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My first bi encounter

It was New Years eve, Joe and I were asked to watch his 2 nieces while his s****r and b*****r in law go to a New Years Eve party.

Joe and I hung out in the living room watched some TV waiting for 8 O'clock to roll around so we could put the k**s to bed. This was in the 70's before video games existed

After we were sure the k**s were off to sl**p I pulled out my dime bag I picked up to celebrate New Years with my best friend Joe. I rolled one of the fattest joints ever and we stepped out on the back porch to smoke it down.

Joe said he knows where his b*****r inlaw stashes his porn magazines and after we finish the dube we should check them out. He said they were way hotter than Playboys we saw at Danny's house.

We got back inside and sat on the couch, Joe said wait here I'll be right back. He came back with a couple of the raunchiest magazines ever. The cover on mine had a hot babe that had the biggest tits you ever saw.
I was flipping through some pages and Joe said hey - look at this one. He showed me the page that had a guy that looked like a ball bat and the girl was on the floor licking its monster head, he turned the page and she was really getting into it, she was stroking while sucking the head of his cock for all it was worth. She was sucking so hard her cheeks was caved in. Drool was running down her cheeks.
By now Joe and I needed to get some relief. We both were hard as a rock. Joe said lets lay on the floor and pull off our pants. I said what happens if your s****r gets home. He said its only 11pm and they will stay at the party for sure until after midnight.
So that's all it took I was down on the floor with no pants on, Joe pulled off all his cloths and laid next to me. Joe said he wondered what it would feel like - I said what ? He said to get your cock sucked. Just then he reached over and grabbed my cock, he said lets do each other.
I said ok, Joe spun around and we were laying next to each other head to toe stroking each others cock. Joe asked if I would lick his cock if he licked mine. I said I might, Joe asked me to do it first. We scooted so our cocks was lined up with each others face, I reached out, pulled the foreskin back and licked the head of his cock. I said ok your turn. He said do it some more and I will, by now I was wondering if I should go all the way. I started stroking Joes cock and I spit in my hand to slick it up good and licked the head of his cock some more, it felt silky smooth and hotter than anything I ever put in my mouth before, just then Joe stiffened up and I pulled his cock away from my mouth then he shot his wad across my neck - Joe laughed and said you know they call that getting a pearl neckless. I said come on Joe let me give you one, Joe finished jerking me off but never licked or sucked my dick.

A few days later, I hadn't seen Joe around in a while, I went to his house one night and Joe and I talked. He said he confided in his s****r telling her what we did and she shamed him telling him we were being gay.
She set Joe up with one of her girlfriends that was known for giving guys head jobs. I was too embarrassed to go around Joes house again.
That was the last time I hung out with Joe. I never thought that we were being gay. We liked girls and fantasized about them. I often wondered if I could had done something different so we would be still be friends.

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