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Whiskey Fuck

I drove us up onto her parkway drive and parked the car in-front of her garage. I still have drink inside me, a few vodka shots and a bottle of Jack between her and I. She was sat in the passenger seat, probably as d***k as I was. I took the keys out of the ignition and we opened our doors. We walked onto the pathway to her door. I held her cautiously, with my around her waist and hers on my neck. She opened the door and pushed it open. She then turned around and placed her other hand on the back of my neck. I placed my other hand on her waist. She stared into my eyes then leaned in and kissed my lips. I kissed hers back. We took one moment back and looked into eachothers’ eyes. I could feel my heart race and a movement in my pants, my breathing became claustrophobic and I tried to not breathe heavily but I couldn’t help it. I bit my lip and tried to quietly breathe out the side of my mouth before I realized she was also biting her lip (“Fuck it.”).

I pushed the lock button on my keys. My car flashed amber as I went in and kissed her lips again, a bit more passionately. She kissed mine back just as f***efully. I picked her up by her waist, she wrapped her legs around my waist and I walked inside her front door, hearing the door being kicked shut by her foot. I sat her on the hallway table and begin to kiss her faster and rougher, quickly biting her lip, hearing her gasp and letting it slip from between my teeth. She rubbed her hips against mine, creating friction in my jeans, making me hard. I felt my heart racing, ripping open her shirt and feeling my way around her waist and the front part of her stomach. She tilted her head back and clawed down my neck, pulling the back of my hair, as I kissed deeply up her neck and under her jaw line. She shivered as I whispered nothings into her ear and went back down to her neck, biting it deeply, leaving my mark. She moved her hand to the front of my jeans and grabbed my cock, rubbing her thumb over the top. I looked up at her and she lips my lips and looked at me teasingly.

I picked her up, gripping her ass, making sure my erection rubbed against her panties up her skirt. She grabbed my face and kissed me deeply, twirling my tongue around hers. As I got half way up the stairs, I slipped and stopped. I needed to fuck her now, I can’t take another moment. As I pulled away, a long string of saliva was clinging between our tongues. She pulled me in quickly and kissed me away, biting my lip, teasing me. I grabbed her bra and undone it from the front. I slowly went down and down her chest and felt my hands way to her breasts. I took them in my hands and began to play with them. I went down further and further, kissing my way down, until I reached the top of her skirt. She then pulled me back up by my chin and whispered into my ear “If I don’t have you inside me now… I’m gonna go crazy.”
“Fucking Tease.”

She stood up and took pulled me by the front of my jeans, groping my cock in my hand. She then turned around to face me at her bed and then undid my jeans and pulls my cock out of my boxers. I pushed her back onto the bed on top of her. She began to go up and down my cock. I started to breathe heavily, tearing open her tights with my hands, tearing her panties off through the holds in her tights. She placed her feet around my waist, loosely wrapping her legs around me. She then pointed my cock towards her pussy, which was dripping wet. My cock felt wet and warm from inside her. I couldn’t take another moment, I thought, pushing my cock up inside her. I pushed up inside her, deep as I could, feeling her pussy tighten around my cock. I felt my cock slowly open her from the inside. She moaned and began pulling off my shirt.

I thrusted my cock up inside her, getting faster and faster. She clawed down my back and cried out my name in pleasure. I kept fucking her, harder and harder, hearing my body clap against hers over the loud moans and cries of pleasure. I pulled out of her, and gripped her by the back of her hair and pushed her face down into the pillow, turning her over. She opened her legs wide for me. I took one look at her dripping pussy pushed my cock inside her, pushing her down, drilling her into the bed. Her moans were muffled from the pillow and she began to claw at the sheets on the bed. I let go of her hair and pinned her arms down, completely on-top of her. She said breathlessly “I’m gonna cum!” And started to moan loudly as she began to climax. I felt her pussy wrap itself around my cock tightly as she climax. She let out one last moan of relief, as I pulled out and came over her ass. I moved back and watched our cum slowly drip down her legs. I led besides her, panting, feeling sweaty and exhausted, as I slowly passed out from the alcohol.

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