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Next Door Is Very Handy.....Part 7

I found it impossible to sl**p after the roleplay with Gloria. Despite the fact I had ejaculated on her, and followed it up by mastubating with the panty she left, I still found myself aroused. The realization of how sexually aggressive and kinky she actually was made me want to explore that side of her all the more. I knew she liked the unsual and the unexpected, and decided to think of some scenarios.

It was just before dawn when I decided on a plan. I would quietly enter her house and hide myself in her large walk-in closet until she got ready for her part-time job. When she least expected it, I would reveal myself and enjoy her reaction to the element of surprise.

The pre-dawn hours had become very windy, so my entry into her bedroom was no problem. She was sl**ping soundly on top of her covers, wearing a dark coloured full panty and the ash blonde wig she had worn earlier. She looked incredibly sexy wearing the wig, and I watched her full breasts move as she breathed. My first thought was to crawl on top of her and make love to her, but I wanted to carry out my plan. It was light outside as I sat against the back wall of her closet, inhaling the fragrance of her perfume on the clothes hanging there. Her large assortment of shoes were lined up neatly under the clothes, and I chuckled at how many pairs of different coloured high heels she owned. Several nylon nightgowns hung in a group, and the urge to masturbate with them was difficult to resist, but the "plan" came first.

Not long after, her alarm went off, and she immediately awoke and shut it off. She laid back on the bed, and stretched her arms and legs, and I marveled at how her diet and exercise routine had firmed and sculpted her body. She stood up, threw on a short nylon robe, took off the blonde wig, and left the room. Not long after, she returned with mug of coffee, and began laying out the underwear she would wear for the day. Through the small gap in the closet door, I saw she had selected a black satin bra and matching full back panty. My heart raced as she opened the closet door, and pulled out a red blazer and slack set with a satin pullover blouse. I was no more than four feet from her, and the excitement got me instantly hard. She pushed the door halfway closed as she left the room, and soon I heard her in the shower.

Soon, she returned, and I watched in fascination as she applied body lotion in slow circular motions, taking extra time with her breasts and thighs. She pulled her panty on, and adjusted the leg elastic around her thighs. Next, she put on the black satin bra, and took time to make certain her breasts were perfectly inside of it. My erection was throbbing, and I wanted to stroke it, but f***ed myself to be patient. I was amaxed to see her walk over to her dresser, atake out a long black wig, and carefully put it on. The length ended at her shoulder blades, and although it was styled straight, it was very full. After some brushing and fluffing of the wig, I heard her say, " that k** next door would shoot his stuff seeing me in this", to herself. She couldn't be more correct....she looked hot. I watched her apply her makeup and lipstick, and when she put on a necklace of red pearls, I began to stroke myself. She stood up, looked at herself in the full-length mirror on the wall, and said, "Ah, the hell with nylons today." She picked up the satin blouse, examined it, and muttered, " stain," and threw it onto the bed. She walked to the closet, opened the door, and stood with her hands on her hips deciding what blouse to wear. She stepped further into the closet to move the clothes around, and her legs were right next to me. Throuh the gaps in the clothes, I could see her thighs and her belly, and smell her prefume.

I shot my semen onto her left knee and calf, and she jumped back, startled, and screamed, "What the fuck????!!!!" I jumped up, and saw her eyes widen with surprise and confusion as I followed her out of the closet. "Trev.....what the hell....when did you...did you cum on my leg??!!!, she stammered. She looked at my still-hard penis, then began to grasp the situation. "Ahhhh....," she smiled, "You are giving me some of my own medicine, eh?" I stroked my penis as we stood there, and she asked, "Do you like this wig, too?" She walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my shoulders, kissing me deeply. "I wamt to fuck you, Gloria," I said as we broke away. "Your timing is perfect," she said, "I just showered.....but will need to take another one after you finish with me....or perhaps I won't if you are neat about it." She smiled wickedly as she removed her bra. "Want the panty off, too?", she asked. I nodded, and soon she was naked except for the red pearl necklace. "What do you want me to wear sweetie?", she asked. "Wait....I have an right back," she said. In a minute whe walked back into the room wearing an extremely shiny and short white half slip with a band of lace at the bottom which I had never seen, and a pair of bright pink high heels pumps with open toes. "These are Connie's old things...thought you might like to see me in them," she said. She sat on the bed, and took my penis into her mouth as I rubbed her shoulders and the soft wig. "You like this one, too, don't you?", she asked. I nodded, and she said, "If I wasn't going to wear it today, I would let you cum on it." She stood up, pushed me onto the bed on my back, and straddled me. The slip was bunched up around her thighs, and the long wig framed her face as it d****d over her shoulders. We were thrusting against each other in a slow and deliberate rate, and she kept asking me to go deeper into her. We exploded together as she pushed harder onto my penis, and she threw her head back and let out a scream of pleasure. I was pumping ribbons of semen into her as she collapsed onto my chest.

We laid locked in that position for a time, then she slowly moved off of me. I sat up, and she sat on the edge of the bed, and lit up a 120. "So my fluzie wigs and Connie's lingerie really get you hot, huh?", she asked. I smiled and said, "I think you see the effect." She took a drag from her 120 and said, "What you did to today is so damn exciting....scared the shit out of me...but made me so damn wet....thank you!!", she said.

She got up, stubbed the 120 into the ashtray, took off the heels, slip, and necklace, and said, "I need to get dressed and get to the office...thanks for keeping me "neat"...I will think of you inside me all day."

I got up, dressed, and gave her a hug as she started to dress. " the way, I changed my mind and am going to wear a skirt and nylons today so I can wear Connie's slip and shoes," she said. "Why don't you think about that for the rest of the day?"

AS i walked next door, I didn't realize just how much I would think about that visual image all day.

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