time. Then I felt the
initial penetration of William's stiff penis start its
virgin entry into me and I..."


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