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Sex with Mausi

Her name is Sujatha. She is very beautiful with hot body anyone would be lucky to have her.

My dad was in army and after having shifted to many places he decided to give us a rest and decided to leave us at our grandfather house. I was 10 year ols then.

Sujatha who is my mother's s****r had some marital issues (over property ) so his husband too decided to leave her and his son(my cousin b*****r )at grafathers house.He used visit now and then stay for few days and give her money.Me and my mom slept at spare room whereas my Mausi liked to slleep in Hall though there were other rooms.

It all started when i was 13 years old and she was 27. She was joyful person.I started seeing her differently .I didnt realise but i always wanted to be with her . His son my cousin b*****r were very cose and used to play a lot.One day while playing hide and seek I hid in mausi room .She enterd the room with a towel around her and i was secretly watching her.realizing it would be problem later i came out and she was a bit shocked but didnt say anything.I quitly left the room.

From then i was mermerized and started fantising her. Being constatnly with her i got many chances to see her cleavage and many more.
one day i decided that i want to feel her body so decide to sl**p along with my cousin b*****r and she would sl**p beside her.
at night ! am i woke up looked at her she was wearing a nighty that night. i constatnly kept watching her and finally puuled up courage to touch her .but my b*****r was in middle of us so it was becoming a problem. she suddenly woke up and i was bit afraid but she left the room to go for bathroom. this was my chance . i pused my b*****r to other end i my myself moved to other.when she returned she definately had sl**p beside me she tried to wake me but i acted in as ense that she finally gave up and slept beside me.

again after sometime when i felt she was sl**ping again i decied this is my chance.She was sl**ping with her face facing towards me. I slowly raised my hand and felt her hand.she didnt reactthen slowly i moved my hand over to her stomach and then to her butt.It was ver amzing moment i was feeling her butt.
Then i slowly moved my leg over hers and pulled the nighty up she didnt react even then.Now i staed to move hand over her neck and i thought if get caught i m dead but it didnt stop me i gept going she shooka little but didn woke and slowly i was feeling her only one thing around my mind was her boobs.

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