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Easy Cheap Homemade Dildo

See a photo of this under my Dummy lover gallery.

Easy Cheap Dildo, These are $1.97 at Walmart. Drink or dump the protein shake. Remove the outer wrapper. Surface is smooth. it inserts easily with a little lube. Want that HOT Prick sensation just fill it with really hot water before you begin! Then screw your ass till you cum! If you hit your prostate just right you can get some really large doses of precum. Suck that unto your mouth and leave it to wash back and forth on your tongue as you fuck yourself. The sexy taste will help put you over the edge!

If you want a flexible dildo get a tube of good high quality Silcone caulk/sealant. Cut avery tiny hole in the very tip so air can escape. Insert caulk gun as far as you can and pump silcone slowly into the form. Watch that no air pockets are formed. the tip should fill slowly as the air goes out the hole you cut. Spraying the tube first with a silicone lubricant might help and act as a mold release when it's time to remove.

Curing can take a long time as the inner cavity is so far removed from air. If you want to cure faster find a way to give air access thru most of it's length.

One way is having a bundle of thick string or yarn inserted up the center. Bundle it so there are enough air passages to allow it to cure. I single piece of yarn is not going to do much. A piece or 3/8 to 1/2 in rope might work well. try a piece of steel wire or coat hanger to insert. A thicker rope if you can insert it and stay centered will give you a more flexible dildo when you done. Might be able to use the rope for attaching to something or someone (who doesn't already have one).

Removing can be tricky. If you use the rope you may be able to stretch the silicone and get it to release. The air hole is needed for releasing that way. Might be easiest to score the outside before you begin. Use a sharp utility knife or similiar to leave a deep score then rip or carefully cut and rip open the tube to release.

As you can tell from my profile pix and stories I make most of my own masterbatory equipment! The larger dildo on my dummy was made from silicone injected into a condom that was placed inside a plastic pipe to hold it's form and keep it's sides smooth and even. Good Luck!

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