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My GF Tells Story of Fucking her Coworker

**These stories are 100% true, My friend writes me stories from her past often. I copy & Paste & Post, ENKOY!!**

So I worked at his job for 7 years one of the only nice looking women in a warehouse full of men. I got hit on every single day there but there was one dude who I was actually interested in physically. Literally my first thought when I saw him day one was "I would fuck the shit outta him" He was 7ft tall dark and gorgeous. His smile soaked my panties EVERY TIME. But I quickly learned that he had a "reputation" which actually didn't shock me I saw him with my own two eyes I could see how that was possible. Knowing that I (re)made up my mind that he was off limits. No way I was about to be that notch in his belt the one that literally every dude in there wanted. So we flirted a lot we actually became friends because I constantly reminded him how he wasn't shit and that I wasn't the one. *Rolls Eyes* We exchanged numbers lots of texts, drinks at the bar during after work parties, plenty of conversations over lunch everyday but I was strong as hell and ignore all of his advances.

One day we got an office communication that the old storage room was being turned into a work out space and that employees could use it as they wished. I started working out every day at lunch. When he noticed that he would find any excuse to come in there and talk to me while I was on the treadmill. I won't lie that shit felt good whether he was motivated by my rejection or he really wanted me I loved that attention and got a kick out of shutting his ass down LOL.

One Friday I went to work out as usual I went and got the key from the front desk and I decided to change my clothes in the weight room since I knew he was off that day and wouldn't see me walking through the warehouse in my tights. I was actually a lil disappointed. I walked over to the door stuck the key in and reached inside to flick on the light. As soon as I stepped inside the light went off and I felt a hand over my mouth. I wasn't scared but I was definitely aroused. I knew it was him I knew his scent and I could feel his height in the darkness. He backed me up against the wall and took his hand from over my mouth before I could say a word I could feel his tongue invading my mouth. I wanted to resist but tongue started to dance with his. I closed my eyes and just took in the moment. I felt his hands moving p my shirt I dropped my work out clothes and my sneakers on the floor. I grabbed the back of his head and kissed him with a lot of intention. He found my bra strap and unhooked it I felt my titties exhale He reached around and found my nipples in the dark I was completely defenseless. I could feel my panties dripping wet. He finally stopped kissing me and lifted my shirt up over my head and my bra fell to the floor he lifted up my left nipple and took it in his mouth and my knees buckled. He felt me go weak and wrapped both of his long arms around my waist. If I wanted to stop it my brain was not communicating that to the rest of my body. He stopped everything grabbed my hand and led me over to the weight bench. He reached down and unbuttoned my pants he slid them and my panties down my legs and I stepped out of them before they even hit the floor. I could hear him fumbling with is belt as I stood there completely naked in the dark in the weight room at work. The second I started to get a chill he was right back in my personal space. I swear it was like we had done this a million times before he knew my body like he had ever studied it. He grabbed the back of my head and started to kiss me again as he turned me around. He sat down on the weight bench and slid his long legs between mine. He parted the lips of my pussy and slid his fingers around until he found "her" when he did I let out a high pitched moan and he simply said "mmm hmmm" He rubbed her in soft gentle circular motions and it drove me completely crazy. I kept kissing him but reached down and felt his rock hard dick just waiting for me. As soon as I wrapped my hand around it he grabbed my head and pushed it down towards his dick. I resisted a little bit but I said fuck it. I dropped down to my knees opened my mouth and took as much of him as I could into my warm wet mouth. He layed back on the weight bench and I could hear him breathing heavy. He gently grabbed the back of my head and guided my mouth up and down on his dick I sucked it like it mattered to me. Like I wanted to for years like my life depended on it. I got so into it that when he was ready to fuck me I didn't want to stop . But he reminded me of where we were so I got up and he made me straddle him on the weight bench, he moved his dick up and down until he found the opening of my dripping wet pussy and just rubbed the tip of his dick across my clit. It felt so fucking good I could have came right then and there. I started to grind my hips back and forth on the head of his dick and just when I was about to cum he thrust himself deep inside my pussy. It felt like an explosion. He made me ride his dick right there in the weight room at work. We fucked for what seemed like for ever both of us trying hard to ward off the orgasms that wanted so bad to be released. He sat up with his dick still deep inside of me he sucked my titties some more then he pushed me off of him. I backed up he got up and stood behind me I felt the length of his dick between my ass cheeks as he bent me over made me put one leg up on the weight bench and bend over as far as I cold. I slid his dick back inside my pussy and grabbed my ass and fucked me like he wanted to punish me for making him wait so long for it. The more intense he pounded the more shit he talked "You made me wait this long for this pussy!" "I had to come in here on my day off and take this shit from you?" "You know you wanted it" Then I felt fire sting my ass he slapped my ass so hard it let out a loud pop before I could react to the pain he stroked harder and I could only focus on the pleasure. "You owe me an apology don't you?" He rammed his dick so deep inside of me I literally gasped for air. He grabbed my arms and instead of stroking he stayed that deep inside me with my arms stretched behind me and told me "Say sorry" I did "Sorry for what woman" I didn't reply he dug deeper "Sorry for WHAT?" "Sorry for keeping this pussy from you I'm sorry" as soon as I said that He jerked and pulled back all I felt was his hot cum shoot up my back then drip all over my ass. When he was done he turned me around kissed me deeply and said "Don't do that shit no more."

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