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The tale of the damsel in bondage

From The Chronicles of The Risque Adventures of Madame Erica
Chapter. 2

"The tale of the damsel in bondage"
I had always had a fetish for bondage. I guess it comes natural for me since I'm such a submissive person. I decided that I wanted to explore into it more than before and I knew it had to be with people I trusted. So one night very recently I discussed it with one of my bestest friends and her hubby and we decided that if it happened it would be ok.
4hrs. and some drinks later.... we were hanging out in their bedroom and I started flirting and I wanted to taste her delicate lips so, I kissed her. She seemed shocked but gave herself to me. I took off her shirt and caressed her breast and suckled her nipples. He was watching while we undressed each other. Then he asked me if I wanted to be tied up and I said sure! So they first tied my wrists together and she pulled the knot tighter... uncomfortable a little but for me sometimes pain is good! And then tied each of my ankles apart to the bottom posts Of the end of the bed. My pussy was dripping wet by this point and was visible so he told her to get down and lick the wetness of my pussy lips and she did and then she tongue fucked me. When I started to squirm he told her to stop and play with my breasts instead. He got a bottle of lube and lubed my pussy with his fingers and then smacked my lips till I almost cried. And then started to rub my pussy and fingered me until I was quite relaxed and put a dildo in me and fucked me really fast and hard with it and she asked me "Does the dirty slut like being fucked like that?" and I said "oh yes!!!!" Then I came so hard and I screamed soooo loud I couldn't believe it was my own voice I was hearing. He told her to untie my wrists and then he stuck his cock in my ass and started fucking it and she mounted my face and I ate her pussy and she told me to finger her at the same time she was so wet my fingers slid right in 2 then 3 then 4 and i was like wtf? and gave her my whole fist and I could not believe that she took it! Wow!!! Blew my mind! And she came and I came and then he came... I had rope marks on my wrists the next day.... I hope you enjoyed I only shared because you told me to be myself with you so I let go of my walls. cant wait to create an adventure with you! I look forward to hearing from you!

May you always love and be loved in return!

Peace, Love and, Fairy dust,

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